How To Make An Admin Panel?

Nov 9, 2007

I am using a file system where there is only one index and each page's content is hosted individually. So how would I do this? Is there a program that I could use?

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Make A Plugin To Output Some Data Via The Admin Panel?

how I can make a plugin to output some data via the admin panel. Just to get me going what code would make a page in the admin panel (for only administrators) to display time()?

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Use Wordpress Admin For Existing Website Admin Panel?

I was asked to add a wordpress blog to a website, I was wondering if there was a way to let the existing website admin area use the same login as wordpress admin! P.S: I know that I can make a wordpress plugin to control the existing website from inside wp-admin, but I don't want to do this. So is there a way to include some wordpress page or function in the header of the existing admin panel? I read this article: [URL] and then used the plugin: [URL] Through it I could move the cookies place, and added the following piece of code to the existing CMS header:

define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);
if (!is_user_logged_in()){auth_redirect();}?>

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Admin Panel Help

I was wondering if i could make a code that just certain users could get,like make a code that the person with Rawlijr would get like a Admin Panel but nobody else would get it?

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Admin Panel

on my website i have a mysql database named 'test_06' with a table named 'productions'. The table is set out with one column that has the name 'link' where i want to have a link to my applications or webpages for download. My second column is named 'name' and it is a formal name for the link.

My goal is to make a page where I can fill in one form with a link and another with a formal name. Then click submit and it sends to the table with the new row with a new link and a formal name from the form. and then can I have it so on my productions page it has all the formal names from the table. And all the formal names have the links from the link column.

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Zen Cart Admin Panel

I've almost finished my website, though the client has asked for an
extra field in the Admin Panel, I've managed to do this in SQL and
Admin/English/products.php though I was just wondering how to get this
displayed in the admin panel itself

It's called Products Location which needs to go under Products Model

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Logic For Admin Panel

i want to develop an application. in which there are 4 pages aboutus , index, contectus , productlist. now what i want is that admin can able to make hide/show these pages according to it's need. now can any one tell me how to do that what logic should i have to apply for that. should i have to use database for that work or we can do it with ought database.

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Showing The Admin Panel

i am having a problem with trying to show the admin panel when i login. This is the code so far:


if(@$_SESSION['Loggedin'] == 'true')
{@$_SESSION['Loggedin'] = 'false'


--The Login Box Is Here--

<?php } ?>

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Create A Admin Panel?

Im trying to create a admin panel, I have a php form that saves around 3 values to MySQL. After they fill it in, it sends them to a link, I need the admin to display the values they entered and also make it so I can change the link where it sends them when they submit it.

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Change Css Value From Admin Panel ?

I need to change values in a stylesheet from an admin panel using php. I know I can do this inserting the values to my MySql database but isn't there a better way?So far I have converted my style.css to style.php and it looks like this:

header("Content-type: text/css");
$pageBG = '#ff0';

What I want to do is to change the hex value (#ff0) from my admin panel with a color picker.

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How To Code An Admin Panel

I'm trying to code a bank for a person on Gaiaonline. I think i can get most of it down but the admin panel. I don't want to use an .htpasswd. I would rather have a phpBB style authentication.

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Security Of Admin Panel

in my websites I generally use SESSION variables to protect annonymous access. Like, when user id and password for administrator is checked and if it is ok then I set one session variables (ie: $_SESSION[signup_admin] = "ok"). And I check at the starting of every page of admin panel whether the SESSION variable is set or not (ie. isset($_SESSION[signup_admin])). If the variable is set then I grant access.

Now, My question is that how much secure is that process is??? If this is vulnerable than can ne1 please suggest me a secure access of admin panel.

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Guestbook Admin Panel

Im creating a guestbook and im gonna have a simple admin panel with it. I want the admin to login and be able to change the look of the guestbook. I will create a simple form that the admin will fill out in order to change different parts of the guestbook, eg Text Colour, Background colour...

The problem is that i have no idea how to put the values from the form into my css file.

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Counter In Admin Panel

is there a way to put an invisible counter on my main page the retrieve the info in my admin panel?

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Logging Into Admin Panel Via The URL?

The problem I have is that I need my PHP script to go to the following URL if certain conditions are met. I do this through the following code

header("Location: http://localhost/admin/system/payment/payments/?action=Endorse&payments[" . $realPaymentId . "]");

The code works fine, if I am logged onto the admin panel in the first place. (http://localhost/admin)When im not logged on, the code gets to the log-on screen and no further. hat I was hoping to do was to insert the username and password on the above header location somehow, so that when the link is initiated, the log-in is automatically processed, and the 'Endorse Payment' function is activated.I do not know how to insert the login details on the above URL. Im not even sure if its possible.

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Admin Panel Fopen &amp; Fwrite

I'm having trouble getting the fopen & fwrite functions to work. I've included them in an admin panel script to make for easy, online editing. For some reason, the info isn't getting passed, and I don't know why. I think it may have to do with $_GET & $_POST conflicting with each other.

What happens is I click the link for the page I want to edit, it shows the form and I click the 'Update' button and the page returns blank. It doesn't even echo that it failed.
Anyone have an idea? ....

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Lost Admin Panel Access

I am using IPower/Vdeck with their PHP/Bulletin Board Application for the first time. Everything has been going smoothly until yesterday when I tried to gain access to the messageboard admin panel of a burlesque web site I'm working on.

The link to the admin panel brings me to an error message that states that the browser cannot find the server. The support at IPower has told me to delete the messageboard and start over, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue come up before and if it's something I'm overlooking. I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

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Create An Admin Panel In Mysql?

I am new in PHP And MYSQL..And i want to create an Admin panel with edit , delete, add form.

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Create Admin Panel With Session?

i want create admin panel with must session_id save to database?

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Create Simple Admin Panel?

I would like to learn how to create simple admin panel via PHPii am very in need of this script with explanation

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Create Admin Panel To Site?

i need tutorial to learn me how to create admin panel like jommla or other >>>ont late to answer this is my first topic

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Create An Admin Panel Along With Its Data?

I am new in php & mysql ..I got an create an admin panel along with its data

base..and an index page in which HOME PAGE,,SERVIECES And all that , should be implemeted

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Wordpress 2.9.2 Restricting Admin Panel?

I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to restrict options in the admin panel? What I mean is, that when a user logs in they can't change key features and settings only be able to post new posts and update existing websites.

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Admin Panel Images Not Showing In Oscommerce?

I have Oscommerce based site which is showing up all the images of the site in frontend ,but in the admin panel the images(product images) is not showing up ,i've given below /catalog/admin/includes/configure.php file below.


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How User Can Manage His Website By Using Admin Panel

how to make a PHP admin panel. How user can manage his/her website by using admin panel.

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Create An Index Page And Admin Panel?

I created an admin panel now i want to create an index page where i have Home page, products, services And it is connected by Data base(mysql).. where Admin could add ,edit or do something from data base in each page of like Home page , services etc..

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