Setup A Subdomain On Localhost Using Wamp?

I am using wamp and i have setup a subdomain on localhost using wamp and when i go from localhost to subdomain.localhost the sessions from localhost doesnt work.

However, i searhed a bit and found that i may need to add

session_set_cookie_params(0, '/', '.localhost');



but it seems it doesnt work.

Could it be vhosts problem?

this is how i have set up httpd-vhosts.conf

NameVirtualHost *:80
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot c:/wamp/www/
ServerName localhost
<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin admin@test
DocumentRoot "C:/wamp/www/sub/"
ServerName sub.localhost
ServerAlias *.localhost


Setup A Root Domain Mirror For A Subdomain Using .htaccess?

I want a subdomain to mirror the root-domain (ex: mirroring and I want to accomplish this via .htaccess or php, with .htaccess prefered.

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Setup Zend Framwork With WAMP?

I read that to include the Zend framework, I must include this on the include path in php.ini. But I have a doubt. Where do I find the php.ini file in my WAMP with php 5.3.0?

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Setup Smarty On Wamp Server?

am using localhost wamp server and i want to add smarty to it how can i do thatand is there any tutorial or ebook i should start wit

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Database - (WAMP) OCI8 Driver Setup ?

I need to install oci8 drivers for PHP, but I’m having some trouble.I already have a WAMP install, which comes with the oci8 extension, and have done the following in effort to set it up:

Enabled the extension by adding the following to my php.ini file in my Apache docroot as a local variable:


Added my extensions directory path to my PATH environment variable on windows (c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.0/ext/;)

Added the same extensions directory to my php.ini file

When I start up my wamp I see the following error message:

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.0/ext/php_oci8.dll’

I’m able to verify that the above path is correct, and am tempted to say that there’s something wrong with the .dll, but I’m not sure.

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Ffmpeg Setting Up In Wamp On Localhost?

I have done the following:Downloaded ffmpeg from
Copied php_ffmpeg.dll from the php5 folder to the C:wampinphpextCopied files from common to the windows/system32 folderAdded the extension=php_ffmpeg.dll to php.ini fileRestarted all services (Apache, PHP...)And enabled "extension=php_ffmpeg.dll" directive in my php.ini.but it still doesn't show up when I do a php info page. I thought it might have something to do with that fact that I'm using php version 5.3.0. I have googled for a php_ffmpeg.dll for php version 5.3.0 and haven't had any luck

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Localhost Not Working On WAMP Server?

I have installed the wamp server correctly but when i called [URL]for example it didn't work it gave me (the web cannot found this page).

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All Localhost Pages Via WAMP Blocked?

I've been trying to fix a weird 403 Forbidden error I get when I try to go to one of my pages via WAMP on the localhost.

After adding a rule to open up port 80 via Windows Firewall, which apache uses, I notice that this does NOT fix my problem and instead gives me a 403 forbidden for ALL my pages via localhost.

Removing the rule I just made (which caused this to begin with) does not fix it. Disabling Windows Firewall does not fix it. Restarting my computer does not fix it.

EDIT2: I AM able to go to localhost/phpmyadmin for whatever that's worth.

EDIT3: The contents of my httpd.conf: [URL]

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Copy() Works On Localhost(wamp) But Not On Real Web Domain?

so i'm trying to copy file.xml into another location something like copy('file.xml',../../folder/newfile.xml) ; it works just fine on my wamp virtual server but on my real site it doesn't. i thought that is something related to chmod and i changed the file.xml to 0777(with a ftp client).is there something that i should put in my code to make it right? or what?

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WAMP, Web Browser Hang When Loading Localhost Server?

but I created a profile php file that accesses the username(since that was also the folder name)this is assuming all inputs are correct. but when i create a new file, something goes wrong. after i close the web browser, everytime i load localhost using WAMP as a server, it keeps giving me an error on the web browser, status access violation or something, it ends up terminating the browser and i cannot determine the cause.

$error = false;
$errorfragment = "?";


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Code Displaying On Screen Using Localhost WAMP Server?

I am using WAMP2 on my desktop. each time I run a php page the code is echoed to the screen. The icon in the lower tool bar is white/grey I have had in working I then installed new anti-virus software and that is when I noticed that it wasn't working. I have reinstalled WAMP2 nd it is the same. The page works on my domain server.I have uninstalled the anti-virus software and problem still remainsDoes anyone have any idea or elimination tests

$weight = 36.0;
$rate = 1.00;


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Configure WAMP (localhost) To Send Email Using Gmail ?

I want to use the mail() function from my localhost. I have WAMP installed and a Gmail account. I know that the SMTP for Gmail is and the port is 465 (more info from gmail). What I need to configure in WAMP so I can use the mail() function?

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Get A Math Captcha Image To Display On Localhost Using WAMP

I'm trying to get a math captcha image to display on localhost using WAMP, but all i get is a broken image box. Gd is enabled. Under apache, modules, I have php5_module selected.

Here is my code:

Code: [Select]<?php


Then i have <img src=captcha.php> where i want the image in my form to be displayed.

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Run A Project Running On Wamp/xampp Server Using System's IP Address In Place Of Localhost?

Actually I'm making a web project using Wamp server, and to run the same I access it using the usual local-host address, as we do while building a project on our PC. But to share my project with my friends, I want to make access using the IP address of my computer. ut when I make such an access it is not able to connect, which is not the case with my friend's project.After I failed accessing using the Wamp Server, I installed Xamp Server, the project can be accessed using local host with both the servers (running one at a time) but not when accessed using my PC's IP address (which I find using [URL]

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.htaccess - Redirect Subdomain To Particular Webpage And Process Subdomain Value

I am familiar with modifying htaccess files but not sure if the following is possible: Ultimately, I want to point users to 'imaginary' subdomains (those which do not exist) so that the subdomain can be parsed correctly with PHP and MySQL to find the particular member's information. For example:

When somebody goes to [URL]... currently, it shows the parent site including information on how to become a member. Once a person is a member, their 'unique' URl is: [URL]... ultimately, forcing the member to remember the question mark agent equals can be confusing along with the need to remember the proper capitalization and such. I would 'like' to achieve the following: [URL]... redirects to [URL]... (and index.php reads the 12345 like a $_GET function to properly lookup the iD, valid and retun response based on that.......

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Wamp 5 And Wamp 2 Display Website?

i attached a print screen of what it comes up as. if i rename it .php3 it shows up alright but i dont want to go through and change all the links. here's what it should look like [URL]

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Something Simple!? Sessions - Admin.localhost To Main.localhost

Why does the following code allow me to keep the same session when in
the same sub domain (ie admin.localhost), yet not when I goto another
related domain eg main.localhost?

I would like to have the same session on the related domain. I bet
the solution is really simple <grin>!...

Using IE6. Win NT, Apache 1.3.27, PHP 4.3.2.

php.ini file - shown at end of message (apologies for length).. is
actually a copy of a PHP4.3.0 ini file (problem here?)

hosts file in windows: localhost admin.localhost main.localhost


setup for VirtualHosts

// session_test.php -- located in admin.localhost
echo "id is " . session_id();
a href="http://admin.localhost/session_test1.php" next

a href="http://main.localhost/session_test2.php" next

// session_test1.php -- located in admin.localhost
echo "id is " . session_id();

// session_test2.php -- located in main.localhost
echo "id is " . session_id();

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WAMP Which Is Installed At "C:\wamp\"

I'm using WAMP which is installed at "C:\wamp\". But I changed the directory root to "D:\www\" and its been working for awhile but I'm I'm trying to use PEAR and it's not working. I ran go-pear.exe and put everything in but when I try in include Mail.php (which I did install) I get the folowing error.Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'Mail.php' (include_path='.;C:\php5\pear') in D:\www\languages\php\mail\send.php on line 2

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Edit Mail Server From Using Localhost - Mail() Go Around Localhost

I'm currently working on a website. I've done all the code its just that i cant send emails via my WAMP server becouse the mail function only support 32bit operating system. Wich means I'm trying to edit my mail server from using localhost/ to like (example) I have googled alot, for like 2-3 days but didn't find what i was looking for. Btw. Last time i was active was when i were like 12 yrs old and annoyed the shit out of people on the C++ forum with my scripts. Don't blame me, blame the 12yr old in me. Sry about that, i just wanted to say it.

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Calling Localhost Site From Another Localhost Site Using CURL?

I am trying to call a site on localhost from another also on localhost using CURL in PHP. (It's a test)

I'm using windows 7

Both are set up in the host file and work fine if accessed directly

I get a 404 error. If I call a site on the web then it comes back fine.

protected function get($url)
$curl = curl_init($url);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, 0);


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Subdomain With PHP ?

How can I make subdomain in PHP ?

example :

I want change the link to this

I took for the answer in Mod_Rewrite?

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Get The Value Of Subdomain?

What is the easiest way to get the value of subdomain. For example, when browsing [URL] how to get it (like $_GET['q']) to put "word1" into an string.

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Creating Subdomain ?

I want to create a subdomain with the username and then upload files in the subdomain of user that the user can view his files directly from his subdomain...examle...if my site is and a user comes with username....anjali...then a subdomain should be created with the name and all the files of "anjali" user should be uploaded in that folder and that user should be able to directly view his files from the domain "" ...... i came to know that creating a subdomain is easier in php.....where to find its solution ?

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Creating A Subdomain

I want to create a subdomain with the username and then upload files in the subdomain of user that the user can view his files directly from his subdomain...examle...if my site is and a user comes with username....anjali...then a subdomain should be created with the name and all the files of "anjali" user should be uploaded in that folder and that user should be able to directly view his files from the domain "". i came to know that creating a subdomain is easier in php. where to find its solution ?

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Creating SubDomain With PHP

I have a registration form, when after registering, the user would get
a subdomain

I created a wildcard DNS which happened to redirect * to
the public_html folder.

I need to find a way to redirect eahc subdomain to it's user folder.

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Create Subdomain

I would like to create a virtual subdomain with PHP (I think I should do this with mod_rewrite and .htaccess)

for example : >
(the 54 is a variable and is really a subdomain)

Now , what I should do?

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Subdomain Creating

Is there any script to create subdomain automatically by the following way?

- create a form for clients fill out username, password
- when they submit form, the script will create a subdomain for them with their username

I can do it manually in CPanel or HELM.... but I want to do automatically with my form.

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Subdomain System

a project i'm going to undertake in the summer will require a user system which generates a virtual subdomain for users who register with my site. the user john signs up and is given a subdomain to access his account,, which when rendered in the browser will automatically bring up http://username=john or similar. How can this be acheived? I know can it can be done with .htaccess but won't that require configuration from myself each time a new user signs up.

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Use Session In Different Subdomain?

I need to use the same session in different subdomains.First I putphp_value [URL].... .htaccess file and upload it to root path.when I need to use sessions. I just call


Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't.I tested this and found that.If I go to login page the first time, then login and go to subdomain page. It works!If I go to subdomain page and click to login page and go back to subdomain page by javascript

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Function To Get The Subdomain Of A URL?

Is there a function in PHP to get the name of the subdomain? In the following example I would like to get the "en" part of the

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Get Domain Name From Subdomain?

I need to write a function to parse variables which contain domain names. It's best I explain this with an example, the variable could contain any of these things:


But when passed through my function all of these must return either or, the root domain name basically. I'm sure I've done this before but I've been searching Google for about 20 minutes and can't find anything. EDIT: Ignore the, presume that all domains going through this function have a 3 letter TLD.

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