Use Curl To Grab Data And Update A Database?

May 20, 2010

I have a button that will use curl to grab data and update a database. It's pretty server intensive, so I'm wondering how I could utilize the timestamp function to limit the use of this button to once ever 1-2 hours.


Using Curl To Update Mysql When Curl Spits Out Json?

Jan 24, 2011

Ok a rather strange question here (or maybe not)

I am trying to pull tweets out of twitter using curl here is the command

curl url.

Every where there is an x that is a place for variables like twitter username and password and also the hashtag to look for.

And this is using the twitter restful api which alerts your script everytime a change was made.

In a console this curl command works perfectly but now i just need to take the output and save it to my mysql tables.

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Use CURL To Grab A Html Table?

Aug 7, 2009

I'm trying to use cURL to grab an external web page to put into my own website, it's basically a "ladder" of a sports team, I contacted them, but they do not have a RSS feed of the ladder, so I'm trying to obtain the ladder by other means, is it possible to grab everything between < table > and < / table > using cURL? I can grab the page that I want using the following code, but I don't need anything else except for the HTML table.

$ch = curl_init ("");
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
echo $page = curl_exec($ch);

If someone could help me out, that'd be great.

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CURL To Grab Specific HTML?

Dec 8, 2010

I'm using this PHP:

$buffer = curl_exec($curl_handle);


There is a p tag with class "fact" in the source that i want to extract and display! How do i do it? Also is it against copyright if i use this to grab someone else HTML off of their site?

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CURL Redirect Not Grab Content?

Apr 28, 2009

I have the following script which upon execution submits POST data to a [URL]...But I want the script to kind of redirect/forward to that [URL].. so the url bar needs to change to that URL. At the moment it grabs the content of the [URL]and writes it out. I've read so many site but none of them has the solution.

$curl_session = curl_init();
curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_POST, true);
//curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"]);
curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, 'param_id=my_code');
curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_URL, '');
curl_setopt ($curl_session, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, true);
$output = curl_exec ($curl_session);
curl_close ($curl_session);

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Sql - Grab Logo Of Sites Using CURL?

Feb 14, 2011

I want to grab logo of website using curl and php. what i actually want is to show a input field to the user and when user will enter a url in the field the script should grab logo of that url. i dont know how to do confused :S

i there any solution? its not impossible because allmyfavs is using that .

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CURL - Grab Output Of The Url Posting To?

Nov 12, 2009

I am using cURL in PHP and will POST to a page using an url like this: etc.

If I type this into a web browser I get something displayed on screen like this:
Code: [Select]1455,7373

There will never be any more info than this.

What I need to know is how do I do cURL so it receives these values?

I can POST using cURL but then want to be adding something at the end like:
Code: [Select]$var = received from cURL;
//$var now holds "1455,7373"
Is this possible?

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Using Fopen(), Curl Or 'Other' To Grab Remote Contents

Aug 21, 2005

I have been building a search engine here - not because I have plans of
dethrowning Google but as a simple app upon which to develop a function
set that I can use for other things.

So I coded my little search engine, uploaded it and it didn't work with
my host (

Warning: fopen(): URL file-access is disabled in the server

There is no way around this. Maybe I am a fool but when I am creating
apps I like to have as little configuration requirements as possible --
in my mind it means more people can use my stuff. In this app I use
fopen to go off and grab the page contents from which I extract the
meta tags, strip away all the HTML tags, headers, and javascript and
store what I need to.

I did the above without using fragile weak get_meta_tags and have my
own version of get_headers - because its a PHP5 function only, and
because I dont like the idea of a page making multiple connections to a

Essentially my functions will work if I can grab the entire page
contents and throw them into a variable which I in turn pass.

Is there a way of doing this without using fopen and curl??

I'm going to have to write a wrapper for my functions as it is so this
works seemlessly regardless of the method used - I will include Curl in
this however as mentioned earlier I prefer not to have to use extra

Is it common for fopen to be disabled for remote content? Or do I just
have an over zealous admin staff.

I was planning on using these function with XML files down the road...
this is the core of everything I am doing.

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Special Characters Need Stripping From A Curl Grab?

Feb 16, 2010

I have just created a script to grab a leader board from a website, but for some reason i am getting special characters appearing between forename and surname. How would i go about stripping these out. Below is the result and code.

// lets rock
$curl = curl_init();


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Using Curl To Login To A Site And Grab The Html For One Of The Pages?

Feb 18, 2011

I'm currently using curl to login to a site and grab the html for one of the pages. My problem is that the page has some ajax links on it (click on the link results to html changes). How would I be able to make the clicks of the link and get the html of the final state using php? Seems like from researching this I need some sort of headless browser? Is there something like that in php I can use?

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Initiate Connection To FTP Page With Curl And Grab Contents?

Oct 28, 2010

I'm needing to write a script to show the contents of a users FTP folder inside of their user panel. The details are pretty straight forward.

1. I am on a shared hosting account. The users purchase the package, then based on their transaction information I create their FTP account with Curl by logging into my cpanel securely with the correct headers. It also adds them to the DB.

When they log into their User Panel to view their files, i need it to show a list of the FTP folder. I could just use a database, but it wouldn't update if they used a third-party FTP client instead of the form in their panel. I'm sure most of them will be using a client. How would I go about doing this ? When they log in with their id and password would I just initiate a connection to the FTP page with Curl and grab the contents in some fashion ? Would their have to be a session started?

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Curl - Function To Grab All Links Inside A <DIV> On Remote Site Using Scrape Method?

Oct 29, 2010

Anyone has a PHP function that can grab all links inside a specific DIV on a remote site? So usage might be:

$links = grab_links($url,$divname);

And return an array I can use. Grabbing links I can figure out but not sure how to make it only do it within a specific div.

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Update Facebook Using CURL?

Aug 23, 2009

does anyone know how to do this? i've googled it for a bit but only found one re-occurring script that doesn't work. it's as follows

Code: [Select]  <?PHP
*Facebook Status Updater
*Christian Flickinger
*April 20, 2007


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Update Myspace Status With CURL?

Feb 17, 2010

Logging in:

Code: [Select]<?php
class Myspace
function login($username, $password)
$username = $_POST['user'];


This is where the problem is. I can't figure out why, but for some reason this will not suffice to bringing about a change in the status of my profile. I'm fairly certain that the cookie is working properly, as viewing the home screen with the sole use of the cookie rather than logging in works fine. Maybe there are more cookie parameters that I am missing which myspace looks for before accepting a status update?

How Myspace handles status updates(XXX = omitted data:)

Code: [Select]POST /Modules/PageEditor/Handlers/Home/SaveStatusMood.ashx HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100115 Firefox/3.6


This is what I found out from firebug. I might just have to inspect the cookies a bit more to make sure there aren't any problems, but other than that I see no reason why the php code shouldn't work, assuming that there is a cookie in the txt file that has not expired before running such code.

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Post - Using Script And Curl To Update Mediawiki?

Jun 1, 2009

I've been working on a php script to update mediawiki entries, however whenever I run it it doesn't seem to update the wiki at all and just returns the article page unedited. I've included a section which logs into the wiki first and I've successfully read information off the wiki but I have not been able to update it.

sample code follows:

function curl_post_page($site, $post ) {
$headers = array();
$headers[] = 'Accept: image/gif, image/x-bitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg';
$headers[] = 'Connection: Keep-Alive';............

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Mysql Update - Grab The Value Count From Mysql

Mar 18, 2007

I'm trying to grab the value count from mysql and add one to it. This is very simple, but I"m still completely lost! here is the code:


$result = mysql_query("SELECT fav_count FROM favs WHERE page_id = $page");
mysql_query("UPDATE favs SET fav_count = $result WHERE page_id = $page");

echo "Thank you for telling us you like this!<br />Please wait...";
echo "<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="2; URL=link.php">";
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Faster Performance Using CUrl Library Or Invoking Curl Utility Form Shell_exec?

Jun 28, 2011

For a PHP project i have to access RESTful API. I was using curl to get familiar with the API. I can access the said API using both PHP's cUrl library and invoking the curl utility using PHP's shell_exec() function. Performance wise, which option would be better and why? PS: I have my own server with root privilege.

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Grabbing The Contents Of Multiple Curl Handles From A Curl Multi Exec?

Dec 31, 2010

So, basically I need to get the contents of around 100-200 webpages. I'd like to use curl_multi_* so that I can grab it all at once, but I'm not sure if that's even possible.

I know with curl, you'd just set the returntransfer option to true and output the execution, but how would I do this with curl_multi_*?

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Use Curl Or XML Parsing / Data Across The Other Datbases On Submit Using Curl Or Even Jsonp?

Mar 11, 2011

I am about to write a script that links multiple databases across servers in php, and I am trying to decide the best tack to take. I like my DOMDocuments, and already have multiple xml feeds coming from the database that the others can hook into. On the other hand the database it fed by a form, and this could easily send its data across the other datbases on submit using Curl or even jsonp.

My personal feeling is parse the xml on a daily basis, but the other approach would make the db linkup more instantanious.

What do you guys think?

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CURL Problem.. Comparing Output From IE/CURL Differs

Nov 7, 2005

I'm writing a tiny php app that will log into our bank of america
account and retrieve a file containing a list of checks that cleared
the previous day. The problem I'm running into is when I perform
actions with php/CURL the output is different than when I use IE and
I'm completely stumped as to why. The final output should list files
available for retrieval but the CURL output displays an error/empty
file message.

Here is the curl portion of my code:

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Use CURL In Script To Make Thousands Of CURL Requests To An API?

Nov 27, 2010

I need to use cURL in PHP to make thousands of cURL requests to an API. My currently plan is to do these in parallel with curl_multi_() functions. Basically to execute all of the thousands of cURL requests in parallel at once. I've heard that you can run into memory problems opening too many handles, which can run into fatal errors. How can avoid that and still make my URL requests as fast as possible? If I need to limit the number of cURL requests to be made at a time, what's a good # to set the limit at?

Background: I'm on shared hosting with Godaddy right now which does fine with cURL requests, though I haven't tested it with thousands of parallel requests. In the future I'll be on a Rackspace Cloud Site which can handle a modest load.

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Multi Curl - Find Out What Proxy Was Used For A Particular Curl Handle?

Oct 22, 2010

I'm using multi curl with anonymous proxies, and I want to flag the proxies based on performance and location etc after the curl handle is returned. I've tried curl_getinfo() but that does not return information about the proxy used for that curl handle.

Any ideas? I've thought about maybe a way to identify a particular handle and storing that with the proxy used, then when the handle has fired off and returned via curl_multi_info_read() I can look up the handle via the proxy. Not sure what to use as an identifier though. Doing a dump shows the handle as resource(20), but not sure if that is something I can rely on?

I guess if there was something like getOpt() would be ideal, but i don't see anything like that for a curl handle from the research I have done.

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Add Curl Support In CentOS / Setup Curl?

Feb 25, 2010

How to add curl support to PHP 5 in CentOS ?

After installing curl and curl-devel, what are the things that I need to do to setup curl in PHP 5

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Using Curl Multi API For Multiple Curl Requests?

Apr 16, 2010

I'm using curl multi API for multiple curl requests. first I'm using a single request to login to a site and save the cookie file. then I'm using the curl multi API to get some data from that site. The problem I'm facing is that from some reason the cookie file does not get read and I'm redirecting to the main login page.

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Curl - Fetch A Specific Data Using Curl?

Dec 27, 2009

used the following code to fetch data from some url. It actually shown the complete website. My query is how can we fetch/extract the particular piece of information I needed ?PHP Code:

$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);


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Alternatives To Using Curl On Hosts That Have Curl Disabled?

Aug 28, 2009

Are there any alternatives to using curl on hosts that have curl disabled?

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Little POST And MySQL Update ( Combining Search And Multiple Record Update )?

Jul 1, 2010

Well after scratching my head for too long, I give in, I've got to ask or I'll go crazy! I've been fiddling with PHP/MySQL again recently and although I successfully get a search of the db via a form field and have found a way* of adding a checkbox and update multiple records (a popular request I think!), my next hurdle is combining them.

I was hoping I could mash the script together (logically with my limited knowledge) to produce a 3 stage script. Page1 would send Page2 the search term (works so far) and then Page2 would send itself(and the db) those recorded selected for updating.

So far, when I try to I'm getting many errors, and I believe they occur because the script is trying to get information that's not there (from the search). Also it's because I've tried to modify existing code and I'm really guessing now :-(

Here's the code on the second page, the first page simply has a $_POST in it and then the second page collects that info:


It might be worth knowing that security isn't an issue as this script is run offline via WAMPServer (a brilliant freebee for testing!). Well, I really look forward to any comments,

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Use Hyperlink Update To Update Values Inside Mysql Database Via Textboxes?

May 3, 2011

how yo use hyperlink update to update values inside Mysql database via textboxes .

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Update JQuery To Allow Mutiple Button Clicks To Dynamically Call/update Data Using Ajax?

May 3, 2010

i'm able to capture the first button on the page, but there are a total of 10 buttons. When I click on any of those 10 buttons, only the first button's value is called and the other ones don't update. is there a way to capture all of the buttons so they each have their own independent value and update their values so jQuery's ajax function gets the new one? the buttons are being created out of a multidimensional array loop.

$characters = $char->getCharactersListFromAccountId($_SESSION['acctid']);
foreach ($characters as $key) {
echo "<input class="button" type="button" href="javascript:void(0)" value="Show" style="vertical-align: top" />";


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Update Query - Way To Update All Records That Meet Only A Part Of Field

Nov 8, 2005

I know that if you use the following code..

field = ""
field1 = ""

than it will change `field` in all records that meet the criteria of field1. What I need to know is there a way to update all records that meet only a part of field1


field = "yummy"
field1 = "apples|oranges"

if field one contains apples|oranges|grapes

it would still pick up that record.

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Update Mysql_fetch_array / Update Column With New Data.$result2 Line?

Oct 4, 2009

As you will see I am fetching the column, and trying to update column with new data.$result2 line is my problem, I don't think I can add $row[0] in there. How do I do it?

$result = mysql_query("SELECT link FROM items LIMIT 3");
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
$rez2 = get_final_url($url);
$result2 = mysql_query("UPDATE items SET link = $rez2 WHERE id = $row[0] LIMIT 1")
or die(mysql_error());

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Apache Does Not Update Media Files When Update Tham In FileSystem?

May 26, 2010

Why Apache does not update media files when I update them in my file system? (I use xampp on Windows to manage Apache) So when I update my php files I see changes immediately byt when I update media files like .swf's it does note update them when I call them. Why, and how to solve such problem?

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UPDATE Clause In MYSQL Update Multiple Records In One Query?

Nov 12, 2008

well i have this messages table with sample values like these:

msg_id recipient_id read locked new
0 1 N Y Y
2 1 Y N N

ok, so lets just say this is a messaging table, and i want to reset all messages addressed to recipient with id=1 i was wondering why UPDATE `messages` SET `new`='Y',`read`='N',`locked`='N' where `recipient_id`=1;

doesn't work, MYSQL always returns 0 affected rows.. to robert gamble: yes, im sure the values were changed, since my purpose for this update query is to reset the data i was using for the testing phases :D

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Update Multiple Items In A Database - Update Query Not Working

Oct 31, 2007

I'm trying to write an update query so i can update mulitple items in a database, but it aint working.. Ive used the mysql_error() thingy, but it still does not display any errors. All it does is nothing, the web page doesnt update, and neither does the database in MySQL. Is the syntax wrong or what?

<h1>Update Items</h1>
<p>Update items below.</p>
$db_host = 'X;
$db_user = 'X';
$db_pwd = 'X';

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Create / Update File When Update The Database By Submitting The Form

Apr 21, 2010

I have some data in database, i need to create/update file when i update the database by submitting the form

1) the file must contain all the content in database
2) each time i generate or update the record, it must update(or rewrite on the file all the record + new record)

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Mongodb Update - Check If An Update Succeeds Or Fails?

Jun 2, 2010

I think the title pretty much says it all. I'm working with Mongodb in PHP using the pecl driver. My updates are working great, but I'd like to build some error checking into my funciton(s).

I've tried using lastError() in a pretty simple function:

function system_db_update_object($query, $values, $database, $collection) {
$connection = new Mongo();
$collection = $connection->$database->$collection;
$connection->$database->resetError(); //Added for debugging

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Create A Update Patch Link Joomla Update From SVN?

Dec 9, 2010

I saw that in Joomla every time they release a new update. it only contain the file that have been change from the last release with the same directory structure. So I have a SVN server. And I have modified something in the SVN and now I want to create the update path like Joomla how can I do that?

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Update And Get A Parse Order At Line 1- Error At UPDATE (sql)

Jun 20, 2011

Think I am going mad I want to do a simple update and get a parse order at line 1.

1: UPDATE ir312 // the table name
2: SET
3: R3_21 = $tot // R3_21 is the field name, $ tot is an amount
4: WHERE irdnumber=$irdnumber

The table name is correct $ irdnumber has been checked Alhough that does not matter because it stops at UPDATE at line 1 I can see no error what is wrong?

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Variables In The Update Script And Update The Record In The Database?

Oct 10, 2010

The query to call the record works and when clicking submit it redirects correctly and echo's (record updated) but the database is not updated.change the value variables in the update script it correctly updates the record in the database.



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Update Any Piece Of Code To Update A MySQL Database?

Mar 14, 2011

Whenever I try to update any piece of PHP code to update a MySQL database, nothing happens. I have tried copying in some of the working codes of a website and tried the same, but no success. I recently installed XAMPP. I am connecting using the correct user id and pass to the database. The scripts are not giving me any error, but just not connecting, that's all.

While making such a usage as noted below <FORM name="form1" method="post" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" >

I get the following error Firefox can't find the file at /C:/xampp/htdocs/="<?php..  so on

Why does this happen?

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MySQL: Update Was Successful (when Data Sent To Update Was The Same As That Already In DB)?

Jun 2, 2011

an update was successful when data sent to update was the same as that already in DB?Can it be done without selecting it before/after?

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Update Image With Data In Update Form

Jul 2, 2010

I think this is my last problem with this site. On the admin side of the site is a update form. All data updates fine when it is changed, however when selecting a new image, it doesn't upload or add the filename to the DB. I have tried combining two separate scripts but can't get it to work. My limited PHP knowledge wont let me adapt the code to make it work.

<?php require_once('Connections/xxxxxxxx.php'); ?>
if (!function_exists("GetSQLValueString")) {
function GetSQLValueString($theValue, $theType, $theDefinedValue = "", $theNotDefinedValue = "")
if (PHP_VERSION < 6) {
$theValue = get_magic_quotes_gpc() ? stripslashes($theValue) : $theValue;

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Update Structure Using Join To Update 2 Tables?

Apr 28, 2011

I have a query I need to do, but haven't been able to get it clear in my mind how to structure it. I have two tables 'members' and 'subs_track' they are linked by the 'mem_id' field in both There is a single record for each member in the members table but there can be anywhere from 0 to 10 records in the subs_track table Each of the records in the subs_track table has a status field that is Active or Failed
and the members records have a mem_status field that is Active / Free / Hold / Terminated What I want to be able to do is check each member record against the subs_track table, and if there are NO Active records, then change the mem_status field in the member record to 'F'ree. Doesn't seem that it would be that hard to do, but for some reason my brain is just not working.

Here is a query that gives me the list of Active members with active records in the subs_track table, but I need to know the ones that don't have an active record in the subs_track table so I can change their status..

SELECT a.mem_id
FROM members a, subs_track b
WHERE a.mem_id = b.mem_id
AND b.status = 'A'
AND a.mem_status = 'A'
GROUP BY a.mem_id
ORDER BY a.mem_id

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Form Update - Database Dosen't Update?

Aug 23, 2009

I am working on a script. I made a page that worked and copied and pasted to a new page and changed the coding. The page is supposed to Manage FAQ from an admin panel. Picture here. Picture of Page When I type in my question and answer the database dosen't update. When I click add all the page does is "refresh". I can't seem to find my error. I am using the textarea tag if that makes a difference. The loop that I want to use is the

if ($_POST['do'] == "save" && $_POST['question'])

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Update Script To Update All Rows In A Table?

Jan 2, 2011

an update script to update all rows in a table. This is what I have for a form and all looks well. form.php


// run the query and put the results in an array variable called $result 
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY 'id', 'title', 'text', 'number'"); 
print "<form method='post' action='update.php'> [code]....

My question is. How do I update this info into the database with the proper info. ie. Update.php?

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