Function To Crawl For Links In All Website?

I'm trying to crawl for links in a specific website and show them at the end. The problem i'm facing is that it only show the links from the specific page not the whole pages in the website.

Here is the code:

if (isset($_POST['Submit'])) {
function getLinks($link)



Use File_get_content To Crawl / Get The Content Of A Website?

i understand we can use file_get_content to crawl / get the content of a website.. after doing so, can we remove some part of the html? for example, only capture navigaiton bar out of the entire html.

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Parsing - Crawl Website - Title Comes Back Incorrect

I've tried a bunch of techniques to crawl this url (see below), and for some reason the title comes back incorrect. If I look at the source of the page with firebug I can see the correct title tag, however, if I view the page source it's different. Using several php techniques I get the same result. Digg is able to crawl the page and parse the correct title.

Here's the link: [URL] The correct title is "How to Make Your iPhone (or Other iOS Device) More Like Android" The parsed title is "Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done" Is this normal? How are they doing this? Is there a way to get the correct title?

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Function That Crawl Html Page And Fetch Its Content And Add In Database?


with this function i can crawl my html page and fetch its content and add in database.but i would like to know that my html page has

1) article title
2) author name

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Make A Function To Convert Relative Links Into Absolute Links?

I am having problems with this so let me tell you guys what I am trying to make. I want a function, that I could call like this:

Where $thispage could be something like:

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Use Member_id On Links For Website?

I'm creating web site that people can join as member then member can send other members messages.

And here's my question. Is it good to use member_id on hyper link and as hidden input on form? Like a link to a profile page I put member_id I guess it's arite but let's say a form to send a message to a member which has a hidden input member_id which tells who will receive the message.

But is it bad that it create a hole for someone to automate something to send message to other member by increment member_id, etc.? Then they could send message to lots of people without actually going through pages to send.

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Parsing Links In A Website

I'd like to be able to parse the <a href>'s on an external website to relist them on a new page. How is this achieved?

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Extract All Of A Website Links?

Does anybody knows a script that extract all of a website links.I mean I enter a website url and It begins to extract all of the links that exist in that website.

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Getting All Inbound Links On Entire Website?

I'm trying to obtain all links on an entire website using PHP. I had a method working using cUrl, but I could only get the links from one page, looping for all pages was far too slow. I have found a peice of sample code which will work for a single page aswel, I was wondering if anyone would know how to modify it to grab the inbound links from all pages on the target site. (I'm not very good with PHP..)

function getinboundLinks($domain_name) {
ini_set('user_agent', 'NameOfAgent (http:localhost)');
$url = $domain_name;


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Count The Number Of Links Or Some Other Tag From A Website?

My php skills are modest and I would like to be able to visit a given URL or other item like img tags and count how many exist on the page. ie.:

1.) take a url like ""
2.) visit that url from within the script
3.) walk through the code of the page finding all the href instances
4.) return a count of the number of links found
Sounds simple enough but I fear it won't be. I assume that I should start with curl but I'm not sure.

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Extracting All Links From Entire Website

Is it possible to extract all links from a website (not a single webpage) by php? I am asking about the general idea, as I wish to customize: e.g. from a specified directory and certain domains only.

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Determine A Website Back Links?

How can I determine a web site back links? I need a php code that it tells me the number of backlinks to a site, just it

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Convert Internal Links To Remote Website?

i get an website html data .and i need to change all the links to remote if i have an link <a href="/search?"> i need to change to [URL]

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Finding Words In A Given Website And Replace Them To Links?

I want to get some feedback about bot that can search a specific site and find a specific word like "TvScreens" and convert them to links and landing page can be set by me.

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Regex - Find Links From Particular Website And Remove?

I got a string which has a lot of bad links from bad website and there are also useful links for my user.I need a way to remove the bad links only. such as method below

remove('regex',, ''); // remove all links from
remove('regex',, ''); // remove links from

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Use Href Links To Go To Specific Section Within Website?

I am trying to link some text with the href tag to a specific section in my website.On the homepage I have a quote and then the person's name of who said it. I want to link his name to the "Upcoming Events" tab on my "About" section.The website is. The name "Aaron Ivey" needs to be linked to the "Upcoming Events" tab under the "About" section. The website is a one-page portfolio that scrolls using JavaScript.I have tried using the name attribute, but that wasn't working because the href tag would look like <a ref="#about#ivey>Aaron Ivey</a> and that just isn't valid code, because I have the page scrolling via classes. I did check the name attribute and I did give it #ivey.

<div class="fifth_page" style="display:none">

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Create Rss For Website - Detail Tutorial Links?

I have a assignment of integrating rss for my News items in my website, how can i do that , any links.

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Getting Broken Links To Redirect To A Good Link On My Website.

I'm having so much trouble getting broken links to redirect to a good link on my website. The website provider doesn't seem to be able to explain it to me, I just don't understand... First they said use mode rewrite... I put in this rule for a .htaccess file... Code:

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Find The Total No.of Inbound And Outbound Links Of A Website?

how to find the total no.of inbound and outbound links of a website using php?

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Finding Latest Release Links On Website For C++ Application?

Basically I have written a game plugin that will allow server admins to update their administration tools from within game rather than having to go download it and install it. The releases are updated regularly, and the beta versions are nightly builds. I am trying to find a way to grab the links from the website, but I cannot think of anyway to do this off of the top of my head. Was hoping someone here might be able to suggest something that would work. [URL] Thats the website, basically I am trying to grab the links for the latest stable branch, and latest development branch.

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Moved Website To New Host And Domain - All Links Rendering Homepage?

A client of mine has a site based on CodeIgniter hosted at some shared host on [URL]. They wanted to move the site to a new domain and new host which i have done. I created a new database, and exported the old database and imported it into the new one and i changed the baseurl in the config.php file. The site itself loads up properly.

However, whenever i click on a link that is in the form: [URL], they all just render or redirect to the homepage. I know PHP, but have no experience with CodeIgniter.



RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^system.*
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php/$1 [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f


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Video Player For Website / Stored The Links Of Youtube Urls In Database?

Possible Duplicate:Need a video player for integration with PHp

I am working on a client's website. I am in a search of video player that could play the Youtube videos without having any problem. I have stored the links of youtube Urls in database. If any one can suggest a best video player.

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Spiders Can't Crawl A URL

I've been testing my website with various online spiders to find that this is not possible. I also ran into some information that Apache's mod_rewrite can take care of this. What are your opinions on this matter?

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Use Cms Systems Like Drupal And So On For Crawl Only?

I want to display the data by my own,use cms to crawl the data only.

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Crawl All Link In Homepage?

I have a script to crawl all link but in homepage..That can crawl internal n external link..But that's just the matter. I want to crawl all internal link in all pages please tell me how to do it.. Here is all that I've got :

if (isset($_POST['url'])) {

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Crawl All Facebook Fan Pages?

Is there a way to crawl all facebook fan pages and collect some information? like for example crawling facebook fan pages and save their names, or how many fans, etc?Or at least, do you have a hint of how this could be possibly done?

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Html - Single Page Web Crawl ?

how to crawl single html page and print all the words in the source code of that page?

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Web - Crawl An IP Address And Get List Of Websites On It?

Let's say I have an IP address for a specific web server say it's, how do I get a list of all the websites on that web server using PHP?

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Maximize Load But Don't Bring It To A Crawl?

I have a shell script that runs very cpu intensive programs. FFMPEG,ffmpeg2theora,etc. and I want to be able to run them but not choke the server. Is there something I can do to make sure the running programs are running as fast as possible but not hurting the server?

Like a priority system...if something else comes along that needs it the other programs drop in priority aka cpu usage. I know there is "nice" but with the above programs are not working with it.

I played with cpulimit but that makes me say it can't go higher than that even though there may be a light load and it could handle more.

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Crawl Open Source Forum?

is there an easy way to crawl open source php forums and put them in categories in my own forum, eg. "windows", "mac" and so on?

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Crawler Index/crawl Session?

I am new to php and want to know if I store data in php session in a page will crawlers crawl the data in the sessions? Will crawler still crawl the rest of the page?

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