Pass Jquery Variable To Drupal (ajax)?

Jan 28, 2011

I want to pass

var x = 10; to drupal/php variable $x without page refresh.

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Pass A Variable From JQuery With AJAX Page And A Session Variable?

Possible Duplicate: Passing javascript variable to PHP if it's possible to pass a variable from a jQuery script to a PHP-page and put the variable into a session variable like this:

$_SESSION['mapZoomArea'] = (isset($_GET['mapza']) ? $_GET['mapza'] : "";

I'm not sure how to pass the variable and the url to the server?

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Jquery - Pass Value Through Ajax And Check Against Variable?

I can't get the following PHP + jQuery to work - all I want the script to do is pass the value through ajax, and get the php to grab it, check it matches and add 1 to score.

This is the code I've written:

$score = "1";
$userAnswer = $_POST['name'];
if ($_POST['name'] == "145"){

I've changed GET to POST in both instances, and no joy - there's something else wrong.

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Jquery - Pass A Variable Length Array Through AJAX?

I am massive problems trying to pass this form/

<form id="form">
<select id="<?php echo $answer['aid']; ?>" name="importance[<?php echo $answer['aid']; ?>]">
<option value="0">NO</option>


It gives me a string a string that looks like this in the alert


how would i remove the %5B and %5D or decode it so that i get the square brackets back and turn it into an array to be submitted to an SQL string?

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Jquery - Pass Variable To AJAX Variable?

After a completed calculation form where the total is loaded in via PHP we have 4 pieces of data (variables left over with PHP)


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Jquery Ajax - Pass Values From Script Into Ajax Success Function?

I have a form that is submitted via Ajax to a PHP script. Inside the PHP script I do a few checks for swear words. How would I pass a 'yes' or a 'no' back to jquery from the PHP script so I can display some feedback to the user on the front end?

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Jquery Ajax - How To Pass Data

I'm trying to pass a variable via jquery ajax call. I'm not exactly sure how to do it properly. I get the lon lat coordinates through another html5 script.

How do i get the coordinates on the other side? I tried $_GET(lat).

I'm also not sure if i'm able to use the location.coords.latitude in a different < script >.

cache: false,
url: "mobile/nearby.php",
dataType: "html",
data: "lat="+location.coords.latitude+"&lon="+loc.coords.longitude+,


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Pass Array In JQuery Ajax

My imaginery code:

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#sub").click(function() {
info['moto'] = $("#moto").val();
info['motox'] = $("#motox").val();


How could I make, that after receiving it in .php file I could use POST method like this: $_POST['moto'] and $_POST['motox'] or something like that?

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Pass Variable From View To Block In Drupal

I'd like to pass a PHP variable from a view (output as a block) to a static block. In the view, I've set the footer to PHP and wrote something like this:

<?php $name = "Sam"; ?>

In the static block below it, I'm just trying to retrieve the value of that variable:

<?php echo $name; ?>

Chances are, there's a more Drupaly way to get this done. and I'm happy to go in that direction but if at all possible, I'd like to try and make this work.

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Pass Data To JQuery AJAX Get Method?

Whats the best way to pass data to jQuery AJAX Get method via PHP. And then constructing a query based of that which can be loaded into something via AJAX and displayed on the page. ex: by clicking viewer.php?note_id=2 a modular window would show and AJAX would get all data in regards to note_id 2 from viewer.php with out going to viewer.php directly. The problem is that I will be most likely using a list of this notes on the page and are all separated by LI tags.So what would be the best way to go around this? And assure the correct note_id is passed for the notes from the href link?

PHP code that selects everything for DB will need to fix this since it seems not to follow DESC as well as LIMIT 12 syntaxes

$q_ASL32 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM notice ORDER BY nid DESC LIMIT 12");
$r_ASL32 = mysql_fetch_array($q_ASL32);
$nid = $r_ASL32['nid'];
$note = $r_ASL32['note'];
$type = $r_ASL32['type'];
$private = $r_ASL32['private'];
$date = $r_ASL32['date'];
$author = $r_ASL32['author'];


I seem to be getting screwed over by data function in the AJAX call so I think my AJAX call is incorrect

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Pass Values To File Via JQuery Ajax?

I have a contact form, the values of which I'm passing to a php page to save it to a text file. Somehow, it seems I cannot get the $_POSt values via ajax to save. What am I doing wrong? I am assuming something is wrong with my javascript code. Here is the jQuery:


file_put_contents("test.txt", serialize($data));`enter code here`

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JQuery AJAX - Pass Selected Tab Name To Script

seems like I'm stuck with jQuery tabs. I'm trying to pass selected tab name to some php script but is seems like it doesn't get any data. This is how tabs normally work without any response from server side: [URL] And this is how I try to pass the the current tab name to the server:


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Javascript - Pass Data From JQuery To It For An Ajax Post

I am a newbie working with jQuery and Ajax. I am trying submit data to the server using Jquery POST method. And the data that I am passing is a string. Now I am unable to understand how do I pass the data and how do I retrieve the data. I have tried searching for articles for my problem, but I have found none. I believe my problem is very basic.

if (1)//validateStep(step)
var data = document.getElementById('hiddenContact').value;

Now I'll post the code for my postContacts action, which isn't a big thing.


how the data has to be retrieved. I am using cakePHP, so I have had to use autoRender=false; which makes the view optional.

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JQuery - Pass Variables To Script Via AJAX Call And Then Display File

I'm trying to generate Outlook event files for my events, doing so on the fly as and when someone requests it by pressing a link on the page.

Here's what i've got so far, but I can't find out how to get the browser to download the content which is returned.

I know how I could do this if I sent everything via _GET, but I'd prefer to do it via _POST, hence I'm going down this route..

HTML / Javascript

$(function() {
$(".button").click(function() {
// validate and process form
// first hide any error messages


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Javascript - Pass A Value To Variable By Ajax?

this is my javascript code :

function category(row){
dataparam = "oper=delete&row="+row;
type: "POST",


This is not working... I don't know what problem is.

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Pass Session Variable To AJAX URL

I am trying to pass a session variable into an AJAX loaded page. Here is the code I am using:


This is the HTML URL I had working, not sure how to get this into the AJAX call:

userdetail.php?id=<?php $_SESSION['uid']?>

I should also mention that if I manually pass in the userID it works fine

url: "userdetail.php?id=1",

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Using Ajax Get Method To Pass A Variable?

using ajax get method to pass a variable.where i use to escape the string with escape() function.

on the php file i will get the value and insert.

But i don't know how to unescape the string?

for example : balaji's

when i echo the variable i am getting balaji%27s.

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Pass A Variable With In Jquery?

I just started using jquery in the past few days. I love how it makes functions simple. However because I am very new to using Javascript, I keep hitting a road block with one function.I am trying to bind a couple functions together, but I'm not sure if I am doing it in the right order. What I want it to do is get a variable from a selector href='#from=xxxxx&to=xxxxx', with the xxxxx being a value printed out from a DB using PHP.

Then Create a DOM Window to display a form and insert those values into the hidden input fields. I have been stuck trying to figure out a way to pass those variables from the link to the form.Here is my script

<script src=""></script>[code]..

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Pass A Jquery Variable ?

there im trying to pass my jquery variable onto php

j query bit
<script> $(document).ready(function() {
$(function() {[code]....

what i want to do is call my txt variable into php for example

<?php $templatewidth = (myjquery variable txt) ;?>

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Pass Variable In Javascript To Sql Server Using Ajax?

I want to do a google map which allows people to click on the map and saves the point as starting point or ending point. After clicking a point, an infowindow will be seen. I changed the google map coordinate into my own defined coordinate. And I have made a database with buildings in the coordinate. That is, database like this(x Y Building)(1, 2, Tower 1)(1, 3, Tower 2)

I want to pass coordinate to search in the sql database and return back the building. And show the building name in a textfield. However, it seems the return is not succeed. I have searched in the internet a long long time.


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Pass Variable Data Into Div In JQuery?

I want after Ajax success I can pass data from id=use into div id=app.
This is my script:


But it seems not work. The data can't show inside the div.

This is the html:

<td class="space">
<div id="app"></div><br/>
<div id="appdate"></div>[code]...

whether my server side get different result?

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Pass Variable Into A Jquery Function?

I am working on a php web form.I have a variable named $isFruit having value of 1

When I do a:


It gives me value as 1, which is good.Now I need to pass this php variable into a jquery function:

$('document').ready(function() {

//I need to get the value of $isFruit variable here

How can pass the php variable into this function.

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Jquery - Set A Variable Using AJAX ?

I'm currently working on a project involving a form generator. The user can switch on different databases and add some information from these databases in the form he is building. I'm working using AJAX, at anytime the user can choose the database using a select, and on change, it refreshes the list of the database's tables. What I want to do is, when the database is changed, set a PHP (global maybe ?) variable in order not to have to pass the database as a parameter in each AJAX request I need to do...

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Pass Variable From JavaScript Using JQuery POST

I am passing the variable sessionnum from the following Javascript function in the page chat.php:

timestamp = 0;


It only works when I hard-code an assignment such as $tablename1 = 100 in backend.php even though both the variable and its value are integers and the same value. This hack is not acceptable, as I actually have to pass the variable. Is there a bug in my code?

This code is adapted from [URL]

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Pass A Variable From Jquery Without A Page Refresh ?

how do you pass a variable from jquery to php without a page refresh. When i click on a checkbox i would like to pass a variable from jquery to php..i am also using formdialog also.

my php code

echo "<input name='opendialog' type='checkbox' class='opendialog' onclick='countChecked()' value=".$taskid." ?>" /> </td>"

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Pass Single Variable From Jquery And Access It?

Not able to access the value passed from Jquery to PHP.

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