Get SOAP Client Request Header By Yii?

May 13, 2010

How to get SOAP Client Request Header by Yii?

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.net - Sending A Soap Header With A WSDL Soap Request ?

I'm extremely new to SOAP and I'm trying to implement a quick test client in PHP that consumes a ASP.NET web service. The web service relies on a Soap Header that contains authorization parameters.Is it possible to send the auth header along with a soap request when using WSDL?

My code:


$service = new SoapClient("http://localhost:16840/CTI.ConfigStack.WS/ATeamService.asmx?WSDL");
$service->AddPendingUsers($users, 3); // Example[code]...

How would the auth header be passed in this context? Or will I need to do a low lever __soapCall() to pass in the header? Also, am I invoking the correct soap call within PHP?

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Pass In Complex Type To Client Utilizing SOAP Request?

The following WSDL SOAP Request "ReceiverMenuDeleteRequest" requires the element named "Authentication" and "TID". With "TID"; I believe I can pass in a string value like:


The errors I keep receiving are:Quote:

1. Response Envelope: Error: HTTP Error: socket read of headers timed out
2. My Request SOAP envelope is not filled in:


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Fatal Error: Uncaught SoapFault Exception: [soap:Client] Server Was Unable To Read Request

I'm using PHP5 integrated SOAP Client. My web service method accepts around 30 parameters from string and int to bool and double. Upon calling the method I get the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [soap:Client] Server was unable to read request.

---> There is an error in XML document (3, 983).

---> Input string was not in a correct format.

How can I get to this XML document to check what this error is about? Do I do this on PHP side or on .Net side?

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Web Server Send Client Location Header Request?

how web server send client Location header request. The thing is, after sending". "web server start to send data to web client but even though in that situation if we create a Location header request it works look at the below example.

echo "johny";
header("Location: request.php");

How it works?

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SOAP Server Doesn't Correctly Process UTF8 Strings From C# SOAP Client?

I have a PHP SOAP server (using nuSOAP) that I consume with a C#-based application. When the C# application submits a request, the strings are UTF-8 encoded. I verified using a network sniffer that the byte sequences are valid UTF-8. However, when PHP gets then and I post them to the database or send them by email, it appears to be printed like standard ASCII, the UTF encoding bytes are treated as characters.I have the same issue with the C# app receiving UTF-8 from the SOAP server.NET interprets each byte as a CHAR instead of a BYTE. I had to write a small function that converts each CHAR to a BYTE and then converts that to a UTF-8 string and that's working perfectly. The question is, what do I need to do on the PHP server side to correctly process the incoming SOAP requests as UTF-8 for MySQL and the mail() function? I've tried utf8_encode() and utf8_decode() but those mangle the string even worse.

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SOAP Returning SOAP Fault - Server Was Unable To Process Request With .asmx Web Service

I am having difficulty in getting a SOAP request working properly , which requires XML string as input. It's throwing "SOAP Fault: Server was unable to process request. ---> Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s" no matter what input i send , i have used nusoap but to no avail , PHP soap library. The code i am using is:

$aOptions = array(
'location' => 'http://webserviceurl.asmx',
'uri' => '',
"style" => SOAP_RPC,


I am banging my head against a wall from last two days, searched google for this problem but got no answer that solves or guide me through.

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PHP5 Soap And XML Custom Soap Header

I am having a problem getting a custom soap header to work with PHP5.

What I require is something like this:


What I get is :


I would like to remove the namespace tags.

The code I use to get this is: ....

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Open An Asynchronous Request And Allow Client To Check If The Request Has Finished

I am trying to create an asynchronous request via php that will allow me to check on the status(complete or still running), the request will take about 6-20 minutes to complete. I need the code to be system independent and maintain the request headers agent id(as this is used in authenticating my users), so I'm thinking I could do something along the lines of the second answer to this question.

the problem is that I don't see a way of communicating with the server to verify that the operation had completed once the request was fired off. Is there some easy way to do this? (I can not predict the effects of the event, aka values might or might not change as a result of it)

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Soap Client

I have to find a soap client to be able to connet to java apache soap server.And I must send a file and envelope xml.I found nusoap but I can t achieve to communicate it. Does anybody knows anything about it?

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PHP SOAP Client Formats

ok, I am a little bit new to the SOAP game, but I understand it, and am
using it to talk to an outside API.

The problem that I have is that the server that I am talking to (that is
not in my control), will accept the following SOAP call


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How To Create A Soap Client

What are the basics of creating a soap client in PHP?

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Getting SOAP Request

I want to write my own SOAP server without using any libraries such as PEAR::SOAP or nusoap. how do I get the soap request from the POST body? It doesn't appear possible to do it via $_POST.

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Unable To Initialize A SOAP Client

I'm trying to connect to Amazon Web Service using SOAP. This script works successfully on my local PC, using PHP 4.3.3, but doesn't work at all on my remote host, using PHP 4.3.9. PEAR SOAP is installed on both local PC and remote host. Code:

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Security - Soap Client Using Https / Ssl?

I'm using a PHP soap toolkit called nusoap [URL] and I have a newbie question. I am calling a WSDL service, which is running over ssl [URL] Using nusoap, I traced out the request. It looks like this:


I'm wondering, though, is this being done over SSL, or no?

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Generate A Soap Client Code?

Is there a way to generate a PHP soap client from a wsdl file? I mean something like wsdl.exe or svcutil.exe in .net, that generates code for a class that can be the client of a service, not something like:

$WSDL = new SOAP_WSDL($wsdl_url);
$client = $WSDL->getProxy();

My problem is that I want the php client to be able the work with a service, even when that service doesn't expose its wsdl.

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SOAP Client Tutorial/Recommendation?

I need to build some integration with a SOAP service based on .NET 2.0. Im using PHP 5 and have never used SOAP. There doesn't appear to be any strait forward tutorials about how to talk to a soap service using PHP.

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Figure Out A Simple Soap Client?

I'm trying to create a SOAP client that access a Coldfusion Web service. The service returns an XML document. Here's the specs for accessing the Web service:

Numeric, required (Assigned to you by InstantService)

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Create This SOAP XML Request?

we are using SAOP clients for a while now without a problem.But now we are facing the following challenge and I can't find the answer.We need to send the following XML structure:



As you van see we need two instances of 'CardDetails'.Creating a PHP array will only allow me to send 1.

$data = array(
'Cards' => array(
'CardDetails' => array(
'Name' => 'test name',
'Address' => 'test address'


Of course, only the second address will be used.But what would be the solution to make this work?

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How To Do SOAP Request In Code

My website is written in PHP. How should I write the PHP code to send a SOAP request to another server and parse the response. The link below is the server who can accept the request. [URL]

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SOAP Request With ComplexTypes?

I'm using Php default SoapClient for communication. I have to send data that looks something like this.

<payloadPublication d2p1:type="GenericPublication" >

the only problem is how to add complexType "GenericPublication" in following code, everything else is working.

$payloadPublication = array('payloadPublication'=> "subtags/data");

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Outputting A SOAP Request (xml)

i am outputting a SOAP request via...

echo "<br/>Dumping response:<br/>";
echo "<pre>". htmlspecialchars( $client->__getLastResponse() ) ."</pre>";

but the output of getLastResponse is one big xml string. i want to print it out all nice without writing alot of xml parsing code, any built-in php function?

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SOAP Client Developing Identical Tags?

I am trying to generate a SOAP XML request that looks something like this:


It wraps each item in it's own FieldDTO tag instead of placing all four items in a single FieldDTO tag. What am I missing? It seems like it should work, but it's not quite right.

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Create A SOAP Client That Sends Leads?

I have to create a PHP SOAP client that sends leads, but I have never worked with SOAP before, and my XML isn't that great, here is the code I have managed to write so far. . .

try {
$client = new SoapClient(null, array(
'location' => "",

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Sending NULL Parameter With Soap Client

I'm connecting to a soap service that requires one parameter to be null (xsi:nil="true"). I cannot make it work

$client = new SoapClient(...);
$params = array("request" => array("name" => "john", "age" => null));

The problem with above is that "age" is totally stripped out of the request. I want it to be: <age xsi:nil="true" />

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Xdebug - Checking A URL Is Valid (from Soap Client)?

I am writing a web app which will allow the user to specify a URL for a SoapClient. I wanted to validate that php can connect to the client when the user submits a form. I thouhgt I could do this via try catch or set_error_handler (or some combination of the two). However it looks like this is not possible for fatal errors. Is there a way to get SoapClent to test a URL which won't throw an unrecoverable error?

Fatal error: SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from ''

I want it to flag an error as the URL doesn’t exist, but I would like to be able to catch it. Otherwise I suppose I could try to download and validate the URL myself, but I would have thought that it would be possible to do it from the SoapClient.

Edit: After reading rogeriopvl's answer I reaslise that I should have said that I had tried the 'exceptions' option to the soapclient constructor and (in desperation) the use-soap-error-handler function.

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