How To Convert The Md5 To Text.

Nov 3, 2007

i have information stored in my db that is md5. i have searched but havent been able to track it down yet, how to convert the md5 to text.

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Detect The Format Of A Text And Convert It To Pure Text?

Is there a function or library to detect the format of a text and convert it to pure text? (example utf8) without any other formatting.

Because I have a textarea and an user can copy and paste, example: MS WORD text, or RTF or any other format.

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Convert Text

I have a text like this: "Thuyền V Biển"
How to convert it to: "Thuyền V* Biển"

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Convert Text To 3d?

so we have a new client at work who is requestion 3d text for his website. I know I could do it in corel draw but I was wondering if there is a way to do it on the fly. ( Dynamically )

I'm using php and html. Is there a php function?

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Variable Holding Text Which I Want The Text To Have A $ In Front Of It To Convert It To A Variable.

I have a variable holding text which I want the text to have a $ in front of it to convert it to a variable.

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Convert A Generated Text File To A Rich Text File?

I have a script that takes the articles out of the database and places them in a .txt file, but i would like to place them in a .rtf format, is there a way to convert or compile a .rtf file?

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How To Convert Any Text To Unicode?

How can I convert any text to unicode please help me

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How Can I Convert That Text To Date?

I'am trying to manipulate csv file using PHP, but my problem is that, one field there is date DD/DD/YYYY. My question is, how can I convert that text to date? So that I can insert it to the mysql database correctly.

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Convert Text To A Percent

Im making a useless little program that takes 2 peoples names and tests their love compatibility as a percentage. I dont want a random number generator because I want to make it so when you enter the same name twice you get the same result.

Any ideas how to put the to strings together to get a varying percentage. I have tried a few things. One i converted both the strings to md5 and then did similar_text() to compare... however the percentages were always low... I want a mixed result.

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How To Convert Ascii To Text

I replace some user input with their ascii equivalent so they display
on the webpage properly:

$entry = preg_replace ( "/'+/" , '&#39' , $entry);
$entry = preg_replace ( "/,+/" , '&#44' , $entry);

I then need to email the data, however in email the ascii code is
displayed, not the text.

Is there an easier way to convert the ascii back to the text without
another preg_replace?

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Simple Text Convert

Is there a simple way to get all weird charaters out of a string?

i.e. $string = "'¼¶ƒ";

In other words how do you get rid of ALL non-alphanumeric characters from a string?

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Convert Image To Text

I am interested in developing an online utility that will enable users
to copy and past any image (or upload any image on the internet) to the
online utility, which will then convert the image to text.

The user may "convert image to text" and copy and paste the text
displayed into any word document, or send the text displayed to the
recipient's email address or can download the text file as a zipped
text file that will be presented to the user as a small zipped text
file icon. Code:

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Mp3 - How To Convert Text To Speech

How can I convert text to speech using PHP, possibly generating an MP3 file and sending that back to the user?

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Linux - Convert A PDF To Text?

I have PDFs that are mostly simply formatted text and i want to parse the text with PHP. I realize that the PDF is binary so I need a utility or library to convert it to text.

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Convert Text To Image?

I would like to style a text string taken from a form field and then convert it to a transparent .PNG (alpha BG).

Is this possible with PHP? If so, would you kindly show me how this would be achieved

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Convert Text To Images On The Fly?

I have seen in a couple of cases like:

Facebook Profile: The E-mail address comes as a jpeg pic and not as text

Google Forms Summary: Different Sized, Different Coloured Interactive Barcharts are made on the fly using the data you have.

How does it happen? What do I do?

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Convert Text With '&' Into The Variables?

I've got a this text


what is the best way to convert this text to variable? Like this:

echo $q['foo']; //bar
echo $q['foobar']; //barfoo

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Utf - Convert UTF16 Into Text?

I have one column in DB containing UTF16 string. Right now, I want to convert the UTF16 string into normal text. How to achieve this using php?


This web based tools works wonder but i need a php solution to integrate into my code.

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How To Convert Text From Latin -&gt; UTF-8

I had a table which contains text in the type of (latin1-swedish-ci),
and I want to change this type to UTF-8 Unicode.

How can I do this within the PHP script?

I tried to create new TABLE and insert values in the OLD table to the new one? but it is failed!

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Convert Text To Alphanumeric?

where can I find the script to convert text to alphanumeric?


$name = 'The -Name-';
function (preg_replace...)
return $name
output: TheName

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Convert MS Word / Rtf / ... To Plain Text

i'm looking for standalone libraries that convert documents to plain text so i can let people edit the text in a textarea after uploading. One thing to notice is that i can not use COM because i can't configure the webserver.

Does anyone has interesting classes that are able to do this. I found a PHP class for ms word documents at but that doesn't work at all for my word documents.

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Convert Php Data Into Text File?

I have a php file that gathers data from a specific website. I am then using that data (numbers) in a different application. The only problem is the html formatting. I just need the numbers, but I'm getting all the html tags with the data. Is there a way for me to have the php file output in to a seperate plain text file?

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Simplexml_load_file And Encoding - Convert All Text Into UTF - 8

SimpleXML will convert all text into UTF-8, if the source XML declaration has another encoding. So, all the text in the resulting SimpleXMLElement will be in UTF-8 automatically. In my case the source has the following XML decl:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251" ?>

What should I do so as to get normal output? Because, as you can imagine, for now I get stange symbols.

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Convert Voice Mail Into Text ?

Is it possible to convert voice mail into text using PHP? Is there any 3rd party voice to text converting software works well with PHP?

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Convert UTF - 8 Text Into JSON Format?

I was working on project that had problem when encoding UFT-8 text into JSON Format

$result = array('wine'=>"测试", 'عربي'=>4, 'lemon'=>22);
echo json_encode($result);

and i also tried Zend_JSON Library ,

require_once 'Zend/Json.php';
$result = array('wine'=>"测试", 'عربي'=>4, 'lemon'=>22);
echo Zend_Json::encode($result);

in both cases the JSON output was crazy :

{"wine":"u0639u0631u0628u064a ","u0639u0631u0628u064a":4,"lemon":22}

i did try it into PHP5.2.6 and PHP5.3 but same result. How do I convert UTF-8 text into JSON?

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Convert Text To Image & Rotate It?

is there a way i can convert text into Image & then Rotate it & then display it all using scriptcode to display in the webpage

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