Parse Web Form Fields With XPath?

Jan 12, 2011

In order to retrieve name/value pairs.

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Xpath To Parse For An Url In A Form's Action Attribute?

Considering this HTML code:

<div id="something_unique">
<form action="http://the_needed_link">

How do we get the needed link assuming that there is a lot of form tags on the page but we do only need the one that is in a div that has a unique id?

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Parse PDF Form Fields In PHP

I am trying to find out if it is possible to open a pdf file from
within PHP, and parse its contents in order to extract all form
fieldnames that might have been previously setup within the pdf

I want to find this out so that I can then generate a HTML form with
all required questions, which when submitted, will generate a fdf /
xfdf file, using the techniques from the following tutorial

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Parse HTML Without Xpath?

I'm trying to create a simple tool to parse html files.

Specifically, I need it to get all the name attributes out of all the div tags.

My HTML string varies and I don't have any control over it, so if I try and use xpath I tend to get errors as the HTML is not 100% written correctly.

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Comparing Form Fields With Data Base Fields And Highlighting The Form Fields?

the following two scenarios (PHP+MYSQL)

Scenario1: I need to compare the HTML Form field values with the Database field values and highlight the form fields in some color whose values are different from database values before submitting the form (to alert the user).

Scenario2: On loading the form, i need to compare the values present in 2 different database tables (tables are having different column names but the information is same). the fields which are not same needs to be highlighted in the html form to indicate the users that the master data is varying from secondary data.

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Reading Xml: Can Xpath Read 2 Fields?

I'm using SimpleXMLElement and xpath to try and read the <subcategory><name> from the xml at the very bottom. This code works.. but the stuff inside the while loop looks a little messy, and now I also want to get the <subcategory><count> and somehow pair it with its appropriate <subcategory><name>.

$names = $xml->xpath('/theroot/category/subcategories/subcategory/name/');
while(list( , $node) = each($names)) {
echo $node;

My question: Is it possible to get this pairing while still using xpath since it looks like it can make the job easier?

<name>Category 1</name>[code]....

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Using Variables To Parse A Xml Feed With XPath?

PHP XPath is a php class for searching an XML document using XPathI have a problem in using PHPXPath to fetch exchange rates based on the country of a logged-in client.I have a database with all the clients nations and associated currency values.The code I'm using so far to fetch the rates (from ECB feed) is this:

$Rates = new XPath();
$userRate = $Rates->getAttributes("//Cube[@currency='USD']","rate");


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Regex - Parse HTML With XPath

Is there a way (using XPath and PHP) to do the following (WITHOUT external XSLT files)? Remove all tables and their contents Remove everything after the first h1 tag Keep only paragraphs (INCLUDING their inner HTML (links, lists, etc)) I received an XSLT answer here, but I'm looking for XPATH queries that don't require external files. Currently, I've got the HTML in question loaded into a SimpleXmlElement via:

$doc = @DOMDocument::loadHTML($xml);
$data = simplexml_import_dom($doc);

Now I need help with:

$data = $data->xpath('??????');

Been working with this one for several days to no avail. Edit: I don't particularly care what's inside the paragraphs, as I can use strip_tags to eliminate what I don't want. All I need to do is to isolate the paragraphs from the rest of the source. I suppose a more specific, accurate requirement would be this: Return only paragraphs (and their html contents) that aren't contained in tables, and only before the first h1 tag Edit 2: I think I've gotten most of it with this:

$query = $xpath->query('//p[not(ancestor::table) and not(preceding::h2)]');

The only problem is the loss of the inner HTML.

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Parse Html With Xpath Without SimpleXML

I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to use xpath, alone, to parse html code. A conscious effort was made to learn xpath to the exclusion of simplexml, because; simplexml is quite limited, IMHO based on my research. Given the following sample html code how


I am clueless on what to do from this point on to parse the Auto make, auto models and website links. What is a example of how to parse the values of nodes and sub nodes, using xpath alone?

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Basic Html Form The Input Fields Be Inside Can Fill Those Fields With Data And Submit Them To A Database?

Bare with me here.New to ajax.What I would like to do is have a basic html form the input fields be inside php so that you can fill those fields with data and submit them to a database.Once that data exists in the database I want that data to fill the input fields.I want all this to be done in java/ajax/php so my page never refreshes.But I can submit data to a MYSQL database and retrieve from it.Example code of this would be best so I can see it and learn it.

Right now I have seen how to pull from a database and fill input with the data without page refresh.Also I have seen how to enter data into a database without the page refresh.I can't find and example of both combined.

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Use JQuery To Add Form Fields And Sessions To Remember The Fields Were Added

I am creating a multi-paged form and now i am consulting the Stack guru's for some assistance; On this page the user can add more input fields [type=text] onto the page. So basically there is a singular input for "CHILD NAME" then a Add button to allow the user to add more children if they have more than one.

My form allows you to go backwards and forwards, the form remembers what was input, how would i get jQuery and php to remember that the form fields were added so they are not hidden when the user re-vists the page?

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Form Posts But If Fields Are Empty They Overwrite Existing Fields?

I have a form that pulls records for viewing on one page and editing on another. So on the edit page two of the fields (drop downs) that if left empty delete the existing data from the table. All of the other fields retain they're info though.

if (is_null($_POST['field'])) { // skip entry }

Tried it but likely not properly. It breaks the form (and no i didn't include the {//skip entry} Here is a shortened version of the page i'm editing, the two fields that are updating with null are consultantShop and consultantName ->



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Making Loop In XPath() : Call To A Member Function Xpath() On A Non-object?

I want to making loop with xpath() with this function:

function rs(){
$rs = array();
$cities = array("city1", "city2", "city3", "city4", "city5",
"city6", "city7", "city8");
foreach ($cities as $value) {
$rs[] = $xmls->xpath("area[city= '$value']");
return $rs; }
$rs = rs();


function meteor(){
$request_url = "";
$xml = simplexml_load_file($request_url) or die("feed not loading");
return $xml;}
$xmls = meteor();

with print_r($rs); I have Fatal error: Call to a member function xpath() on a non-object. Is my function wrong? (Im not familliar with OOP)

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Parse Error - Search A DB For Certain Fields

im trying to allow the user to search a DB for certain fields to match teh submitted info, and to display part of each record that matches. Code:

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Parse PDF Forms Fields - Looking For Libraries Or Classes?

I have PDFs with filled out form fields from a customer, which have to be parsed with PHP5 and written into a MySQL-DB. With Google I only find libraries, like Zend_Pdf, which are helpful for creating or manipulating PDFs but not for parsing for form fields. Do you know any libraries or classes for this task?

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XPath: Parent Form Of Submit Button?

I want to use PHP and DomXPath::query to get the parent "form" element of a submit button. The variable $dom holds the complete DOM tree and $node represents the submit button as a DOM node.

$query = '??????';
$xpath = new DomXPath( $dom );

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Simple Xpath - Print The Content Using Xpath?

below is the structure of a feed I managed to print the content using this xpath

the structure

However some of my files follow this structure

<feed xmlns="" .....><entry><published></published><title></title><description></description><link></link><author></author></entry></feed>

and I guessed that this should be the xpath to get the content of entry


My question is what is the right xpath to use? Am i missing something else ? This is the code

$feeds = array('');
$entries = array();[code]...

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Form Problem - Parse Error: Parse Error, Unexpected T_STRING

I'm a newbie on the php front but I've altered an email script to send a
bunch of information from a HTML form to an email address. Can anyone see
where I have gone wrong?

I am getting the following error:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in
/home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 62

I have posted the script below, any help would be muchly appreciated
(apologies if it is the worst script ever written!).

$message=" Application Type : $type

Single or Joint : $SingleJoint

Cover Required : $CoverReq

Personal Details :

Name : $name

DOB : $day/$mn/$yr

Gender : $gen

Smoker : $smoker

Partner Details :

Name : $name1

DOB : $day1/$mn1/$yr1

Gender : $gen1

Smoker : $smoker1

Policy Information :

Terms of Policy : $years

Do you wish to pay : $pay

Quotation based on: $quotation

Cover to : $cover

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Extract Info From Html Using PHP(XPath) / Python(Regexp) / Python(XPath)

I have approx. 40k+ html documents where I need to extract information from. I have tried to do so using PHP+Tidy(because most files are not well-formed)+DOMDocument+XPath but it is extremely slow. I am advised to use regexp but the html files are not marked up semantically (table based layout, with meaning-less tag/classes used everywhere) and I don't know where i should start. Just being curious, is using regexp (PHP/Python) faster than using Python's XPath library? Is Xpath library for Python generally faster than PHP's counterpart?

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Create A File Upload Form That Creates More Form Fields Based On Input?

I have have ten columns in my SQL table: id, imgid, urlid, image1, image2, image3, image4, image5, and comment. Id, imgid, and urlid are int type. Image[1-5] are mediumblob type. Url and comment are text type. Imgid is the number of images uploaded (max should be 5), urlid is the number of urls submitted (which should be one right now), url holds the url, and comment holds user comments.The form starts by asking the user how many images he wants to upload (max number is 5 in my script). If the user picks, for example, 3, then 3 file upload fields should be created with a new submit button too. A variable called $imgid will store the number 3 which is the number of files the user wants to upload. The user then picks 3 images and clicks the newly created submit button to submit the three images into the first three image columns in the SQL table. My problem is that when I click the second submit button which appears after you click the first one, I get this error:Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: Filename cannot be empty in dbpform2.php on line 75Here is what I have made so far:

<form action="dbpform2.php" method="POST">


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Capture 7777 In One Of Form Fields - Receive Refererid When Form Submitted?

I have a form on my homepage which on submit sends the data to my email. I need to know if it it possible to include in the form a read only field containing the refererid in the URL. (for instance, if someone were to have visited my homepage by entering; [URL]... could I capture that 7777 in one of the form fields so that when the form is submitted I recieve the refererid?

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Form Problem, Webpage Will Only Load Half The Form Fields

Im using windows xp, php,mysql, and apache. when i run this code on my computer everything works fine. But when other people try to access my website from their computers, when they click on the link to go to this page, only half the form fields load.everything after country just stops. Code:

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Ajax In Form Then Jquery To Display Filled Form Fields

I have a form that requires a physical address. Once the user enters the full address, I have a button that says "Verify address". I want to be able to click that button, trigger an ajax call that will call a file in the server which will get the longitude and latitude of that address, then return to the form with those coordinates, and display a div with them. Dont worry about figuring out the coordinates. Im just trying to figure out the whole ajax call and jquery display upon response from the server So, I did this;

$(document).ready(function() {
//if verify button is clicked
$('#verify').click(function () {
var address = $('input[name=address]');
var city = $('input[name=city]');
var state = $('input[name=state]');
var zip = $('input[name=zip]');
var country = $('select[name=country]');

process.php returns the longitude and latitude back in a variable as: "longitude,latitude". How do I access that data back in the front end so I can populate the form fields with it?

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Post Form Fields Into Array - 'group' Each Form Field

A user can choose a number between 1 and 10 from a list box. Based on the value of their choice I display the same form 1 - 10 times on the page and this form is there to collect personal data. Each form will have a small number of text fields and also some checkboxes e.g:

name (text)
dob (text)
option 1 (checkbox)
option 2 (checkbox)
option 3 (checkbox)

(note the checkboxes should be grouped as an array as they are dynamically built) My question is, how do I 'group' each form field so that when the page is posted (saved) I can capture the correct data for each form filled in? I know arrays are involved somewhere here but not sure how it is implemented.

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Using Includes: Html Form Parse Data Inside 2nd Form.

i'm coming down the stretch, so to speak. i've got a lot of the separate things settled that i need for my main "date entry" form. due to the several data items which need to be collected by this form, i've decided to try using includes, which i've found isn't that tricky at all really.

however, one of my includes needs itself to parse it's own little form data to result in the final entry to be submitted in the "date entry" form. perhaps doing this particular bit as an "include" is NOT the best option? Code:

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Dynamic Form Fields/multiple Page Form?

It is for a friends out of print booksite, where visitors can request multiple books to be searched by adding one at a time to a cart (javascript), then once all added they submit to another form where they enter their personal details and all is sent through. The problem is at the moment they cannot change whats in the cart without refreshing the browser window and losing everything.

1) present for asking how many books they want to search for
2) display multiple rows of the same input fields depending on how many books they say they want to have searched for?i.e


3) when these are submitted they could see these above the next part of the form where they enter their details with the option to go back and delete/amend.
4) send all the info to my colleague.

if so has anyone seen a similar script that I could take a look @ to see if I can hack it to suit my needs?

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