PhpMyAdmin Export/import

Mar 17, 2006

I have exported a large file from phpMyAdmin (around 16MB). I need a method to insert it in a new db (again with phpMyAdmin). I have no shell access, only the phpMyAdmin. How can i split the large file into many smaller ones safetly?

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Export/Import Db In Php

I have been uploading parts of my site to a free php/mysql webhost. I am having troubles moving a database and table(Using phpmyadmin). Is there a way i can export a db into a txt file using php and the to import it through php.

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PhpMyAdmin No Import Tab

I did a backup of my database using phpMyAdmin and created a data.sql file. I set up phpMyAdmin today and my database on my new host today and went looking for the 'Import' tab (I could have swore there was one). Well there is no tab and I have no idea how to import my data.sql file into the database. I have emailed my host and posted in their newsgroup but haven't heard anything back in 6 hours.

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M$ SQL To MySQL Export/import

I have search for days on this issue have tried to use several different suggestions, but nothing seems to work.

I tried using the DTS in the M$ SQL, but it gives me an error on two of the tables. "Query-based insertion or updating of BLOB values is not supported."
Any body have a working solution?

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Calendar Import/export

I am planning to implement an import/export functionality
to a calendar project of mine. Therefor i need an implemtation of the
iCalendar definition rfc2445. That's pretty much to read and hard to
understand for one who reads such a rfc the first time. Code:

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Export Import Certain Fields

I've tried this a few different ways and maybe I need to do with with straight SQL. I thought maybe someone here may know, so here goes: I have two tables I need values from and I am trying to create a third composed of the fields from both that I need. Let's say table 1 has id, name, description and table 2 has price, amount per case, quantity on hand, etc. I tried using the operations panel but found no option to do just this. I used the export function and got an SQL file saved to my desktop, but it attempts to create a table when I try to import it. is there a way to select certain fields from a table and copy them to another?

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PHPMyADmin Error CSV Import

I recently upgraded to XP, Latest Mysql and Latest PHP. I run IIS local and used to be able to imprt CSV files to all my external databases as well as my local. Now I can only do it on my local. When I try to import to an external i get the following error using PHPMYADMIN SQL-query :

MySQL said: File 'C:PHPuploadtempphp24.tmp' not found (Errcode: 2) Now I thought it was permissions but they are wide open and I have the ini file set up correctly i think for windows - i have tried all combos of slashes so not that:

; File Uploads ;

file_uploads = On
upload_tmp_dir = C:PHPuploadtemp
upload_max_filesize = 2M

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Phpmyadmin Import Issues

I have a table with 12 columns. The first column is auto_increment id and the second is person_name. Using phpmyadmin I am finding it impossible to import data from a csv file.

Whether I leave a gap in the first column, put a number, or have no column at all, the data imports but the data that should go in the person_name field is missing, as though it has gone in the auto_increment id field (it hasn't!) but then every value is in the wrong column.

How do you import csv with phpmyadmin when the first column is auto_increment. Is it even possible?

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Import Csv File In Phpmyadmin

i would like to import a csv file into the database so that i do not have to manually make entries when using a cms. initially i selected the database and then the table into which i want to add new data and exported as csv file and then added deleted all the entries in this file and added 1 new entry following the format in the csv file that i exported. when i import this csv file i keep getting the error. Invalid field count in CSV input on line 1. while importing the csv file i have changed Fields terminated by from ; to , what is the correct procedure so that i dont get this error. also when exporting as csv file should i select the Put fields names in the first row option and there are other options as well, how should i go about so that i dont get the error when importing. also if i select the sql option and then delete the entries and make a new entry and if i import this file i get the error

#1062 - Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY'

before importing i have selected the database and selected the table into which i want to import the csv or sql file. also before importing the files i suppose i have to make sure that the file i import is the same name as the table whether i import a csv or sql file. how to go about for csv and sql format also i guess the procedure for csv format can be followed for an Microsoft Excell 2000 and CSV for MS Excel i guess

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Import/export Problem With CSV/PHP/MySQL

I need to design an import/export system. Data comes from a filemaker
pro DB in a big CSV file. Some alterations are made on the data as it is
imported into my mysql table. Data is something like :id,text1html,
text1raw,... .

Problems :
1. Texts can contain html tags, including entities (" etc), so
using only the '' as separator does not work.
2. Some line are so long that is appears php breaks them down, so I lose
data reading the file.

For 1, I've come across fgetcsv() in recent posts. Works fine for now.

For 2, I can't seem to find a solution. I've tried to detect "broken"
lines and stick them back together but no effect...

Another problem arises when I try to export the data back into CSV, as
it is suposed to be used in Excel. The CR/LF that are in the text are
logically interpreted as new rows in Excel. How can I get around this ?
Is there a special "new line" character that excel would not interpret
as new row ? Should I try another file format ?

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Export From Filemaker And Import To Mysql

I am working with two different databases: filemaker and mysql. The filemaker database is updated on a weekly basis and I have to export that updated data from filemaker into a mysql database once per week.

Some of you might wonder what the point is of doing it this way, why not just update the mysql database instead? The answer is that it's a long story and it has to be done like this for now. Code:

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Export / Import Database Files From One DB To Another

i am trying to transfer database files from one db to another. the db I am transfering to has more fields in it and always comes up with errors.

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Import & Export All Categories In Csv Format?

how can I import and export all categories in magento with csv format?

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PHP Import/export Language Packages?

I have a small PHP script that is multilingual and all the phrases are stored in the database. It currently can export the phrases for a specific language package and it can also import the exported data. So it allows the usage of other language packages in the future.

It works great with the default language package I have setup, which is English; however I am having problems with other languages such as Polish, Greek, Russian etc... When I export the data and then try to import the data using my script all the special characters turn into question marks.

Since the exported data is in a flat PHP file I use PHP fwrite to write to the file. I tried to use PHP's utf8_encode, however that did not do much help. I also tested to change the collation of the database, which also did not help.

So I am rather lost as to how scripts like vBulletin can export language packages and then import it, while dealing with character issues.

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Phpmyadmin Is Not Export Some Characters Correctly

I am exporting my data from mysql into a csv file using phpmyadmin. When I open that csv file with MS Excel, some latin characters are not showing correctly. What do I have to do to export those characters correctly?

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Export Php Code With Mysql Phpmyadmin! How?

I have a mysql db that I use with phpmyadmin I want to export my entire database, but in php code because I am transferring this data to another db which does not have access to phpmyadmin, so i need to do it via php code

I can choose to dump the db with phpmyadmin with "none" selected and it shows me the sql but with a bunch of crap that will error the mysql_query() function for example: Code:

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Clean Up Procedural Import / Export Program

I am working on an import / export program that can export content from a CMS into a XML structure which then can also be reimported into the CMS in order to update the content. Yesterday I came up with a prototype by some explorative coding. The functionality is there, the program works as expected. But the functionality basically consists of 3 methods (one main, one recursive for import, one recursive for export) each spanning over 300 lines.

The code consists of some nested foreach and while and ifs and is so procedural as it can be. Although it works I am a bit worried that the final version of the program will look even uglier because especially in the import method there are many special cases needed in order to convert the XML structure back to database content. At the moment my approach is generating a tree like structure of DB rows that are serialized to XML and on import the XML again is serialized back to a tree structure based on arrays. Would it be better to create a tree of objects in order to capsulate behaviour? Actually I find it quite convenient to work with the array structure because PHP is strong in working with arrays and serializing / deserializing them is very easy.

Maybe a functional programming style approach is more suitable then forcing in OOP... Adding a complex Serializer that can convert from and to objects seems to me even more bloat. I know that there is no absolute answer to this, I would be interested in how you structure scripts like mine in order to handle special cases on import / export etc. without creating two huge methods that basically do everything.

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Export Pdf Table Data And Import It Into Mysql?

I want to export table data from pdf file and insert it into mysql database. How can I do it?

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PhpMyAdmin - Select Several Tables, And Export Them To Csv Files

In phpMyAdmin, I'd like to select several tables, and export them to csv files, but each table in a separate file. I've tried every setting, and this isn't possible, right? I'm pretty sure it's not, but want to check to be sure.

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Extend The Capacity Of Import SQL File In Phpmyadmin?

I have a mysql sql script which has 7,000 KB, but phpmyadmin only allows 2,048 KB.

How can I enlarge its capacity?

Where can I set it in phpmyadmin?

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Import From Excel Into Mysql Database And Csv Via Phpmyadmin

My MYSQL database has set columns for the data. The users have spreadsheets setup with their own columns which holds pretty much the same data on it. name, address etc. is the simpliest way to import it, to change the column headings on the spreadsheet for each user to represent my column names in mysql database and import csv via phpmyadmin?

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Text File Import Them Into Mysql Through PhpMyAdmin?

I have this text file, and when I import them into mysql through phpMyAdmin, everything is ok, but the persian (Farsi) not shown correctly, also I use ' utf8_persian_ci ' collation, convert this file into MySQL that farsi data shows correctly too?

NOTE:farsi "persian" is a language.

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MySQL Import In Phpmyadmin (CSV) Chokes On Quotes?

I am trying to import a .csv file into a MySQL table via phpMyAdmin. The .csv file is separated by pipes, formated like this:


The data contains quotes. I have no control over the format in which I recieve the data -- it is generated by a third party. The problem comes when there is a | followed by a double quote. I always get an "invalid field count in CSV input on line N" error. I am uploading the file from the import page, using Latin1, CSV, terminated by |, separated by ". I would like to just change the "enclosed by" character, but I keep getting "Invalid parameter for CSV import: Fields enclosed by". I have tried various characters with no success. How can I tell MySQL to accept this format in phpMyAdmin? Setting up these tables is the first step in writing a program that will use uploaded gzipped .csv files to maintain the catalog of an e-commerce site.

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Size Limit For Xml-files Used For Import/export Of Data?

my app has an export functionality which writes all data from the db into a xml-file. It also has an import functionality for the opposite direction.

The size of the current xml-file is about 3M. Everything works fine right now. But where is the next limit and how can I control it?

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Export Data From Sql Server And Import To Mysql Automatically

i have export one table from sql server.and those data are import to mysql runs every time gap.

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Csv - Class To Export Data To QuickBooks Import Format?

Seeing lots of SOAP/RDS stuff, but just want to dump some MySQL data and/or CSV files to IIF/QIF/OFX format and don't want to reinvent the wheel (laziness ensues).

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