Mean, Std. Dev. & Bell Curve

May 15, 2005

I would like to calculate the mean and the standard deviation of a set of data and subsequently plot the appropriate distribution (bell) curve.

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What Is The Learning Curve For PHP?

A friend and I want to learn PHP but we have two totally different
programming backgrounds.
I have experience with procedural programming in C, and he has
experience with Visual BASIC.
Well we wanted to know, what type of learning curve ( of difficulty )
we would have trying to learn PHP?
Also, What will be the most significant changes for us to adapt to? I
wanted to know if PHP is like
bash shell scripting for Linux?

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Draw Curve In Php

I have an Access/mysql table with two columns X and Y which have random values. I need to draw a smooth line of X VS Y. Can I do that using php?

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Learning Curve For PHP-Nuke?

My client has chosen PHP-Nuke for building a prototype of his idea (i.e. to demonstrate proof of concept). I know that a "needs analysis" should have been done but he's in a hurry and has made the choice. I've not worked with any other CMS yet.

Approx how much time (hrs) would it take to get up to speed on PHP-Nuke? ...from understanding to implementing to customizing -- for basic/general functions -- not anything significantly esoteric.

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Math - Get Points On A Curve With Log()?

I have a graph I am trying to replicate. I have the following PHP code:

$sale_price = 25000;
$future_val = 5000;
$term = 60;


How do I make the code work to give me the points along the lower line (between the yellow and blue areas)? It doesn't need to be exact, just somewhat close.

The formula is:


I got that by using the Online Function Grapher at [URL]

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Magento Learning Curve And Best Tips?

Ok, magento is new to me, and in fact ecommerce site development itself is new.

Magento seems to be extremely difficult to get to grips with - I have spent 3 days now going round I'm circles trying to create a custom theme and modules.

The documentation is poor, the code and structure appears obfuscated - when will it get easier?! Are there any specific tips or advice that you can offer for learning magento properly ? For any other developers out there - how long (full time development) did it take to start to make sense of magento and to get things done quickly?

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Add Text To Curved Image, Add Text To Curve Image Like Mug Image?

$config['source_image'] = '/path/to/image/mypic.jpg';
$config['wm_text'] = 'Copyright 2006 - John Doe';
$config['wm_type'] = 'text';


This is water mark code in php, it is working fine when we add text to curve image like mug image, the letter is not overlap the curved image how can we overcome?

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