Search String In Text File

Sep 10, 2007

i need to search strings in text file. the string to be searched are in an array:
string = array(?',?', '...............'); so how can i read the text file n for each line, find those string in the array?

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Search For String In A Text File?

Okay for some reason i cannot do this, when i open a file in php and search for string, it doesn't seem to work, some codes i tried:

Code: [Select]$filename = 'example.txt';
$searchfor = 'hello';
$fh = fopen($filename, 'r');
$olddata = fread($fh, filesize($filename));
if(strpos($olddata, $searchfor)) {


I don't want to find it by line, i want to simply open the text file and find the string..

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Search A Text File And Find The String Between Two Characters?

What I want to do is search a text file and find the string between two characters, and that for every occurence of those two characters.

The two characters are { and }

Here's an exemple of my text file:

"Mr1", -- [1]
"Net:-390 Tot:110 Hrs:0", -- [2]
}, -- [1]


It works, but only for the first occurence, I can't make it search the whole file.

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String Search - Search A String Of Text & Return A TRUE Value.

I'm trying to do something pretty simple but I'm stuck on what function I need to use. Basically, I have a script where you can type a message and submit it. But I don't want people to use bad words, so if they do, it displays an error message. Example:

$string = "Fudge off!"

Let's say I don't like the word "fudge"

if ( stringcontains('fudge', $string) {
echo "No cussing!"
} else {
Post the string

Does that make sense? I'm basically trying to find some kind of search that will search a string of text looking for the word "fudge" and if it finds it, return a TRUE value. Does such a function exist?

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Delete Entire Line In Text File If Anything In The Line Matches Search String

how would I code a php script that would open a text file, look for a string i specified, and if it finds that string, it will delete the entire line in the text file that contained that text. I'm new to php, so sorry if this is really obvious..

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Search A String Of Text...

I would like to search a string of text for "x" if "x" is found then it echo's something, else it echo's something else... Anyways I'm kind of lost as to the best way to search a string of text (for example "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12") and find lets say "7,"...

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Search Through A String For Various Text

My users enter text into a database field in the form of:

this file {link:afile.pdf} is big and this file {link:another.doc} is small.
I have no idea how many times they may enter {link:xxx} into a given field.
The code we worked out (see other post below) fabulously translates the text into a hyperlink.

The problem is that no matter how often the {link:xxx} is in a given field, I only ever get the first file returned; i.e:
This file afile.pdf is big and this file afile.pdf is small.
But what I should get is, obviously:
This file afile.pdf is big and this file another.doc is small.

I need to use some kind of looping function, or a foreach type function. Does anyone have any clues? Code:

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Wildcard Search - Checking To See If A String Contains This Text?

I dunno really what its called but basically this is what I want to represent this as a string in PHP :

<div class="post" id="post-*Any Content*">

How could i do this.

edit: sorry for not explaining it very well guys, basically I'm going to be checking to see if a string contains this text, where any content is basically anything in the whole wide world, as long as there is behind.Like a regex or something maybe.

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Strpos - Search For A String In A Large Body Of Text?

if (strpos(htmlentities($storage->getMessage($i)),'chocolate'))

I'm using gmail oauth access to find specific text strings in email addresses. Is there a way to find text instances quicker and more efficiently than using strpos in the above code? Should I be using a hash technique?

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Text - Use It To Search A List Of Files Within Directories That Contain A Certain String

I am trying to get PHP to search a list of files that are contained within a directory for a certain string. For example PHP would search each of these text files for the string that you specify and then echo the names of the files out:


Is there way that I would be able to go about doing this?

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Search Special-string In A Text And Replace With Contents From Array?

Consider this text

$text = 'bla bla bla bla (=abc) bla bla bla bla (=var.var)';

There are 2 special values there (=abc) and (=var.var)

I need to replace them with values from this array:


Basically inside the pattern is (=[a-z.]+) (chars a-z and dot).

Result i need: bla bla bla bla *word1* bla bla bla bla *word2* (without *)

I tried this with no luck


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRING in D: et estindex.php on line 9

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Search A Text File

I have a text file that each line is an array, I think. I looks like this

name | id | # | # | # | total
name | id | # | # | # | total

and so on...

I would like to seach the file by "id" and only display the line with the particular "id".
I also think that the bit size of each line will change from line to line, so I don't think that I can put in a static number to search to the end of. I thought about using fseek(), is that the best way to go.

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How To Search Text In A PDF File?

Does anyone know how to search a PDF document for a specific word? I have found a class file which can do search in a PDF file but some times it wont return the correct results.

I have attch the files so if anyone like to modify that class file and make it work please go ahead. Actually this class is not written by me but the author is giving the full rights to anyone who like to modify his class.

Well actually I need ur guys comments on the below matter, I really appreciate if everyone can post their comment on this.

I have to do a search module, where ppl can search for PDF files by giving search key words. Well to do this i have two options,

1. when admin upload the PDF file, ask him to enter keywords related to the PDF file contents and store it in a table so when ever a client search for a PDF i can search that table and display the results.

*The fastast option that i can think of but because it dont search the file contents the search is not 100% accurate.

2. Read the PDF files individually and search the keyword in that file contents and display the results.

*Still couldn`t find a stable PDF file search but Im sure it can be done.
*I have more that 200+ PDF files, so is it gonner be slow if i use this option?
*What will happen many uses open the same file at same time? will the file crash?

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Search A .txt File For A Particular Text

How can I search a .txt file for a particular text? Or search a php page for a particular text? Is that possible? It's database related at all, its' all based off text. can it be done? if so anyone have an example or the command to use?

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Search And Replace In Text File

I have a text file with 30 or so lines. Each line has this format:

sometext somevalue. They are separated by a single space.

I want to search in the file for "sometext" and replace "somevalue" with a particular string.

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Search From Text Box And Saving To Txt File?

i am designing a little project for school. This project is to register the MAC address of the laptops of every student in the school. My problem is, when i put in the student's MAC address in the textbox, i would like the little search algorithm i got to revise the text file to see if the MAC address is already registered. I am facing problems with the textbox content to do the search.

Contains two files : getdata.php
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1250">


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Text File Search Across Muliple Directories

Is it possible to scan multiple directories/subdirectories to locate files with php even if they are not on the same server?

So for example, I have 50+ flat text files all with the name "phone.txt" but they are scattered across a labyrinth of directories. Code:

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Download Database Search Results As Text File?

Can someone please tell me how to query a database and then download results as a text file.

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Read And Search Text File / Return Result As Var?

I have a text file of about 3000 lines. I need to search this for a specific value that will be 'hidden' within a line. Once the value is found, I need to capture the entire line to a $var, so I work with the value within that line.

This is what I've got (not a lot !)

PHP Code:
$file = file_get_contents("test.txt");
if(strpos($file, "MAC_Address")) {
echo "String found!";
} else {
echo "String not found";

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Search For A Specific Word Inside A Text File?

Basically what i'm trying to do is when a user inputs login/password information at a login page, I want PHP to search inside verify.txt and if it finds the login/password combination then allows the user to proceed. Is this possible? And if so, which functions would I use to get the job done?

Also, how can I save the login name so that it can be passed to/included in a url?

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Creating A Simple Text File Based Search Engine?

I need to create a simple text file based search engine asap (using PHP)! Basically it has to read files in a directory, remove stop and useless words, index each remaining useful word with how many times it appears in each document.

I guess the pseudo code for this is:

for each file in directory:
read in contents,
compare to stop words,
add each remaining word to array,
count how many times that word appears in document,
add that number to the array,
add the id/name of the file to the array,

also need to count the total amount of words (after useless removal i guess) in the whole file, which im guessing can be done afterwards as long as i can get the file id from that array and then count the words inside....?

Can anyone help, maybe provide a barebones structure? I think the main bit i need help with is getting the number of times each word appears in the document and adding it to the index array.

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Implement Web Based Find File Database Via Text Search?

I have series of files like this:


and a tabular format file that describe those files:

foo1 - Explain foo1
foo2 - Explain foo2
bar1 - Explain bar1

What I want to do is to have a website with a simple search bar and allow people to type foo1 or just foo and finally return the gzipped file(s) and the related explanation of the file(s). What's the best way to implement this and what kind of tools should I use. Update: Specifically I want to give list of URLs linked to the matched files. So that people can later choose which one to download.

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Search A File/more Efficient To Use A String Or Array?

I'm aware PHP can read the entire contents of a file into a string then from there it's possible to search that string for some data. And I'm also aware that PHP can read the entire contents of a file into an array then from there it's possible to search that array for some data.

But can PHP search a file (such as a .txt or .html file) for a string of data?
If not, then I guess I'm stuck with the first two options I listed. In that case, lets say I have a .txt file with a bunch of text in it.

I want to locate a specific phrase within that text file. Is it more efficient (faster results) to read the contents of that .txt file into a string or an array? Then perform the search.

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Regex - Search For A String In A File With A Start And End?

I'm having problems writing a php function to search for a certain text in a php file. I'm not good with regular expressions so I think that's the problem.I need the regular expression to have a start word and end word and should return the text found in between.This is what I tried:

$handle1 = fopen($file, "r");
$fileContents = fread($handle1,filesize($file));
if (preg_match('/'.$start. '((.|

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String - Split A Text File?

How can I split a large text file into separate files by character count using PHP? So a 10,000 character file split every 1000 characters would be split into 10 files. Further, can I split only after a full stop is found?

UPDATE 1: I like zombats code and I removed some errors and have come up with the following, but does anyone know how to only split after a full stop?

$i = 1;
$fp = fopen("test.txt", "r");
while(! feof($fp)) {
$contents = fread($fp,1000);
file_put_contents('new_file_'.$i.'.txt', $contents);


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String Of Data From A Text File?

I am reading a string of data from a text file, some of which contains apostophe's or single quotes.

$data = fread($source, 214);
I then break the data up into smaller pieces and add it to variables:

$myarray[$count] = trim(substr($data, 25, 40));

Then I add the data to a microsoft access database with the following query:

$sql = "INSERT INTO unprocessed (id,account,add1,add2,add3,add4,add5,add6) VALUES ('$counter','$account','$myarray[0]','$myarray[1]','$myarray[2]','$myarray[3]','$myarray[4]','$myarray[5]')";

Warning: odbc_exec() [function.odbc-exec]: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression ''1599 TOM'S CREEK RD','TOMS CREEK NSW 2446','','','')'., SQL state 37000 in SQLExecDirect in C:Inetpubwwwrootstep2 dot php on line 71I think that when it comes to an apostrophe in the data, it takes that as the end quote for that variable and causes an error.

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