Make Web Based Chat Application Using Java Applets On Client Side?

Mar 16, 2011

want to make web based chat application using java applets on client side, and php as server side, but i want my chat to be supported with multithreading in order for a user to chat with different users, php supports multi threading?if not what server side language is recomended for such application?

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Template System (XML - Based) That Can Be Used Both With It (server - Side) And Javascript (client Side)

I am looking for a good template system (preferably XML-based) that provides implementations both for PHP and Javascript.This would enable me to write templates for some elements that are either:

- Populated on server side : when simply displaying those, in "reader" mode.
- Or instantiated / populated on client side : when creating new instances of these objects, in the admin backend, using Javascript.

Do you have such a template system ? Or maybe an alternative to handle those needs?

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Implement Communication Between Java Client Application (Android) And Server Application?

I have a simple Java client application (Android app). I have to write a PHP server application which receives a request from the Java client application to write some data to a MySQL database or read some data from the MySQL database. It should respond with a status message (Write failed/success) or the data requested respectively.How would I get the Java client send a request and receive the reply from the PHP program and how would the PHP program receive the request and send the reply? I have googled about SOAP and REST architectures, but looking for a simple tutorial which will allow me to implement this simple program.

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Flash Based Chat Client Is Not Robust Enough?

I have developed a Flash based chat client that displays messages posted by users belonging to a group along with their username and time of writing. The data is stored in a mysql database with the group id, user id and message so that it persists beyond chat sessions and allows users logging in at a later time to see the discussions, less of a chat, more of a notice board. When a user writes a message I want the chat clients to update instantly an appear to be real time chat. My solution so far has been to include an interval in my flash code that calls a PHP page which queries the database for new comments and return this to Flash.I think from what Ive read that this approach is called long polling? is that right? Is this robust enough for volume? Would I be better looking at pushing the data to the client when there are changes? How do I detect these changes? I have looked at APE for example but I dont think that this stores the messages in a database.

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Use On The Client Side And Communicate With A Application?

Is it possible to use on the client side and communicate with a PHP based application on the server? Does PHP even support such a 'long-lived connection' way of writing code? All the sample code I find for seems to be for node.js on the server side

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CHAT IM Client (browser Based Using Javascript / JQury And LAMP) Like Meebo Or

I am using for last few days. I want to make something with similar kind of functionality with LAMP and javascript/jquery. I already have a table in mySQL with name as user_account_details. Where i have columns as userID, protocol, protocol_username, protocol_password, with values like these: {123, facebook, 123_username, 123_password} and so on.. I know the term 'protocol' is not relevant here, but I can't think of anything else.

I don't need the complete code. I only want someone to show me the correct direction. I don't have any idea how to do this.. And how these multiple protocol chat clients works.

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Stress Test Web Application Containing Flash And Javascript On The Client Side?

I've got a somewhat complex web application, containing Flash and javascript on the client side and PHP functionality server side. The PHP functionality contains system calls (exec()) to merge/edit/create files with gnu software (*nix environment) as well as api calls to REST services for uploading these files (this will be done with cron jobs, however).

We're not ready to go live just yet, we're expecting a large server load directly at launch, so we need to stress test the environment. I've looked in to some libraries, like JMeter, but afaik these libraries cannot handle the Flash - and the merge/edit/create depends on input from the Flash app. How can I stress test my environment in the best possible way?

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Java - XMPP Web Client For Commercial Web Application?

I have the task of choosing an XMPP server/client solution for an internal web application. The goal is for employees to be able to utilize it via desktop client or the web application. The web client is mandatory.

The web application is written in PHP, but I don't necessarily need a PHP solution. Flash or Java are acceptable (Flash would be preferable since that's already required for another component of the application).

The web application requires javascript be enabled (and makes use of jQuery), so AJAX isn't out of the question either.

There are only two requirements that must be met:

The client must use a secure connection (HTTPS for AJAX, TLS for Flash/Java). The client license must be commercial friendly. Free would be nice, but is not a requirement.

So far, I've found SparkWeb, which is LGPL licensed (hooray), but I have not been impressed by its live demo. I was unable to create an account on their server or connect to another XMPP server that I run, so I haven't even been able to see it in action.

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Game's Score Is Based On A Client-side Countdown - Bulletproof It?

I'm working on a game, which has score based on a JavaScript countdown: the faster you finish the level before the countdown reaches zero, the bigger your score is. How can I make sure it is not somehow altered when I finally receive it from client-side on server-side?

My initial idea is to make two checkpoints: one at the beginning of a level and another at the end. Checkpoint is basically a session sent via AJAX to server-side PHP script which is then timestamped. So after the game is finished on client-side, the score is verified with the one on server-side. Is this kind of protection any good?

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Java - Background Processing In Based Application?

I am working on a huge php application with Zend framework, in that project we need to process files and create thumbnails for images, videos, documents for which we are using imagemagick, ffmpeg, openoffice in background process. To make the process optimized and fast with minimum resources I am thinking of implementing this process using another language may be java or c.

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Web Site Code Process With Server Side And Client Side Code - When Should The Client Side Code Be Implemented

I'm developing a web site, which would make use of PHP, Javascript (JQuery) and use AJAX to connect the two. My question is, how should the coding process go.

I know that Javascript is supposed to be used as an extra kick, and should not be relied upon because it can be turned off. So, should I code the entire site in PHP, and then after all of that is done, add the JQuery code, or should I do both side by side?

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Clarification To Access The Java+ Xml Application In Based Web Portal?

I Require a clarification on one Technical Implementation to check its feasible or not.I have one VPS server which has a Java Environment and I have one more dedicated server which doesnot have a Java Environment where i have built my PHP based web application, In the VPS environment I am planning to implement the XML based application using the Observer pattern with java and DOM Parsers and make that application available at say for example123.124.125.65/XML_Works/Sample,xml fileNow My doubt is that: 1)is it possbile to access this application in dedicated Server where the java environment is not there. 2)if yes, then is it possible to access that java + XML application in IFrame in PHP based web portal.

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Send Data To The Client Side Without The Client Side Having To Ask For It?

Lets say you want a little exclamation mark to appear next to mail logo of the page to let the user know that they have new mail. you want this to automatically pop up when they get mail without them having to refresh.I KNOW I can use Ajax to periodically send requests to the server and check for new mail. but I was wondering if there is a way to make the client side just listen, and have the server send it an update whenever new mail comes in.

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Editing DOM Client Side Using A Code Inspector To Manipulate Server Side Behaviour?

I have a form where each field is given certain properties via their class attribute.i.e. is both a required input, and is expecting its value to be formatted as an email address. Using Javascript/jQuery, I have iterated through all the inputs in the form, determined each one's associated properties (if any) and submitted them via ajax for post-processing server side using PHP.

So the PHP will determine in the above input's example whether or not $_POST["email"] 1) has a value and 2) the value is an email address. I've not had any problems getting any of this intended behaviour to work. My question/concern is how to prevent a user from manipulating each field's properties using a code inspector tool such as FireBug before submitting the form i.e. remove the "required" class for the "email" id so that they can successfully submit the form without providing an email input. Is there anything that can be done to prevent the cunning user to take advantage of this? Or is this simply the result of how I've designed the form validation?

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Javascript - Template Engine That Works Both On Client Side With JS And On Server Side?

Is there a simple Template engine that works both on client side with JS and on server side with PHP (I want to have the same template definition for both use cases).

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Javascript - Filter An Image Client Side, Not Server Side, Using GD Library?

I use Soundcloud for my tracks.I'm using their jquery player to place a widget on my new site, as you can see on the top right, The problem is, the waveform Souncloud provides is a one colour only deal.

My goal:To change this waveform PNG from curent colour to black, but client side.I know I can change things using PHPs GD library, and I've done this successfully with a test image on my server using this code:


$im = imagecreatefrompng('hello.png');
if($im && imagefilter($im, IMG_FILTER_BRIGHTNESS, -255))
echo 'Image brightness changed.';


It works perfectly!BUT, It changes the actual image on my server! Pretty cool, but not possible.Obviously I cant change the image on Soundcloud's server (all the data, images, music comes from there API)So What I'm looking for is a way were I can change the colour of the PNG client side, on the fly.I have a lot of tracks on there, so basically each time the user clicks next or previous, the waveform loads in and before it does it needs to change that image's colour?Is this possible?To see the player in action on my test site(the styling on that one is old, by the way, but it's functionality is correct)


NB the entire site does not work beyond what you see there.Still a WIP.

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Sending Notification (few Data) From Server Side App To Android Client Side App?

How can I send data from my PHP server side App to Android Client Side App in terms of Notification or something else i dont want to use C2DM ,is there any other Alternative.I want to send such data on a particular event happen on server like a new row inserted in some table or existing row deleted by user A but also shared to user B.So i want to notify user B by sending some notification on his mobile.

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Validate Register Form Client Side With Javascript And Server Side

I'm new to PHP and Web stuff. I have a task that validate the register form at client by javascript and server by PHP. I don't understand what that means. I made a register form, and validated all field with javascript

<form name="register" onSubmit="return validateForm()">
//...code display form here...
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">
<script language="javascript">
//...validate function here...
function validateForm() {

I put the above code in register.php. And now how do I make a validation on PHP server side? I need to create a new php file and use post method to pass data from this register.php to new ones? and after validation I post data back to register with error if there is?....

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Validating Form Input Client-side (JS) Vs Server-side?

I'm making a form in a server using PHP, but I'm considering on using jQuery for the form submittion.

So, what option is better? A PHP script that takes the form, validating stuff right there and sending messages when something is wrong, or a jQuery script that sends the form without reloading?

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Write The Server Side If Using The Json On Client Side Of The Iphone?

i want to make my server side in php. after writing the code in php can i directly use json to parse it of or something other required on the server side with php.can you give me some example of it, how to do this on server side if i want to use json of my client side.

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Creating HTML: Server - Side Vs JQuery Client - Side

I have data that needs to go into an HTML table, which will later be manipulated by the user. Basically the user will be able to select items in the table rows. I have two options - in both cases I'm using AJAX to get the data:Create the HTML code using PHP on the server side, send it to the client as HTML.

The user then manipulates the table using Javascript (jQuery, essentially). Send the raw data to the client using JSON, then use jQuery to both create the HTML and later manipulate it by the user. From a design/ease of coding/beauty point of view, which approach is recommended?

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Regex : Check In It (Server - Side) Or Javascript (client - Side)

I have form who validate user input, I use PHP, Javascript and AJAX. I want to check every field with regex But I'm little confuse about method to check it... What's better method to check it Javascript or PHP?

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Web Services - Sites Built On Server Side And GWT On Client Side?

I use PHP on server side to generate HTML/XHTML directly or via Smarty/PHPTAL or any other templating engine. I do believe most of developers follow the same path most of the time.Now I'm thinking of delegating GUI & client-side to GWT and using to send RPCXML / RPCJSON / POST / GET to server side which run PHP. I'm looking for good examples of doing so. It's great to have code accompanied.Although I could not find any example site, I have found documents that hint on using JSON as a mean for data exchange.


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Javascript - Combine JQuery And Zen-Coding Ports To Emulate Client Side Programming Style On Server Side Scripts?

When I write client side code, I use HTML/CSS/JavaScript and lately jQuery to both speed up coding, and use improved methods to achieve the same goal.

In my text editor I use zen-coding to speed up the writing of code, and also to avoid errors. I was looking at zen-coding as a jQuery plugin for a while, but it has a fatal flaw, that you want the HTML to be written and sent to the client plain before any javascript kicks in.

Although we can use JavaScript servers (env.js or node.js) and therefore do a lot of development server side using JavaScript and jQuery, I am not comfortable moving over yet as it is an emerging technology, and has many differences and drawbacks (and also some major advantages).

I want to continue using PHP server side, but develop in the way I am most comfortable with, and familiar with which is client side JavaScript.

Therefore - I have been looking into QueryPath which is a PHP port of jQuery that aims to take the best and most relevant parts of jQuery and re-work it to suit the server environment.

That is all great, and I have now been looking at two PHP classes capable of parsing zen-coding which when combined acts as a great templating engine and also avoids errors in my code.

The problem I am having is that neither zen-coding parsers support anywhere near a full set of zen-coding features.

So finally my questions (sorry for the rather lengthy intro)

Is there a better server side zen-coding parser I can use in my PHP code?Is there a good (very concise and full featured) alternative templating system to using zen-coding? (which I know is not originally designed for this task)Is there a better approach I should take to achieve my ultimate goal of narrowing the divide between the way I code client side and server side?Is there a PHP library that implements a load of utility functions that by using will enhance the security/performance of my code without me learning all the internal workings? (like jQuery does for javascript)

NB: I am looking more for functional equivalence than syntactic similarity - although both are a plus for me.

Here is some commented test code that should illuminate what I am trying to achieve:

// first php based zen-coding parser
// url
require_once 'ZenPHP/ZenPHP.php';
// my own wrapper function

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Form Validation - Server Side? Or Client Side?

Which is best to use? or is it nesacary to use both?

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Process Data Server Side Vs Client Side

I'm using PHP to pull financial data from yahoo. Then I'm sending the data in JSON format to one of my Typepad blogs and receiving it with JavaScript. Is it faster to process the data on the server-side, then send the JSON subset to JavaScript. Or would it be better to send the whole thing, then process it with JavaScript on the client side? How do I learn how to make this type of trade-off analysis on my own?

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