Find If File In Different Top Folder Exists?

What i want to do is find if a file in a different top folder exists. Lets say I want to access the file this "page".html, I would have to access it like:

file_exists('../data/pages/this "page".html')

But that wont work, it just returns false. i am making a flat file cms, so filenames can have quotes. url: tann98pass: pswd


Check If A File Exists In A Folder?

I wanna check if there any image on a folder from my server. I have this little function in PHP but is not working and I don't know why:

$path = 'folder/'.$id;
function check($path) {
if ($handle = opendir($path)) {
$array = array();


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Find If File Exists - Revert To Original Path

I've written a function to take an image path, add some text to the end of it, then join it back together. I'm trying to write an if else branch to test if the file exists after I've appended the new text to the image. For example, if I request the image path:


It could be modified to this:


The function is intended for WordPress, so takes the $post->ID argument, the custom field name, width and height of the intended target. Here is the function:


I know this is crude, so any ideas to condense this code and make it "better" is welcomed. What I'm finding is that the function always returns the original image path. Can file_exists() take an absolute path like [URL], or will it only accept a root-style absolute path, like '/path/to/file/image1.jpg'?

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Php.ini File - Cannot Find In My Root Folder

hey. i have a memberscript that i am having trouble with.

my users want to upload their own avatar, but it is not letting them. the file in which the avatars are sent to are chmodded correctly.

i think it may have to do something with the php.ini file, but i cannot find it anywhere in my root folder. i have godaddy hosting and i contacted them but they didnt help me at all.

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Find Whether A File Is Exist In The Same Folder Or Not

I like to find whether a file is exist in the same folder or not. The following would-be code doesn't work correctly, but it will show what I want.

if ( fileExist("myFile.php") )
{echo "Yes, the file which is named "myFile.php" is existed in the folder." }
{echo "No, the file which is named "myFile.php" is NOT existed in the folder." }

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Find A File Within Any A Specific Folder With Subfolders?

I have a folder tree like follows:


Within the collections folder there could be numerous subfolders

images/collections/collection1, images/collections/collection2

Images are named like


What i am trying to do is pass one variable which is my product code to a script which then finds the file in any of the folders and returns its path...


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Remove From $name (folder)/(folder)/[x]/ <-- If Exists To Just Get [x].

I'll be quite honest. I don't have the faintest idea
how to do this, while I can do other php without a problem. Once I
know how to go about it I'll be okay.
It's two things I think?
1. see if there's a trailing slash and delete it.
2. Remove the preceding path to /x, the folders and slashes, and
delete them.
and then I have x.

X by the way is the final folder in a website and this grabs it for

$name = $REQUEST_URI;

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Writing String Data To A File (Overwrite If Already Exists And Create New If Not Exists)?

I want to write the content of a string variable say $data in to a file named data.xml the folder location will vary depends upon the content of $appId variable like i want to write file in files_dir/$appId/data.xml moreover if that file already exists than i want to rewrite otherwise i want to create the folder and then create the file data.xml

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How Do I See If A Folder Exists On A Web Server

how do i see if a folder exists on a web server that is not the same server that i'm using to host the php file.

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Check Using FTP Functionality If Folder Exists On Server Or Not?

Is there a way to check if a a folder exists on the server using PHP Ftp functionality?

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Check If Files Exists In Folder On Network/lan

I want to check if files exists in the network folder (eg. path = "U:abcdef") using php.

I tried to use following:

if(file_exists("U:/abc/def/400abc.doc")) {
echo "YES";
} else {
echo "NO";

I get NO. I also tried path = "//abc-drive/folder-main/abc/def/400abc.doc" but still it doesn't work.

The files are on a network/shared folder and NOT in subfolders from where php server runs

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Magento. Destination Folder Is Not Writable Or Does Not Exists

I have "Destination folder is not writable.." when trying to add image to product, but permission for all needed folders is 777! A had deleted all files on server, didn`t tuch DB, reinstalled Magento from the scratch with new DB, and everithing is OK. But when I switched to previous DB (change settings in the local.xml) bug appeared again(.

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A Way To Find Out If A Field In A Tabel Exists?

I was wondering what's the easiest way to find out if a specified field in a table exists or not?

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Find Out If A Value Exists In An Array When Compared?

I have an array that looks like this:

[0] => Array
[0] => 1
[id] => 1


What I would like to do is compare an int value against what's in the id value field. So, if I were to pass in say a 1, I'd like to be able to have a function compare this. I was thinking in_array but I can't get that to work.

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Find Out If A Substring Exists In A String?

I know many questions already asked about this problem, but I was not able to find the right answer for my specific problem.

I have a search string - "1|1"

I have a array containing following values - "a" => "1|1", "b" => "2|1,1|1", "c" => "3|2,2|1"

All I want to do is just to find if the search string existed in the array, it should return the array key. If more than one array item has the search string, it should return all of them.

In this example, I am expecting to get both "a" and "b", but when I use strpos(), it only gives me "a".


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Script To Find If A Similar Question Exists?

I'm creating an FAQ system, and the user needs to be able to see if a similar question has been asked. Just wondering if anyone knows of an scripts (php or javascript preferably, or possibly actionscript) that has some kind of AI that will do this? I've noticed on stackoverflow as a question is typed,

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Find The Name Of The Current Folder

For use in a install.php What would be the best way to do it .

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Find If A Folder Belongs To Other?

I want to make a function that check the permisions at a folder of a user. That means that this folder must be a subfolder of the default (from db) folder that belongs to user. Is there a simpler method than making a loop at subfolders of 'default' folder?

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Server - Can't Find Php.ini In The Etc Folder

I have root access to my dedicated server, and when I run phpinfo() it says my php.ini file is in the etc/ directory, using ssh i can't seem to find it there, i don't know where i can find it:))

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File Transfer All Images Inside Folder To Destination Folder Via Plugin During Activation

I have a WordPress plugin that, when first activated, sets up some default site settings and creates and adds a few widgets to the site. I'd like to add some code to my plugin so that during the activation process, it grabs all images inside a folder named "images" (located in the same directory as the plugin script) and transfers them all to the "uploads" folder in WordPress (located at wp-content/uploads). someone provide an example of the code methods required to do this file transfer?

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Find And Replace Under The Root Folder

Suppose I want to add 1 single line:

<script src = "/sample.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

to every single webpage ( preferrably right after the tag <head>) under the root folder called public_html in my server, i.e including all the webpages in the subfolders as well. Suppose I have sample.js in public_html as well.

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Find Number Of Lines In A Folder

Is it possible using PHP to parse through an entire directory to find number of lines of code in all the files in the dir so this value can be output to the screen - using PHP?

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Html - Access A Folder Or File In Parent Folder?

i want a shared folder which contains images to be accessed by html pages inside sub folders

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Detecting Whether There Is A Folder - Then Reading From A File Inside The Folder

detecting style/theme folders and then reading from a file inside them to get their name and such. So in /themes/ the php script would detect all the directory's inside the themes directory and then inside those directory's it will read from a file (say theme.php or something) and detect those variables

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Apache - Cannot Find Php Files If Not Under Htdocs Folder?

I've put all my PHP files in a separate folder (inc) on the same level as htdocs. Only index.php is left in htdocs. So, it's like this:

- index.php
- login.php
- util.php
- register.php

Now, when I go to localhost in my browser index.php is processed and shown correctly. But any links to other php files are not found. I tried to prepend links with "inc", but they're still not found. What should I do?

My php.ini file has this line (it's on Windows):

include_path = ".;C:myprojectinc"

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Check If A Mail Folder Exists Using Zend Mail?

How can I check if an email folder exists using Zend_Mail_Storage_Imap, theres a createFOlder, renameFOlder and removeFolder and also a getFOlders but not exactly any fixed method to query if a certain mail folder exists? The GetFOlders returns a humonogous tree of folders to start with.

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Creates A Temporary Folder And A File Within The Folder.

I have a PHP script which creates a temporary folder and a file within the folder.

I have a problem when trying to remove the file and folder using my FTP program. The ownership and group are set to NOBODY. I cannot change the permissions on either the file or the folder.

I have tried chmod and chgrp and chown but for some reason I cannot change permissions.

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$_FILES[] - Validate File That Upload Already Exists Or Not And If Not Then Add Image File To The Server

i have created a form used to upload .jpg files onto my server under: [URL]. I am trying to validate the file that i upload already exists or not and if not, add the image file to the server. However, i have a .jpg image to test against in my wwwshanghai2010images folder but when i upload a file with the same name as the one in my server it ALWAYS goes into my success message:

if(isset($_POST['action']) and $_POST['action'] == 'upload')

$description = mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $_POST['description']);
$category = mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $_POST['category']);
$file = ($_FILES['photo']['name']);
$target = 'www/shanghai2010/images/';
$target .= basename($_FILES['photo']['name']);

which would check to see if a file exists in a directory. So i tested it aginast my file and everytime it would echo File Not Found. My php file called index.php resides in the folder shanghai2010, and ofcourse there is a folder called images with my single .jpg image used to test against.

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See If Each Word In The Text File Exists In A Another Large 2MB Dictionary File

This code opens a text file, then checks to see if each word in the text file Exists in a another large 2MB dictionary file. If it does exist, it stores the line from the dictionary file into a variable. The code was working, but then began to generate Server 500 errors, and now It only lists about 7 matches and then loads nothing forever. It used to list the 1000's of matches and then stop.


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File In Folder Above Root Folder

I have a .php script in a folder one level above my website root, and I'd like to include it in pages in various website subfolders, some below the root. Can I use ($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] in the path in some way.

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Create A .txt File Or Skip If .txt File Already Exists

I am currently trying to write a favourites script which will store all the information on a .txt file using the following line of code,

$file = fopen("mytextfile.txt","w");

All works great apart from one tiny problem...

Every time i reload the page it re-creates the .txt file and deletes all the content.

I need the code to create a .txt file if one doesn't exist (and skip the creation if one does) then run the rest of my program.

My guess so far is this...

If 'text file' doesn't exist, create one then run rest of code.
If 'text file' does exist, simply run the rest of the code.

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