Javascript - Send Variables To Flash Using Flashvars

Jun 3, 2011

I have a flash player embedded on page page.php?user=john using swfobject. The player calls the xml file content.php to get the results. I'm trying to get the user name from the url id. and fetch results based on that. I can get the username on page.php by doing $_GET['user'], but how can i pass that to content.php. Having read allot of articles online, i did the following,

I'm embedding the flash on page.php using swfobject like this

<script type="text/javascript">
var flashvars = {user:"<?php $_GET[user] ?>"};
var so = new SWFObject("<?php echo $index->CFG['site']['url'];?>preview2.swf", "sotester", "1000", "400", "8", "#000000", flashvars);
so.addParam("allowFullScreen", "true");


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Flash - Pass Variable As FlashVars Via SWFObject?

I am trying to take a PHP variable and pass it along to Flash via Flash vars. My end goal is to pass a string formatted as XML to Flash, but because I'm struggling I've stripped everything down to the basics. I'm just trying to pass a simple PHP string variable to Flash via FlashVars with SWFObject but something isn't right. The page won't load when I try to pass the variable inside of php tags, but it will load if I just pass a hard coded string. The basic structure of my page is that I have some PHP declared at the top like so:


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Javascript - Send Xml To Flash As Variable

I have a flash file where I can pass xml from file :

script type="text/javascript">
var flashvars = {};
flashvars.xmlSource = "XML.xml";

Can I send xml from php in varible to flash example:

$xml = "?xml version="1.0 ...";
script type="text/javascript">
var flashvars = {};[code]....

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Javascript - Send Currency Symbol From To Flash?

I am having many websites . In that I have to send some parameters from php to flash. All the parameters are getting correctly displayed in flash except the currency symbol. These currency symbols are extracted from db to php in form of html entities like(& pound;). I can't change the db as it will require many changes in all websites of mine. I have used rawurlencode in php before sending to flash but in flash it gets displayed as & pound; in flash. I have given space between "&" and "pound;" so it is not converted to symbol in the post . In db it is correctly entered with no space. Previously , I was sending directly by writing the object tag in php file and and writing the parameters in params tag withing object tag. It was working perfectly fine . Now I have start using swfobject.js javascript library of hosted by google for embedding the flash content. Now its not working ( currency symbol is not getting displayed instead it html entity unicode shown above is getting displayed.) . I can't change the flash files also. I have to handle it from php or javascript code only.

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Javascript - Passing Flash Variables In Visual Basic

I have a simple standalone application written in Visual Basic that I'm porting to a browser based application using PHP/javascript. The original VB application has some simple embedded flash games with token and point counters. The token and point values are being passed as variables between the application and the game.

I'm trying to achieve the same effect in my PHP port without modifying the actionscript code( using the variables in actionscript that already exist). Below is Visual Basic code that's loading a value from a database and posting that value to flash using FlashVars:


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JavaScript - Cannot Send Variables With Ajax

I want to send variables from a contact form to a php in order to get it mailed to me. the js looks something like this:

var shirt_style = "shirt_style="+$(".dropdown[title=shirt_style] .dropdownValue").text();
var shirt_type = "&shirt_type="+$(".dropdown[title=shirt_type] .dropdownValue").text();


I want the form_values2 to be send to me, but I cannot get it to work. I think the main problem for me is that I'm unsure how the php file has to look like in order to send the form_values2 var. the very simple php test-form does not work.

$mail = $_POST['Email'];
$name = $_POST['Name'];


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Javascript - Calling Script With Ajax And JQuery / Send It POST, Not GET So The User Can't See The Variables In Address Bar?

Right now I have this:

echo "<a href='misc/removeWallComment.php?id=" .
$displayWall['id'] . "&uID" . $displayWall['uID'] . "&BuID" .
$displayWall['BuID'] . "' title='ta bort inlägg'>
<span class='removeWallComment'></span> </a>";

Its an icon with a link that removes the comment when you click.

Now, it goes to misc/removeWallComment.php and echo out "comment removed". But I would like to integrate it with my current site, so you don't go to another page to delete the commehnt. With this I thought of using an ajax call to removeWallComment.php.

Now as you see on the link it requires three variables, id, uID and BuID, and I want to send it POST, not GET so the user can't see the variables in address bar. On success it should just alert ok.

How can I do this?

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Put Flashvars Into A Session?

How can I put flashvars into a php session? Thank you very much. I set up a session in php in my page:

PHP Code:

// this starts the session


Now I have flashvars that I want to put into the session:

PHP Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var flashvars = {autoclass:"<?php echo($_GET['autoclass']); ?>",
cilinder:<?php echo($_GET['cilinder']); ?>, year:"<?php echo($_GET['year']); ?>", currentDate:"<?php echo date("Y-m-d"); ?>"};


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Parsing Array Into Flashvars

I created a simple competition form in flash that allows you to type in a promotional code and it either tells you if you have won or not.

This works fine if I have only one promotional code, however if i want to have more than one winning code I can't as it takes the variable from the first or next highest level in the recordset

I think that I need to return some type of loop or array and say that if you type in either "123" or "456" either will parse the variable into FlashVars and play the winning sequence. Code:

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Can't Send Flash To Php

i've followed every tutorial i've found on the net and i still can't get flash to send variables to a php script i make text input fields, i give them all instance and var names, i create a button and give it actionscript like this.

on (release) {
c = new LoadVars();
c.send("script.php", "_parent", "POST");

in the php page i type out all the script and have tried identifying the posted variables with both $_POST and $HTTP_POST_VARS. the php script is called but the variables are never passed. i know this because when i go.

if (isset($_POST['fieldname'])) { echo "yes"; }
else { echo "no"; }

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Cannot Send XML With Flash?

I want to send xml data to php page my xml in flash is that for examle:

<level id="1" mark="10"><page id="12">HI..</page></level>

i send it,but at the URL i see this:

../inex.php?xml=<level id=1 mark=10><page id=12>HI..</page></level>

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Sending SESSION To Jquery To Use With Flashvars?

I have a SESSION that looks like this:

array(1) { [1]=> array(11) { ["aantal"]=> int(1) ["id"]=> string(2) "29" ["filmtitel"]=> string(16) "2_fast_2_furious" ["film_id"]=> string(1) "1" ["zaal_id"]=> string(1) "1" ["zaaltitel"]=> string(6) "zaal 1" ["tijdstip"]=> string(8) "17:30:00"


so there is an array and within that array is another array called "stoeltjes" with 3 items. What i would like to know is how i can direct the content of "stoeltjes" to jquery so i can assign it to a flashvar and send it to as3.

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Send Variable To Flash?

I am working on Flash,Php site.Currently the Flash Developer calles my page called createJPG.php and sends me an image data.I recieve this data and create JPG from the Data.

What i want is, when the Flash developer send me data he can show a loader and when create JPG process is complete he can hide the loader.For this i want to pass him variable with value 1 as soon as the CreateJPG process is complete...

How can i pass this varialbe ??

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Send Arrays From Flash 8?

this is must be an easy question but i didnt find the answer to it anywere.could someone pls tell me how do i send an array from macromedia flash 8 to a php file?i have an array in flash which looks like this:


which i want to run tests on it in php.

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Send XML To Script From Flash AS2

I have to send some specific xml to a php script (from flash AS2) that then sends out sms message based on the xml. I have been given the xml by the sms sender and have tested it via their live demo and that works fine. The problem I am having is getting flash to send this XML.

The sms sender states that it needs to recieve the xml in the following format: The XML Document should be posted uriencoded, with a UTF‐8 character set as paramaeter 'xml'

Here is the code I have so far, I think something is missing maybe. I have tried running the swf in a browser rather than in the flash testing environment

var my_xml:XML = new XML('<xml></xml>');
my_xml.contentType = "text/xml";
send_btn.onRelease = function () {
my_xml.send("" , "_blank");

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Send Jpg And Texts From Flash In ONE CLICK

how to send jpg and some texts from flash to php in ONE CLICK ?

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Flash Form Send Data ?

I had someone who had compiled my flash site as I have three forms integrated into my flash website on the left side you see a "Refinance", "Purchase", and "Loss Mitigation" but I had to do some edits on it and someone else had to work on it and the original person I can't get in contact with and I didn't have the original FLA file so something happens when someone fills out any of the forms to the data is sent! I receive the email but it is blank! I have several flash forms I downloaded to see how I would get the script to go but I can't seem to figure it out! The current script on my flash is super super long...(i'm sure a lot of nonsense coding in it) ..I am on the computer pretty much all day because of my work so if anyone can assist me, I will check for replies on here regularly and my aim is xxsassterxx1 and my yahoo is prznplaya4life .

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Send The Contents Of Flash Form Through PHP In Email

I want to send the contents of a form from Flash via PHP through email. Now I can do this fine when my email message 'body' is made from one variable, but for some reason when I try to gather multiple variables (from multiple fields in the form) and send these as the message body.

$sendTo = "";
$subject = "Website Quote Enquiry";
$headers = "From: " . $_POST["name"];
$headers .= "<" . $_POST["email"] . ">";
$headers .= "Reply-To: " . $_POST["email"] . "";
$headers .= "Return-Path: " . $_POST["email"];
$EcompName = $_POST["compName"];
$EcontName = $_POST["contName"];
$Eemail = $_POST["email"];
$Etel = $_POST["tel"];
$Edetails = $_POST["details"];

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Send Updates To Flash In The Middle Of A Request?

I have a PHP process that does a bunch of stuff and I want to send feedback to the Flash client that calls it, as the request is being processed. However, since I'm listening for the COMPLETED event, I don't get the feedback until the PHP completes execution (at which time all the buffered messages arrive at once).I tried using the PROGRESS event but that seems not to work (unless I'm not using it right).

Is there something to this on the PHP side that I may be missing? Or is Flash simply not designed to get updates from the server in a regular URLRequest..

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Send A ByteArray (from Flash) And Some Form Data?

I have a sketch pad made in Flash AS3 like this one here: [URL] encoder I want to send the jpg to the server and some data from a html form field with php. Is there a way to force the Flash movie to deliver the image file when one presses the submit button?

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JavaScript And Flash Incompatibility With IE?

I have a JavaScript Picture gallery. The arrows under the gallery make possible to move through all pictures of the gallery. When I have added to that page also a .SWF flash animation the gallery arrows stoped working properly in IE. But in other browsers like Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera and so on it works! I have removed the .SWF and it is working in IE as well.

Here is the code where I have instantiated the .SW:

<embed src="ads/banner.swf" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="770" height="180" style="margin:0px; padding:0px; border:0px hidden; outline:0px; overflow:hidden; background-color:#c2c6c9;"></embed>

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PHP- Variables --> Flash?

How can I send variables from PHP to flash? Sending variables from flash to PHP is not such a problem but the other way around is not working yet!

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Send A Simple Variable Like A Result From A Query To Flash?

How to send a simple variable like a result from a query to Flash?

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Send A HTML Line Of Code To A Flash File

I'm trying to send a HTML line of code to a flash file, but php is running it as html, instead of seeing it as plain text.

file.swf?name=<?php echo $code; ?>

I need to somehow echo the $code as plain text instead of php running the html.

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Flash - Send A SMS Text Message After Period Of Time?

I have a flash application. I'm trying to send users text messages via php after they did certain things on the flash. For example,

Text user 1 hour after they did
Text user 10 minutes after they did
Text user 1 day after they did

I'm thinking of setting up a table for the list of things that will trigger the text. Then have a cron job set up to check the timestamps of each user finishing those things. Is there a better way out there for doing this?

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Flash MP3 Player With Javascript Controls?

While the question may seem fairly basic I seem to be at a loss to actually find anything that fits my needs, which are:

Skinnable (although not 100% required) Controllable through javascript (start, stop, change track) Event triggers for custom functions (on track finish mainly) Actual documentation - rather that 'it can do this, but we wont tell you how' I've tried many of the free and quite a few demo's of the pay for ones. Wimpy Wasp seemed to be the closest to what I need but there is an obsession there with using a custom Windows app to set it up which is impossible as the files are provided dynamically by the sites users and it doesn't look like they want you to be able to create the code yourself. I have no problem with a pay-for solution if it addresses my needs, but free would be nice.

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