System Don't Send Message Again When Refresh The Sent Page

Mar 17, 2010

I have a message system - Working fine. But how can i make when someone send message, and if he refresh sent page the system dont send message second, 3 , 4 , 5 ...... times - just once.

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Remove Alert Message On Refresh On Log In Page?

if user type wrong id and password so one message display and how can i remove alert message on refresh on log in page

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Refresh The Page When A Form Is Submitted & Give An Error Message?

What I have right now is a form with simple input fields such as name, phone number, email, and comment.


It goes to a new page and shows the error (if there is one) and if not it goes to a blank page (I know how to make it go to a page but it needs to be kept on its current page) It does work with sending the info to the email.

I have tried header("Location: ".$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]); And it didnt work..

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$_SESSION['message'] : When I Hit Refresh And Reload The Page The Number Doesn't Increment?

It's working to my favor but I don't trust it unless I know why it's working.Real world example:

I reference $_SESSION['message'] twice in my code.First looks like this:[code]...

Second looks like this:echo $_SESSION['message'];

For some reason, this is working for me and $_SESSION['message'] is getting unset after it's echo'd (but the user remains logged in so I know the entire session is not getting unset).

Test example: I put the following code in test.php:
echo $_SESSION['message'];

When I hit refresh, reload the page, etc. the number doesn't increment, it's stays as '1'. If I change it to $_SESSION['success_message'] the number does increment.So? Is $_SESSION['message'] reserved? Does it automatically reset once it's echo'd? I didn't find anything in the manual on this.

UPDATE:I just checked in Firefox and test.php works as expected. In Chrome it doesn't. Chrome does so many wacky things, I wouldn't be surprised if it's resetting $_SESSION['message'].

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Avoid The Message 'warning Page Is Expired, Press Refresh Button To Reload?

how to avoid the message 'warning page is expired, press refresh button to reload' when we press back button in php.

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Double Send Of Form When Refresh The Page?

How can I avoid to submit again the form when I hit refresh of the browser?

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Send Request To Database Every Few Sec To Refresh Page?

I'm using ajax to pull some data from my database every 10 sec.

My question will this effect my mysql database .. will it slow down my site or crypt my database

send request to my database every few sec to refresh page.

I try top pull banners and refreshing every few sec.

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GetFeed - Send Request Every Couple Of Seconds Without A Page Refresh?

I'm retrieving an XML feed via php:

PHP Code:
header('Content-type: text/xml');
echo file_get_contents('');

Now this is working fine and I'm able to work with the XML data to populate my website - this data is only updated when the page is refreshed; therefore I wondered if there was a way I could send out this request every couple of seconds without a page refresh?

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Send Message From A Mobile Web Page?

Supposing that I am browsing a web page on my nokia (or some one else) mobile, In the Page, there is a HyperLink like "Send 0109210" to win a prize, if I click on the HyperLink, the my phone will send a message to the 0109210 . Is it possible to build a web page with the function like this. If yes, could you please show me how or where I can get the information about this.

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Comment Page On Refresh Asks To Send Data Again - Dont Want - $_POST?

I have a comment page that people can add a comment to the page on my website. If you submit a comment and then refresh the page i get this message:"to display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier."If you click resend it posts the same comment again, obviously dont want that. How can i reset the $_POST or whatever so it doesnt do this?

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Message System Like Hotmails Where The Message List Appears On The Left?

i am making a private messaging system like hotmails where the message list appears on the left. Then when you click on one of them the box on the right loads the email. The problem is i dont really know how to go about it.

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HTTP Post Request Via Javascript : How To Refresh A Page And Send Post Data At The Same Time?

I've encountered a small problem building a web application.

My thinking was simple: application [web music player] reads $_POST['itemId'] every time it is loaded. If it does not exist, the player doesn't start playing a song, but idles, otherwise it plays a song with itemId.

Now the problem comes here: when a song in a playlist is finished, I'd like to refresh the page and send incremented itemId via post request, so the server side will know which song I'm currently listening to.
I've searched the internet for possible solutions how to refresh a page and send post data at the same time, but all I've found are Ajax tutorials.

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Send Form Data To External Form Without Page Refresh?

I have looked for a solution, but have only found ways to submit a form on my own website. What I am trying to accomplish here is 2 things. 1: Sending form data from my websites form to a form on a second website. 2. Doing this without refreshing my website.

Here is my form. It submits fine, but it redirects to the external web page after the form is sent.

<form id="widget_contact" action="" method="post">
<input type="text" name="pcode" id="fc_name" />
<input type="hidden" name="hdnCmd" value="sb-gimme" />
<input name="send_button" id="fc_submit" class="btn_b" type="submit" value="Gimme" />

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Refresh, Stop The Previous Function Being Called Again On Page Refresh?

I have a function that imports a files contents into mySQL and returns the results. If i refresh the page and click "yes" it will do it again doubling the output with the same content. How can I stop this happening? In this particular case there is no URI in the address bar but on other functions there is.

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Script That Send Data To A Website So That It Will Send A Text Message To Phone Alerting?

Is it possible to write a PHP script that will send data to a website like Twitter so that it will send a text message to my phone alerting if certain things happen?Say I am monitoring a temperature with an existing PHP script running every 5 minutes on my server. What if I want to expand this such that if the temperature falls below a certain point, or rises above a certain point, it will alert me via my cell phone. Sure, I can do e-mail alerts, but I will not be able to see the e-mail without a WiFi connection (have an ipod touch, but not an iphone or anything). I've used PHP to read data from other websites, but I've never sent data to other websites and I don't even know if it's possible. If it is not possible PHP, which language is it possible with?

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Refresh And Echo A Message

update the data already on the page and if a certain condition is satisfied, also echo out a message. PHP Code:

//if the UPDATE TOTAL button is pressed
if (isset($_POST) && $_POST['update'] == "Update Total") {
$quantityarray = $_POST['quantity'];
$idarray = $_POST['id'];
foreach ($quantityarray as $key => $quantity) {
if ($quantity == 0 || $quantity == "") {
mysql_query("DELETE from basket WHERE sessid = '$session' AND prodid = '".$id[$key]."'") or die(mysql_error());
?><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0"><?php
} else { //STOCK CHECK
$checkstock = mysql_query("SELECT * from products WHERE id = '".$id[$key]."'") or die(mysql_error());
$check_stock_item = mysql_fetch_assoc($checkstock);
if ($check_stock_item['numstock'] < $quantity) {
echo ("Sorry, We only have ".$check_stock_item['numstock']." ".$check_stock_item['productname']." left in stock!");.........

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Refresh Inbox When A New Message Is Coming?

In my application I have an inbox. If a new message arrives I need to increment the unread count. Do I need to make the database connection for every second to find out if a new message has arrived? Are there any other methods?

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Refresh Page - Or An Absolute Refresh Not Reload.

If the image content for image1.jpg changes, but the file name image1.jpg
does not, IE6 does not show the new content unless F5 is pressed.

If I reload the page using the image
does not change.

If I use a header("LOCATION:"), the
image does not change.

I have tried several ideas to force the reloading of the image file with no
little success.

I cannot change the image file name.

Even if I add another a second image, the first image does not change.

IE must use the file name to determine if it should reload the file. But F5

Is there a means in either php or JavaScript to call (force) a F5-keyboard
command? or an absolute refresh not reload.

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Send Video Data One System To Another System?

i want know php have to send video data one system to another system is it possible or not .

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Refresh A Page Without The Header Refresh?

how do I refresh a PHP page without the header refresh?

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Message System

I am looking to implement a message system on my web site that would allow users to input their name and a comment and have it appear automatically online. Perhaps a facility to have the message checked for profanities would be nice. I don't want a full blown guestbook but mealy a small section that allows people to comment on the pages content and add their opinion.

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Jquery Message System?

i took some interest in this script [URL]....php.htmland i see that the ajax calls commentajax.php.what i want to do is to ignore that php, because i want to post to a json file and then get the response from the same server will use POST or PUT to put the data in the database, so there is no need for me to use php, just the syntax is killing me :)i want to use :

type: "POST",
data: dataString,

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Message Forwarding System Required

Does anyone have know of an application/routine that can operate within a website to monitor incoming emails and trigger an out going email. The system would need to hold client name, email addresses and pre-defined message, which would be cross matched to an incoming email address hence incoming mail to account@domain containing a Subject Keyword equal to XXXXX, which triggers an out going email to a specified client.

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Private Message System Implementation

I'm looking for a way to implement sending private messages (more like personal messages) through my website. I really just want a way for a user to view all messages sent to him/her and also view new messages.

I'm posting in the database forum because I'm planning on doing this with mysql, but I'm really asking if this is the best way to do it or if I should find some non-database way to do things. Code:

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Php User Error Message System

I was wondering if anyone has come across a tutorial or can give me some ideas on how to set up an effective error handling system. I currently pass the error message through the url and get the message to display on the page.

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Send Email From Webpage Without Postback/refresh?

I have a webpage (php, javascript) which has a small contact form for a user to fill in and email us. Not a problem in itself, i have a working form already.

Nothing noteworthy, just a form posting to a php page which sends an email.

<form id="myform" name="myform" method="post" action="Mailer.php">

So user fills in form, hits submit and the page changes to mailer.php and they find their way back to where they were.

What I want instead is for the to stay on the same page when submit is pushed. The form div to update itself to just say 'message sent' or something. I just want to avoid a full page refresh.

Much like how on say facebook, commenting on a status only updates that div.

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