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Sep 25, 2007

Have a website using a mysql database with php pages created to add to fields in the database. One of the pages has recently started to take minutes to load and when I go to 'save' changed info to be loaded in to the database, it takes up to 20 minutes ... times out and often does not save the changes.

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Includes Slow Down My Page Loading Time?

I have added two includes to load a header and footer via PHP and since I have added these includes the page loads incredibly slow. Is there an issue with page loading times when adding includes?Here is a link to the page I am referring to...LINK-[URL]....Or is this a host issue?

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Slow Loading

I recently moved to a new server. I've noticed that index.php (first page anyone sees) is extremely slow to load. On the old server it loaded fast. The servers have the same specs. What could the issue be?

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Site Loading Slow

I see the site loading very slow. and some times i get an error saying " connection timed out". Is there any free third party tool available to check the page loading time and which will email me.

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Faster Str_replace() And The Script Is Loading Very Slow?

A str_replace ($Array1, $array2, $str); to translate a page.Every array is contained of approximately 5000 words, so the script is loading very slow.The page is not so small, but the strings, which are to be translated are just 4 or 5 words.Which will be faster:

1)translate ONCE the whole page like what I am doing currently(run the str_replace ince, but in $str put the whole page).
2)run ($Array1, $array2, $str); about 5 times, but in the $str put not the whole page, but only a word.

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Display Animated Gif After Clicking Link To Go To Slow Loading Third Party Webpage

My site links to a paypal buy it now page that loads slowly. I would like to display an animated gif after the user clicks the paypal embeded link until the new paypal page loads.

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Show Ajax Loading Gif Animation While The Page Is Loading?

I try to implement AJAX in my website. When the content of the div changepass is clicked then it should load changepass.template.php. Here is the code im using for that.

$(function() {
$(".changepass").click(function() {
return false;

how to show GIF Animation (loading.gif) while the page changepass.template.php is fully loaded.

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Figure Out A Way To Get Page Loading Time While The Page Is Still Loading?

I'm trying to figure out a way to get page loading time while the page is still loading. What I want to do is to stop script execution if the amount of loading time is for example > 10 seconds during page load.

I'm using curl to load my pages. So far, the only way I can see this happening is to use CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION to call another function within curl. But the problem with it, is that it still not able to pull out live time elapsed from it. If I use curl_getinfo within that function I'm only able to print out curl_getinfo['total_time'] after the whole page loads. Is there a way to get the page loading time before the whole page loads?

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Using Session_start() And The Page Get Very Slow

when I try to use the session_start(); at top top of my page, the page loading gets very very very (!) slow. I just cant understand why. here is my code (when I dont use session_start(), its all working normal) PHP Code:

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Facebook Users_getStandardInfo Is Very Slow. Is The FQL Or CURL Slow?

So, I am running a facebook application and I have to call FQL quite frequently. e.g. calling $fbObj->api_client->users_getStandardInfo() with the old facebookapi_php5_restlib However, I found it VERY VERY VERY SLOW to get the response back. I know that call actually use CURL connect to Facebook.So, is the CURL call slow in response? or FQL? of course, how to improve it? In addition, any one how good the new facebook api is? i heard it is even worse in terms of performance...

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Have Page Expire To Slow Spammers

I have a PHP & MySQL entry system we've been using for a few years. The entry page sends to the "refer a friend" page that processes the entry, the refer a friend page sends to the "thank you" page which processes the referrals by sending emails.

This has worked fine in the past but I want to add a new feature so that when people get to the thank you page they can't just click the "back" button to revisit the refer page, enter new people to refer and then continue again....and again.... and again....

I want to make it more annoying for them to spam by having the refer page expire when they hit the thank you page. It's just a short slow-down but it will make my bosses happy.

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Index Page In Magento Too Slow

the index page of my magento commerce is very slow, while when you navigate the products, brands, searchs etc is very fast, but everytime you click on the banner to go for home or enter the website, it take ages to load I wonder what can I do about this? I don't know where to start, since I am new at magento. I thought I could go on and read the code, but that would take ages too, since magento is very big. aybe I can analyze it somehow?

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Page Scraping Script Works Very Slow?

i ' m running a page scraping script ,but it works very slow, and i think the site has some kind of protection. how can i load the page from a proxy server?

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Httpd Process High Memory Usage And Slow Page Loads?

I am running wampserver on my windows vista machine. I have been doing this for a long time and it has been working great. I have completed loads of projects with this setup. However, today, without me changing anything (no configuration etc) only PHP code changes, I find that every time I load pages of my site (those with user sessions or access the database) are really slow to load - Over 30 seconds, they use to take 1 or 2 seconds.

When I have a look at the task manager, I can see on page loads the httpd process jumps from 10mb to 30mb, 90mb, 120mb, 250mb and then back down again. I have tested previous php code projects and they seem to all be slow as well!

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Javascript - Loading A Page And Insert Into A Section Of A Page Using AJAX?

I would like to know the best technique for loading a PHP page and insert into a section of a page using AJAX?

For example, consider the following HTML code:

<div id="web_Logo">
<h1>Website Logo</h1>

What would be the best way to load a page (help.php or contact.php for example) using AJAX into the contents Div section?

I am using the JQuery library for my site if that helps.

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Script To Open A Small Page When Loading A Large Page?

the idea is a script that loads when a large page is trying to open that need for example 5-6 mins to load and in the mean time to open a very small page that is saying loading the page please wait and when the large page is loaded to go directly to that page. Do u get my idea?

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Edit Page -> Loading A Blank White Page

I have an issue when I click on a link to edit a sale [URL] I seem to get a blank page loaded so I have a feeling that it is not getting the $id but I cannot spot my issue. Controller:


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Make Part Of Page Disappear After Loading The Page?

Here are my codes:

PHP Code:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">


After I enter the right password, the right page loads: How can I make the part below automatically disappear?

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The Page Template Is Not Loading But The Node Template Is Loading?

the problem: only a certain content type will not load it's template file correctly. some nodes that would be displayed on these pages through views are making it to the markup. they are the only content that gets loaded. the template file that this content falls back on is node-event.tpl

the objective: to load page-team.tpl.php

template suggestions are loaded in two ways in template.php through preprocessing via

mytheme_preprocess_page(&$vars, $hook)

converted from _phptemplate_variables () in a drupal 5 installation.

method 1:

if (module_exists('path')) {
$alias = drupal_get_path_alias(str_replace('/edit','',$_GET['q']));
if ($alias != $_GET['q']) {
$template_filename = 'page';


page-team is the tpl that is missing, and i suspect there may be an error with my code above (method 2).

i'm attempting to load this template for all pages with the first path argument of "fdl" so and all children of fdl.

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Create A Pop Up Page When Loading A Page In Zen Cart?

I have a Zen Cart project and I want to show an AJAX pop up box (on body load). Pop up must be shown only on the home page.

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Loading Div From Separate Page Into Another Page With Or Without Refresh?

I want to "pull" or "load" an entire div from a separate page and display it on another page within a div. I'm updating the home page's "latest news" div whenever the actual page for latest news is updated. I would like to use php for this and I do not want the entire 2nd page to display, only the information in the div.

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Add When Loading The Page And Delete When Leaving The Page?

I have a file called "mypage.php" for example. When you load the page, it should insert your user data into a specific table in the database. When a user leaves this page, to go onto another page, it should remove them from the database.

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Allow Page Loading

i have a page (frame.php) that is loaded in an iframe of another page. now i want to disallow that frame.php is loaded in the browser without the mother-page. i know there is the javascript solution, but in case someone turns that off, i want to add a php solution as well. i was thinking that this problem is solveable using sessions, but i have never used them before.

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Loading A Web Page

I'm presenting users with an input box and asking for a ref number. The submit button loads a php file which searches the database for the ref nunber. If its founds I'd like the PHP code to then go extract a web url from the database and load that page.

I can do all the searching bits but have yet to found out how I can get php to load a page if the ref number is found in the db.

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Loading Page

I need to know if theres a way i can stripout the value of variables (take out characters) or revert them to their previous state?

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Loading Another Page

I have built an entire website in php ad html, eery page ends wth .php. Know when i proccess a html form it loads another page. Now on that page can i load the main one or do i have to copy the hole source.

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