Page Loads But Only Header Is Displayed And Rest Of The Content Is Blank?

Sep 16, 2009

i have the following code which is generated from a .dwt template. My problem is that the page loads but only the header part displays and rest of the contents are not displayed. Everything works fine in my local testing server but when i upload it the hosting server the problem surfaces. I am not sure why? Please kindly go through my code below:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">


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Heck And Prevent A Form From Being Displayed If The Page Loads With Mixed Content?

Is there a way to check and prevent a form from being displayed if the page loads with mixed content? thus meaning the page isnt using the ssl?

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Ie6 And Lower Loads Blank Page After Login

I've got a script the logs the user, then redirects them a different page. Everything works fine in Firefox and ie7. But anything ie6 or lower, after they click login, it just loads a blank page. Upon refreshing, it loads the page just like its supposed to. I read a little bit about problems with sessions and ie6, but didn't find any real solutions. I know ie is worthless, but is there any real fix for this? Code:

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Page Blank But No Errors Displayed

I have a script that's just returning a blank page. So I'm guessing I've got an error somewhere.

In fact I know I have because if I comment out one or two classes, I get an error message coming up. But why do I get a blank page at first? How come it's not giving me an error message for my obviously faulty class? Code:

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Replace Page Content Before File Loads?

I wanted to know, is there any sory of scripting that I can use so that I can simply change one little thing and then the content will change for multiple pages? Maybe PHP or the htaccess file.

What I want to do is make an "Under Construction" page for my website, that I can periodically turn on or off. Right now, the method I am using is JS, which is not too effective. What I have it doing is it will replace the body tag's content with that of the under construction pages, and then change the title to be "Under Construction". The problem with this, the function loads after the page has loaded. So I either need a JS script that will load before anything on the page does, or a php script that does something near the same thing. I also thought (if it was possible) the htaccess file would be really nice too, because I could apply it to certain directories. I know I can use the htaccess file to redirect the user (and I can do that with PHP and JS too) but I do not want to do that because I want the url be stay the same. If I were to redirect the user from page1.html to underconstruction.html, then that changes the url in the browser. I want the url to stay as page1.html for page1, page2.html for page2, and page3.html for page3... Does anyone know how I can accomplish such a task?

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Load Content In Specific DIV After The Page Loads?

I am wondering how I would load another PHP page into a DIV container after the parent page has loaded. I need to design facebook/twitter share links that will show people my page with certain content loaded into a DIV. I have a function working for clicking links, but I need it to work on page load rather than click (#results is the ID of the DIV I need content loaded into):

$(".Display a").click(function() {
url: $(this).attr("href"),


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Apache - Echoing Content As Page Loads?

I'm doing some experimenting with PHP/Apache. Let's say I have this code.

<div>DIV 1</div>
<?php sleep(2); ?>
<div>DIV 2</div>


For some reason on my local apache webserver all the data appears in the browser at once, after all 4 sleep()s have been executed (8 seconds). However if I run it on my host's server, the data is echo-ed to the browser in real time. As in... div1 appears, after 2 seconds div 2 appears etc.

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Redirecting To Another Page After Content Has Been Displayed?

I've made a site using lots of includes and different files, in one of them (after the headings etc have been displayed) I want to run some PHP/SQL if a certain critiera is met, and re-direct to another page. Header("Location: whatever.php"); won't work unfortunately because there's already some stuff being output on the page

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Save A Web Page To PDF But Only The Content That Is Displayed Out Of A Mysql?

I want to save a web page to PDF but only the content that is displayed out of a mysqldb and, would like to use a template( header) on the PDF.

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Header Redirects Me To A Blank Page

Ive a problem with the command.

header("Location : index.php3") , it works on PWS , but on Apache it redirects me to a blank page (and no errors ).

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Symfony - Class.openid.php File Content Is Displayed On The Page?

When I start the page (on my development environment) I see content of a php file
content of a class.openid.php on the page. On the production site everything is ok.

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Having IE6 Show A Blank Page When Other Browsers Display Content?

A site I am working on that is built using PHP is sometimes showing a completely blank page. There are no error messages on the client or on the server. The same page may display sometimes but not others. All pages are working fine in IE7, Firefox 3, Safari and Opera. All pages are XHTML with this meta element:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8" />

It appears that I have fixed the problem by adding this PHP code:

header('Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8');

I have read that this problem may be caused by XHTML, encoding, gzip compression, or caching, but nobody has been able to backup these guesses. As the problem was intermittent I am not confident that my solution has actually solved the problem. are there reproducible ways of having IE6 show a blank page when other browsers display content?

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URL Or Content As A Variable In The Header Of The Page?

I am designing a site where external links form various are being shown on my page. I am using

$website_data = file_get_contents($url);
echo $website_data;

so essentially a user would click on a hyperlink which is something like [URL] My page, list_of_images.php, typically has a list of images with href for each image as above on the page and when any image is clicked it would go to display_page.php, which would show our banner on the top of this page, some text and then this image beneath that. This image could be from any website.

I am currently sending the url directly and grabbing it using GET. I understand that users/hackers can actually do some coding and send commands for the url variable and could break the server or do something harmful and so i would like to avoid this method or sending the url directly in the header.

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Cache 'cachable' Content From A Page Using Header()?

what is the proper way to cache 'cachable' content from a page using header().I want to cache stuff that doesn't change often like image, css visual element, ...

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Develop A Web Page That Is Displayed 30 Seconds When 30 Second Passed Next Page Is Displayed?

I want to develop a web page that is displayed 30 seconds when 30 second passed next page is displayed for this purpose I write following code.but it doesnot work properly.


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Blank Row Displayed

The code for the page displayed below functions correctly, except for one thing; a blank row appears at the very top of the page, ahead of all of the rows that contain actual data that is contained in the database table that that I am trying to display. Code:

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Image Loads Too Slow With Header()?

I am using a php file which also loads an image. I am using header("location url") to load the image.My problem is that the image is loading very slowly. If I load it normally, it is much faster.If I use JavaScript and put the code in the header to load the image, the image loads fast, but then I can't display the picture as an image.

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Remove White Space At Top Of Page Between Header And Main Content Seen With Some Browsers

In some IE browsers it displays nearly a whole screen of blank white space between the header and the main content, strangely enough on my pc using both firefox and ie the page displays correctly however on some other pc's it shows the blank space.


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Cookie To Be Sent Along With The REST Call - Perhaps Via Header

I am developing a website that will be communicating with a REST-protocol. The owner of the REST service wants a cookie to be sent along with the REST call, perhaps via header. How is this done in PHP, how can I send a cookie along with a REST-call?

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Developing HTTP Header REST?

I am developing an UI for a REST repository using PHP and the PEAR HTTP REQUEST package ( created a HTTP GET request and it delivers the requested rdf/xml file as expected. But I want to extend this request and I can't get this working.The repository allows sending zip files which are attached to an id. So I have to call the same URL which delivers the rdf/xml data, but I have to change the HTTP GET header from xml to accept: application/zip, before executing my request. This should deliver the zip instead of the rdf/xml file.

$req =& new HTTP_Request();


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Rest - Set Authorization Header Using Curl

We're using Commission Junction's REST service, which requires we sent an API key in the Authorization header.

We set the header like this:

$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt_array($ch, array(
// set url, timeouts, encoding headers etc.
CURLOPT_URL => 'https://....',
// ...


The problem is that the Authorization header isn't sent (we debugged this by using a local url and doing a var_export($_SERVER) which shows a User-Agent header is set, but not the Authorization header.)

If we change the header name to X-Authorization, it gets sent - but this hasn't helped us as the service specifically requires the Authorization header.

How do we get PHP + cURL to send an arbitrary Authorization header?

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Use Frame For Multiple Pages That Loads Content?

So instead of rewriting this for every file:

<?php code goes here ?>

I was thinking of a way to use one file to load just the content into the body like this:


the only problem is that some of the scripts being loaded require parsing before the document is written

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JQuery AJAX Get Script Display The Content As It Loads

I'm having to interact with the Facebook API for this project, which I find to be actually a bit slower than I expected. Because of this, I'm having to do something which I find rather unorthodox: I need to load the content Facebook provides back in my PHP script AS IT LOADS from Facebook. Traditionally I've loaded content into a div tag at the success of the script; however, I need to load the content as it appears. It would be absolutely unacceptable to have a client wait nearly a minute for Facebook to load an album and all respective comments before displaying anything. Hopefully I'm not being to vague; I'm not here to ask for code, but I've tried just about everything I can think of. Is this a simple concept I'm missing?... I feel as though this is easier than I'm making it.

I'm using jQuery AJAX as I find this easiest to work with.

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Highlight HTML Content And Save To Database For Future Loads?

I'm trying to highlight the selected text contents by the user inside the HTML page I loaded using PHP + XSL transformation. I have seen some solutions related with highlighting current selected text, but I need to save some information to the database that makes me able to highlight the same contents for future loads of the same page, taking care of all inner elements that the text could have inside. The idea is simple: simulate when you use a marker inside a book.

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Visitors Enter Zip Code Before Website Loads And Just Customize Content?

I know next to nothing about PHP but I'm interested in geolocation scripts. A couple of months ago, I got a presentation from a company that can target content down to the zip code level (and much more, but that's beside the point). However, what they charge a month is just too much for our campaign's budget and I'd like to see if I could replicate something similar. Everything I've read leads me to believe I'd need PHP. This company, however, gives their clients a simple javascipt code to plop on their site after the user uploads the various images in the database and sets parameters for each one (ie show this image for this zip). Couple of questions

1. I keep hearing geolocation can be a headache and is often wildly inaccurate. True?

2. Is it possible to replicate something like this? I would purchase the IP database from maxmind...they have zip code data for Ips.

3. Last - would the easiest solution be to have visitors enter their zip code before the website loads and just customize the content that way? Or would that be a pain for the visitor (this is a political website).

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Submit Form Itself & Error Messages To Be Displayed If Fields That Are Left Blank By User On Submission?

I have a problem with form validation. I'm getting an error which I don't understand. Basically I want form to submit to itself & error messages to be displayed if fields that are left blank by user on submission.

HTML form first:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="">
<title>Form Validation</title>

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