Use Curl To Grab Data And Update A Database?

I have a button that will use curl to grab data and update a database. It's pretty server intensive, so I'm wondering how I could utilize the timestamp function to limit the use of this button to once ever 1-2 hours.


Use The While() Function To Grab The Data From The Database?

I'm using the While() function to grab the data from the database then print it in a list.But as this list can get quite large i need to format it so its going all the way down the page its currently like this:

print "<table>";

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Grab Data From A Database At A Certain Time?

I am building a internet radio station and I can store all my schedules of DJ's/Shows etc.. and I can get it to grab it.I was wondering if you could grab data from a database at a certain time or if theres some other way around this.Basicially I want it to show "Up Next: 11pm - Show Name" like at [URL]....

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Grab Data From Database For Chatbox?

I'm currently trying to grab data from my database for my chatbox, which when displayed, displays in an ascending order, when I call it to descend, it shows the messages ONCE in descending order, then just repeats but in random order..

Code: [Select]$sql = "SELECT * FROM `message` WHERE `chat_id` = 1 AND `message_id` > $last ORDER BY `message_id` DESC";
message_id | name
1                   RSX
2                   RSX


It is ordering it correctly, just repeats, I'm using Ajax, could that be the problem, or is it within the PHP code?

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Can't Find Out How To Grab Data From A MySQL Database Using JSON In IOS?

I've been searching and can't find out how to grab data from a MySQL database using JSON in iOS. Of course this will require a PHP middle-man, but how to do all of this seems unsearchable at this point.

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Grab A Small Column Of Data From A Database And Return It

I'm trying to just grab a small column of data from a Database and return it. This is a function called getAccessLevel(), it returns the Access level which is an integer. There is a table called users in the DB and the column access holds either 0, 1, or 2 to determine what users access level is. I'm trying to get the access level of a user that has the matching ID. This is what I have thus far (**** to cover certain privacy things):

$link = connectDatabase();
$mydb = mysql_select_db($dbname)or die("Can't select");
$userID = getID();
$query = "SELECT * FROM $tbl_name WHERE 'id'='$userID'";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

My function methods have worked in other pages, but I just haven't done that query or row fetch to isolate a single row before...I don't understand why this doesn't work.

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Using Curl To Update Mysql When Curl Spits Out Json?

Ok a rather strange question here (or maybe not)

I am trying to pull tweets out of twitter using curl here is the command

curl url.

Every where there is an x that is a place for variables like twitter username and password and also the hashtag to look for.

And this is using the twitter restful api which alerts your script everytime a change was made.

In a console this curl command works perfectly but now i just need to take the output and save it to my mysql tables.

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Update Data From Database?

what i want is to link the emailid with a page named which i can edit the particular emailid's row in databse ...or one can also tell to create a button EDIT .. but then i hav to use checkbox property..(of course 4 dat 2 i need the code ).........

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

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Update Data In A Database?

Consider the following code in a datamapper, to save data into a database:

* Save data into the database
* @param Site_Model_User $model

What i do is that i save my object everytime. When doing an insert this is no problem. Because I send a complete filled update. But lets say I want to update my password. And i do a update. It doesn't let me do the update because it says that certain values can not be 0.For example: Mysqli statement execute error : Column 'username' cannot be null"What is the best soultion for this?Should I first load the whole object again from the database, then change the fields and then do the update?

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Use CURL To Grab A Html Table?

I'm trying to use cURL to grab an external web page to put into my own website, it's basically a "ladder" of a sports team, I contacted them, but they do not have a RSS feed of the ladder, so I'm trying to obtain the ladder by other means, is it possible to grab everything between < table > and < / table > using cURL? I can grab the page that I want using the following code, but I don't need anything else except for the HTML table.

$ch = curl_init ("");
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
echo $page = curl_exec($ch);

If someone could help me out, that'd be great.

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CURL To Grab Specific HTML?

I'm using this PHP:

$buffer = curl_exec($curl_handle);


There is a p tag with class "fact" in the source that i want to extract and display! How do i do it? Also is it against copyright if i use this to grab someone else HTML off of their site?

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CURL Redirect Not Grab Content?

I have the following script which upon execution submits POST data to a [URL]...But I want the script to kind of redirect/forward to that [URL].. so the url bar needs to change to that URL. At the moment it grabs the content of the [URL]and writes it out. I've read so many site but none of them has the solution.

$curl_session = curl_init();
curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_POST, true);
//curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"]);
curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, 'param_id=my_code');
curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_URL, '');
curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, true);
$output = curl_exec ($curl_session);
curl_close ($curl_session);

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Sql - Grab Logo Of Sites Using CURL?

I want to grab logo of website using curl and php. what i actually want is to show a input field to the user and when user will enter a url in the field the script should grab logo of that url. i dont know how to do confused :S

i there any solution? its not impossible because allmyfavs is using that .

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CURL - Grab Output Of The Url Posting To?

I am using cURL in PHP and will POST to a page using an url like this: etc.

If I type this into a web browser I get something displayed on screen like this:
Code: [Select]1455,7373

There will never be any more info than this.

What I need to know is how do I do cURL so it receives these values?

I can POST using cURL but then want to be adding something at the end like:
Code: [Select]$var = received from cURL;
//$var now holds "1455,7373"
Is this possible?

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Input Specific Data Into Database Using CURL?

I am new to using CURL, and a novice PHP coder. I would like to take specific elements on a web page (that change via AJAX) and input them into a databse using CURL. As of now, I can write a text file of a web page using CURL.

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Update Data In The Database When Deleting?

i'm working on a tourism site . and i am working in the admin page . exactly in the delete_reservation.php . first i have this page view_reservation.php : This page allow the admin to see all the reservation made by the customers , he can edit or delete any reservation made. I want when he delete the reservation made by the customer to modify the table tours, depending on what he had delete. her is the tables tours and orders (represents the reservations made by the customers): tours(tour_id,title,description,date,price,image,m ax_place) orders(order_id,user_id,tour_id,date_order,cust_nu m) the tours.max_place represents the maximum number of customers that can reserve in a trip, and the orders.cust_num represent the number of persons that have reserved in a tour. i want to when the admin click on delete , to delete a reservation made by the customer . to update tours.max_place .therefore i wrote this function :

class Reservation{
function delete_res($orderid){
$query="SELECT t.tour_id,t.max_place,o.cust_num,o.order_id
FROM tours t, orders o


but it's not working it keep giving me this error Fatal error: Class 'Reservation' not found in C:wampwww urs mazboutaAdmin eservationdelete_res.php on line 6

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Update Several Data At The Same Time In A Database.

I would like to insert and then update several data at the same time in a database.
I have this querry I run to get the page on which I run then the "insert / update" querry: Code:

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Cannot Write Or Update Data In The Database?

I have a trouble of updating the data in the database by input the data at the end of the url. It have not been added in the table.Here it is updated:


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Using Fopen(), Curl Or 'Other' To Grab Remote Contents

I have been building a search engine here - not because I have plans of
dethrowning Google but as a simple app upon which to develop a function
set that I can use for other things.

So I coded my little search engine, uploaded it and it didn't work with
my host (

Warning: fopen(): URL file-access is disabled in the server

There is no way around this. Maybe I am a fool but when I am creating
apps I like to have as little configuration requirements as possible --
in my mind it means more people can use my stuff. In this app I use
fopen to go off and grab the page contents from which I extract the
meta tags, strip away all the HTML tags, headers, and javascript and
store what I need to.

I did the above without using fragile weak get_meta_tags and have my
own version of get_headers - because its a PHP5 function only, and
because I dont like the idea of a page making multiple connections to a

Essentially my functions will work if I can grab the entire page
contents and throw them into a variable which I in turn pass.

Is there a way of doing this without using fopen and curl??

I'm going to have to write a wrapper for my functions as it is so this
works seemlessly regardless of the method used - I will include Curl in
this however as mentioned earlier I prefer not to have to use extra

Is it common for fopen to be disabled for remote content? Or do I just
have an over zealous admin staff.

I was planning on using these function with XML files down the road...
this is the core of everything I am doing.

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Special Characters Need Stripping From A Curl Grab?

I have just created a script to grab a leader board from a website, but for some reason i am getting special characters appearing between forename and surname. How would i go about stripping these out. Below is the result and code.

// lets rock
$curl = curl_init();


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Update Database With Data Received By Email

I d like to create a little script that check a mail box, get message and then update my progres database with data from the email. I need light on how to receive and process mail automatically.

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Bulk Import/update Of Data Into Database?

I have a large XML document (~10 mb) that contains data. I need to parse this XML and go through my database to update it. There are 3 cases:

New data is present in the XML since last time - insert it into the DB An item has changed - update it in the DB An item has been removed from the XML since last time - mark it as disabled in the DB

If data for an item hasn't changed since the last time I checked the XML, take no action. Each item in the XML has its own ID so I can retrieve it from the database easily.

It's really slow to iterate through the items like this though, but I need the relational aspects of a database (the XML represent items that users can buy, so I can't generate new IDs for the items and just bulk load them).

What would be the best way of implementing this since looping through the XML and looking up each item individually is really slow.

This is done using PHP into a MySQL database.


The reason the script is so slow is because I can't use any kind of bulk operations like LOAD DATA INFILE because for each entry in the XML I need to check whether the object already exists.

So I'm really wondering if anyone can suggest another approach that will allow me to bulk load data while maintaining referential integrity with existing data.

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Update Data Into Database Using Specified Id (code Ignitor)

this is my view page under view/company/companyview.php I am very new to PHP & codeignitor.

I wrote below code and execute. no result and not updated. where did I Wrong?.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">


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Unsecure To Use $_GET To Update The Data From Database?

Is it unsecure to use $_GET to update/delete the data from MySQL table?? I can't use $_POST since it required to use <form> tagFor example:

<a href="status.php?approve='123'>Unapprove</a>

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Using Curl To Login To A Site And Grab The Html For One Of The Pages?

I'm currently using curl to login to a site and grab the html for one of the pages. My problem is that the page has some ajax links on it (click on the link results to html changes). How would I be able to make the clicks of the link and get the html of the final state using php? Seems like from researching this I need some sort of headless browser? Is there something like that in php I can use?

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Initiate Connection To FTP Page With Curl And Grab Contents?

I'm needing to write a script to show the contents of a users FTP folder inside of their user panel. The details are pretty straight forward.

1. I am on a shared hosting account. The users purchase the package, then based on their transaction information I create their FTP account with Curl by logging into my cpanel securely with the correct headers. It also adds them to the DB.

When they log into their User Panel to view their files, i need it to show a list of the FTP folder. I could just use a database, but it wouldn't update if they used a third-party FTP client instead of the form in their panel. I'm sure most of them will be using a client. How would I go about doing this ? When they log in with their id and password would I just initiate a connection to the FTP page with Curl and grab the contents in some fashion ? Would their have to be a session started?

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Save Data To Database - Update Multiple Values?

I have 2 problems. 1st, when I want to update multiple values, I tried:

$sqlRequest = "UPDATE gvntools_msg SET title = '$title' AND body='$body' AND videoID='$videoID' WHERE username = '$username'";

What would be a correct syntax? Because it wont save the results. Also, I wanna store a private message in database. As its plain text I decided to go simply with VARCHAR(1000). Saves fine, but I have a problem getting it inside textarea.

Messagebr /><textarea name="body" cols="40" rows="10" maxlength="1000" value="$body">

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Curl - Function To Grab All Links Inside A <DIV> On Remote Site Using Scrape Method?

Anyone has a PHP function that can grab all links inside a specific DIV on a remote site? So usage might be:

$links = grab_links($url,$divname);

And return an array I can use. Grabbing links I can figure out but not sure how to make it only do it within a specific div.

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Simple Edit Page Functionality - Unable To Update The Data In The Mysql Database?

I am trying to create a page that edit mysql database from a php page. I can get the edit page to show the orginal information but it wont update the data in the mysql database.I am sure I have entered everything right. If anyone could help with this I would greatly appreciated




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Grab All Of Left Joined Data And Filter Data In One Doctrine Query?

I want to be able to narrow my blog posts to posts that contain a certain tag. But, for each blog post that contains the specific tag, I want to grab all of the tags in the same query. So, using this query:

->select('b.*, t.*')
->from('Blog b')
->leftJoin('b.Tags t')
->where('t.content = ?', $tag)

will only join the tags that equal the specified tag, which results in extra queries for lazy loading the tags when needed.

How do I narrow the blog posts by tag, but at the same time grab all of the tags for the post in one query?

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Use Curl Or XML Parsing / Data Across The Other Datbases On Submit Using Curl Or Even Jsonp?

I am about to write a script that links multiple databases across servers in php, and I am trying to decide the best tack to take. I like my DOMDocuments, and already have multiple xml feeds coming from the database that the others can hook into. On the other hand the database it fed by a form, and this could easily send its data across the other datbases on submit using Curl or even jsonp.

My personal feeling is parse the xml on a daily basis, but the other approach would make the db linkup more instantanious.

What do you guys think?

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