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May 5, 2005

looking for a simple php script that will rotate html or php pages weekly inside of an <iframe>?

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Rotating Content From Db?

I am using php & sql to display an image and information on a home page. I would like for this image and information to rotate every 5 or 6 seconds, using a different record in teh database. Right now, I am calling a record using RAND() LIMIT 1. I assume this will take two steps:

1. changing my query to build an array with the results

2. Using some sort of script to refresh this object on the page after so many seconds and move to the next record in the array.

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A Digg-like Rotating Homepage Of Popular Content - Include Date As A Factor?

I am building an advanced image sharing web application. As you may expect, users can upload images and others can comments on it, vote on it, and favorite it. These events will determine the popularity of the image, which I capture in a "karma" field. Now I want to create a Digg-like homepage system, showing the most popular images. It's easy, since I already have the weighted Karma score. I just sort on that descendingly to show the 20 most valued images.

The part that is missing is time. I do not want extremely popular images to always be on the homepage. I guess an easy solution is to restrict the result set to the last 24 hours. However, I'm also thinking that in order to keep the image rotation occur throughout the day, time can be some kind of variable where its offset has an influence on the image's sorting.

Would you recommend the easy scenario (just sort for best images within 24 hours) or the more sophisticated one (use datetime offset as part of the sorting)? Would it be best to run a scheduled service to mark images for the homepage, or would you advise a direct query (I'm using MySQL) As an extra note, the homepage should support paging and on a quiet day should include entries of days before in order to make sure it is always "filled"

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Weekly & Bi-weekly In Php

I'm quite new to php and now working with the popup box that appears for the first person who login to the system daily, weekly and bi-weekly. So,how to check whether the person is the first person who login to the system and popup a message box for him?

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How Can I Run A Script Say, Weekly?

I have an online scheduling system that I'm currently producing, and I'd like to be able to have a simple script run once a week to delete entries from the database as they get old. Basically jobs will "remove themselves" 4 weeks after they have passed, since they won't be relevent anymore. Anyone know how to accomplish this? I'm using PHP and mySQL running on an apache server.

I could always just set-up some page that I can go to to tell the database to clean itself up, but it would be nice to have it done automatically.

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Mysql - Weekly

I select a different MYSQL record from DB of 15-65 records, to show each week - the DB is updated about every 2 weeks. The record displayed changes each week. :I was doing this finding the first ID number and adding the current week number (1-5) to it, then showing that record, but I now want to be able to delete records.

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How To Do Weekly Rank?

I have a top rank system, with users points. How can I add weekly rank?

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Showing A Weekly Program

Maybe I haven't been able to find the answer in Google because I didn't know
how it is called exactly but I am still puzzling about an easy solution to
update weekly the services of the local church. It should be done without
mySql. The ideal situation would be that php could read the appropiate data
from a text file, so the text file can be easily edited and uploaded by one
of the church's voluntary workers.
The text file could look like

Zaterdag 25 oktober.
10:00 Pastor P. Jansen
11:00 Pastor W. Dirksen
Zondag 26 oktober.
12:00 Pastor P. Dirks
Zaterdag 1 november
10:00 Pastor J.Hendriks
Zondag 2 november
9:00 Pastor G. de Vries

I would like a function that reads the whole tekst and only publishes the
services for the next weekend. I think I will be able to make a function
that converts the date written in Dutch to an English string and than this
will be converted to a real date, but how can I make php show not only the
date but also the services for that weekend?

If there is info on the web about this,tell me what keywords I
should enter in Google.

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Send 100.000 Emails Weekly ?

On my blog, I have 100.000 subscribers and I want to send them an update email weekly. How can I do that with PHP ?

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Weekly Calendar - How To Achieve This?

I am looking at creating a weekly calendar. The calendar will read from Monday - Sunday. Does anyone know of any examples or tutorails on how I can achieve this, as I have tried searching without no results.

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Date Question.. (weekly Formatting)

I'm working on a form to enter a weekly report. The week begins every sunday. My idea is to select every sunday for the current and next 2 mons, then populate this info in 3 select boxes:
[date] [mon] [year]

For example this mon of October has 4 Sundays in it.
7,14, 21,28. so i will have a drop down list
including the dates the another with the mon and finally the year.

Here is the code i was able to dig out from this forum.
It displays the current month (+2) in the drop down box.
The commented code i have added.

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Calculating Date Of Weekly Meeting

Just say I have a chat session on my site at the same time every week (eg - Friday 4pm EST). How can I calculate the time/date of the next meeting. Eg - if the current time is Thursday morning, it'll be the following day. If the current time is Friday afternoon, it needs to calculate the session in 7 days time (eg - that Friday's session has already ended). So is there a way I can calculate the date of the next session based on the current time/date? And how long till the next one? So my output would be "the next meeting is in 3 days, 22 hours and 12 minutes, on Friday 23 May 4pm"

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Using PHP My Admin To Set Up A Database That Updates Weekly? How?

I am trying to learn how to create a database that is updated on a weekly basis from an HTTP datafeed. The link changes weekly (see sample below...notice the date at the end). I think a CRON task would be the best way (am I right?), but I have never written a CRON task.

Can anyone help with this?

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Sending Weekly E-Mail Automatically

I maintain a site for an athletic club, and on it I have a form that people can submit that requests a free guest pass. The form contents are sent to an address at the club, and then the club contacts the person to make an appointment. The club would like to start logging the requests and then get weekly updates sent to them via e-mail of all the guest pass requests submitted.

Logging the requests and creating the e-mail with all the requests is easy enough. What I would like to know is if it possible to have the e-mail created and sent automatically on a weekly basis without any interaction from the user. I've looked through the PHP and MySQL manuals and didn't see any type of reference to this.

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Tracking Monthly And Weekly Stats

I have a site where members can host mp3's. I am trying to track total play stats for each song in monthly, weekly, and all-time form.

My current setup is working but extremely slow. Basically what I have is one table for monthly stats, one for weekly, and the song table itself has a column for all-time, weekly and monthly stats.

When a member clicks play on a song,..it inserts the songid, bandid, and playdate (now()) into the monthly and weekly charts. It then adds one to the alltime play column in the song table. Code:

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Email Text File Weekly

I have a site with a php login control that writes the login information (username/password/time stamp) to a text file after a successful login. I am trying to figure out how to have that text file emailed to me every week so I can keep track of who has been to the site. The site is on a linux server, so I thought about a cron job but I am not sure how to go about it.

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Use Crontab For Sending Weekly Email?

i am new to php... and i dont know how to use crontab widget. how to send weekly emails...

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Contact Form With Weekly Limit?

Multiple contact forms on blog that basically send questions to different email accounts, but also have a limit of say 5 emails per week to each account.After the limit of 5 has been sent for that can display a message stating the weekly limit has been reached.an experts Q&A section but the experts only agree to 5 emails every week and don't want any more emails than that.using the Contact Form 7 plugin for Wordpress for the multiple email accounts bit but don't really know how to do the weekly limit.

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Send Out A Weekly Email Of Updates?

I was trying to figure out how to send out a weekly mailer of items updated to customers. Let's say sme eople purchase computer books from me, and upon registration, they opted in to receive emails on new computer books that we receive. I want an email sent to them once a week on any new computer books we received in, if there were any new books. If no new books, then they don't need the email. It doesn't matter what day they get sent the email, as long as it's just once a week.

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How To Show Weekly Monthly Data In A Report.

Currently I display the data in a daily format. I have a form that the
users submits the date range (from say 20061224 to 20070530) and the
data is displayed daily.

I like to know how I can show the data in weekly and monthly way.so
that for the range shown above I would have the monthly or weekly

Unfortunatly the date format in the db has the type text and is stored
as yyyymmdd.

i.e table.

date, sales, product and I can show daily only.

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Display Days Weekly By Giving 2 Dates?

I'd like display dates by week number between giving 2 dates like example below. Is this possible in PHP? if the dates are 2010-12-01 thru 2010-12-19, it will display it as follows.



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Point Of Interfaces In A Weekly-typed Language?

I've never been able to figure this out. If your language doesn't type-check, what benefits do interfaces provide you?

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Image Switcher Change From Microtime To Show Weekly Pic

I have a section on my site that I want to show a particular image each week. I currently have a randomize function using shuffle but this seems to change the image every time you change the page. I want it to actually change weekly if possible. Any idea how I can do that? Code:

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Create Graphs From Using Data In The Database On Weekly Basis?

Im developing Health site using PHP and mysql. I want to create graphs from using data in the database on weekly basis.

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Rotating Image

Is anyone aware of a method to rotate images using PhP GD library? (I mean: Landscape to portret orientation rotating). I am at a loss, and cannot really find anything good? am I missing something here?

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Rotating Sig With Matching Ava Help

im trying to get a script to work that has a rotating sig and then the ava to match it but i could only get the sig to rotate dunno how i shud aproche getting the avatar to match any ideas? Code:


$extList = array();
$extList['gif'] = 'image/gif'
$extList['jpg'] = 'image/jpg'
$extList['jpeg'] = 'image/jpeg'
$extList['png'] = 'image/png'

$fileList = array();
$handle = opendir("./");
while ( false !== ( $file = readdir($handle) ) ) {
$file_info = pathinfo($file);
if (
isset( $extList[ strtolower( $file_info['extension'] ) ] )

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