Mysql - Cross Table Query

Aug 16, 2006

I have 2 tables called: sites and regions. I am performing a seach of the sites table where the postcode is like "nn" for e.g. Along with the result set from the sites table, i'm trying to display the 'town' field belonging to the regions table. Code:

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Nest One Mysql Query Within Another (for Cross Referencing Another Table In The Middle Of That First Query)?

How do i nest one mysql query within another (for cross referencing another table in the middle of that first query)? for example:

i am referencing a table with news posted by members and in the middle of that reference i want to reference an up to date version of their email address as listed in their profile (in case they change it after posting a news message).

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Cross Table MySQL Query

I have a problem were I have 4 identically structured tables containing member data and I need unique rows across each.

For an individual table I would perform:
SELECT id, COUNT(id) AS count FROM members_9_2004 GROUP BY username, nickname HAVING count > 1

Then I would delete the data that occurs more than once. Now a problem has erose were the same data may occur across tables.

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Most Efficient Way To Do This Cross-table Query?

I have something that works fine, but it's overly redundant and I'm sure it can be made more efficient. I have this query: Code:

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Cross Tab Query In Mysql?

i am struggling with cross tab query in mysql.

cid | Q# | marks
c1 | 1| 50
c1 | 2 | 50

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Create A Mysql Query That Will Look In A Table And Come Back With The Most Used Phrase In A Certain Cell In The Table?

How can I create a mysql query that will look in a table and come back with the most used phrase in a certain cell in the table?


I want a print out from mysql to be like this:

Car 3
Truck 2
Van 1

Is there any way to have it count up how many of each unique things there are in a cell in a table, and have it decending from the first one being the highest number?

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Cross Table Select

I have problems with a query that involves three tables. Table contacts: contact_id, contact_name Table companies: company_id, company_name Table ref_company_contacts: ref_id, contact_id, company_id If i want to get contacts for a company the query goes like this: PHP Code:

$companyId = 3;

$sql = "SELECT contacts.* FROM contacts, companies, ref_company_contacts";
$sql.= " WHERE companies.company_id = '$companyId'";
$sql.= " AND companies.company_id = ref_company_contacts.company_id";
$sql.= " AND ref_company_contacts.contact_id = contacts.contact_id";

But what shall i do if i want to select only the contacts in table "contacts" that not have a referanse to the company in table "ref_company_contacts".

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Cross Table Reverse Lookup ?

I have 3 tables a users, a games, and my games.

users = user data
games = game data
my_games = relationships user id and game id

So i need to know how I can take the data in the my games table and kind of reverse lookup the gid or uid to return the correct record. What im trying to do is on user profiles have a list of there games there playing.

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Cross Database Table Joins In Drupal?

Is it possible to do cross database joins in drupal?

Say you have two databases, drupal and old_data_source. You want to join drupal.node to

db_set_active() can be called to use multiple databases. However can't find anything about cross database table joins!

(I'm looking into this as part of a migration script and will be removing old_data_source)

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Mysql Query Table

i got a problem with an multidimensional array out of a sql DB after each table print he should select the next line of $thismember but i don't know how to do. PHP Code:

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Mysql Query Cannot Put In To The Table

I give nothing error. But mysql query dont put in to the table. I am using variables...

$ara = '/Public Game - /';
$degistir = '';

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How To Query Mysql Table For Two Variables?

I have the following code where users can select what size apartment and what location, but how do I write the query that selects the variables? Code:

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Create A Table From A Mysql Query

How would you create a table from a mysql query, but limit the amount of values on each row.

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MySQL Query - Table Set Up Issue

If I have a table set up like this:

Age | TINYINT | NULL (Default: NULL)

And I want the user to enter his or her name, email, and age - but AGE
is optional.

My insert would look something like:

INSERT INTO data (Name, Email, Age) VALUES ('$name', '$email', $age)

This is all good, except if the user doesn't enter an age. Then $age is
an empty variable. I thought that since the table is set up where Age
can be NULL, that this should be fine. But MySQL is giving me an error.
If $age is a number, it is no problem.

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Mysql Table Field Query

I wasn't sure if I should post this here or the newbie section. How do you query a list of mysql table field names? Not the values, just the names?

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MYSQL Query: Create Table AND Row

I am trying to create a table and a row at the same time. Right now my create table code works, I just want to know how I should add the row? Code:

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First, I'm just starting to learn MySQL with PHP.My query copy/paste directly from my IDE:

$query = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS $table_messages (
d int(11) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,

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Update Query For All Rows In MySQL-table

With this (testing) code I create a form to update prices in my database. (colums: id, omschrijving, prijs). The textboxes have the same id as the id-number in the database.

I would like to receive some help to write the update query. The query must handle all the id's, not row by row (id1 = field1, id2 =field2 etc), because the number of items is changing in the coming time. Code:

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Optimize MYSQL (3) Table Join Query?

Running an EXPLAIN on some of my query tests have resulted in slow ALL joins even with indexes. How do I make a MYSQL query with the following information more efficient?


counter: id (pk), timestamp, user_id (fk)
user: id (PK), username, website_id (fk)
website: id (pk), sitename
SELECT t2.username, t3.sitename, count(*) as views FROM counter t1
LEFT JOIN user t2 ON = t1.user_id
LEFT JOIN website t3 ON = t2.website_id
WHERE <> ""

The result in an html table:

username, sitename, counter_views

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Mysql Multi-table Fulltext Query?

I am making a multi-table fulltext query.But I met some question.I need make a query like

FROM article1

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Transferring Data From One Table To Another Using Mysql Query

I am having two tables and I want to move the data from one table to another using mysql query. All the fields of first table(from which I want to move data) are in second table and two extra fields are there. I want to move the data of first table to second table when certain condition is satisfied. So, I have written query like,

insert into table2('field1','field2','field3','field4','field5') select 'field1','field2','field3' from table1 where 'field1'<1,'field4 value','field5 value';

But it gave me error when I ran it.. What exactly I want to do is to insert all the values of first table into second one and two extra fields that are present in the second table. But I am not able to insert.

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Update Mysql Table With Random Value From Another Query?

im having a problem regrading a query which will update earning table with another random value from users table.when executing the query it do nothing

$update = mysql_query("UPDATE earnings SET userid = (SELECT ID FROM users WHERE installid is NULL ORDER BY rand()) WHERE userid='0'");
in the second query
SELECT ID FROM users WHERE installid is NULL ORDER BY rand()

it will get me a random userid where installid null

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MySql With Complex Multiple Table Query?

I'm storing a bunch of data for communities in MySqlMy initial communities table has these fields:

id (primary key)

I'm then storing different data for each community in other tables like this:Table: community_amenities

id (primary key)
community - this references the id

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Query Time For Large MySQL Table

To preface my question I am a rookie in the PHP area, so forgive my incompetence. I am performing a query on a MySQL table and displaying the fields in a HTML table supported by DataTables, and due to the number of records I have stored in my table (5000+ rows) i have a big problem with the initial load time. I am using caching methods to enhance navigation beyond the initial load, however I still need a solution for reeling in the carp. I wanted to use the js datatables plugin to allow users quick access to paginated data, but if the load time hogs their memory and delays first glance...obviously I need to go a different route.

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Insert Info Mysql Table Query?

How can i use single quote for values? $qry='insert into tablename values('a','b');';

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Send Mysql Query Result Displayed In A Table

I have just created a shopping cart and I would like to send my user the receipt of there order by email. The receipt is generated by a mysql query and is displayed within a table. I have worked out how to send a html using simple HTML code as my â$messageâ&#65533; variable: $success = mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

But I can not get it to send my mysql query result displayed in a table. How can i create the result of my mysql query and make it a simple variable i.e $message.

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