Show Error Message On Same Page

Jul 28, 2007

I have Index.php which contains the HTML form with a username and password field + submit button, action: is my check.php.

Say for example the user only input's a username and miss out the password field; when he clicks the submit button. I want the same page to be refreshed with a error message appearing below the submit button saying "error, please fill all in". I can get this to display on another page. but want this to be on refereshed on the log-in page.

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Redirect A User To Another Page And Show An Error Message?

On my MySQL search what I want to do is redirect a user to another page and show an error message if the search returned no results. But for some reason the user never gets redirected.

$sql = "SELECT * FROM `list` WHERE `title` LIKE '%".$search[0]."%' AND `url` LIKE '%".$sites[0]."%'";
$catcnt = mysql_fetch_row(mysql_query($sql));
if($catcnt[0] == ''){header('Location: index.php');}else{echo $catcnt[0];}

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Dont Show Error When Connecting To Database Show Custom Message?

Is there a way I can show a custom message instead of showing a mysql error if the script can not connnect to the database?

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How To Show Mysql Error Message

situation: local test server
problem: mysql error messages are not being written to the page.

am banging my head over this, previously they were showing, however now they are not, if there is a mysql error the page is returned blank by the browser!
php error messages are shown in the browser no problem

perhaps i've inadvertantly changed a setting but i cannot think what!

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CodeIgniter Image Upload - Can't Get Error Message To Show

This is my upload model

function upload_avatar()
$id = $this->tank_auth->get_user_id();[code]....

I can't get the error message to echo straight to the browser when I try uploading a file > 2MB.To be fair, CI ignores this large file, and uploads correctly when a file is < 2MB.The only thing is that I can't get the error message to show on the front-end to give the suer some feedback.

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Show Error Message If Someone Left A Field Blank?

So I created this page where a user can send data to a msql database but when they leave a field blank and they click submit I want an error to show up saying "You left a field blank".This is the code:

$hostname = "";
$db_user = "";
$db_password = "";

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Want To Show A Message On The Same (form) Page?

I have signup form, on clicking the submit button, the control goes to "process.php". where i check the form's required fields are filled or not, if not filled it come back to signup.php and show the message. "Please fill all the required fields".1. Is this right way to do it?2. I want to show the message bellow the submit button, but couldn't succeed.

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Input Validation Displays Error Message That Should Only Show Up In An If Statement

I am putting together a WordPress theme options page. I am trying to figure out if a url entered into a text field passes a validation. If it doesn't, I want to display a message at the top of the admin page to correct what is entered.

In this case, I want to display File type must have the file extension .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png at the top of the page when a user enters a file with any other extension. This message is within an if statement, but it is showing up regardless of what is typed into the field. I would like to know what mistake I am making here or if the input is even being validated.

Here is the code within the initialization of the options page

add_action('admin_init', 'theme_admin_init');
function theme_admin_init() {


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Magento - Show Standard Error/success Message Using JS In Admin Panel?

I can add error/success message to the Magento admin panel from server-side, for example,


But how to show the same message on the client-side using JS? I mean standard way (of course I can create the same message box, but it's not a solution). For example when I need to show a status of some AJAX request.

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Specific Page Displays An Error Message - Error Loading ChartDirector For Extension

i have a problem with the ChartDirector v.5 API I drag and drop the code in my website. when i go to the specific page.. it display an error message: Error Loading ChartDirector for PHP Extension An attempt has been made to dynamically load ChartDirector, but it was not successful. refer to your ChartDirector for PHP documentation or click here for how to resolve the problem. Error Log Trying to load "phpchartdir530.dll" from the PHP extension directory "c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.5/ext/". Fatal error: Call to undefined function dl() in C:wampwwwOrdiDepotapplicationviewsphpchartdir.php on line 44 Call Stack: 0.0018 378216


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PHP Error Message Page

I want to ask something about error message from PHP.

Sometimes the php web page return error messages when the web page has
bugs and they sometimes show file names and locations. This make the
web site dangerous as I put the price information of my product in a
xml file.

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Creating An Error Message Page?

The code below creates an error message and then displays it if needed. When the messge is displayed though, its diplayed along with all the other stuff on the screen at the time. Is there a way to blank the page first, before displaying the message. PHP Code:

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Get A Message In A Variable If The Page Contains An Error?

While we run an web application some page may contain error and some page maynot contain error, I want to get a notification if the page contains some error ,If there is an error we can see the error in the page, but can we set any value to a variable if the page contains error.. such that we can get the notification that there is an error . I want to get the notification since i want to create an error log,If we can set the variable with some value then we can use some condition to create a logfile.

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Display Error Message On Page?

I have a form that populates a database, and I'm having trouble with the error handling. I want the errors to show in a small pop up window on the same pg.

<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="mailform.php" onsubmit="MM_validateForm('Name','','R','Business Name','','R','Email Address','','R','How selling product','','R','Where did you hear about us','','R');return document.MM_returnValue">[code]....

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Red Error Message Without Loading A New Page And Alert Box?

I am trying to have neat way of giving error to users by giving them a error message if any of the field in forms are empty right in front of the field. I want to restrain myself from using alert boxes.My code is:-

function validateform(){
var x=document.class["validatefname"].value
if (x==NULL || x == ""){[code]....

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Display Error Message In The Top Of The Login.php Page

I have a login page (login.php), where user can enter some necessary information ,after submiting goes to another php page(submit.php) and do something there , ... however on that submit.php it perform some business logic validation .. if it finds some error there ... it should redirect to the login.php page with some error message ( may be more than one error messages).... and the error messages should be display in the top of the login.php page.

i don't want to set the error message in the query string in the time of redirection... since there may be a array of error message ..

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Php Created Popup Error Message Page

I have created a system using PHP & Javascript that works OK except that I want a neat display of error messages. Error messages caught at the client are displayed in a Javascript alert, which is fine. But errors caught at the server are not as well displayed and therefore I thought that I would ask if anyone has produced a "popup error message page" that would look similar to a Javascript alert but would originate at the server.

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Redirect To The Form Or Display An Error Message On The Next Page?

I will be using ajax for form validation. First time doing this so might be a few basic and inexperienced questions here :)

Will I still have to validate the form back end, ie?

if (empty($_POST['email'])) {
// do something }

Also what would you do if php finds an error? A header redirect to the form or display an error message on the next page, as the form should receive no errors with AJAX hopefully guiding people to fill it out correctly. How much leeway should I provide for non js members? Without js enable the js will not work, ie the form may not be filled out correctly. How should I deal with this as the whole point of using AJAX is to provide a user freindly experience filing out forms so it seems a bad idea to write out rules for your form for non js users, kinda defeats the point!

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Form Validation :: Reload The Page With Red Error Message

I wrote the following form so that if a user leaves a field blank the page will not process and instead be re-loaded with a red error message asking the user to enter the missing information: Code:

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Page Redirect After Error Message Is Output To The Browser?

I know that you aren't supposed to output anything to the browser before using the header location function but what if you need to show an error message? If there is an error, for example, an invalid email address, then I want to show an error message and go back to the form submission page. After all of the errors have been corrected, I want to redirect to the next page. However since I already sent an error message, I can't send a header. Is there a way to do this without resorting to javascript?

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Refresh The Page When A Form Is Submitted & Give An Error Message?

What I have right now is a form with simple input fields such as name, phone number, email, and comment.


It goes to a new page and shows the error (if there is one) and if not it goes to a blank page (I know how to make it go to a page but it needs to be kept on its current page) It does work with sending the info to the email.

I have tried header("Location: ".$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]); And it didnt work..

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Show Error Or Warning In The Page?

I have a site in a server.

Because of settings, no error or warning is displaying in the page

How can i change the setting, using .htaccess file

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Header - Show The Default Error Page Of The Server?

If the ID (ie user) does not exist I send header("Status: 404 Not Found"); to the browser but PHP sends rest of the page too. Then I made it to send nothing but then it showed a blank white page. I want it to show the default error page. How I'll let it to do it?

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Show An Error If The User Tries To Leave The Page Without Checking Tickbox?

I need to make this show an error if the user tries to leave the page without checking this tickbox. It has no other use other than visual, is there a way to implement such a thing?

<input value="1" type="checkbox" name="salgsvilkar" ID="checkbox2" style="float:left;"
background-color:#E5F7C7;';" />

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Apache Server Timeout With An Error Message "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" For A Script?

I'm trying to redirect output of a simple Perl script to a web browser using PHP.The Perl script sometimes take 2-3 hours to execute and show output to the screen.By this time, I guess Apache Server simply timesout and displays an error message discribed above.Here is the sample code snipet.

# The tmpOutput.txt contains output of a Perl script.
# Read a file using an handle.
$handle = popen("tail -f tmpOutput.txt", 'r');


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Sql - Array Query - Passing $message Variable As Blank - Error "Column 'message' Cannot Be Null"

I have the following PHP code:


While running this I am passing $message variable as blank so I am getting this error:


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'Database error [23000]: Column 'message' cannot be null, driver error code is 1048' in /var/www/ryapi/Db.php:179 Stack trace: 0 /var/www/ryapi/Db.php(54): Db::_query('INSERT INTO car...', Array)1 /var/www/ryapi/card.php(79): Db::execute('INSERT INTO car...', Array)2 /var/www/ryapi/index.php(173): Card->givecard('4', NULL, NULL)3 {main} thrown in /var/www/ryapi/Db.php on line 179 If I want to pass $message as blank, how can I remove this error.

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