Open Source, Online Editor

Jul 17, 2005

I can't have access to my regular PC and tools to edit PHP based websites. It would be nice to do the editing in a web browser but not be set back to doing all editing using just a basic text box. Has anyone seen a good, open source, online editor specializing in PHP? the editor will be able to browse a website for files, open them in an editor, make backup copies, and run the edits through PHP's built in color highlighters and syntax checkers before commiting changes. Some nice to have features would include such things as archiving older versions allowing roll back and diffing versions to see what has changed.


Open Source Online IDE?

Aug 12, 2010

Are there any Open Source online IDE's except for Bespin? If found some online IDE's like; [URL], [URL], [URL], [URL], but non of them are open source. Bespin isn't working for me, it could be because I'm a Opera user, but even in Firefox I couldn't get it to work properly. And if there is no other alternative; what about creating a new open source project? First, if I'm supposed to create an open source project; what would be the best place to host it?




I'm thinking of creating this with php and the JavaScript framework MooTools. What would be the best way to build the code editing area on?

html textarea-tag
html iframe-tag

creating an own enging like google did with google docs? Theres also the html5 option, like Bespin did. But the problem there is that its not working. Also another reason for that I don't want to go for Bespin is that its an dead prosject. As far as I know several of the team members that worked at Bespin now work for other companies. Also, I'm thinking about building it upon the "Operational transformation" as google did. But should I first create that as an separate Open Source prosject? An Operational transformation javascript implementation for MooTools.

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Open Source - What "Online Project Management Software" Would Be The Best ?

Jan 18, 2010

I have a small project that only employs 2 developers right now (Maybe there will be more developers later, but i wanna keep it small). Maybe it can be non-php software, but i should work fine online at me which would be the best free (OpenSouce preferred) software for project management, the feature i have been searching for are:

Bug Tracker
Task that can be assigned to project members

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Way To Modify/compile Source Code Of Open Source Projects?

Jan 26, 2010

Like PHP and ubuntu.Is there a convenient way to see the modification alive?

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Best Online PHP Editor?

Sep 18, 2007

what are some of the best php editors that are available for online use. As in using to edit php directly taken from a database.

Syntax Highlighting,
Line # Display

I've seen examples of this on forums and such, but not for editing my personal code.

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Best Online Editor??

Sep 18, 2007

In your opinion, what are some of the best php editors that are available for online use. As in using to edit php directly taken from a database.

Syntax Highlighting,
Line # Display


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Best Online Editor?

Sep 18, 2007

In your opinion, what are some of the best php editors that are available for online use. As in using to edit php directly taken from a database.

Syntax Highlighting,
Line # Display


I've seen examples of this on forums and such, but not for editing my personal code. All suggestions are welcome.

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Online Editor

Feb 27, 2006

know of any online editors suitable for editing PHP (i.e. web-based code editors, that either use a textarea, or fill the entire page) that have line numbers and syntax coloring? Those are really the only requirements I have. Preferably free, if possible. I've found a few, but they're either really buggy, or really expensive. Am curious to see if anyone has run across anything that they thought was impressive.

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Best Online PHP Editor??

Sep 18, 2007

In your opinion, what are some of the best php editors that are available for online use. As in using to edit php directly taken from a database.

Syntax Highlighting,
Line # Display

I've seen examples of this on forums and such, but not for editing my personal code.

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Online Editor / Highlighter

Feb 10, 2006

Does anybody know, if there is somewhere an editor with highlighter
functions to implement in an existing cms with mysql backend? It should
be easy to use/install :) Has anyone an idea?
I need it because, we are working on that cms, and it would be easier
to edit it online. So nobody needs to configure ftp clients, ..

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Online Code Editor

May 20, 2006

I know about online html editors which convert <textarea> to wysiwyg editors. but does anybody know a similar solution to write PHP code in a textarea? I'd like (automatic) indention & keyword markup if possible. At least the indention would be handy since it's not possible to enter 'tab' easily in <textarea> .

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How To Create An Online Editor

Dec 11, 2010

So I would like to create a php editor for the browser, I need it because sometimes I make little test codes what makes my computer messy and I always need to delete or manage those files too and I also would like to split the browser into two frames, the first for PHP the second for the page what is edited so I could see the result, and debug it faster.But I don't really know how should I make it because PHP needs to be executed, it's not enable to save it like HTML.

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Online Image Editor?

Mar 6, 2009

It is often difficult for an artist to express with words what can be done with a couple of pencil strokes.So I thought a great idea would be to give the artists a possibility to quote an image and paint on it to show errors or design suggestions.

Now to do it an artist has to download the image, open it in his painting program, paint the corrections, save it and attach to his message.What I want to do is automate this process.Is it possible to do with php?

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Source Code Spellcheckers Is There An Open-source?

Sep 26, 2009

I need a source code spell-checker. Of course there is a closed source ones but I'm looking for an open source solution, That can spell check html files, php source codes any further types would be better. I also thought about making my own since there is a good libraries for spell checking, So what features you think it's good to be added to this application? I have a very basic imagination of it: Just Highlight the error words and give you suggestions without any actual modifying for the source code.Support local and remote filesSpell check only certain parts of code like string literals (between quotations)choosing between dictionaries.Using the apell lib or any equivalent one.

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Rich Text Online Editor

Jun 18, 2007

I need a control / script to be able to give the user to edit a TEXT
field online on browser for hyper text and rich text format, just like
most of the email and contect editor allow to do these days.

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>>>SIMPLE<<< Online WYSIWYG Editor Anyone?

Jun 12, 2006

I need a VERY simple WYSIWYG editor for a site that I am currently making... I need to be able to disable <h1> and <div> but apart from that it needs to support most BASIC tags (nothing complex like span is needed)... What I really need is: /plinksemail links

Does anyone know where I can get one... or even better, has anyone made one!

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Debugging - Online Debugger/code Editor?

Mar 12, 2011

It's a simple deal: I'm sometimes in places where I don't have my laptop, and find myself with spare time and an idea for a project. But unfortunately, I can't do anything about it.I tried a variety of solutions, which include running IDEs (like phpstorm or Aptana) on a disc-on-key or cd (very slow and unappealing), trying several online solutions (like and found that all of them are either buggy, overloaded or underloaded with features, just difficult to use, require FTP etc etc.All that is required here is a syntax highlighting and debugging alerts; no actual running of code.So the question is split into two:)Do you know of a good online php editor that you've used and enjoyed2)If no, then how would you go about making one?The second one seems a bit general, so I'll try and expand...It might be a good idea; if you can't find one, make one. The question is about the concept of making a syntax highlighter (shouldn't be too difficult), and the difficult part of catching php errors WITHOUT executing any php code.

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Make Online File Editor Which Works By SSH?

Apr 13, 2011

I am making online file editor which works by SSH.It can connect to another SSH machine, read textarea, and make a remote SSH command with $textarea .What command shall i use, so it will change file called server.settings to contents of $textarea? Or some script?

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Source Code Editor

Jun 8, 2006

I remember looking at a website that let you browse the source code of PHPBB. it showed you a list of all variables and it would tell you the file and line number each variable appeared. Did the same with functions, constants, etc. Anyone have that link by chance? Or even better, maybe knows the tool itself that compiled that useful little list? I want it bad enough I would even write it myself in perl but I really don't want to reinvent the wheel.

what you think is the best editor for PHP code? I like ultraedit, but it doesn't show me a list of all variables/functions the way that DZsoft PHP editor does. But I also code in other languages so opening multiple kinds of files in tabs inside one editor is also nice. I've found some bugs in both programs though.

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Online Text Editor W/mail Merge Capabilities

Mar 16, 2006

I'm looking for an online text editor with mail merge capabilities which
generates PDF output suitable for printing.

Anyone know of a solution, open-source or otherwise?

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What's A Good PHP Editor To Edit Programs On FTP Server Online?

Apr 16, 2005

I will be writing a lot of PHP programs. I was wondering if you can recommend a good FTP program with PHP editor.

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Anyone Know A Online Wysiwyg Editor And Image Manager On Same Page?

Feb 15, 2007

I am after a wysiwyg editor online that i can use along with an image manager that is on the same page next to it.

i need to have an image manager on the same page so people can just click or drag an image to the editor instead of having to open a new popup window. is this possible and can anyone point me to a script that allows me to do this?

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Editor On Market That Can Read Source From Db?

Dec 28, 2010

Is there a php editor on the market witch can read sources straight from a mysql database?

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Can View Source Code Online?

Feb 1, 2010

I have this weird problem. I purchased a very well-known 3rd-party php-based forum software. Uploaded to my server, run it for few weeks. This morning, when I visit my site, it display ALL the php code, including all the comments etc, like what you will see if you open it with notepad. VERY scary, my database config which is in php file also visible, what the hell is this?? I have no choice but to take my website down now. What should I do? How the hell internet browser can view PHP code? I though php code is very safe??

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Open File In Browser Using Editor - JavaScript

Jan 4, 2011

i have to create a page where i need to insert two frame one will be displaying the pdf file after fetching from database and another will be displaying text file from the database.i want to know if it's possible to open only assigned folder through the editors.also which are the best editors for the purpose.

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Browser Message To Open It In An Editor Or To Save It In My Computer For A Php File.

Jul 16, 2005

I've installed Apache + PHP. When I try to access a PHP script file via my browser, i get the typical message to open it in an editor or to save it in my computer, instead of open de file in the browser. Can anybody give me a solution?

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Open Source BTS?

Nov 15, 2007

I am needing to install a bug tracking system on a web server and looking for
a good PHP open source solution. Looking for a pretty mature system that
still has active development. Thanks for any suggestions.

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How To Use Open Source

Mar 31, 2011

I'm new to php programming and I'm designing a little complex project using php/mysql I wrote my essential codes that I need but now I want to add more things to my project such as security ,file upload that I do not have time to learn and wrote by myself . my question is : should I use open source code?where to find the best and simplest ? and how to use them?

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What Is The Best Open Source IDE

Feb 23, 2009

I have been searching for the best open source PHP IDE for a while now. At first I used phpeclipse and later I tried eclipses PHP plugin but it was buggy and it seems they are not keen on really getting it working. I recently tried Netbeans PHP support and that seems the best so far.

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Open The Source Of An Html Across The Net

Jul 17, 2005

I got my other question wrong. I wrote a script that opens a file and
filters out email addresses and urls etc.

is there a way to enter a url so that my script will open
the source of the webpage and NOT the web page itself?

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Open Source Projects

Oct 11, 2006

How to earn a LIVING by participating in open source projects? Can u suggest any PHP-related open source development sites? What roles are available in open source development? What role can a beginner play while doing open source projects?

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Open Source And Upgrades

Apr 10, 2004

I'm a hack. So when I download an open source application it's usually taken apart and modified in some fashion before too long. And because I'm silly enough to think I can streamline the author's code and because I want certain functionality .

I usually veer pretty far off whatever modularity the author had intended. On occassion I do actually stick to their plan and produce something useful but that's the exception. Primarily because I'm experimenting and most of what I create is trash.

The end result of my messing around is that I end up with an application that works pretty much like I wanted it to and which I have learned front-to-back because I have handled each piece of code. My super-duper version usually has some fundamental changes that would make it nigh on impossible to use a community provided upgrade.

I rarely document my modifications. So when the community puts out a new version of the application I usually ignore it and keep what I've got. That nagging feeling of missing something usually strikes me after I've visited the community forum and realize the latest release is 2 versions ahead of mine.

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Open Source Web Building

Jul 17, 2005

I am just starting out in web building and have a general basic idea of what goes on. Thankfully I have a friend helping me out who has a server and knows PHP, and HTML etc. I would like to know where I can begin to know all the in's and out's of web development.

We are using Cpanel, and going through OSCommerce. I am just really unclear on what happens from once I point my new domain to my friend Mikes server, what happens from there? What are the steps? Where can I go to find out this information?

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Use Open Source CMS For LAMP.

Oct 22, 2007

I would like to use open Source CMS for LAMP. Would you please suggest any open source CMS so that i can edit the web pages and publish easily without any problem. The coding already used for the web site is PHP, Linux, MySQL and Apache.

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Open Source CMS's Run On A MSSQL DB?

May 9, 2006

Does anyone know of any open source CMS's written in PHP that run on a MSSQL DB? I obviously prefer free, but some cost would be okay too. I have searched for days and not found much at all.

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Open Source Ecommerce

Jun 15, 2005

NOTE - This system is designed to be customised, therefore the default look is basic. I have been writing an open source ecommerce system (php / mysql based) which is nearing completion. Before I release the default package and payment gateway modules I would like some people to try it out and let me know what they think. Currently I am not able to provide a demo of the store control panel, just the frontend.

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Jul 27, 2009

I am very experienced in working with open-source technologies like PHP, MySQL, Apache and others. I feel like home working with them and the code comes to me with little effort.

I recently started playing with the ASP.NET technology (I know it doesn't compare to PHP, or does it?) and everything seems very easy, but still I don't feel like home. I still can't decide what road to take and with what should I experiment next.

Some of my friends work in small companies with open-source technologies and say that they are in heaven and this is the way to go. On the other hand some of my relatives work in corporate environments and say that they are in heaven and don't want to hear about open-source (although they were very happy with open-source before the corporate period).

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Open Source Doc/x To Pdf Conversion?

May 25, 2011

Are there any open source PHP tools that i can use to convert .doc / .docx to pdf ?

I was looking into phpLiveDocx but looks like they charge monthly.

Or maybe an .odt to pdf in php or linux ?

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Open-Source Forum With API?

Jul 1, 2009

Does anyone have suggestions for a PHP, Python, or J2EE-based web forum that has a good API for programmatically creating users and forum topics?

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Open Source Web PDF Viewer?

May 14, 2010

Is their any Open Source Web PDF Viewer? Which has good api through which I can modify the looks of the viewer? I had tried the Scribd, Google Docs, FlexPaper , and this also. But it is not giving me, as I want. Then i had downloaded the shadowbox but it has not given me information about how to use it? So anyone know good web pdf viewer and it would be great if it offers the customization

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Register App On Top Of ZF Which Is Open Source?

Mar 6, 2009

Is anyone familiar with an open source, login-register app written on top of ZF? I am looking for the following capabilities:

1. register new users

2. login/logout

3. some kind of captcha on initial register

4. reset/retrieve password (retrieve only username) by user name or by email

5. activation email

6. 3,4,5 should be optional

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Open Source - Release A CMS?

Jul 26, 2010

I'm about to release a CMS written in PHP (using Zend Framework). It's very powerful and easy to manage once you understand it. I was wondering to release it some under commercial license (I want money) but I realized that there's a saturation of CMS's on market. So I think I'm going to release it under some open-source license. I know I have to choose the license but the question is: once the license is choosen what do I need to do to release it? To turn it official, so one cannot just "steal" it's code and say that created it. I read on a website that I just need to create a file called "license" and write the license there but what about the security? I know the code cannot be compiled or obfuscated so what do I do to "turn official" that I created it

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Best Support Open Source Like PhpTickets ????

Apr 14, 2003

i am searching for the Best Open Source Ticketing/Support System. i have to mod it for file attachment capability.

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Open-source PHP IDE And Debugger - On Linux

Jul 17, 2005

I'm looking for a quality open-source PHP IDE and debugger - that runs
on Linux and Windows. But preferably Linux.

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Open-Source Survey System

Jul 17, 2005

I *tried* googling on this topic but could not create a query that would
get me what I am looking for.

Does anyone know of an Open Source survey/questionnaire system? Like a
CMS, but for surveys.

Something made with PHP would be nice (this *is* a PHP ng) but any
Web-based survey creation system will do.

Jeffrey | Silverman
jeffrey-AT-jhu-DOT-edu |
Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore, MD

(Spam Prevention: replace -AT- and -DOT- with @ and . respectively)

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