Transfer Variables To Another Page

Jan 7, 2003

I have a script that on the first page is a form for users to fill out, when they choose to submit the form it goes to another page that actually processes the form to my MySQL database. ATM I use statements like this to carry over those values:

$article_author = $_POST['news_author'];

Is there a better or more effecient way to do this? It's not too bad on a short form, but typing out all those lines for a long form is tedious.

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Variables Not Holding / Variables From The Previous .php Script Dont' Transfer Over?

I have a .php script with 2 variables. $company and $user. During this .php script I require_once "/var/www/etc/etc/etc/etc/"

The .php file that I require_once, the variables from the previous .php script dont' transfer over. I can't figure out why, or what I am doing wrong. Ex.

master.php script

$company = "Some Company";

$user = "John";

require_once "/var/www/$company/$user/example.php

example.php script

$myFile = "/var/www/$company/$user/Template/Download/example.php";

The data that is held in the variables $company & $user doesn't hold through on the example script. I can't understand why.

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Transfer Variables To Another Php Script

I've one registration page where the users fills in their information, is it possible to trasnfer the things the fill in on the registration page to another script that does someting and returnes something to the first page like true/false and then the registration gives an error messange if the other php script returned false?

Something like the script "activates" another script that does something and returnes the result back to the original script.

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Transfer Variables Between Pages

I want to get user input in one page, store that in a php variable and use it in another php page. I have tried using 'sessions' but it doesn't seem to be working. Is there another safe alternative? This information is likely to be usernames and passwords.

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Transfer Numbers From Variables?

transferring numbers from variables. Numbers work but a variable doesn't..With VariablePHP Code:

$id = $logOptions_id;
$sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM myMembers WHERE id=$id");
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){

How can I make a variable work to replace them to a number?

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Transfer And Store Variables To JS / JQuery

I have various important variables that I need transfering from PHP to JS on the same page load. I am currently storing these variables in DOM element attributes and using jQuery to grab them out. This works fine, although as some of the information is quite important I would rather this wasn't publicly visible in the DOM and 'hidden from prying eyes'. So my question is: How to you transfer variables to JS or the DOM from PHP and keep them hidden from sight?

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Transfer Variables/ Parameters Securely Between Multiple Domains?

I would like to securely transfer sensitive variables between multiple in PHP. Normally I would use url parameters or session cookies to transfer non-sensitive values. I'm not sure how secure I can make cookies and url params or if there is a better option out there?

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Transfer Session_id() Between A Secure Page To An Unsecure Page - SSL

I am having problems understanding how to transfer session_id() between a
secure page to an unsecure page. When I move from the secure page to the unsecure page the session_id changes.

Here is the script:

Secure page:
echo session_id();

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Transfer Certain Portions Of Text From The Right Page To The Left Page.

I have a page split in two and I want to be able to transfer certain portions of text from the right page to the left page.

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Get Variable To Transfer From View Page To Edit Page?

I am able to get my variable to transfer from my view page to my edit page but when I click my submit button I lose what was in my variable in my url.

echo $_GET['id'];
$updatesql = "UPDATE reps SET fname = '" . $_POST['fname'] . "', lname = '" . $_POST['lname'] . "', email = '" . $_POST['email'] . "' WHERE repid = '" . $_GET['id'] . "'; ";

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Data Transfer From Earlier Page To Next Page Not Happening

when I am trying to create my own web page using Dreamweaver (PHP) I have created a HTML page where data can be entered by user. After clicking “submit” button, next page is not able to show/ fetch the data entered in the previous page. As a web server I am using XAMPP .Code used:

Page -1
Name : “ Text field “ (name)
Submit (form action “ show.php”)
Page 2 ( show.php)


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Transfer ID To 3rd Page?

How do I transfer an ID to a 3rd page.

Code: [Select]...
<a href="eventDetails.php?calID=<?=$row['calID'];?>"><?=$row['calName'];?></a>
Goes to eventDetails.php, and transfer/displays the calID properly:
Code: [Select]<?php


What is the trick to pass an ID from page to page to page?

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Transfer Variable From One Page To Another?

so i'm still working on my little creature catcher game, and thus far for the part where you get the creature, i'm pretty pleased. the only issue is, i want to make the .php to be called on so that it doesn't need to be posted for every page that a creature is caught on. right now i have it set so that it can be copy/pasted with a single variable at the top changed, but i want to be able to change that variable externally. i'm basically trying to use the same code sheet for each creature without making new is my code for the sheet itself:

edit the below ONLY[code]....

ignore the ridiculous amounts of notes, i plan to take those all out when it's finished for sure. i know how to do an include, but not how to transfer a variable from one page to another, which is all i can think of.

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Transfer A Variable To The Next Page

I want to transfer a variable to the next page. Here is the code:
First Page:
<a href="fav.php?page=$page">I like it!</a>
Second Page, (retrieves the variable)
$page = $_GET['$page'];

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Transfer Of Variable Value From Page1 To Page 2/

redirecting of page particularly sending variables across pages.I have this page1 which contains an if else statement.If
User types in two text fields code should be executed and the page should be resubmitted to the same page with database results. For this reason I am using the form attribute of the page and directing the action variable in the form attribute to page1 ( this page itself) on submit.Else
Now if user types in only one text field, it should go to another page wherein the another page should be able to receive the value entered by the user in the page1. I have got suggestions saying I can do this by using page header redirect to another page and concating the value of the textbox to the header variable. I am using this in page 1

<code> header("Location: Decryption.php?usersubmit=".urlencode($_POST($usersubmit))); </code> // Usersubmit is the value entered in the textbox field by the user.and in page 2

<code> $userId = $_GET['usersubmit']; </code>But of no use.I also tried creating a session variable here and using the session variable in the page2. But that does not work either.

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Store Information In A CSV, Then Transfer It To A Thank You Page?

I know some basic PHP, but never dealt with anything in regards to posting data.We are emailing out an RSVP for an event that will collect basic information such as name, address, # of tickets etc. Would like to have this information stored in a CSV, then have them transfer to a thank you page afterwards.I know this probably isn't super difficult, but I'm not sure where to start.

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Browser Trys To Transfer Something After Loading The Page

I have some real web pages in PHP and sometimes after loading them the
browser still show the transfer indicator in the status bar, although it
also says 'Done'. My client isn't very happy with this and I don't know why
this happens. Visit
and click Home in the page header (the site is not really functional yet)

The page will reload and after that the transfer indicator in the status
bar (IE 6, Mozilla Firefox looks ok) will show an ever incomplete transfer.
Otherwise the page works. No errors, no warnings. The pages are some sort
of a tag soup unfortunately. I didn't do them from scratch.

This is an old problem of mine and appears on many pages, not only this

Anyone knows what might be causing a last, ever incomplete transfer with
the browser, or maybe a tool which can show me what URL my browser is
trying to get ?

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Automating Page Navigation And Control Transfer

Is there a system available to do the following:
consider an app of a few pages:



when I am at page3.php, I do not know whether I came there from
page1->form1 or page2->form3.
I can check for $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] and get an answer. But this
example is simple. Let us generailze that I want an app that keeps a
track of all the pages the user requested, in the order that they were
sent to him.

Obviously, it can be written based on sessions. Is there already some
popular open source application for this?

Also, this brings me to a broader question of page navigation rules. In
an app made of 20-50 pages/scripts, life will be hell if there is no
systematic approach to transferring control between pages. Is there
some kind of structure already made and readily available into which
you just plug-in your pages by telling some rules ?

E.g. the scheme is something like:
$ListOfPages = array(

$RuleSet = array(
The RuleSet is a set of page transfer rules based on evaluation to true
of the specified functions, i.e., allow_edit(), allow_add(),
my_error_handler() etc.
Obviously, form submission is the chief means of control transfer for
PHP programs and the use of ?op=add_something in URL's(GET) and <input
type=hidden name=op value=add_something> (POST) are a step towards
making some kind of structure.

So the grand code will look like:
$MyGrandAppControllerObj = new GrandAppControllerObj();

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Transfer Data From Several Differnet Forms On One Page

In php how could i transfer data from several differnet forms on one page. The forms would have different names/ids

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Transfer Data From Input Field To New Page?

What would be the best way for me to pass data from a form on one page to another? For example an email form field is input on one page and that takes the user to a new page with that field already completed. If someone entered the page without using the email form submit link then the field would be blank. I know this can be done through javaScript or PHP and I am open to either possibility. Are there any examples of this being done that I can be directed to?

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Transfer Text From All Div's With Specific Class To The Textarea On The Same Page?

The problem: I'd like to transfer text from all div's with specific class to the textarea on the same page. How can I do that, how to start?

for example:

< div class="test1" > Example1 < /div >
< div class="test2" > Example2 < /div >
< div class="test1" > Example3 < /div >
< div class="test3" > Example4 < /div >

I I would like to transfer content of div class test1 and in the textarea should show "Example1" and "Example3".

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Undefined Variable - Transfer The Data From A Form To A Page

I'm trying to transfer the data from a form to a php page but it results in Undefined variable! I'm currently using WAMP server.


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Transfer A (fairly) Large Amount Of Data Across A Single Page Load?

I have an application that generates an array of statistics based on a greyhounds racing history. This rray is then used to generate a table which is then output to the browser. I am currently working on creating a function that will generate an excel download based on these statistics. However, this excel download will only be available after the original processing has been completed. Let me explain.The user clicks on a race nameThe data for that race is then processed and displayed in a table.Underneath the table is a link for an excel download.However, this is where I get stuck. The excel download exists within another method within the same controller like so...


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Session - Sort ALL The Columns Then Transfer That Sorted Table To A New Page For Printing.

I'm not fully conversent with sessions and I suspect they are the answer to this problem but I cannot figure this one out yet.

I have a table with data drawn from a database and some calculated on the page.

 1 Name | Score 1 |Score 2 | Average Score  where average score is calculated on the page.
 2 Name | Score 1 |Score 2 | Average Score
 3 Name | Score 1 |Score 2 | Average Score
 4 Name | Score 1 |Score 2 | Average Score

Can I carry this data to a new page without having to call from the database again.
The reason is that I want to sort ALL the columns (which I can do already) but then transfer that sorted table to a new page for printing.

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Http Headers - Send Redirect Page Pass Variables As Post Variables From A Script?

you can find a similar question here PHP Post Request inside a POST Request but this is not working in my context. I have a form (reservation form for a tour website) and when the form is submitted, the values are processed in a script like validation and calculation of values and sending email. after processing the variables, i want to send it to a page for payment and this page will post payment details to paypal.

My question is after the reservation form is submitted, after processing values retrieved from reservation from, how can i redirect the page in such a way that the variables will be passed as post variables. (I am not looking from response from the other form, i want to redirect to the other form).

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Download A Page With "Transfer-Encoding:chunked" Prior To PHP 5.2?

Trying to retrieve a page from the XML language. However, retrieval is unreliable because it is a chunked transfer encoding. How do I download this page correctly to give me further editing?I can not use PHP Stream Filters because my PHP version is only 5.2.

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