Script For Confirmation Via Email ( For Registration)?

Jan 11, 2006

i had planned to use the popular concept for membership ie verification by email..
I am trying to make the registration form which has email(username),password,re-password fields.....

Once the form is submitted then the confirmation link should be emailed to the user with some unique 32 bit numbers.....Once clicked on the link then his membership should be active.......

Can anybody help me with the neccesary code or examples about how this email verification can be carried out for membership..................???

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Registration Email Confirmation Code Not Being Sent?

My registration confirmation code is not sending out emails.


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Do Registration Confirmation Email Which Will Expires Within 24 Hr?

I have a php registration form but now I want to create a registration confirm email which will send to provided email and expires within 24 hr. and when that link is clicked then registration will be confirmed.

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Email Confirmation Email Upon Registration?

second last thing I need to figure out (last is just sanitizing all my input correctly ).

I tried searching the site but couldn't find anything. I want to send an email to the successfully registered user that contains a link that they must click to activate the account - the account will not work until the link is clicked.

I have a few very rough guesses...

1) have an 'activated' (0 or 1) and a 'code' field in the users table

2) create activate.php

3) create a random string, insert it into the 'code' field.

4) send an email with link to activate.php?code=the-random-code

5) check the-random-code in the users db

6) activate that user if it is there

is that about right? if so, how do you send an email in php! hah.

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Registration With Sms Confirmation?

i want to create an online registration and i want to send the confirmation code to the user's mobile number to complete the registration. free sms api service is much better

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Generating Confirmation Code For An Email Confirmation?

Using PHP, what are some ways to generate a random confirmation code that can be stored in a DB and be used for email confirmation? I can't for the life of me think of a way to generate a unique number that can be generated from a user's profile. That way I can use a function to make the number small enough to be included in the URL (see this link). Remember, the user has to click on the link to "confirm/activate" his/her account. If I can't use numbers, I have no problems using both letters and numbers.With that said, I've tried hashing the username along with a "salt" to generate the random code. I know there has to be a better way, so let's hear it.

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Send Confirmation After Registration

Here is the code I have.


If I remove everything below line 34, it will validate and register the user (but then no e-mail is sent). If I have anything below line 33 (even if I remove the bracket)it will not validate that the username and e-mail address are unique nor put out a server response. I'm fairly new to PHP. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this script? I have been changing and altering and attempting to get it right for a while now and I can't seem to.

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User Can't Receive Registration Confirmation?

The web site I'm working on, using a php script, allows users to register and receive an email to confirm their registration.These confirmations are received to users with yahoo and google email accounts, but these confirmation emails, sent from my domain, are not received to user accounts that have hotmail accounts.

I have looked at these hotmail accounts, in the junk folders, I have added my site's domain to the hotmail account safe sender list, and checked the hotmail filters and blocked sender list.

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Email Form That Automatically Emails The User A Confirmation Email?

I have a form on my site that sends the form information directly to an email of mine. What I am wondering is the script that I would need to send a email back to the user who filled out my form, that would state something along the lines of "your Email was received. We will get back to you as soon as possible. I know this can be done, I have seen many sites that do it. I really like and I want to have it on my form. If you guys could please help me out or even link to an appropriate link that would tell me.

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Verification Of Email Thru Email Confirmation Link?

I'm new here and new to php.My first attempt at a php project actually so I'm hoping to get some I want people to register at my site but I don't want them to put false emails on it.

So I used the coding from this website http:[URL] provide codings for forms and email confirmation links.

The process worked up to when I click on the confirmation link (at testing) from the email and the link returns to a blank webpage. No data is transferred from "temp_members_db" table to "registered_members" table at all.

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Validate To Make Login Email Matches Database Email After Registration?

How to validate to make sure login email(username) matches database email(username) after registration?

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Confirmation Email To Two Different Email Addresses?

I want to send confirmation email to 2 different email boxes. this is the code sending to one box:

//$config['mailtype'] = 'html';
$this->email->from(' 'Site team');


and what should be the code sending same email to one more email box (example: mymail@gmail. com)

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Email Confirmation

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to set up a registration form. Currently, when submitted, the form writes the user's info to a database and sends out an email with thier registration details. I want the user to confirm thier registration details while also confirming that their email exists by clicking on a link that is sent in the confirmation email. How do I generate that link? Is it called "hashing"?

Furthermore, once I figure out how to generate that link should I have my database set up with two tables? One for "unconfirmed" users and one for users that have "confirmed" through email. Should the link in the email write the users details to the "confirmed" table in the database?

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Confirmation Email

how to check if the e-mail adress is written in the right way in the form as www@www.www and if it is not to send an popup message to the user,

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Email Confirmation Page

I have an email form on one of my web sites. When the user submits an email, it is automatically sent to me. Then the user sees a "confirmation" screen saying that the email has been sent. It says:

Your message has been sent. We will reply to you at "" as soon as possible. Thanks "User Name".

The words in quotes are just the user's email and name taken from the email form they just filled out. This is just done with a simple echo command. To me, it looks funny for the site to say Thanks followed by the user's first and last name. The text would read much more naturally if it just said Thanks followed by the first name.

Does anyone know how to only display the first word entered in a form field, ignoring any words after a space, with an echo command or any other way?

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Email Read Confirmation

i have a free account wiht yahoo, but it does not offer me email confirmation. i need to send out some material that i would like to know if has been read. is there any way i can do this using php and hmtl. yahoo does support html.

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Parse A Confirmation Email?

I'm integrating my website with a third party system. Here's the workflow between my website and the third party system:

1) From my website, I use PHP to automate upload of a CSV file to the third party system.

2) After the third party system receives my file, it will conduct a few operations.

3) The third party system will email a list of successful and failed operations including any error messages.

4) My website needs to record the list of successful/failed operations in the confirmation email.

5) My website performs operations based on which items were successful/failed in the confirmation email.

First question: What do I need to research to be able to implement #4?

Second question: Is parsing a confirmation email the best way to record the successful/failed operations of the 3rd party system? It feels like a problematic way of getting to step 5 (for example, what if the language in the email changes? Then i have to rewrite the parser".

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Creating A Confirmation Email Using An URL?

I am just starting to play with PHP (and this is my first post). I need to send out an invitation via email to some of our clients. This email will contain a hyperlink along with a unique reference ID for each client, something like this:


I need to get this reference to a table in an Access database that will sit on our web-server. This is only a one off at this stage with very low volumes, so I don’t really want to go down the MYSQL route (at this stage).

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Error With Confirmation Of Email

Here's my code:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
<title>Untitled Document</title>

<td><form name="form1" method="post" action="signup_ac.php">
<table align="center">
<tr valign="baseline">
<td nowrap align="right">Name:</td>
<td><input type="text" name="name" value="" size="32"></td>

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Create An Email Confirmation?

I understand that there are websites which do teach about creating Email Confirmation, are there any sites which you can recommend?

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Using A Script That Sends A Confirmation Email

I'm using a script that sends a confirmation email to new users but while testing it i haven't received a mail yet. Is there a way to find the error? (like mysql_error() gives the error for queries).

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Best Options For Sending Confirmation Email

My content management has three choices for sending the automated confirmation email:

PHP mail

Which is the best option?

I thought maybe SMTP might be better than the others, since the sendmail will be on the server with shared hosting, and the IP Address may not mathcmy domain.

I don't want to look like spam so that my messages get dropped. It is apparent that at least some are being filtered into bulk folders in and using PHP mail. I was hoping for better results using smtp. But there may be little I can do about it except educate the customers.

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Send Email Confirmation On SWFUpload

Not sure if too many of you are familiar with SWFUpload. It's a flash/js/php based uploading script. My main issue is that I'm decently fluent in php where I can create a simple mail() script, however, with the various JS files I'm not sure if it'd be better to create the mail function in JS. where I can create a script after the upload has completed.

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Error At Sending Email Confirmation??

When i uploaded my site i got these error at registration. When a user register he/she will receive a confirmation email with the link to activate his/her account.

But i got this error when i click register:

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 530 SMTP authentication is required. in E:Inetpubvhostssneakersworld.orghttpdocsSneak ersincludemailer.php on line 40 the line 40 of my mailer.php is

return mail($email,$subject,$body,$from);
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at E:Inetpubvhostssneakersworld.orghttpdocsSneak ersincludemailer.php:40) in E:Inetpubvhostssneakersworld.orghttpdocsSneak ersprocess.php on line 105


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Email Confirmation To Add Data To Database?

Basically I have a database and a form set up that enters information into the mysql database using php code. This works perfectly. The problem I'm having is writing a php sequence to send an email that confirms the user wanted to post the information. I would also like the data to not be posted on my site ( I have a separate php code that gets the data from the database on another page) until they have confirmed, using the email, that they in fact wanted to post. I just started web development and I'm self taught. Masters of accounting didn't go into web development too much...

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Best Practices For Email Confirmation Codes?

I'm creating a PHP website which involves users signing up, and I'm wondering about best practices for "email confirmation" codes.New users must confirm their email addresses - I do this by generating a code and sending it to the user in an email, which he can then use to activate his account. Rather than storing this key in a database, I'm using a handy little workaround: the code is the result of:


Where $timestamp refers to the user-creation time. On the whole I was quite pleased with this, but then I got to thinking, is this secure enough? And what about the possibility of collisions? And I also need to generate codes for password reset, etc. If I used a similar methodology, a collision could result in one user inadvertently resetting another user's password. And that's no good.So how do you do these things? My thoughts was a table of the following format:

codePK (int, a-I), userID (int), type (int), code (varchar 32), date (timestamp)

Where 'type' would be 1, 2 or 3 meaning "activation", "email change" or "password reset". Is this a good way of doing it? Do you have a better way?Using a method similar to the above, could I automatically delete anything over two days old without using cron-jobs? My host ( does not support them. If at all possible I'd like to avoid having a cron-job on an external host which wget's a script which deletes things, as that's just messy =P.

Update: To clarify: I've realized the only way to securely and safely go about this task is by using a database, which is what the original function was trying to avoid. My question is on how the table (or tables?) should be structured. Somebody suggested I do away with codePK and just make the code a PK. So in short, my question is: is this what you do?

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