Filter And Display MySQL Information By - This Day, This Week, This Month?

I am working on a "Top Ranked" feature for my website. I need to display articles that were top ranked, but I want to show results from This Day, This Week, This Month, All Time and I really have no idea on how to do it. I have a field named creation_date which contains information about time when article was posted. And I somehow need to select information from database where creation_date is equal to This Day, This_Month, This_Week etc.I assume that I will select information from database like this:
SELECT * FROM articles WHERE creation_date = //What do I put here for different times? (day, week, Month, Alltime)//


Creating A Dashboard To Display Sales By Day, Week, Month, And Year ?

I'm trying to create a dashboard to tell me how much I've made last year, this year so far, overall in total, month, last month, week, and today. This is the coding i have so far..I cannt get day to prints nothing, I havent even started on week (that looks scarey to code) as well as last year. So far overall sales, this month, and last month works.

$total_sales = $db->select('SELECT SUM(`prod_total`) as `total_sales` FROM `'.$config['dbprefix'].'CubeCart_order_sum` WHERE `status` > 1 ;');
$quick_stats['total_sales'] = $total_sales[0]['total_sales'];[code]....

How do I do day and week?

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Select Records From Today - This Week - This Month From Mysql Db

I'm trying to make a few pages - one which will contain results selected from my mysql db's table for today, this week, and this month. The dates are entered when the record is created with date('Y-m-d H:i:s');. Here's what I have so far:

day where date>(date-(60*60*24))
"SELECT * FROM jokes WHERE date>(date-(60*60*24)) ORDER BY score DESC"

week where date>(date-(60*60*24*7))
"SELECT * FROM jokes WHERE date>(date-(60*60*24*7)) ORDER BY score DESC"

month (30 days) where date>(date-(60*60*24*30))
"SELECT * FROM jokes WHERE date>(date-(60*60*24*30)) ORDER BY score DESC"

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Sort And Filter Information By Categories From MySql To Web?

On my website I have a form where users can make articles. They Enter Title, Text and choose a category. The problem is that I don't know how to make the

"Select category thing".

Here is what I need to do. I need to have a <select> field with <option>'s, like "Home", "Education", "Cars" etc... So user selects his category and than clicks "Submit" button, which sends all the information to database. How do I make it so it sends selected category? SO I can than filter everything by category? Say I only want to display articles from "Home" category.

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Loop Through Results And Display Day Of The Week Once At Every Change In Day Using Mysql?

with my current query and loop:

$sched = mysql_query("SELECT *
FROM `shows`
ORDER BY `shows`.`show_time` ASC")


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Week Of The Month

I need to determine the week of the month (1-5) so I can rotate menus for a cafeteria.
Is the following, which I know prints the week rather than storing it, the simplest or easiest way to determine the week? PHP Code:

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Month From Week Number?

Has anybody here ever made or seen a function which when passed year and week number in that year returns month ?

actually what I want is all records from db starting from six months back till now and group them by weeks, and some weeks may have no record so they won't appear in resultset. But I have to display zero against these weeks.

display has to be in form of Number of Records in Week # x of Month y e.g Number of Records in Week 2 x of Month Jan So my solution is to get records from db by this query:
.. where abs(Week(Now()) - Week(RecTime)) <= 26

this works ok but I don't have any idea of which month and week of month was 6 months ago.
So I decided to get week number and year of 6 months back and then write my function get month form this info.

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Group By Week And Month

I currently use this query to see a list of my order counts:

SELECT date, count(date) FROM orders WHERE 1 group by to_days(date)

I want to do the same thing, but instead of grouping by day, I want to group by week and month. Any ideas of how I can do this?

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Getting Rows From This Week Or Month Only

I need to get the orders out of my database for statistics purposes.

For example I need to be able to pull out the orders for the following at any given time:

Last Weeks orders (A week is monday 00:00 to sunday 00:00)
This weeks' orders to date. (So monday 00:00 to date)

Last Months orders (Entire Month Just Gone)
This Month's orders to date

Last Financial Year's Orders (April 5th (Last Year) 00:00 to April 4th this year 23:59)
This financial year to date (April 5th this year 00:00 to date.)

Column is in DATETIME (01-07-2005 22:59:00) mysql datetime format

So what mysql query would I use and how would I create a drop down list with the corect variables in it for each of the above options?

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Calculate Week Of A Month

Possible Duplicate: PHP get number of week for month I want to get week of a month. In PHP I have date library which gives week of a year, but not the week of month. How to implement the same in php. At least give me a algorithm to implement the same.

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Display For The Week Of (fridays Date Of The Week).

I have a report that people can access online and it generates data for a given week until friday. In the title and on the report, I want to display For The Week Of (fridays date of the week).

Instead of writing a huge if - then statement array - is it possible for to simply have an expression that figures out what day it is and then tells me Fridays date - has anyone ever done anything like this.

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Display Week Days By Given Week And Year?

I want to display Week days by given week and year. Based on the week and year it display days and date. The following code display correctly current week and I can go next and prev. But if i change the week to 1 ..i get wrong date 1970!. I noticed it happens if the week is less 10. At week 10 the date start at March!

PHP Code:



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Date - Get Number Of Week For Month?

I have a script that returns the number of weeks in a particular month and year. How can I take a specific day from that month and determine if it is part of week 1,2,3,4 or 5 of that month?

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Convert Week Number Into Month?

How to convert a week number to a month? For example, 162 weeks = 37,26 Month (so 37 Months if we around the number)

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Get The Number Of The Month By Week Of The Year?

I'm trying to get the number of the month of the year by the number of a week of the year and the year.So for example week 1 is in january and returns 1, week 6 is in february so I want 2.I tried to go with date_parse_from_format('W/Y') but had no success (it's giving me errors).Is there any way to go with date_parse_from_format() or is there another way?

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Find Month No,name From Week Number?

How to find month no,name from week number using php

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Timestamp Based On Day/week/month?

I'm working on daylight savings time around the world and the database I'm drawing the information from lists the start of daylight savings time with the month, day, week, hour, minute and second it starts.Initially I thought I could throw that information into mktime() and get the timestamp, however once I started doing it I realized the `week` part screws it all up. mktime is setup as mktime (hour, minute, seconds, month, day, year)So you can't add in the week of the month.  So if I have the following information, anyone know how I can get a timestamp?

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Cronjob, Mail Every Week/2weeks/month

3 types of users. those that want e-mail every week, those that want it every 2 weeks, and those that want it every month. there's only one cronjob set for every week. so the every week e-mail isn't a problem. the way i figure. i need a text file to store the value PHP Code:

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What Day In The Month Is The First Day Of A Week (based On Date In Querystring)

I really need to work out what day of the month the first day of the week is based on a date I pass through a query string.

At the moment I am able to work out what the first date of this week is using:

$day_in_month = date('d', strtotime('last monday'));

However, the documentation for strtotime is a bit weak and i'm not really understanding it. If I pass something like : 2006-12-24 00:00:00 through the query string, how can I find out what day in the month the first day of the week is (which should be December 18th)?.

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Count Number Of Weeks And Days Of Week Any Month?

How to count number of weeks and days of week any month.

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Filter By Birthday Month

I have a database of people, and they all have a "Birthday" field. It has the date in format "YYYY-MM-DD." I am needing to do a PHP/MySQL query to find anyone who's birthday month is MM. Is there a way to do this through MySQL, or do I have to fetch the results and sort through them with PHP?

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Finding Date Range For Current Week, Month And Year?

Suppose I have a date available with me:

2011-04-05 (i.e., 5th April, 2011)

I want to find date range for Current Week, Month and Year

Current Week: 3rd April to 9th April
Current Month: 1st April to 30 April
Current Year: 1st Jan to 31 Dec

I do understand that current year would be always 1st Jan to 31Dec, but what about current month and week, How can I find it?

Edit:How can I find date, which is 10 days earlier or later from a given date.

Example: Suppose today's date is 6th April, 2011
10 day's earlier: 28 March, 2011
10 day's later: 15 April, 2011

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Mktime - Calculate Date Difference In Week,month Year ?

I am new here and php i want to know how to calculate date difference in php.My date is mktime() formate.

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Existing Script To Loop Through Date Range By Day, Week, Month, Year?

I'm trying to find an existing helper function that will accept a start and end date and interval (day, week, month, year), and will return an array each day, week month or year in that range.

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Filter/Sort Through A Value With Three Associated Values (MONTH, DAY, And YEAR)?

I'm trying to filter through some images.Each image has 3 sets of values that I need to sort through collectively, MONTH, DAY, YEAR.I'm trying to figure out how to choose a specific a YEAR, DAY, and/or MONTH and then filter my list of images accordingly.This isn't homework. I don't study CS. I'm writing this in PHP, but your answer probably doesn't need php code for me to know what to do.I don't know that much about sorting algorithms. Perhaps someone could also point me to an interesting introduction to this topic as well?Just to make things more clear:I'd like to be able to go through it backwards or forwards, for example, if someone only selects one of the filters/values, like DAY, then the images displayed will be all those associated with that DAY, regardless of MONTH or YEAR.I have everything already written. It is a website with drop down menus, and when a user selects one item from the YEAR, DAY, or MONTH menus, I will repopulate the others accordingly.

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Mysql - Display Database Information

I'm sure php is not the only programming language that supports mysql and thus allowing us to display database information onto a webpage. so...

1) What are some of the other languages available?
2) What advantages does PHP have over them?

I'm asking because I have to justify why I wrote my webpage in PHP and not some other language. To be honest it was just suggested to me that I use PHP and so I did, didn't really look into whether its good or not.

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Display Information From One Row Of Data In My MySQL Table?

I need to display information from one row of data in my MySQL table. Everything that I can find online shows me how to display specific columns for all rows but not to identify one entry.I am building a database and php page for my movie collection. I have two tables, table 1 has columns: ID, Name, CoverLocal,Location, Genra. Table 2 has columns: ID, Table1ID, Rating, Year, DateAdded.The first page queries all of my movies and displays the cover of all my movies. If one is clicked on it goes to a second page and carries the ID of the movie with it (all this is working). On the second page I want it to display all the nformation about that movie. I cannot figure out how to get the MySQL data for that one entry

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Information From Rows In A MySQL Table And Display On The Webpage?

How to get information from rows in a MySQL Table and having them displayed on the webpage when certain conditions are met.For example, my table has 5 colums in each row.Item #, Item Name, Item Type, Description, Thumb Nail Image, Large Image.want to click a link on the webpage for Small Christmas Trees and want it to output only the Item Name that meets Christmas Trees.want to click a link that will only display the results that meet both item type and item name, like Small Christmas Trees.Then, take the rest of the information from the Row and Display each of the row results onto the webpage.a link to a webpage tutorial.

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How To Display Mysql Database Information In Multiple Pages?

how to display mysql database information in multiple pages? i would like to display all my member with consist of 400 people and i wan it list in mulitiple pages, and contain a "delete tick" for me,and when i click the member, can redirect me to member detail imformation. it just similiar to email pages of yahoo inbox.

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Display MySQL Table Information For Logged In User?

I want my users to be able to see how many points they have when they go to their user info page.My MySQL database is named "webvilla_users" and the table below is called "users"I want my user to be able to view their number of points when they view their account info.So if anybody can explain to me how to retrieve the logged in user's point number from the database and display it for them to see I'd appreciate it. This is what my user profile script looks like if it gives you a better idea of how users view their information I modified it from a tutorial.


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Getting Rows In Particular Week Of The Current Month Of The Current Year?

I'm wanting to find rows whose date is within the next week of the current month of the current year. The format of the date is, for example: 2010-10-28

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