Radio Buttons/ Check Box Php/mysql

Dec 23, 2005

ok i want to create a page where i have a few groups of radio buttons and a few groups of check boxes, a computer configurator basically. i'm new to pgp/mysql but i'm sure i can get the result i want which is something like the alienware website.

i have product info in the database and need to create a page from that. should i generate the page using php and the database or should i manually code the html forms and then try add in the info? I need to get the product id, product description and price from the database. the script should then be able to total up the prices of the checked selection and display that.

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Pulling MySQL Data For Check Boxes And Radio Buttons?

I have it so users can submit info to my site. They have to check some check boxes and radio buttons. I want them to be able to edit this information, so I want to have the data pulled from the MySQL database and have the correct radio button selected (and the text bolded). So I'm thinking some sort of array to check for each value in the database... but I don't really know.

There are a few groups of radio boxes and check boxes but here is an example of one.

Code: [Select] <input type="radio" name="stage" value="Stage 1" /> Stage 1
<input type="radio" name="stage" value="Stage 2" /> Stage 2
<input type="radio" name="stage" value="Stage 3" /> Stage 3


So when I pull information (lets say I want to echo it) it'd look like this:

Code: [Select]$row[STAGE]

The value for the stage selection can only be Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3 so I need it to be selected when the page loads.

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Radio Buttons Not Check Properly

I'm using the code :

if (!isset($rSemester)){
$valid = "false";

$error_message .= "* Please choose at least one semester <br>" ;} rsemester is two radio buttons. why does this not check properly. am I missing any thing.

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Use Check Boxes Or Radio Buttons For Hacking?

I have lots of strings that I have to sanitize, and that's not a problem, but I have a few radio buttons and check boxes too. At first glance, it seems to me that there aren't any security holes with them that can be exploited, but I know from experience that kind of thinking can get me in trouble.

Does anyone know of a way a malicious user can use check boxes or radio buttons for hacking, and if so, how to block them?

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Submit Code Needs To Check Which One Radio Buttons Is Checked

I Have 2 radio buttons on my form, and they work 'together' so to speak,on goes on,the other off, the other goes on the other goes off.

To do this I made their values the same,But my submit code needs to check which one is checked. How do I do this?

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Declaring In Application Forms W/ Radio Buttons & Check Boxes To Save?

I'm really confused about how to start on my PHP with radio buttons and check boxes.How do I print out the option chosen by the user? Also, declaring lots of fields with similar name but with different answers.t also needs to be connected to a mySQL database.

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How To Use Radio Buttons To ID A Mysql Row

I've written a script that displays a list of names and puts a radio button next to the name. The idea is that a user can select the name and then press one of two buttons: delete or edit. A third add button with a text field would be available as well.

I'm having difficulty figuring out how to use the radio button's value to send a delete query. Here's what I have so far, and it is the last section --if($submit)--that doesn't work for me:

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Displaying Mysql Results Using Radio Buttons?

I have a script that displays mysql results within a table. Lets say that the table has a column named Holidays. On my page I have 4 radio buttons named, (X-Mas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving). Right now the table displays all the results from the table. Is it possible to click on one of the radio buttons (lets say Halloween) and have the page refresh and only show results from the holidays column named Halloween? I could make separate pages for each radio button, but that is just way too many pages. I think I'm looking to change the mysql query depending on what radio button is checked. Is there a name for this operation?

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Set Mysql Values From Radio Buttons In Html Form?

I want two radio buttons on a webpage (written in php) representing "yes" and "no". When I load the page I want it to fetch a value from a mysql db and set the corresponding radio button. And when I click on the other button, I want it to update the database and reload the page.

if (!isset($_POST['submit'])) {
$sql = "SELECT challenge_me FROM contestants WHERE id=$id";
$res = (mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query($sql, $db)));
$challenge_me = $res["challenge_me"];


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Populate Radio Buttons And Checkboxes In HTML Form From MySQL

I have an HTML form that has all kinds of input elements - text, textarea, radio buttons and checkboxes.
I have no problem inserting or updating data in MySQL DB from the HTML form. But when I want to display what is already in the DB back on my HTML form, it displays the data that is in text and textarea, but not in radio buttons and checkboxes.

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Filtering An MySql Query By Radio Button / Check Box

I am redesigning my Football Clubs web site and want all the statistical side to be database driven. After struggling to get to grips with most of it I am currently resigned to putting them together in Excel and importing into the database via PHPMyAdmin just to get it up and running, but am struggling on some of the simpler points. I will only go through them one at a time though and can reassure everyone that I have searched high and low for the answers but am not sure exactly how the question needs to be asked ('using radio buttons to filter mysql query' is how I asked it), hence the fact that time is running out. So the first question (with apologies if it is not formatted/asked correctly!)......

I am running a query that shows a list of football matches that a player has featured in but want users to be able to choose what they actually see via a combination of radio buttons or check boxes. For example, if someone wanted to see only 'Home' matches that the player scored a goal in they could check those two buttons and the table will filter, preferably in the same page. The final form will have a lot more than that but I just want to get a grasp first! My query is Code: [Select]SELECT * FROM player_apps WHERE Player LIKE 'saund%' ORDER BY Year DESC, Month DESC, Day DESCThis one is for the page for a specific player (surname Saunders) And the 'call is Code: [Select] <?php do { ?>

<td><?php echo $row_Recordset3['Day']; ?>/<?php echo $row_Recordset3['Month']; ?>/<?php echo $row_Recordset3['Year']; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $row_Recordset3['H_A']; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $row_Recordset3['Opponent']; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $row_Recordset3['Comp']; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $row_Recordset3['WDL']; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $row_Recordset3['F']; ?> - <?php echo $row_Recordset3['A']; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $row_Recordset3['Type']; ?></td>

I need to do now is work out how to set it so that if the 'Home' radio button is checked it will only show records where the 'H_A' field has 'Home' in it, which I have found some code for elsewhere. However, if 'Home' and 'Scored' are both checked it would need to show records where the 'H_A' field has 'Home' in it and 'Goals' is >0. I am very new php and mysql but as I am under a very tight schedule to get this done I am doing it all the wrong way round but hopefully if I can get it all up and running, I can improve it at a later date.

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IF And Radio Buttons

I have the following code which connects to a database and sets the
value of counter to &#390;' and the date to be either the current date or a
users own date. The database connects via an included script as this is
a contribution for OSCommerce. Each section (the set date today and set
date custom) works fine by itself (with the other half commented out)
but I cant make it so the option is available via radio buttons, what am
I doing wrong?

P.S. This is the code I am using

//OS Commerce Counter Reset v0.15
//Author: Ben Allen

if ($submit) {
$flag="OK"; // This is the flag and we set it to OK
$msg=""; // Initializing the message to hold the error messages
//Set Query Variables
$query = "UPDATE counter SET counter = 0";
$today = date("Ymd");
$datetoday = "UPDATE counter SET startdate = $today";
//Set Date=Today
if ($setdate="true") {
$counterquery = mysql_query($query);
$datequery = mysql_query($datetoday);
echo "Counter Reset Succesfully";
//Set Date Custom
if ($setdate="false") {
//Edit Database:
$customdate = mktime(0, 0, 0, $month, $day, $year);
$datecustom = strftime("%Y%m%d", $customdate);
$datecustomquery = "UPDATE counter SET startdate = $datecustom";
$counterquery = mysql_query($query);
$datecustomresult = mysql_query($datecustomquery);
echo "Counter Reset Succesfully";...........

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Radio Buttons

I have a page which displays lots of input fields, text areas and radio buttons. When the submit button is pressed, a short bit of error checking happens, and if the form is not correct, the user is returned to it.

When returned, all the fields etc will contain the previously entered data so that the user can see where they went wrong. This is all well and good, except I can't see how to do this with the radio buttons - a/ is it possible, b/ how easy is it to do c/ suggestions on solutions? PHP Code:

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Radio Buttons?

trying to make a "User report" page.. and it has 3 radio buttons Code:

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Add The Value To Radio Buttons?

currently am developing my website for payment process. most probably i have completed my work on it. whats my question in my website finally i mentioned payment delivery details which has three radio buttons with values (in pounds).after customer clicks that those buttons the corresponding value should add with addcart and display the final amount. this is the web page i need http:[url]... am tottaly confusing what code should i apply on it.
can any one post me the correct code.

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Using Radio Buttons With SQL?

I have FlightSurvey.html, EnterFlightSurvey.php, and ShowSurveyResults.php When entering data, i cannot figure out how to get the radio buttons to be entered into the database... they don't show up on the 'surveys' table. Secondly, it tells me error #1064 when i press the submit button third, when I try to see 'past survey results" i get a bunch of undefined indexes for ShowSurveryResults.php for the radio button names- and they don't show up in the table. I've tried this a few different ways and nothing seems to be working.

HTML Code:
<h2> Tell us how we did! Enter your flight information and rate our services</h2>
<form method="POST" action="EnterFlightSurvey.php">
<p>Flight Date <input type="text" name="flight_date" /></p>
<p>Flight Time <input type="text" name="flight_time" /></p>
<p>Flight Number <input type="text" name="flight_number" /></p>


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Validate Radio Buttons

i am trying to create an PHP form that checks to see if a radio button as been selected before submitting information.

there are two radio buttons, and the user needs to pick one.

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Radio Buttons And Forms

I have a form with a series of records, each with a radio button. It's probibly very obvious, but I can't seem to figure out how to get that number when processing the form.
I know it's an array, but it seems like radio buttons don't quite work like check boxes.

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Radio Buttons And Use Of NULL

I am developing a survey that has a bunch of mainly radio buttons. The radio buttons are for selections Disagree Strongly through Agree Strongly which I have assigned values 1-5, and a N/A selection. If nothing is entered, or N/A is selected, I want NULL to be entered into the DB. For more information on this, read this thread: Here is the code:

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Dynamic Radio Buttons

My situation is that I have a form that asks the user for a number. Next, I execute a while loop that displays a group of questions the amount of times the customer entered. For instance, the loop looks this: Code:

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Radio Buttons Disabled

I am causing my radio buttons to be either checked or unchecked based on a data value. When the page loads the radio buttons are disabled and I can't unselect them. Code:

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Including Radio Buttons

im creating a online questionnaire where the results are mailed to me and i want to have 4 radio buttons in my form for whats there favourite colour, and the one selected will be put in my mail.php script, do you know the html code and php code for a radio button? also a quickie, if i wanted to include a 'continue further questions on next page' button is that a sql thing or can it be done using php formail?

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Radio Buttons In For Statement

Questions for the quizes are individual records in a db table. They can be in a multiple choice, fill in the blanks, modify statement or essay format.

When someone opens the test a select query pulls the questions and, depending on the question type, creates a form field for each question using a for statement. Code:

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Checked Radio Buttons

I'm trying to check a radio button based on data in the mysql database. Code:

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Read Only Radio Buttons

Im currently using the code below to show the value of a database field. How can i make the radio buttons read only so the customers cant change it. Code:

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Radio Buttons Issue

I'm hoping someone can help me out with an issue I'm having with another PHP form. The form I'm trying to create has a number of questions with three responses - Yes, No, and N/A. For some strange reason my form will not allow radio buttons to operate like they have in the past for me with PHP forms.

For example, to get the form to work I have to give each Yes, No, and NA its own name in order for the "echo" command to work. Below is a snippet of the HTML and PHP code I'm using. Code:

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