StdClass Object

Feb 5, 2007

i'm working with third party provided web service which i can't expose publicly unfortunately. however, i've set up the soap client etc and upon calling a particular method and getting the following back in response to doing a print_r on the result:

stdClass Object
[GetUserPersDetailsResult] => stdClass Object
[IDNo] => 350773
[Title] => Lord
[GivenName] => Andrew
[Surname] => Gunter
[CompanyName] =>
[Addr1] => Some Road
[Addr2] =>
[Addr3] =>
[Suburb] => Some Suburb

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Dealing With StdClass Object Inside A StdClass Object Inside An Array

I'm having some trouble dealing with stdClass object inside a stdClass object inside an array. I am trying to get the 'Source' value from this. I've tried this several different ways to no avail. It's entirely likely that I'm missing something embarrassingly simple...

$result =
Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [url] => stdClass Object ( [Source] => ) ) )
$imgurl = $result->URL->Source;
Server Error: PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object

Ok, so the server error tells me that the array is not an object (makes sense). I've also tried combining this with an array_values function, but get the same error. I've also tried get_object_vars and array_keys functions... So how do I get the value of an object, inside an object, that's inside an array?

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Add Properties To StdClass Object From Another Object?

I would like to be able to do the following:

$obj = new stdClass;
$obj->status = "success";
$obj2 = new stdClass;


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MultiDimensional Stdclass Object?

I've got a rather large multidimensional stdClass Object being outputted from a json feed with PHP. It goes about 8 or 9 steps deep and the data that I need is around 7 steps in. I'm wondering if I can easily grab one of the entires instead of doing this:

echo $data->one->two->anotherone->gettinglong->omg->hereweare;

I'm saying this because the data structure may change over time.

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Get Object (stdClass) From Array?

I have the following array. I retrieved this with node_load(), and made it an array of it the reason is to get/manipulate the data. (I'm trying to make a internship assigment webtool for students and internships).
The following problem is to get the 'object(stdClass)' of this array, how can I get "all" these values of it? I want the value "Pcv (campus Aalst)" and "Mss ( Privaatpraktijk kinesitherapie Peeters Stefaan )"" and so on.

array(106) {
object(stdClass)#8 (45) {
string(3) "199"


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Accessing StdClass Object Vars

I have the following object, I need to extract the SysMessage property.

stdClass Object ( [UnknownConsignment] =stdClass Object
( [SysMessage] =Your consignment could not be found on our
system ) )

I could do this:

However, depending on the condition, the "UnknownConsignment" property might be called something else. Therefore, I need a solution, something like an array:

$object->[0]->SysMessage .

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Handle/Use Twitter API's StdClass Object?

Wait you don't need to read the whole thing.Just scroll down, and see what I've asked.

stdClass Object
[friends_count] => 54
[description] => i'TS THE digiTAL vERSiOn 0b devilZ! tECH & mUUsic fReak.


Now my Question is HOW I can turn [text] into a variable like $tweet?and the [name] as well.Because I want to store them on mysql, so I need to retrieve the value of [text] & [name]!

$sdjkf->status->text; this is not returning anything!
I saw a related post on here but my case is kinda different. Just browse this link, if you wish.

(Im begging your pardon, pls don't treat me as a professional so whatever you gonna say, say it completely & clearly.

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Get The Array Total For StdClass Object?

I am trying to get the total for the Array in the Object.

I am using print_r to get the following to see whats in it.

stdClass Object ( [data] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [name] => The Drift Bible [category] => Movie [id] => 227431881228 [created_time] => 2011-02-27T21:41:04+0000 ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [name] => Shooter [category] => Movie [id] => 109671005718938 [created_time] => 2011-02-16T09:18:29+0000 ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [name] => Tron [category] => Movie [id] => 99792857339 [created_time] => 2010-11-29T03:18:06+0000 ))

here is my code to get the information

$movies = json_decode(file_get_contents(''
.'format=json&access_token=' . $session['access_token']));

Again I just need to get the Array value. Such as 3 in the about example above.

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Sort The Array/stdclass Object?

how do is sort this object by 'pos' in php?

Array (
[0] => stdClass Object ( [str] => Mondays [pos] => 170 )
[1] => stdClass Object ( [str] => Tuesdays [pos] => 299 )

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ParsE StdClass Object Data

I'm an intermediate PHP programmer, but am struggling with the output of the Google AJAX API. I have the following converted to stdClass


All I need from it is to output the [estimatedResultCount]'s number (4370000), but no matter how many different ways I try it, I'm not able to parse it correctly.

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StdClass : Assigning Object Value To Variable

how to assign stdClass value to variable? I have a stdClass object and when I print it using var_dump($userdetails->emailaddress) , it does print out the value as String(31)"asdas.@[URL]"; but when I try to assign the onject value to variable , let say : $to = $userdetails->emailaddress; the $to value become NULL ...

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Handle / Use Twitter API's StdClass Object?

Wait you don't need to read the whole things Just scroll down, and see what I've asked

stdClass Object
[friends_count] => 54

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Cannot Use Object Of Type StdClass As Array

I'm leveraging SOAP calls to retrieve an array of values based. What I can't figure out is how to get to the values (eg-name, ssn, etc) once the entire array has been returned. If I try something like: $results[1], I get the error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array.Code is below.

PHP Code:
if (!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not A Valid Entry Point');

require_once("./include/nusoap/nusoap.php"); [code].....

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Json - StdClass Object Accessing A$b?

The below is a dump of variable $x (youtube video). But I want to access media$title, but obviously when I try


it does not work. Any suggestions on how to access the title of the youtube video?

stdClass Object (
[version] => 1.0
[encoding] => UTF-8


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StdClass Object Output To A List?

i would like to know how i can get better output from a foreach.

this code:
$x = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM " . WP_PLAATJES);
foreach ($x as $y) {
print_r($y);[code].... '1' (length=1)

what i would like to see is a normal list of 'plaatjes_name' and it's image, like:

name: screenie

image: screenshot.png

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ParsE StdClass Object - More Than One Element With Same Name

I've got a StdClass Object that I need to parse. I can parse specific elements, but not sure how to parse when there is more than one element with the same name. example:


There is a "Number of Rules" element which will tell me how many Rule elements I'm expecting. This could be anything between 0 and 10 rule/rule text element pairs, the example above having 2. how I would parse the entire array correctly [i'm going to be putting them into separate variables to use in a database, just using echo in the example. I need to see:


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Object - Warning - Undefined Property: StdClass ?

I get this warning in my error logs and wanted to know how to correct this issues in my code.

PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$records in script.php on line 440

Some Code:

// Parse object to get account id's
// The response doesn't have the records attribute sometimes.
$role_arr = getRole($response->records); // Line 440[code]....

I was thinking something like array_key_exists() functionality but for objects, anything? or am I going about this the wrong way?

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Error: Cannot Use Object Of Type StdClass As Array'

Derp.Getting 'Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array'

I dunno what I'm doing wrong here:

foreach ($json->result->items[$key]->attributes->attribute as $attrib => $val)
if($json->result->items[$key]->attributes->attribute[$attrib]->name == 'cannot_trade')
echo 'Item ' . $key . ' is not tradeable' . $br;

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Access Stdclass Object After A Specific Key Value Pair?

I have a stdclass object as shown below:

stdClass Object
[text] => Parent


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'Cannot Use Object Of Type StdClass As Array' Using Wordpress

I am trying to retrieve the slug for a tag inside a wordpress post, now its possible to get all tag info using

$tag = wp_get_post_tags($post->ID);

More info on this on the Wordpress Docs

By using this you should get data returned like this...

[0] => stdClass Object
[term_id] => 4


Now what I want is the slug for the first item which should be as follows


However by doing so I recieve this php error:

Cannot use object of type stdClass as array

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Adding A StdClass Object In A Data Strcture?

'zone1' =>
array (
0 =>


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Object Of Class StdClass Could Not Be Converted To String?

Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string the error occurs when I run this portion of code in my site,

function myaccount() {
$data['user_data'] = $this->auth->get_userdata($this->uri->segment(3));
$data['user_info'] = $this->users_model->get_user_and_roadmaps_by_id($this->uri->segment(3));


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Declare A Class Variable To Be A StdClass Object

This is probably pretty simple but I haven't been able to figure out how to phrase the question for Google, so here goes: So, I often do something like this...

class foo {
private $bar = array();

to set some class property to be an array. However, I'd like to make a private property an object instead, something like this:

class foo {
private $bar = new stdClass();

I tried several variations of this and none of them worked. Can this be done? For bonus points can you assign a private property to be any other class of object?

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Convert / Cast A StdClass Object To Another Class?

I'm using a third party storage system that only returns me stdClass objects no matter what I feed in for some obscure reason. So I'm curious to know if there is a way to cast/convert an stdClass object into a full fledged object of a given type.

For instance something along the lines of:

//$std_class is an stdClass instance
$converted = (BusinessClass) $stdClass;

I am just casting the stdClass into an array and feed it to the BusinessClass constructor, but maybe there is a way to restore the initial class that I am not aware of.

Note: I am not interested in 'Change your storage system' type of answers since it is not the point of interest.

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Convert A Multidimensional Array To A StdClass Object?

Is there a way to convert a multidimensional array to a stdClass object in PHP?

Casting as (object) doesn't seem to work recursively. json_decode(json_encode($array)) produces the result I'm looking for, but there has to be a better way...

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Cannot Use Object Of Type StdClass As Array Error

I am trying to make my php login check if the user has a verified account or not, I'm doing this by either "0" or "1" in the uses table, 0 meaning its not and 1 meaning it is. My problem is I keep getting the following error: Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home/rawradam/public_html/login2.php on line 31

Here is the code to go with it:

if($row['verify'] == "0"){
echo "Your account has not been verified.";

I don't know if I'm miles off the ball or if I am doing the right thing, but just getting it mixed up,

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