Php5 - Clear CLI Output?

Dec 1, 2010

I'm trying to get a "live" progress indicator working on my php CLI app. Rather than outputting as


I would rather it cleared and just showed the latest result. system("command C CLS") doesnt work. Nor does ob_flush(), flush() or anything else that I've found.I'm running windows 7 64 bit ultimate, I noticed the command line outputs in real time, which was unexpected. Everyone warned me that out wouldn't..


How To Get Clear Print() Output

Jan 15, 2011

I have some code which displays a page as a .jpg according to user input and also displays html links to a previous page, next page, previous chapter, next chapter as so:

$out = "<img src="/images/{$pic}.jpg" alt="Page {$page}" />";
if ($prevChapter > 0) $out .= "<a href="/mybook.php?chapter={$prevChapter}">Prev Chapter</a>";

The trouble is that the links are all squashed up together, even one on top of another, so you can't see the complete working (i.e. 'next page') and don't know what link you'll get when you click on them.

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Clear Output To Change Headers?

Feb 11, 2011

Is there any way to have html output and then clear the output to allow for headers to be changed?  This is still while the php file is executing.  The reason I ask is that I am trying to output a progress bar of an excel file being created.  So while the file is being created by php, I want to output to the browser a progress bar and then once it is complete, I need to set headers so that it downloads it as an excel file.

Is this possible or does anyone else have any ideas?  Should I maybe save the file on the web server temporarily and then redirect to the file afterwards?

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Php5 - Which One Is Better In Printing Out A Function Output In Php?

May 7, 2011

In php, i have a function that fetch some data from database and output them.which one is better ?1- store output in a variable,for example $ouput and echo $output at the end of the function OR 2- echo data instead of putting in $output, this causes having more than one echo statement.

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Php5 - Output Buffer Benchmark Microtime Inaccurate When Used With Usleep?

Apr 20, 2011

I post a strange behavior that could be reproduced (at least on apache2+php5).I don't know if I am doing wrong but let me explain what I try to achieve.I need to send chunks of binary data (let's say 30) and analyze the average Kbit/s at the end :I sum each chunk output time, each chunk size, and perform my Kbit/s calculation at the end.

// build my binary chunk
$var= '';

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Php5 - Build Multi Oop Functions In PHP5?

Sep 14, 2010

Possible Duplicate: How to build multi oop functions in PHP5 I've seen this kind of code in a couple of forum systems but I can't find any examples like this:


You can see a similar example in PDO:


I don't know how this type of coding is called in PHP and thus I can't get on looking for any tutorials and examples. Could you please give me a hint where and what should I look for?

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Key() Behavioral Differences PHP5.1.6 To PHP5.2.5

May 6, 2009

This little script works fine (iterating through MD array) in PHP5.2.5 on development server, but when I publish to production server (PHP5.1.6) it doesn't work (just loops through first sub -- over and over...). The problem appears to hinge on "$new_state= key($cities);" but I can't figure out why, and am stumped as to an alternative.

PHP Code:
$state="AL";//start value
$city="auburn";//start value
$cities= Array(

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How To Clear A .txt File With Php

Jul 17, 2005

I'm busy making a very basic and simple content management system wich
stores the text in a .txt file. now i need to know how i can clear the
..txt file.. now it just adds the new text to the .txt file while it
should replace it!

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Can't Clear SESSION

May 1, 2003

Have a login that once that username and password are authenticated, user is redirected to the appropriate page depending on their area of expertise. If I try to login several different people on my computer over a period of a few minutes each is authenticated appropriately but they are ALL redirected to the page that corresponded to the first person I logged in. PHP Code:

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How To Clear Cache

Jul 17, 2005

I have a php file which will list the pending
task for each developer. If the developer
changes some thing it will update to database.
Once the user clicks the update button it shows
the another page and there will be button back to
list of pending task. It will again fetch from database.

At the second time if user update some other data. It giving
me the old data list also.

I used ClearStatCache() this is not working. And also I added

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="expires" CONTENT="0"> in my php file.

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Clear The Screen

Mar 20, 2002

After a echo statement I close a php script and begin a html code. Before the upload of html code I would like to clear the screen.How can do it?

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How To Unset (clear) A Var?

Feb 20, 2003

$DatabaseActions = new Database();
// some code

What is that the best way to unset it (i doubt it) I want it to be NULL - "dissapear"

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Clear Screen

Jul 17, 2005

I'm using PHP on my Linux box on the command line.

It need to clear the screen, as I would do with the 'clear' command on
the bash. Is there something equivalent in PHP available?

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Clear Cache - COM

Jun 25, 2007

Is there any way to clear Internet Explorers cache using the COM object?

I am running a screen scraping script to generate thumbnails of my templates, but sometimes the thumbs get duplicated.

PHP Code: ....

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Clear Form

Oct 20, 2005

How would you do a "clear form" line for a php form?

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Clear An Array

Jul 6, 2005

I have an array that is in a loop. Each time the code loops it is adding on to the array but I really want a new array. Is there any way to clear the array?

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Clear Cache?..

Nov 4, 2006

I have a script that updates an image but saves it with the exact same name. When I retun back to a page that displays the image, it shows the old one untill I refresh the page.

Is there a way to clear the cache before I get back to the page, perhaps on the pge that processes the update?..

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Clear Variables From Url

Oct 16, 2005

I am trying to clear variables from url after they have been passed. example:

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Clear Cache

Apr 15, 2007

Is it possible to clear the notebook or cache on a visitors PC with php??

I am trying to stop people copying the txt from a site by either selecting the txt and copying to clipboard or taking a screen shot.

I have been told that this is possible with PHP but am yet to find anything in the manual!! all I can find is informatin about clearing the server cache.

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Clear The Address Bar

May 22, 2007

Is it possible to use PHP to clear or reset the address bar (not the history, just what's currently visible)? If so, how would I go about doing that?

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How To Clear/delete An Array?

Jan 28, 2003

I am using an array in a loop, and every time I loop I need to have the array be empty.

I cannot find an array function to empty the array, or clear it.

Have I missed something somewhere ( I suspect I have) ?

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Mysql Clear Row Command?

Jul 14, 2002

is there a mysql function that will just zero out (but not delete) all column values for a given row? so the desired query would look something like this:

update table
where id=$id

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How Do I Clear/unset All Variables?

Oct 1, 2002

I know you can use unset but I want something that can clear vall of the variables from memory rather than having to specify which ones to unset.

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Function To Clear Screen?

Dec 6, 2000

Once a user clicks submit on a form, I would like to clear the screen and display the results of the form.

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Clear Page Headers

Jul 22, 2004

Is there a command in PHP to clear page headers. For example, say I have allready outputted some page content, but then later on in the same output I want to write a cookie;

I get the error "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by - *blahblahblah*". Is there a way to clear or reset the page headers so that I can set my cookie?

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How To Clear An Array Completely?

Dec 17, 2005

I have an array variable that I use over and over. Can I clear it by just doing the following? $myarray = array();

If the previous array has more elements than the current one, will it still have the old data at the end? I want to prevent this problem and I don't want to do a loop for efficiency consideration.

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Clear A Form Post

Feb 9, 2006

I have a form with a submit buttom. After thus a type

IF($_POST){ and then some INSERTs in a MySQL table }

This works fine, and it inserts the data from the form. But if I click update in my browser, it inserts the data once more. So the info about that the form has been submittet is still active. How do I clear this, so you have to actually click the buttom again to insert data ?

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Clear Browser Cache

Jan 20, 2007

i want to clear browser cache with php script? any idea?

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Dec 18, 2005

Say I 5 php forms, each page gets redirected like this:

Page 1:
header("location: page2.php");

Page 2:
header("location: page3.php");
Page 5
header("location: submit.php");

I wanna be able to clear out all posted values once the user reaches the page submit.php and that everything is inserted into the mysql database. If they hit the back button on their browser and go back to page 5, there shouldn't be any posted value showing up anymore. Is this easy to do?

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How To Clear A Url Query String

Apr 24, 2007

my url is in this form:

what to do to remove the query string (..?user=zen) and make my url to
this form:

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Array Loop Does Not Clear

Jun 3, 2007

I am having difficulties in getting this correct, what I want to do is sort the prices low to high and display them. That works, but as there are 5 products per page it adds all prices from product to product 2, all prices from product 1 and 2 to product 3 etc..

How to tell php that the array needs to be reset / cleared / set to zero? Code:

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Clear Flush An Array

May 20, 2007

I want to flush the $_POST global array clean of all values and keys. Is there any true and simple way to do this, without having to remove the key's and values one at a time.

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Link To Clear Field

Jun 27, 2007

I need to create a link that will clear out a specific field in a table. Database is called website, table called clouds. Table has ID and Tags for fields. I need to clear out tags a lot. Instead of going into PHPADMIN and deleting it that way, would just like create a link in admin section of site to clear it.

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Clear A Different Session's Variable?

Apr 29, 2011

I have a some information stored on $_SESSION, the session is stored on the database through a custom session handler. Is there a standard way to either 'impersonate' a session having a session id or clear specific variables from another session. I am asking about this because I have my web application, with its session variables on its own working, this is an actual shopping cart with order information using paypal. Paypal returns a response of a payment through IPN (Notifications), which are request made from their server to my site. Those requests, of course, initiate their own sessions.

What I want to find is a way to clear the original session variable from the paypal notification request that sees a different session. Is there a way to do that? One idea might be to manually edit the database in which the session data is stored, but I want to look for something standard, regardless of the session handlers.

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Clear Cookies Which Created By CGI?

Sep 15, 2010

I have created Cookie in CGI page and tried to clear in PHP page.

CGI source:Set-Cookie: cookieName="value"; path=/;

PHP source:setcookie ("cookieName", "", time() - 3600);

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How To Clear Session Of All Users

Feb 23, 2010

I using php sessions in my project,i updated code:added some values to i need to clear all existing sessions OS is ubuntu 9.04

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Clear The Query String?

Jun 30, 2010

How to Clear the Query string. my query string is "index.php?name=sugumar&id=49" using meta tag I redirect the same page. that time the query string values are not cleared. for that I have used.

Request.QueryString[1] = string.Empty;

but it shows the error.

syntax error, unexpected '[' in

Then I used


it shows the error

Call to undefined function Clear() in

how to solve this problem? I want to clear the query string values before the meta tag redirect the page.

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Clear Session Variable After Use?

Jul 27, 2010

Is it possible to use a session variable, then unset it directly after?


//Process Form
if ($_POST['Submit']) {
$update = $userSettings->update($_POST);


Currently the problem is, if you unset the session variable straight after; It is as if you have un-set it before the "if exists" part.

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Clear $_SESSION By Apache?

Oct 22, 2009

I restarted apache,but the session doesn't expire!

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Clear All APC Cache Entries?

May 26, 2009

I need to clear all APC cache entries when I deploy a new version of the site. APC.php has a button for clearing all opcode caches, but I don't see buttons for clearing all User Entries, or all System Entries, or all Per-Directory Entries.

Is it possible to clear all cache entries via the command-line, or some other way?

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Session_destroy Does Not Clear Variables?

Feb 15, 2010

I have a page that displays certain information depending on whether someone has signed in. Their username is stored in a session variable.What I want to know is why my session variables aren't being cleared when I invoke session_destroy()?

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How To Clear The Cache Memory

Feb 1, 2011

I don't know how to clear the cache memory and the use of the same.. know about the cache memory and how to clear it..

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Get Only The Words Between A Parenthesis () And Clear Everything Else

Apr 9, 2009

I have an array with some info.. for example:

"(writer) &"


"with (additional dialogue)".

I want to clean this so I only get the text between the parenthesis () and clear everything else




"additional dialogue"

how can I do this??

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Adding Clear In Every Nth Loop?

Jan 14, 2011

I'm setting up an advertising portfolio and have the data pulled and displayed so that every fourth loop, there is an alternate class and a clearing div…it works great, except that the very first result has a clear after it. I'm using modulus and I'm assuming it's something with the $i=0 (if I use $i=1, it works perfectly, but skips the first result).

Here's what I've got now:

PHP Code:

while ($i < $num) {


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Minify To Clear Cache?

May 19, 2011

I'm using Zend Framework with minify,I updated Jquery and JqueryUI javascripts, I cleared all browser cache, restarted the webserver, but I still get the old files, how can I make it see the new files ? I checked the file create/modify date, it's today(since I unziped them), I'm on Windows, don't know if that changes anythingI'm using Firebug and I see the old jquery 1.5.1 instead of the new 1.6.1

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