Wildcard Cookie

what would make IE not take wildcard cookies. works in forefox however. domain: .example.com PHP:

session_set_cookie_params ( 60*60*24*2, '/', '.example.com', false);


Wildcard Help?

I'm trying to do the following and it's not working.

if ($compare_product == '***%'){
echo ("<p class="footnote">***UDL packages trade name product</p>

So basically i'm saying that if $compare_product begins with *** then print the message.

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My Wildcard

I'm working on making my MySQL and PHP web database searchable. I'm testing on searching on a field called strAddress, which holds the street address. The sample population of the street addresses is:

1 Caroline Street
13 Caroline Street
Caroline Street

On the calling page this anchor tag successfully finds the one record with the "Carloine Street". I want to use two wildcards in the anchor tag to find all of the above 3 addresses. This does not work, it returns no records. What's wrong? Can I not start the variable assignment in the link with a wildcard?

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Wildcard DNS

It's a shorter URL site. But you can name the links instead of just getting a random string (you have that option as well). Does this seem like something people would use?

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Using Wildcard

I am attempting to setup an array and want to use a wild card. I have different catagories with multiple pages in each catagory.

The pages in each catagory will have the same titles and same metatags, but the titles and metatags will be different in different catagories. I know Im rambling thisd is what I want to do will it work or is there an easier way. Code:

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I want to show the last digit of a members ID like:

ID 46 = 6

I thought i could use % to define the first number, but i only get error messages...

Anyone who knows what I should do?

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Wildcard With Php Self

i have scripts and pages that only respond in certain "Cities" on my site... by doing this is put the first letter of each city infront of the script names so there are all like Lhome.php Lgym.php etc Now what i want to try and do is something where by using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']

I want to use a wild card to do if $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] begins with L wildcard then ok, else header location "phpscript.php"

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I have a script which receives _POST data from a program. I need to make sure that any data that has 747 in it, will be given a value I determine.

I was thinking about something along these lines:

$aircraft = $_POST[aircraft];

if ($aircraft == "%747%") {

$aircraft = "B747";}

Would that work? I was thinking along the lines of the mySql LIKE commands where a % would be a wildcard. In other words, I want to check the variable $aircraft and if this variable has any reference to "747" (ej. Boeing747 or B747-200, et etc), then it will simply make it "B747".

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Wildcard Question

"Recent Visits" list, I try to exclude all *.googlebot.com and the
Now, I tried the following:

if (($HOST != "*.blah.com")
AND ($HOST != "*.googlebot.com")
AND ($HOST != "*.inktomisearch.com"))
// log this host

Nevertheless, it doesn't work.
How would I use the wildcard? I did not find any documentation on

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
A: Top-posting.
Q: What is the most annoying thing on usenet?

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Str_replace With Wildcard

Any ideas to use a wildcard for numbers between brackets, 4-5 digits in length ??


my attempts - non-working

$page = str_replace (".sflor/??WILDCARD??/", "", $page);
$page = str_replace (".sflor/./", "", $page);
$page = str_replace (".sflor/[0-9]/", "", $page);

ideas welcomed.

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Preg_replace Wildcard

"<div id="album0">No image found." until "</div>" and replace it with nothing so that its empty in that part. im not sure if i should be using preg_replace for this type of usage but i dont know anything else, if you could help out a bit it would be nice

Another problem, is that inbetween the "<div id="album0">" and "</div>" there are also another set of div tags, starting and ending tags.

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Wildcard Link

Instead of this:

echo "<a href="../ccdsv/images/$inv_no.jpg">";
echo "<img src="../ccdsv/images/thumbs/tn_$inv_no.jpg">";

Something like this

echo "<a href="../ccdsv/images/$inv_no*.jpg">";
echo "<img src="../ccdsv/images/thumbs/tn_$inv_no*.jpg">";

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Wildcard Search

Could someone tell me whats wrong with the following wildcard query please

$query="SELECT * FROM table WHERE $field = '$accno .% ' ";

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Wildcard Replace

I have around 45 or more paragraphs that goes like this:

1. START... bla bla bla ...END
2. START... bla bla bla ...END
3. START... bla bla bla ...END

Now I want php to search and replace the "bla bla bla" portion to "-hidden text-".
For example,

I want to search all "START*END"
and replace with "START -hidden text- END"
for all paragraphs.

The thing is I want to search with a wildcard and replace the text.
Is it possible? Can someone please help me with this?

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Wildcard With A Variable?

$query = "SELECT * FROM words WHERE word='$l%'";

This is for a dictionary thing that I'm making. All the spelling in there is correct, but it doesnt return anything.(there is one word in the dictionary and it is "word" and when ?l=w it returns nothing) I was wondering if this is a mysql problem or does it not like to have a % next to a variable?

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Wildcard DNS With URI Request?

I want to redirect name.domain.com/trips/1 to domain.com?username=name&trip=1 using modrewrite. Is this possible? I have the dns set up correctly however - I am unsure about the htaccess file. Can I link all this information to one PHP or do I need to create a directory for every user?

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Check Wildcard URL

I'm looking for a function that will help me determine whether or not a URL entered by a user matches specific requirements. This is done using $_POST.

Basically the format of the URL must be either: www.example.com, *.example.com, www.example.*, or *.example.* - or some kind of combination such as www.url.com*. I don't want to allow a star in the 'url'. So in theory, to check this, all i would have to do is make sure the string contains: [www and/or *].[text].[text and/or *]

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Why Is This Acting As A Wildcard?

The input value is $Street = "Regent Street"

the validation check im using is:

QuoteElseIF($Street = " "){
die('You must select a street at the estate agents first!');}
Now in the IF check i have " " not "". I have done the check for "" but because i had a list box and one was blank with a " " option i had to put the check for it also. But for some reason im assuming the else if is finding the space between the 2 words and so the result becomes:

You must select a street at the estate agents first!

So is my if statement acting as a wild card to find the space " "? Cos im lost on why its showing the die.

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Basic Script To Test A Cookie - Browser And The Cookie Wont Show Up On The Page?

I have a basic script to test a cookie.

$username = $_POST['username'];[code].....


Undefined index: user in C:\wamp\www\scripts\menu.php on line 14

I looked in my browser and the cookie is there with the right name but it wont show up on the page.

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Passing MySQL Wildcard Into URL

I have a search feature where users can search a database. All works
very well except for one small annoying bug.

If a user searches for anything using wildcards and the '%' is the
FIRST character searched for, my pagination routine doesn't pass the
correct value.

Say the user enters %300. The page displays the correct data for the
first page, indicates that it is page 1 of 11 and when the NEXT link is
clicked, the value changes to 00. I haven't figured out why the %3
drops, however I suspect it may be my use of quotes. Particular code is
below. Can anyone help me?

Platform is Apache on FC3, MySQL and PHP. Browser being used doesn't

if($pageno == 1) {
echo "<TD CLASS=upperLinks>FIRST&nbsp;</TD><TD
echo "<TD CLASS=data1>FIRST&nbsp;</TD><TD CLASS=data1>PREV&nbsp;</TD>";
} else {
echo "<TD CLASS=data1> <A
$prevpage = $pageno - 1;
echo "<TD CLASS=data1> <A
<TD CLASS=data1>(Page <?=$pageno?> of <?=$lastpage?>)&nbsp;</TD>
if ($pageno == $lastpage) {
echo "<TD CLASS=data1>NEXT&nbsp;</TD><TD CLASS=data1>LAST&nbsp;</TD>";
} else {
$nextpage = $pageno + 1;
echo "<TD CLASS=data1> <A
echo "<TD CLASS=data1> <A

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Wildcard On File Exists

Is it possible to run something like:

if(file_exists("dir/h*.jpg")) { something } else { something else }

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Can I Pass A Wildcard To This Function?

Is it possible, accidentally or on purpose, to pass a
wildcard to this function that would have the effect
of deleting many or all rows (shortname is a unique,
non-null field)?

function delete_row_by_shortname($table,$shortname){
global $mysqlhost, $mysqlusr, $mysqlpw, $mysqldb;
$link = mysql_connect($mysqlhost, $mysqlusr, $mysqlpw);
if (!$link) {
die('Not connected : ' . mysql_error());
mysql_select_db($mysqldb) or
die ('Could not select database:' . "$mysqldb.");
$query = "DELETE FROM $table WHERE shortname='$shortname'";
mysql_query($query) or die ("Query Failed! mysql_error()");
$value = mysql_affected_rows($link);
return $value;

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Wildcard Search On Array

I have this search-thingie that searches through a text file for occurences of user input string (from a form). Everything works fine untill user wants to do a wildcard search. I'm not sure if that is the right term for that, but I am talking about searches with * and ? in it. Is there a way to do these kind of searches from an array? Any help is welcome.

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Wildcard Search Problem

I have a search field that is numeric and can contain up to 4 digits. When I query using LIKE I'm getting all numbers that contain the queried integer. How can I constrain to just the desired number? var2 is the number Code:

$var1_Recordset2 = addslashes($_GET['name']);
$var2_Recordset2 = addslashes($_GET['class']);

mysql_select_db($database_mt_connect, $mt_connect);
$query_Recordset2 = ("SELECT * FROM mt_students WHERE sname like '%".$var1_Recordset2."%' and class like '%".$var2_Recordset2."%'");
$query_limit_Recordset2 = sprintf("%s LIMIT %d, %d", $query_Recordset2, $startRow_Recordset2, $maxRows_Recordset2);
$Recordset2 = mysql_query($query_limit_Recordset2, $mt_connect) or die(mysql_error());
$row_Recordset2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($Recordset2);

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Wildcard A Href Id With Jquery?

I have a series of links as so:[URL]

Is it possible with jquery to have it execute a function if anything with an id of linkXX is clicked and then shuttle you over to the link target? The links themselves will be variable in number, target and id name, the only unifying feature is that the id will always have the words 'link' followed by 2 numbers.

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Mysql Query Against Wildcard?

I have a mysql query in php, using match / against to filter results. Im trying to get a wildcard after $string so the next character can be anything. "SELECT * FROM $table WHERE MATCH (message) AGAINST('$string%' IN BOOLEAN MODE)"

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Using A Wildcard In Script Unlink?

I am currently making a php script to graph a bunch of data from a DB, arrange it into text files and then run a GNUPlot script to generate graphs. I have all of this working , now all I need to do is delete the text files I don't need anymore.

What I have been trying was gotten from another thread on a different forum:

foreach( glob('US_A.2.6.*') as $file )

The problem, however, is that it doesn't work. The files have complex end names:


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Use A Wildcard As A Directory Level ?

What is the best way to skip over a directory level in PHP using some kind of wildcard expression?I have a config.php file that is unique to each child directory and I need to include it in the header of my page. What I want is to tell my main PHP page to include config.php when the name of it's parent directory may change?

Something like <?php include("http:[url]......

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Regex Preg_replace Not Getting Wildcard

I'm scraping a page and trying to remove the first part of the urls in a string of urls in the code. It needs to match a wildcard subdomain and a subfolder that has dashes in it. Here's what I've ended up with:


Note the forum won't let me post urls, which this is an example code, not an actual link, so replace the (put http here) with "http"


As you can see, it's pulling "domain" out of the subdomain instead of capturing the entire "subdomain". It's also not catching the entire subfolder after "item". ("item" is actually the first subfolder name so I can keep that in there) It's also removing the "and" which I want to keep since that's not part of the url.

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Set Wildcard In $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ?

is it possible to set $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] to a wildcard, so that anyone on the network can see this?

if($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == ""){
<a href="http://www.tinycounter.com" target="_blank" title="free hit counter"><img border="0" alt="free hit counter" src="http://mycounter.tinycounter.com/index.php?user=fortressgate"></a>

but i want the network can see the counter... so it would look like this?

if($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == "112.200.150.%")

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Apache Wildcard Setup ?

I have apache setup to wildcard direct all unknown trafic to one php script (default documentroot). This php script looks into a database and possibly finds the correct documentroot for the requested domain (or documetroot of the 404 error handler etc..). The problem is, that from within php script I know how to include another script, but can not change the documentroot - ie. force apache to set the found documentroot for the request, read htaccess file, run scripts etc.. can I? Any other solution? Must be allready somehow solved and solution is probably not very difficult, but was not able to create a fully working setup so far.

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