One Line At A Time File Read

Oct 8, 2007

Is it possible to read a text file one line at a time and have it put into a numbered array.

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Read In Text File Line By Line - Newline Not Being Detected?

I have a php function I wrote that will take a text file and list each line as its own row in a table.The problem is the classic "works fine on my machine", but of course when I ask somebody else to generate the .txt file I am looking for, it keeps on reading in the whole file as 1 line. When I open it in my text editor, it looks just as how I would expect it with a new name on each line, but its the newline character or something throwing it off.So far I have come to the conclusion it might have something to do with whatever text editor they are using on their Mac system.Does this make sense? and is there any easy way to just detect this character that the text editor is recognizing as a new line and replace it with a standard one that php will recognize?UPDATE: Adding the following line solved the issue.



function displayTXTList($fileName) {
if(file_exists($fileName)) {
$file = fopen($fileName,'r');


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Read File And Modify Line By Line Before Echo?

I'm working on a script wich permit me to read a file line by line and echo it. Here is my code now:

PHP Code:

$console = $_GET["console"];
$name = $_GET["name"];
$file = fopen("info_gen.txt", "r") or exit("Unable to open file!");


My problem is I need to be able to add or edit each and every line seperatly and differently before echo everything.

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Read A File Backwards Line By Line Using Fseek?

How do I read a file backwards line by line using fseek?

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Read From The LAST Line Of A CSV File (without Knowing Line Number)?

Is there a way to read from the very last line of a CSV file that has been opened via PHP fopen() ? The trick is that this is a file that has been uploaded by a user, and opened by the server, but could have 100 lines or it could have 100,000. We just need to read from the very last line specifically of the file, which is basically a line containing an array of variables imprinted on the file during upload.

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How Do I Read A File Line By Line Backwards?

I need to read a txt file backwords line by line.

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Read The Whole Txt File Content Instead Of Line By Line

how to read the whole txt file content instead of using "fgets" and read line by line.

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How To Read A Text File Line By Line

suppose I do have a text file with these lines

name: Mathew
Age : 32
Country : USA
Location : California
bla bla bla....

What I want is I want a php code which can read this file and display result to a webpage.

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Read Text File Line By Line

I have been given a textfile which contains data on 1000 businesses. Each line contains a name and a code which are seperated by a comma. The code below allows me to display the entire textfile but I want to read in the values from each line and store these in a database.

$filename = "businesses.txt";
$fileToOpen = fopen($filename,"r");
$content = fread($fileToOpen, filesize($filename));
$content = nl2br($content);

Does anyone know how I can read the data in line by line so that I can store it in a database.

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Read A File Line By Line

Is there a function to read a file line by line in PHP, i.e. the way you do in Perl like <file_handle> ..... Note that i don't want to use the file() function.. that read entire file into an array and is not suitable when you're reading large files.

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Read A File From Line X To Line Y ?

Is there a way to read a file in PHP5 from line X to line Y into a string, without reading the entire file.I would like to return huge files (10,000+ lines) using ajax requests. Each request will provide the client with additional lines. And due to the fact that the file can reach large sizes, I would like to avoid reading it whole over and over again.

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Read A Certain Line From A File

How could you read a certain line from a file, so for example you have a file: Code:


I know you can read through the lines with fgets() but I want to know whether there is a way to get only a certain line without having to load the whole file (or any other rows) into php (imagine a file with 1000+ rows).

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Read First Line From File?

What's the quickest, easiest way to read the first line only from a file? I know you can use file, but in my case there's no point in wasting the time loading the whole file.

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Read The Last Line From A Big File ( 5GB )?

Possible Duplicate: PHP: read last line from file The file is is really big and it is updating frequently. All I want to do is get the last line inserted. Is there a way to read from a file without PHP storing the whole file in memory? Just the fastest way to get the last line inserted.

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Read The Second Line From A Csv File?

how to read the second line from a csv file using PHP? I need the read the second line from the csv file and import into mysql

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Read File Line

I have written this code to read from a text file line by line and print on screen. But problem is it prints all text in one line.

$handle = @fopen("myfile.txt", "r");

if ($handle)
while (!feof($handle))
$buffer = fgets($handle, 4096);
echo $buffer;

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Read First Line Of File?

I'm trying to read the first line of some large files by PHP, which means, the ideal solution does not work:

Quote $content = file($file_import);

$fields = explode(",", $content[0]);
QuoteFatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 110 bytes) in C:wampwwwexchangeadminimport.php on line 55

Is there any other way to read only the first line without opening the whole file?

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Read Line From Text File

I have a text file that i would like to use PHP to read from. each line
ends with a. I need to read from the beginning of the line, only upto that:

right now i'm using this, which is sloppy and slow:

if ($chr = fgetc($file)) != "") { }

which of course reads in one byte at a time till the end of line. is there
a better way?

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Fopen - Read Only 5 Last Line Of The Txt File?

i have a file named "file.txt"it updates by adding lines to it. I am reading it by this code:

$fp = fopen("file.txt", "r");
$data = "";


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Read Line Comments In INI File?

The parse_ini_file function removes comments when reading configuration files.What would you do to keep the comments that are associated with the next line?For example:

; Verify that the email's domain has a mail exchange (MX) record.
validate_domain = true

Am thinking of using X(HT)ML and XSLT to transform the content into an INI file (so that the documentation and options can be single sourced). For example:

<p>Verify that the email's domain has a mail exchange (MX) record.</p>

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Browsers Do Not Read New Line In A File?

I have a password protected text file and to make it password protected, i used a password protector script (which works great) but it required me to rename the text file to .php on my server. This went fine, however, when I open this text file in any browser on windows, i do not seeing any new lines (I used to see them)

I tried writing -"
", "
", "

I think it has to do with the browser thinking its a .php file i guess.

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Read A Specific Line From A CSV File?

I am attempting to create a request script that will dump requests to the end of the CSV file.

I'm trying to dump the last line of a CSV file into an array, so I can check what the first number is.

Example CSV: (This isn't the actual file)



So when the php script runs, I can identify the last line:


$file = "request.csv";
$lines = count(file($file));
echo "There are $lines lines in $file";

Now, I need to take that last line (3 in this case) and somehow pull it into an array, so array[0] = 000003. I can then increment this number and save the new data on a line starting at 000004.

I just can't figure out how to read a specific line from a CSV file.

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Read A Line From A File And Compare It?

each line contains 1 ip address) and compare it with a variable. I have written some code but it doesn't work.

Code: [Select]$refile='';
if (strcmp($refile,"YES") == 0) echo $refile ."OK". "<br />";
echo $refile . "NO OK ". "<br />";


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Read Each Line Of Txt File To New Array Element

I am trying to read every line of a text file into an array and have each line in a new element. My code so far.


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Read A Line From A Text File Then Delete It?

I have a text file , filled with pipe separated URLs, like this:



I currently have this code to read each url from the file and pass it to a function:

$urlarray = explode("|", file_get_contents('urls.txt'));
foreach ($urlarray as $url) {

What I want to do next is, after function1() is done, delete that URL from the text file.That way, when the script is done going through all the URLs in urls.txt, this text file should be empty.

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Read A Text File And Get Each Line Into An Array?

In php how can I read a text file and get each line into an array?

I found this code which does it somewhat but looks for a = sign and I need to look for a new line

$file_handle = fopen("dictionary.txt", "rb");
while (!feof($file_handle) ) {
$line_of_text = fgets($file_handle);
$parts = explode('=', $line_of_text);
print $parts[0] . $parts[1]. "<BR>";

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