Get Data From Mysql And Scroll It Like The Html Marquee

Jul 31, 2007

what i was wanting to do is get data from mysql and scroll it like the html marquee but make it alot smoother and not as jerky can this be done with php at all.

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Display The All Names From Db In Html Marquee

i have one mysql table called employee.its fields are as follows:


i want to display the all names from db in html marquee.when i try to print all values it prints only last value in to do this?

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Html - Small Text Box With A Scroll Bar?

I want to have a small text box with a scroll bar that will hold frequent outputs from PHP based on server-side activity. How do I set up formatting like this?

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Wrapping Of Text In Marquee?

I am reading table having lot of text and wish to display it i marquee I found text is truncated refer [URL] declaration on left had side display the whole text (whole line)
Actually wrapping is required.

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Marquee Not Working In Firefox?

marquee is working fine in my localhost firefox but when i made it live its not working in ff

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Display Results In A Marquee

I have a table with about 10 entries in and i want to display them all in a <marquee> scrolling but when i put them in a while loop then come out on 10 lines rather than one line one after another. Here is the current code:

$selectsqw┬ =┬ "SELECT┬ *┬ FROM┬ loads┬ WHERE┬ deliverydate┬ >┬ DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL┬ -48┬ HOUR)+0┬ ORDER┬ BY┬ id┬ DESC┬ LIMIT┬ 0,┬ 5";
$resultqw┬ =┬ mysql_query($selectsqw);
$countrowssaqw┬ =┬ mysql_num_rows($resultqw);

if┬ ($countrowssaqw┬ >┬ 1)┬ {

while┬ ($resqw┬ =┬ mysql_fetch_array($resultqw))┬ {
$resuqw[]┬ =┬ $resqw;
┬ ┬ ┬ }


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Echo Into A Marquee One Variable Which Have Value Item Of A Rss Feed Which Am Parsing?

i echo into a marquee one variable which is having value (item) of a rss feed which am parsing . The problem is that into the marquee, is echoed finally, just the first item and not all the items of the feed !So when am parsing a News rss feed, which is having par example 5 news, my marquee is showing just the first of those 5 Why is this happening ?Here is the code i use :

The marquee
Code: [Select]<marquee behavior="scroll" scrollamount="5"><b><?php echo "<a href=$sigma2>$sealakefa</a></b></marquee>

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Process Html Data Into Mysql Db?

I am using Tinymce wysiwig for entering new data into my database so I am sending the the text from the text area straight to Mysql DB and when I try to retrieve the data its coming out as raw html and its not being processed as html. This is because when its entered into the mysql its been converted by TinyMce to html special characters.

I need to filter the data so that it still remains with the same formatting like the boldness and head font styling etc.

How to filter the data from the $_POST['mytextarea'] to eneter it into my mysql DB?

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Sending Html Form Data To Mysql

I have no formal training with programming besides a few intro classes in college(6+ years ago).

1) I created a mysql db called "myphr" and a table called "form_data" with id,name and email as the elements in the table

2) I created a "form.html" web form to have some put in their name and email to submit to the data base: Code:

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Populating An Html Form With Mysql Data.

What I have is a basic html form I have made consisting of header fields and fileds that will be populated from a mysql database. The brackets are the actual db fields and denote where I want the data to populate. Here is a small example of the form. Code:

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Display MySQL Data On Html Page?

I am trying to get back data from an MySQL DB, display it on a web page. Should be fairly straightforward. Online resources provide the PHP code.

Yet, when I set this up (create a new DB with one table, populate it with a row of data, 4, columns, add the code to an HTML page between the body tags, use the correct host, db name, password, etc.), am getting a string of code displaying online, when testing.

Maybe the HTML tags plus the PHP are double quoting where only single quotes are needed. But, I can't fix the code, get it working.

I'm posting the code.

$DBhost = "";
$DBuser = "yyyyyy";
$DBpass = "zzzzzzz";


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Store Serialized Data Or Raw Html In Mysql?

I de-normalized my database, since the application was crawling otherwise, and Im storing a list of categories for each item in the DB as a raw html version, and simply echoing it out in my design. Each category is actually a link, which is include a tag. Naturally, this is abit of a pain, especially if I want to change the look of how the category links are displayed, since I gotta update all the old cached entries.

What if I were to store this data as a serialized array instead, and simply unserialize it, and then apply formatting to it in php. Would there be a significant performance decrease over simply echoing out the raw html?

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Show MYSQL Data Into HTML Table

I would like to show each one in an html table cell. I can't seem to figure out how to actually divide the results into cells.

<table width="741" border="0" cellpadding="3">
<td width="239" height="100" align="center" valign="middle"><img src="ccat/'.$row['picture'].'"/><br />
<a href="#" class="style1">'.$row['description'].'</a>
<td width="237" align="center" valign="middle"><img src="ccat/'.$row['picture'].'"/><br />
<a href="#" class="style1">'.$row['description'].'</a>

It shows the same record 3 times in a row, and I can see why, I just don't see how to get around this problem. Does anyone here know how I would show X amount of records, one in a new cell every time, 3 cells to a table? So 9 records would produce 3 tables with 3 cells in each table, showing 9 records total.

it doesn't have to be a new table, if you know how to make it so it generates a new row along with individual cell records, that would be cleaner, I just lack the logic behind this one, been trying to solve it for 3 hours or so

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Inserting Data Into Mysql From A Html Table?

im new to this but getting the hang of it but i need help on this. i currently have a php file called Newkpi.php which grabs all the users in the database table StaffList which i want and then put them into a table which i can enter data into. i then press the button and the data is sent to another table called Services. what im finding is that it creates records in the table but it doesnt insert any data it just put in a blank record the code i have is below

include 'dbc.php';
if(!checkAdmin()) {
header("Location: myaccount.php");


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Display Mysql Data In Html Form?

I have a table of movies and it has nearly 1000 entries.

movie_id INT,
movie_name VARCHAR(255),[code]....

how do I go about doing this?

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Inserting Data - Html Form Then Into MYSQL?

I am trying to write my first bit of code in order to pass information from html to php and into mysql.It PHP part seems to process okay, but gives me my 'preferred' error/failure the form part works fine, but it's not sending the information to mysql.I have attached the two (rather basic) files.I must be missing something, but I don't know what! Doing my head in!

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Using A Php Html Form With Data Which Is Loaded From A Mysql Database.

I am using a php html form with data which is loaded from a mysql
database. Three of the fields are textareas. The data loads into these
fields fine, except that the loaded text starts at what appears to be 2
or 3 tab characters to the left. See illustration:

+---------<this is a textarea object>---------+
| This is about the way that|
|the text loads from the database field. |
| |
| |

It's almost as if there's a textarea "align" property which is set to
"center" by default unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Is there some setting in the wrap property that will fix this, or should
I be looking elsewhere?

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Display MySQL Stored Data From Textarea HTML

how to connect, send and store data from textarea into MySQL, but now would like for that information to display on the html page under the textarea box? Code:

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Data Entry GUI With HTML And Transferring To MySQL Table?

I am making customer data entry GUI with PHP /HTML and transferring to MySQL table. it is ok working fine. But this GUI is using deferent users login with their own user and password. Finally i don't know how to trace individuals user's logs what they transfered to the MySQL tables

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Editing Data Using A HTML Form From A MySQL Database?

Im quite confused at what filtering I should use on my data when pulling it from a MySQL database. I don't sanitize my data on input because I am using prepared statements with PHP's PDO Driver which means I don't need to use mysql_real_escape_string() at all.

When I pull the data to be displayed i.e. in a HTML Table I use the below function to make it safe for HTML output.

public static function htmlSafe($data){return nl2br(htmlentities($data, ENT_QUOTES));}

However the rules change when Im using a HTML Form to edit the data, and I am unsure what I need to strip out. I.e. What would I need to do to make all data safe to insert into the following form input.

<input id = "someInput" type = "text" value = "<?php echo $someVarThatNeedsFiltering ?>" />

Also, one more question, in my html attributes (Valid ones like class, name, id, style, _target) I use a mixture of double quotes(") and single quotes ('), for quoting my values. Which one should I use or which one is more valid, doubles, or singles?

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XHTML Strict - HTML Entities - Conversions On MySQL Data

I am using the XHTML Strict doctype for my website. Some of the site content is generated from a MySQL database. The data, for essays, articles, etc., is plain text but interspersed with HTML code for links and images. For XHTML strict, I need to convert characters like '&' to '&amp;' and '>' to '&gt;'. So, 'Mary & John' becomes 'Mary &amp; John'. Some of the URLs have '&' in them, and I need to convert them to '&amp;' too. (XHTML-compliance requirement). When I try the htmlspecialchars() function, it converts everything, including the link codes (such as the '<' in '<a href=...').

Any suggestions on how I can achieve this 'rendering'? I don't want to modify the MySQL data.

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Retrieve Data From MySQL With Html/javaScript On One Domain And The File On The Other?

I need to retrieve data from a MySQL database, and have it work one way for all types of servers. For example it should work on a server that runs no server side language, it should also work on LAMP, and IIS.I was thinking about using ajax and xmlhttprequest, but learned of the cross domain limitation. I also tried to just include the PHP in a tag, but it comes back with a syntax error in the HTML code created by the PHP file, even though it looks correct.Does anyone know how to fix either of these issues, or have a different way to go about it?

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Mysql Database Data Into Html Table Limiting Column?

My script is retrieving images from a database and displaying the images in a table. I want to have the table have 4 columns of images before it breaks the row and starts over. I've found some helpful answers on this forum but after re-organizing and fussing with the code it displays every image in it's own table rather than adding the row breaks after every fourth image.

include_once "connect.php";
$userid = $_SESSION['id'];
$albumid = $_GET['album'];

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Mysql Data Display In A HTML Table Layout With Alt Row Bg Color?

iam trying to display student names along with their course selected and status of their selection, from mysql db, the result has to be in tabular format, with alternate row bg color, here is my code,

echo "<a href='Student Details Form.php'>New Record</a>";
echo "<table border=2 >";


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Add Data From Html Table (rendered From A Page) To Mysql Database?

I have a form at [URL] which shows results if a proper roll number is entered... the results are fetched from [UTL] site and only the table is shown... now i want to add the data of the table to my database using php.

for example if the roll number entered is 1rn06cs006

the page will show the results as
SubjectExternal InternalTotalResult
Advanced Computer Architectures (06CS81)592382P
System Modeling and Simulation (06CS82)552277P
Project Work (06CS85)9797194P
Information and Network Security (06CS835)592079P
Seminar (06CS86)04949P
Programming Languages (06CS846)602484P
Total Marks:565

now i want the data from this table to be stored to my database so that if the same roll number is searched again... the result should be shown from my database and not from [URL]

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Generating Dynamic HTML Table While Displaying MySQL Data?

I'm trying to make a dynamic html table to contain the mysql data that is generated via php. I'm trying to display a user's friends in a table of two columns and however many rows, but can't seem to figure out what is needed to make this work.

Here's my code as it stands:
Code: [Select]<?php
//Begin mysql query
$sql = "SELECT * FROM friends WHERE username = '{$_GET['username']}' AND status = 'Active' ORDER BY friends_with ASC";
$result = mysql_query($sql);


The above simply outputs all records of a user's friends (their usernames) in alphabetical order. The question of how I'd generate a new row each time a certain amount of columns have been met, however, is beyond me.

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