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Jun 6, 2007

I have installed Apache 2.2 via the MSI installer on my WinXP Home machine, i've also installed PHP through the MSI installer. However, when i got to http:://localhost/index.php (the test script i wrote) it just shows the code, i.e.


echo 'Hello World'


Do i need to tell Apache that I have PHP installed?

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Installed Apache

I know this is a stupid question but I just installed Apache and php and mysql on my window pc so I could use it as a test server I have done this before and it worked fine but for some reason I can get register_globals to turn on I know it is a security risk but I need it to be on in order for the softwear that the company I work for uses to install.

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PHP Installed As An Apache Module?

I have been searching everywhere for instructions on how to install php as an apache module, rather than my current install which points to php.exe(cgi install) I am running apache on win2000.

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Installed PHP And Now Apache Won't Start

I installed Apache 2.2.3 per the instructions in the book I'm reading
'AJAX and PHP' by Darie et al. After installation, I confirmed that the
server was working. I then installed MySQL and PHP. After configuring
the system per the book's instructions, I now find that the Apache
server won't start.

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PHP Installed As Apache Module

The installation of PHP on the (linux) server I'm working on is as an apache module. I need to check on configuration of the php.ini file but it doesn't seem to exist. I searched using "find / -name php.ini"

Is there a different file name it would be under since this is installed as a module? I don't have assistance from the person who originally installed it and I'm so very lost. Code:

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Installed As CGI Not As Apache Module?

suPHP needs PHP installed as CGI not as apache module. what's the meaning of this line ?i don't know what is installed as CGI ,and what is installed as apache module .what's the difference between them, the more detail, the better.

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Apache Ownership - No Phpsuexec Installed

i'm crying out for some apache ownership help please :)

i've got a problem with some directly-web-accessible and
not-directly-web-accessible scripts that i've written to run in apache.

looking at the net, i guess it's an old problem, but my isp isn't
running phpsuexec. therefore apache is creating files as 'nobody'.
however, when i ftp files onto the server they are owned by myuid. but
myuid files can't seem to chmod anything they've created under apache
(because apache created the new files as 'nobody')

is there a good work around to this; should i be happy with 'nobody'
creating files with 0777 permissions, or should i cut my losses and
find an isp with phpsuexec or suphp on their severs.

at this point any advice at all is most welcome

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Installed As CGI Not As Apache Module And Difference?

i don't know what is PHP installed as CGI ,and what is PHP installed as apache module .what's the difference between them, the more detail, the better.

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I've Installed Foxserv Contating Apache But How Do I Run A File?

I've just installed foxserv on windows XP but i don't know how to get
a .php file working. I expected as soon as my computer worked as a
serve I would be able to double click on a .php file and got it
running but I cant.

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Apache - Check If Memcache Or Memcached Is Installed?

How do I test if memcache or memcached (for PHP) is installed on my Apache webserver? Memcache is a caching daemon designed especially for dynamic web applications to decrease database load by storing objects in memory.

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Activate Apache On Mac And Downloaded And Installed Mysql?

I went through the motions to activate Apache and PHP on my mac and downloaded and installed mysql. (I also loaded WAMP on a windows machine)I was working on some really basic code, following along the book I'm reading. Last night when the page was loaded in firefox it executed no problem.


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Apache - Add Expires Headers To Files Without Mod_expires Installed

I'm on a shared host running Apache. Apparently mod_expires is not installed. Is there another way to add expires headers to css-files, images etc. on that environment?

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Hosting Company Has Installed It As An Apache Module Or As A CGI Binary?

How do I tell if my hosting company has installed PHP as an Apache module or as a CGI binary? Also, if I look at the "Server API" line in phpinfo(), it says "Apache 2.0 Handler". Does that provide a clue?

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Apache And It Installed On Multiple Servers - Managed By A Load Balancer

This is something I've never seen done, and I'm not turning up in my research, but my boss is interested in the idea. We are looking at some load balancing options, and wonder if it is possible to have apache and php installed on multiple servers, managed by a load balancer, but have all the actual php code on one server, with the various apache servers pointing to the one central code base?

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Loaded Latest Edition Of Apache Http Server On XP, And Installed Php On That Server...

How do I run a .php program? (I'm starting with the "hello world" script)

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Run 5.2.13 And Apache 2.0 Handler And Has The Zend Handler Installed?

I'm working on a client's server and am finding the strangest things..echo 7;

does not output 7.
echo "hello";
outputs hello.

and the exit; command does not work. He's running 5.2.13 and Apache 2.0 Handler and has the Zend handler installed...

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Programmatically Restart A System Service (not Apache) From Apache In Linux?

I need to simple way to allow an end user to restart tomcat from a web page served from apache on the same box.

We're trying to make it easy for our QC department to deploy a new version of our webapp to apache. We're using samba, but we need an easy way for them to stop / start the tomcat server before/after the deployment.

This would only be for internal qc boxes. Is there an existing solution for this? or would it be easier to write a few quick php application to handle this?

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Installed Php 5

i am facing a problem after i installed php 5 on my server. some applications coded with php 4 , and it is not working now.

here is a complete detail of my server:

and here is the pages that's not working:

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Installed Php

I installed php but don't know if i did it right because its not working. I think it has something to do with the web server configurations, I'm trying to get it to work with apache 2.0. Is "C:program filesApache Software Foundationapache2.0conf" the right configuration file? or do I half to go deeper? if that right dos anyone know what i'm doing wrong? btw i'm running windows xp home with all the recent updates and am tring to install php5.2.3.

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Installed CGI

Just installed CGI and had problems wif headers, got sum error, after research got hot fix from microsoft to solve it. Now i when i submit a form to update or add etc its all mucked up, the form reloads again which its suppose to do but the css isnt working and its stays on the php page in the url box when its actually on the form page. Make no sense.

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Installed PHP With IIS, But Get A Notice.

Here is what I get when I load my first php site. After I installed php (instashield), did I need to give permissions to something else? If so please outline it simply. I searched on these forums but the closest I came to this was giving security permissions to my site folder to access php. Not sure how to do that in IIS. The security tab seemed to just reflect the username & password of the user accounts on my computer.

Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTP_USER_AGENT - assumed 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' in D:Web Site Servermysitefolder\_librowserDetector.php on line 62

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2 PHPs Installed?

So i'm porting my site over to my new server, and it's pretty bare.
I have apache 1.3 with php 4.3.11 and now apparently 4.4.0

why two version? i'll explain:

So i was trying to get the GD library working with my app. specifically it was telling me that it couldn't find the imagejpeg function. no biggie i thought, an excuse to upgrade to 4.4.0 i'll just recompile php with gd and everyone will be happy. i used this configure directive:

--with-gd <--- w0ot!

anyways so i restart apache and voila... phpinfo() is telling me i have php4.4.0 - yay for me, so i go to resize my image and i'm stuck with the error. i gave up

This morning i was going through phpmyadmin and decided to check the php version it's using. and sure enough, a phpinfo() provoked from there is still 4.3.11 - so i'm wondering is it possible that apache is still pointing to the original php, and if so - where?! the problem is this stupid cpanel program they installed....

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How Do I Know If Crypt Is Installed?

I'm trying to find out how to know if crypt is installed on the
system. With mcrypt there is a section in phpinfo() but I can't find
any similar section for crypt.

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How To Determine Whether GD Is Installed?

I am trying to install a captcha form that required those graphic libraries. I got the error message "call to undefined function" which according to the authors of the form suggests that GD is not probably installed or enabled.

I created the usual <?phpinfo()?> report and the only part GD is mentioned is in the Configure Command section:

./configure'...'--with-gd=shared' '--enable-gd-native-ttf' '--without-gdbm' '--with-gettext' '--with-ncurses=shared' '--with-gmp' '--with-iconv'

Can you tell whether GD is installed from that? If I remember correctly, GD should have its own section within the PHP info report - but its not there.

Since my host isn't very responsive to my requests, I was thinking that I should try installing GD myself. Server is running Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS). Anyone aware of any tutorials that might help preventing me from screwing up things?

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Host Has Installed 4.3.11-dev

The host of one of the domains I manage has installed 4.3.11-dev and as
a result file uploads no longer work with Internet Explorer.

Worth keeping an eye out for.

In the meantime I now need to ask why they have installed a development
version on a production server...

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Is Mysqli Installed?

A server (which I have no access to yet) has been installed with PHP like

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