Joomla: Force A Webpage To Save As A Pdf File?

As an example, I have actually been able to generate excel files by changing the content-type for an html document. In this scenario, I would use php to generate the table cells with information gathered from the database and then set the content-type before the page is rendered. Is there a way to do this for pdf's?


Force File Download Inside Joomla Framework?

I have some PHP code that runs a query on a database, saves the results to a csv file, and then allows the user to download the file. The problem is, the csv file contains page HTML around the actual csv content.I've read all the related questions here already, including this one. Unfortunately my code exists within Joomla, so even if I try to redirect to a page that contains nothing but headers, Joomla automatically surrounds it with its own navigation code. This only happens at the time of download; if I look at the csv file that's saved on the server, it does not contain the HTML.Can anyone help me out with a way to force a download of the actual csv file as it is on the server, rather than as the browser is editing it to be? I've tried using the header location, like this:

header('Location: ' . $filename);

but it opens the file in the browser, rather than forcing the save dialog.Here's my current code:

//set dynamic filename

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Make A Button That Will Save Viewing Current Webpage Like Clicking FILE > SAVE AS In IE - FF

I would like to make a button that will save the current webpage you are viewing like clicking FILE>SAVE AS in IE, FF, etc. Once clicked you can "precode" the default name of the file based on the variables used in the webpage. Also I if possible I would like to omit certain details on the current webpage from being saved when the save as button is clicked.

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Force IE To Save XML As File By Using Headers?

I have an XML feed generated by a PHP script with mod_rewrite running. IE opens the feed OK but I cannot get it to save the file to disk or import to Excel. The file I am trying to access in the url is similar to: [URL] This gets written to a download PHP script and is not actually an XML file. After setting the headers as below, it is still not possible to get IE to save the file. Also, as it is not capable of displaying the plain source, copy & paste into notepad will not work because of various styling changes IE makes to the XML.

header("Content-type: text/xml");
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="QuoteExport_'.$quoteDate.'_'.$quoteSlot.'.xml"');

Does anyone know the solution? I have tried a combination of these headers and still not getting the results I want. No matter what I set, IE always displays it in-line in the browser with no option to download. The save functionality also still does not work either. how to force IE to save the XML as a file by using headers? The state now is that IE gives the option to open/save but whilst trying to save, there is a popup saying that it is "Unable to open this internet site.". Yet at the same time, the open option displays the content with no issues.

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Force Open/save - File Won't Play

WMV video file won't play after download via HTTP, Error: file you are attempting to play has an extension that does not match the file format. I click yes to play it anyway, and it says the file is corrupt or wmp doesn't support the format. Code:

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Save Remote File That Pushes Headers To Force Download?

I can download remote files using PHP but how do you download from a link that pushes headers out? I mean, you can click on some links and it will force a download and present you with dialog box to save the file. How can I download and save this sort of thing using PHP?Any examples or links to tutorials would be great since I couldn't find anything useful on this topic.Updated and [SOLVED]

// File to download


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Save A File To The Local Server That Has A Force Download Header?

I am trying to "copy" a file from a remote server that is being forced to download through the browser. The headers that the remote file outputs are as follows:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2011 00:19:21 GMT


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Javascript - Save Webpage As A Image File?

I want to save webpage as image file or i want to take snapshot of an webpage using PHP. Just like firefox extension Fireshot doing.

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Force Webpage To Open In Internet Explorer?

in my web server all pages i develop targeting internet explorer browser but other browser can open it but not view properly.therefore i need to forcefully open it in internet explorer.if user open it in other browser than IE it gives a message box saying "The site is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or above" and site is open in that browser.But i need to redirect the site to IE browser and close other browser window. how can i achieve this altering blow code. this is my code

function browser_detection( $which_test ) {
// initialize the variables
$browser = '';


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Force The Save As For Pdf Files In IE?

I need to force the Save As for pdf files in IE.

Actually the code is opening Acrobat:

PHP Code:

<?php session_start();
$sql=executeQuery("select * from tbl_documents where id='".$_REQUEST['id']."'");


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Save The String Of A Webpage Which Is There In An Id To Save?

i want to save the content of a webpage which is there an id tag and than i want to store that content in a txt file so any change a user make to the webpage next time he press f5(refresh)the change should appear in webpage ..means it should first change in txt file and than override by it..

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Zend : Force Browsers To Don't Show Warnings On Webpage For A Particular Case?

I am trying to get twitter updates like this:

try {

$doc = new DOMDocument();
$isOK = true;
} catch( Zend_Exception $e ) {
$isOK = false;

If there is not problem with internet connection then $isOK = true; is set. But if there is a problem in loading twitter page then it shows following warnings and does not set $isOK = false;

Warning: DOMDocument::load( [domdocument.load]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /var/www/vcred/application/controllers/IndexController.php on line 120

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Joomla Development - Allow Direct File Access AND Use Joomla Intern Framework

As usual you write in Joomla Development

defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');

I make a plugin which needs access from Paypal/IPN, so i exclude that in that specific file. BUT I also need to use the Joomla-intern Variables to access the Database, so i tried this:

OR even
$baseurl = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
$baseurl ="http://".$baseurl."/configuration.php";

By using the first code it displays "Restircted Access" since it seems to take this from the included file which i can't skip to put-in-there. The second code does not seem to recognize the Variables used in configuration.php like $host, $db, $password. the file configuration.php is chmod 444 Why this happens and is there a workarround to allow direct access to a file AND using the Joomla intern Framework (Variables, Functions)?

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Jquery - Force A Save-As Dialog Box Without Leaving The Page?

I have an anchor tag:

<a href="file.pdf">Download Me</a>

I would like for the user to click on it and then have a Save-As dialog box appear with a new filename I determine.

I found this [URL]:

// It will be called downloaded.pdf
// The PDF source is in file.pdf

I don't understand where to put those headers. At the top of the page? When I try to place those 3 lines directly above my link I receive the following errors:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home5/ideapale/public_html/amatorders_basic/admin/download.php:38) in /home5/ideapale/public_html/amatorders_basic/admin/download.php on line 118

I got the same error for both of the header lines I just added. Right after that, there are thousands lines of ASCII letters. How can I get the Save-As dialog box to appear using either jQuery or PHP(whatever is easier)?

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Save Webpage As Jpg?

I'd like have a button on one site that let users save site as jpg. It's possible? Like a screenshot of the entire site? It can be done in php? Pdf could be also a possibility but i tried and i found it's too hard to make a pdf from complex sites with lots of tables and css and so on.

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Download A Webpage And Save It In A Folder?

How can i download a web page and save it in a folder using PHP.

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Take Snapshot Of Webpage And Then Save It Into A Folder?

I want to take snapshot of webpage and then save it into a folder.

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Save Content Of Current Webpage In Word Through?

i need to save contents of webpage on word. i need to keep the links and formating too.if i send

$ter=$ter. "<a href='$url'>".$chunk."</a> ";
$fp = fopen("test.doc", 'w+');
$str = $ter;
fwrite($fp, $str);

i get a word document but i loose the comes out as

a href=''>sells sea shells how do i get it be a hyper link in word.

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Image Can Be Captured Of A Webpage And Then Have An Option To Save It?

is there a way an image can be captured of a webpage and then have an option to save it?I have a form that when its completed I want a button to download an image or something similar to that.

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Capture A Print Of A Webpage And Save It Server-side?

So, I'm basically working on a custom card editor. The user can edit the text (in place), upload a picture and do basic editing (resizing, framing, b&w). This is all done via javascript. When the user is done editing the card, I need to be able to capture a screenshot of the whole page as it is and store it server-side. This is very important - this process is NOT for the user. I want to receive an image or a pdf of the page exactly as the user edited it.

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Force "Save As" Dialog Via JQuery GET?

m trying to get the script to pop a "Save As" dialog on the resulting test.ini file to allow it to be saved locally. However, although I can echo the result back to the jQuery fine, I can't seem to pop the "save as" dialog.Update: I just changed my $.get to a window.location.replace.

//$.get('<?php echo get_bloginfo('template_directory') ?>/test.php');

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Convert Msword File Into A Text File And Storing It In Joomla?

i want to convert MsWord doc file into text file - any code sample. And then i want to store it to in database MySql - any code. And also how to retrieve it in a same format tht was in Msword file using php joomla

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Force Download Of File

I've searched through the forums for something similar to what I'm trying to do, found several results, but none of which seemed to work. I have a script, download.php in the root of a folder that houses multiple audio files. The script is accessed by a link on an artist's profile that passes the id of their song in the database.

download.php takes the id, runs a MySQL query to obtain the path to the song, and then passes that information to a set of header() calls in an effort to force download the file. The problem lies when the script attempts to download the file. Instead of downloading the requested file, it tries to download the script itself. Code:

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Force A File To Download Using It

I have a html file on my server, if a user clicks on a link it should download, but instead it opens up in browser window

coding for downloading
echo $todayis = date("l, F j, Y.") ;  
$id1 = $_POST['id'];
header('Cache-Control: public');
header('Content-Description: File Transfer');
header('Content-disposition: attachment; filename=pm/'.$id1.'.html');

Its work fine in localhost but in server it opens up in new browser window

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Force Download A Mp3 File

I want to force download a mp3 file. What I want to be able to do, is pass in the song name as an argument to the PHP. For now it's defined in the first line however. When I load this in a browser I get an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/sites/ on line 8

Code: [Select]<?
if ($_GET["getmp3"]) {
header("Content-Type: audio/mpeg");
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename='.$file);
header('Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary');

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Extend Joomla Session If User Still Active On Client Javascript Application In Joomla?

JS(jquery) application is integrated to joomla. How can i know user still active on JS application and if user is active how can i extend joomla session timeout?

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Logging In To Joomla 1.5 Using External Form (not Within Joomla Folder, But On Same Server)?

I currently have a Joomla 1.5 installation, as well as another website. They both reside on the same web server. They are in different folders within the wwwroot directory, however. I would like to place a login form within the non-joomla website, which will log the user in to Joomla. I have already tried copying and pasting the Joomla login form code into a page on the non-joomla site, and everything works fine up until the secret form value is not correct. EDIT:ere is the code-Contact form:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">


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Undefined Index: Password_clear In Joomla When Using Plugin Other Then Joomla Login

I am getting PHP Notice: Undefined index: password_clear when I use any plugin other then joomla's login plugin to log-in the user. In joomla database, we are not storing any user's data. so I have got a custom plugin, which will do the check for user's credentials through a web service call. The credentials are checked good, and joomla does show the user has logged in, and rest of the things are also working fine. But my logs are filled with the above Notices!

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How To Force A Download Of An Html File

I'm making a poll management system, and when the administrator creates a new poll I want an html file (containing the actual voting form) to be automatically forced to download via the save as dialog. How is this done? Secondly, I would prefer it not to have to be written to the server first. I just want to dump all of the text in a string variable to the save dialog.

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(force) Delete A Session File, How?

I dunno if this is meant for here or apache anyway.. my script uses sessions... if the person logsout.. the session is closed and the session file is deleted.. if the person just shuts down the browser the session file is not deleted and hence i've got hundreds of redundant session files.

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Force Download Excel File

I have the script working fine. But if a variable that does into a cell is only digits and has initial zeros, as in a zip-code such as "00123", then excel "assumes" it's a nmuber, and chops off those zeros. The data sent to excel all has quotes around it, and I just can't figure out how to avoid this other than to add a letter to that field, but a zip code of "x00123" just isn't the best-looking solution.

I've tried opening up the file directly via excel, using different file options, no go.

Anyone run into this before and figure out a workaround?

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