Project Report On Online Library Management System?

Feb 22, 2010

i need a project report on online library management system in php .


Project Report On Online Shopping Cart?

Jul 13, 2009

i need project report on online shopping cart

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PHP Online Project Management

Oct 4, 2007

Are there any good online php editor type / notes per each file project manager with user authentication?

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Online Library Management

Jan 30, 2007

Can anyone provide me script for online library management in PHP-MySQL.I need this bcos I am working on my final project of developping an ecommerce site and i also want to develop another project on online library management system and giving link from my site.As i am a newbie i am not getting idea how to do that. Plz help me or provide me any source where i can get script for the above mentioned.

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Internal Project Management System.

Nov 7, 2005

My boss wants me to create an internal project management system for managing the clients, projects and staff. The (vague) requirements he's given me seem pretty general and I'm assuming someone out there has done something very similar to what he wants already.

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Online Application And Database Management System?

Jul 13, 2010

've been asked to do a website for a rural based school. They want an online application for admissions. I have a basic knowledge of webpage design but not advanced are the following requirements:Aim: to develop an online application management system.'fronend' users can apply by filling in some sort of dynamic form. they will need to be able to:- upload any supporting documents- save application draft. log in and out before deadline and make changes to application.- be able to view a draft version and download a copy after submission- automated emailing of updates- be able to log on after submission and check for any updates on review process. but not be able to change any part of the application.

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Source Code And Documentation For CARGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Project?

Apr 2, 2010

send me the source code and documentation for CARGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM project. this will very much helpful to my BCA., Project. my email ID-

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Create A Simple Project Management System With MySQL/Codeigniter?

Dec 17, 2009

I am planning to create a simple project management system with PHP/MySQL/Codeigniter.

There will be a super-admin, an admin and around 20 users. User A, B, C. And there will be around 50 projects. Project 1, 2, 3 User A and B will be able to access project 1 pages, User C, D and F will be able to access project 2 pages etc. Can I do it with session? Or do I need to use ACL? How should I structure the DB?

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Finding A Free Library Management System?

Mar 9, 2011

I am looking for free PHP Library Management System. Could anyone point me to a location where i can find such a free tool.

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Write Library Management System (desktop + Web Application)?

Jan 8, 2010

I am trying to write library management system (desktop + web application) in php. i mean from webpages... Will i use AJAX or anyother technology.

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Code A Books Library Management System Using Mysql?

Jan 3, 2010

I want to code a Books Library management system using php and mysql, this book library should allow me to:

1- Search for books by name, category etc..
2- Add new books to the library
3- Record books state, whether they are: present on the library or rented by a student
4- Record the date the book was out of the library and the date it was returned,
5- Finally, it should give a notification if a certain book was not returned for more than 2 days

How many tables should I need to achieve the above goals? and how should the table structures and fields look like?

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Open Source - What "Online Project Management Software" Would Be The Best ?

Jan 18, 2010

I have a small project that only employs 2 developers right now (Maybe there will be more developers later, but i wanna keep it small). Maybe it can be non-php software, but i should work fine online at me which would be the best free (OpenSouce preferred) software for project management, the feature i have been searching for are:

Bug Tracker
Task that can be assigned to project members

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Online Or Offline Server Report

Aug 3, 2002

I am going to be making a script that reports whether or not a server is online or offline. I have a download page, and the page has six different hosts for a file. I wanted to make a small script that would report whether the server is online or offline, so you know which one to chose.

I am unsure as to what will check and see if its on or off. Is there a boolean statement that will connect to a page and tell if you if it is there or not? DNS is not enough, it has to actually make a connection with the server.

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What Project Management Software Should Use

Jun 24, 2010

Possible Duplicate: What Project Management Software should I use? I need a free "Project Management" script like, Codeplex or Google Code.. Futures should be:

Home page
issue tracking
Download section

EDIT: Actually, I'm not asking for "tool" or "Project Hosting".. I need to host it on my server.

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Web - Project Management Software?

Feb 1, 2011

I have looked around and only found softwares I already know. Like "Redmine" (the one we used) and "Trac".However, my hosting can't host them. They do offer Python Trac should be fine, but Trac got some external deps too which are not met.I do NOT say to show a software for THIS hosting, but rather one which runs on generic web spaces. Like this one. (at least last time I checked around, every hosting had the same list of features.)

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Looking For A Good Project Management Program

Jul 17, 2005

I am looking for a good project management program, with as much of the
following features as possible:

* Web based
* open-source, or at least free
* has a good gantt chart module
* database-independent

Any suggestions?

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Based Bug Tracking / Project Management?

Jun 16, 2010

We have a small but globally distributed development team which is continually bombarded with development requests (enhancements) and bug reports (fixes) from a somewhat larger and even more globally distributes sales team and user base. We have been managing this process with emails and spreadsheets for a while but we really need something more integrated and more sophisticated. Our business web site ([url].... ) and our back-office business management tool are both written in PHP/MySQL so I would like to deploy a system written and hosted on the same platform and am looking for advice as to what tools are effective.

Looking at, I have found the following:
- Bug Genie
- dotProject
- Traq
- CodeTrack
(and I am sure there are a ton of others)

The criteria that I am hoping to match are:

- Easy for the end user to enter bug reports (if it's complicated, it won't get used)

- Tools for Project planning, including resource assignment and load leveling

- Ability to assign importance / urgency

- Milestone tracking

- Status reporting

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Project Management Tools/Macromedia Sitespring

Jul 26, 2001

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a PHP Web-Based Project Management Tool. Some of the features I am specifically looking for is task management, timetracking, project documentation management... My employers are beta testing Macromedia's Sitespring (JSP based web interface), and honestly it is pretty full featured but it doesn't fulfill all of our needs. Also, the price tag is enough to make anyone think twice.

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Project Management Application (Scrum/Agile)?

Feb 18, 2010

I've been fiddling with Redmine in the past few days and not 100% happy with the way it organises tasks etc.I need a open source PHP based solution that is like Redmine or even VersionOne to assist our small team of 3 developers with project management. We basically use Scrum, and would love to be able to create projects, break them down into user stories, and then further break stories down into tasks.We typically use also size tasks and user stories using the PERT analysis formula.

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Project Documentation On Customer Relationship Management?

Sep 17, 2009

I want project documentation on customer relationship management. identify it's module and tables as well as process logic of modules.

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Project Management Software That Will Allow To Plan Classes And Functions?

Apr 8, 2011

I'm working on a big PHP web-project and I was wondering - Is there any Project Manager software that will allow me to plan the "skeleton" of the project - meaning the classes, input & expected output of functions and things like that?

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Install [PHP 4 & 5] Project Management Program On Two Web Hosting Accounts

May 14, 2009

I am wondering if someone knows of a project management program, which I can install on my two web hosting accounts? I need it to be written in PHP and MySQL. The project management program should be for Website Designers. The following should be considered:

* my clients should be able to view their design concept
* make comments about the design concept
* a different login for each client
* be able sign off on each phase.

There are a lot to be considered, however that is a start.

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User Reporting Library - Allow Users To Report Any Type Of Content?

Sep 2, 2009

I would like to build (or find) a php reporting library that I can use to allow my users to report any type of content as bad. Actually, if they could report content as good (which I guess would mean a rating system) that would be even better. So if anyone knows of a library like this I would love to hear about it. Anyway, this is how I imagine the database working and I would like to know if this sounds correct.

ID - ID of row
USER_ID - ID of the user voting/reporting
ITEM_ID - UNIQUE table row ID of the item reported (post, other user, link, etc...)
TYPE - the name of the table this pertains to (posts, users, links, etc...)
DATE - datetime of report
VALUE - I guess this could be an UP vote or DOWN vote

By including the [TYPE] column I can use this voting system across all content types on my site instead of just one (like forum posts). By storing the user_id I can be sure that only one vote/report is cast per item per user.

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Basic Authentication And Session Management Library?

Dec 29, 2009

I know questions like this have been asked numerous times, but not quite this one. Forgive me if I overlooked an obvious duplicate. In the core of many of my web applications is a self-written user/session management class that in its origins dates back to 2002. I have decided that it is time for a fundamental re-write or, preferably, the introduction of a ready-made standard library. My requirements for that library would be:


And if it's very generic, a user management API or a generic connector to the user management of the surrounding application would be nice:

Create/Update/delete user records Fetch and modify data of currently logged in user this is so basic, and so security relevant, that I would expect that there is a standard solution to this, however I don't know of any, and all the big CMSs and blogs seem to be rolling their own.

My two questions:

Do you know such a component as a generic, stand-alone library? Could somebody with deep knowledge in Zend Framework tell me whether it is possible to use Zend_auth and/or Zend_session standalone, at the core of a big application that has otherwise nothing to do with ZF, without running in to trouble?

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Php Mini Project Film Library

Jun 18, 2007

I have a small php personal project i am doing, it's a film library,
I have a list of films on a page, which is just a select title FROM films..

I want each of these titles to be a link to another page
that shows all details of this film (SELECT * from films where title = xxx)

Now† , I can do this with forms using the POST method, but i dont wanna have buttons beside the film title, it's better to just use the links ...
is there a way of using links to pass the argument (in this case film title)..

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Implement A System That Allows Users To Report Content?

Jan 25, 2011

How would you allow users in sites such as a forum/blog comments .etc mark content as spam or abusive? I know you can use services such as askimet and create Bayesian spam filter classes, but what would be the best way to implement a system that allows users to report content?

Would you add an extra field to the item table called spam and/or flagged and how would you differentiate betweeen the two? Basically how would you set up such a system, what would be the database structure?

Is there something that does this already in php?

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Publish WEB2 Project Online Or Wait Until Is MVC Framework Ready?

Apr 25, 2011

in the last 2 years I've studied php and MySQL in order to build my project. I come from ActionScript3 and so Object Oriented Programming, but I'm an self-taught, and unfortunately I don't know the deepest parts of programmation. Now the project I've written is near to the end and It could be published online, but It's all written in procedural php style, only with a class for the session and something.

All works fast and without problems (for what I can see), but if I need to add some functions to the site, like user board, add login with other accounts (facebook, openid, etc.), I think that would be difficult to be changed. I know there are solutions like cakephp, zend and many other MVC frameworks, useful to optimize develop time, so I was just wondering if I should start with that base or I could pass to it in the future.

The current database is not so different from how it should be to be MVC ready, some things need to be changed and I don't know what exactly involve this, I don't know if It's possible to change the database structure in the future with millions of rows added. Should I publish my web2 project online or should I wait to rewrite it MVC framework ready?

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Store Day And Time In Database For Online Radio Station Project?

Feb 26, 2011

I have started creating a website for a new online radio station, launching later in the year, and so far the basics are going well - it's running on Apache 2.2, with PHP 5.28.However, I have one problem I'm struggling to find a solution for - how to store day and time in the database my site runs on, not date and time.This is the type of thing I mean:


Notice in the second example how the date and time is shown this is my example:

Monday: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Although the links above use ASP.NET and IIS, my site uses PHP, and I'm not sure of the best way to get this to work in PHP.This is my database structure for the presenter pages:

presenterid - autoincrement, INT 11
presentername - varchar, 255
airtime - DATETIME
showdesc - varchar 255

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Online Quiz Which Is Fully Controlled By Administrator As Part Of Project?

May 11, 2009

i want to do online quiz which is fully controlled by administrator as part of my project.I want to code it in php so that each question comes in different pages and the number of questions will be as administrator wishes.i have the code in which all the questions comes in the same page.But i have no idea how to make it the othe

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Content Management System.

Nov 9, 2006

Iím looking for a content management systems, PHP based and MySQL driven. I already checked for Mambo and Typo3. But which systems are good and which are bad? I heard a lot of bad things of Mambo concerning security problems. On the other hand Typo3 is not that easy to learn and is very complex. All suggestions are welcome.

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File Management System.

Mar 11, 2000

I am creating an intranet-type file management system where two or three users can upload and download Word files. I know how to allow for file upload using HTML forms, but is there a way to allow download??

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Which Content Management System

Aug 1, 2007

I am already using PHP Nuke as CMS.
I think to change it.I heard about good things about Xoops ,
What do you suggest ?

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Looking For A Php Content Management System

Aug 15, 2005

I'm sorry for the long post, but I think it's better if I'm as detailed as I
can be so that I don't make a mistake in my choice and so that there's a
clear understanding of to what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a content management system to use on a site
( that I help to moderate. Unfortunately
(as I have discovered), there are literally hundreds of CMS's to choose
from, so I am understandably confused. However, I would appreciate it if
anyone will be able to recommend a good one based on the criteria I'm going
to give.

In order of priority, the criteria are:

1. Ease of use involving minimal manual intervention. What I would like is a
system where once someone has posted an article and editors have approved
it, it gets published not only to a main 'articles' page but parts of it
(e.g. a link to it with the subject in the title) *automatically* get
published wherever we would like these parts to be published.

For example, currently, we get people to publish articles using Blogger.
Unfortunately, it means that once the article is approved, we still have to
manually insert the link to our front-page and sidebars to our messageboard
using PHP include statements.

See the sidebar on the following page for examples:

What we would like is an article management system that would publish
articles to an articles page and also populate the front page and sidebars

2. Integration with existing message board and site. I would like a
situation where the content management system would sit side by side with an
existing vBulletin messageboard we already have so that we can show
part of the content on the same page as the messageboard (as I have
described above). It would be nice if we could also cause parts of the
article to appear on other parts of the site as well.

3. Ease of import of previously published articles: I have already mentioned
above that we already have some articles published using Blogger. We would
not want to lose these, so it would be great if there was a
mechanism for importing these articles into the content management system
with minimal manual intervention.

4. Ease of composition: We would like people writing articles not to need to
be masters of html to compose articles for submission to our site. Ideally,
we would like them to be able to paste their articles directly into the
composition window provided by the content manager from a rich text format
application like Microsoft Word without losing their formatting. Failing
that, it would be nice if the content manager provided a simple markup
language that allowed for basic formatting, with the option of html
formatting if the article writer wanted to do something really complex.

5. Article rating. We would like people reading the articles to be able to
rate them. It would be nice if we could configure the rating system so that
we could choose the range of points to be awarded.

6. Good portal system: We would like to have a front 'portal' page with an
index to the latest articles (with a "more articles" link that will direct
readers to more articles the main articles page). We would also like to have
links to other sections of the website where we would post news,
entertainment and other stories.

7. Comments and Login Integration with Vbulletin. Again, we want to have the
ability to integrate with our vbulletin board in such a way that members who
are already registered do not need to register again before posting comments
to articles.

I am assuming that because our existing site is based on PHP, the CMS should
be PHP-based as well.

I would be extremely grateful if you could point me in the direction of a
CMS that would meet most if not all of these requirements.

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What Is The Best Content Management System?

Jul 17, 2005

There are a few in Perl and PHP, with MySQL or without and either in
Mod_Perl or not in.

I have heard mason, but it does not have any demo site, but claims, AMAZON
is using it.

I also like PostNuke, but then there is a sister product caled PHPNuke

I am looking for something simple but with a lot of plug-ins. I will not use
many features, but like to have BBS/Forum and Classified Ads. I want it
simple, because I need to rewrite a lot of codes to include my current Perl

What is my best choice?

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User Management System

Nov 20, 2005

I have been looking for a user management system for some time now. I need something that will allow the user to sign up with thier chosen user and pass but have the site administrator have final say whether they have access or not. Has anyone seen anything like this??

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Plugin Management System

Apr 2, 2006

I've been programming with php for about a year now, and a lot of that code has either been addons for existing sites, or plugins for existing CMS's. I've decided that it's time to expand my knowledge and portfolio, and have decided to create a few concept sites. If I am going to build a website from scratch, I would like to make it modular, that way every time I create a site all I have to do is change up the template and add/remove functionality. So I've been researching CMS (Content Management System) design.

I've found some tutorials and documents that explain a little about CMS design, but none of them mention plugin interfaces, just user authentication, user classes and content mainly. Can anyone point me to a resource that will explain the theory behind it. I just need something to get the creative juices going, not something that's going to hold my hand. I've been using e107 for a CMS for a while, and I've looked through the code a bit, but it's a bit advanced, and it's hard to differentiate just the plugin interface from the rest of the site.

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Warranty Management System

Nov 28, 2005

I am looking for good "warranty management system", open source, free or commercial. PHP/MySQL platform will be better. I thought a warray management system should be generally needed and there should already be some good systems there. free or commercial.
I did google search on the warranty management system. Not too much results there. Is it because

1) warranty management process is mostly depengding on individual business's individual practice? so it is usually a custom programming projects.

2) are there market there for a general designed warranty management system?

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Content Management System

Jun 26, 2007

The reason i ask is because I just got a job working on my company's website. The previous web guys had incorporated PostNuke. I never dealt with any type of CMS before so its really frustrating this firt week trying to familiarize with everytihng since they have an issue they wana deal with right away. The site is pretty basic, theres no logign in, no forum, very few dynamic features like the shopping cart.

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User Management System?

Dec 26, 2010

I am presently looking for a user management system in PHP which can easily be integrated and built on. I have googled for it and i have two or three already on the list to try out, but then again i want the benefit of personal recommendation based on usage and experience with a solution.So if you know of any that has worke

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File Management System

Jun 18, 2007

I am wanting some type of file management system where I can upload files and maintain them. I was trying to do this with forms where I could enter a document file number, Department, File Name, Date Release and various other info.

I can find all kinds of file management systems on the net but I cant seem to find one where i can display the items the way i want them to be.  Does anybody have any ideas or tutorials they might suggest?

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Commercial Content Management System

Dec 21, 2005

What php commercial Content Management Systems are available /

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Implement A Web Based WAP Management System

Aug 30, 2000

I am part of a project team that will implement a Web based WAP management system. The main function of WWW version of the web site is to manage the user's settings of the WAP version site.

Since all the huge databases are in Oracle, and the previous versions was develop with Perl, i ask you if there is any advantage to convert the web site to PHP (my preference!!)...

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Build Content Management System?

Jul 17, 2005

I am relatively new to PHP, but I don't care about that. I want to build a
database driven Web site that is really a content management system that
allows visitors to register and log in and write stories for the web site,
and also allows visitors to vote on the articles. I'm thinking that maybe I
should use a content management system in existence already because it
might save time, then if i need to, i could just change the system to meet
my needs. I'm just looking for some input on what would be best.

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Content Management System Question

Jan 13, 2006

I'm currently building sites for a fairly small dev shop, and we've run into
a subject that we simply don't know where to take. So, here we go:

We have built all of our sites statically for the most part, using
Dreamweaver Templates, and provided Contribute for the customer to edit the

So, a while back my boss and our lead dev asked me to look into a Content
Management solution using PHP/MySQL. So, I have built a system (oo design
using classes for all queries) that allows users to add pages, edit their
current pages, etc.

My problem is that our boss is wanting to see a much more dynamic system
that will allow a user to format text WITHOUT using HTML (currently we
provide the customer a small HTML reference guide). After some discussion,
it came back to the fact that maybe we should simply stick with Contribute
and dog the CMS all together.

I have a few questions:

What is everyone's opinion here? Is Contribute still a better solution for
giving customers the ability to update a website? Or are there major
advantages of the CMS I'm not seeing?

Also - is it even possible to build a system that is true WYSIWYG design
that won't use HTML at all for editing? We don't want to just provide a
text-based management system, but our boss doesn't want HTML to be used. Is
there a better way to do this using PHP? Maybe get AJAX involved?

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DRUPAL A Content Management System

Aug 18, 2006

I downloaded Drupal from,I am using Apache2 and MySQL 3.2. but I am unable to run Drupal the CMS. It links to /php/?something and it give me an error that i cannot access the /php/ directory.

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