Fetch Html Tags By Using Function

Jan 13, 2007

how can we fetch html tags by using php function

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Fetch Data From HTML Tags Getting As String?

this is my code , I want to fetch data of title and description tag innerhtml..


well i am getting html page from given url like php.net by using curl=>$data1(string). and now i want selected data from that page like description and title of any website. but when i do var_dump($data1) returns=>string(42347)"". i am not getting how to fetch data from that tags because it can be any url(website).

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Use A Function To Replace Tags With Code In A Script That Generates Html And Replaces Tags?

I'm using a function to replace tags with php code in a script that generates html and replaces tags with pre-set content but I'm getting the error
"Offset not contained in string.... on line 424 " Which is the following line in this function: while(strpos($page, "[[", $pos) !== false)

PHP Code:
function parsePHPTag($page)

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Html - Function To Strip Tags, Except A List Of Whitelisted Tags And Attributes?

I have to strip all HTML tags and attributes from a user input except the ones considered "safe" (ie, a white list approach).strip_tags() strips all tags except the ones listed in the $allowable_tags parameter. But I also need to be able to strip all the not whitelisted attributes; for example, I want to allow the <b> tag, but I don't want to allow the onclick attribute for obvious reasons.Is there a function to do that, or will I have to make my own?

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Function That Crawl Html Page And Fetch Its Content And Add In Database?


with this function i can crawl my html page and fetch its content and add in database.but i would like to know that my html page has

1) article title
2) author name

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Weird Warning: Db2_fetch_array() [function.db2-fetch-array]: Fetch Failure

I've written a class Cars that is a holder class for <code>Car</code> and it's designed to fetch Car records from out DB2 database. And it works fine until I return the $result to the calling function.

I can use my $result to print html table but only inside the getAll method.
When the $result is returned to the calling function the $result source is no more working properly as expected by me though the resource id stays the same. Code:

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Looking Function To Close HTML Tags?

I'm looking for a PHP function to close HTML tags.

I'm building a site that has admins entering content in a "WYSIWYG" editor. Some of the screens will only show part of the content and then prompt the user to "click for more". So I need to be able to close all the HTML tags that were opened in the part of the content that is initially displayed.

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Function To Add HTML Tags To Text

i have 4 fields (noun1, noun2, noun3, verb1) for a person to fill out and what they put into these fields will be printed out at certain points throughout a quotation (basically, it's a madlib with quotes from the simpsons and futurama). after the four fields, i allow them to select from a drop-down select menu with the options of bold, underlined, italics.

what i need done is that IF they select any of those, i need what is printed out from the fields to be printed out with HTML tag formats ().

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Using Htmlspecialchars() Function To Change Some Of Html Tags

I am using htmlspecialchars() function to change some of html tags

Now I need to highlight my php codes.

PHP Code:

public function bb_php($string)
string = str_replace ( '&', '&', $string );
$string = str_replace ( ''', '', $string );
$string = str_replace ( '"', '', $string );


This code undo html tags from the whole page. I need to remove it only from php codes

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Avoid Display Of HTML Tags In Mail Function?

I have a mail function, and it works fine, I get mails. But the problem is that I also get the HTML tags as it is. I have code as follows:

$to = 'xyz@abc.com';
$headers .= 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "
$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "


Inside the message body, I have HTML tags like table, tr, td, etc. But when I receive the mail, I don't get the table. I get all the HTML tags as table, tr, td. In header, I have even specified content type as text/html, but still I have the same issue.

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Regular Expression Or Function To Remove HTML Encoded Tags?

I need a regex or function that can remove the ENCODED HTML tags from a database record. I have text in a database that is being stored (from TinyMCE) as encoded HTML.The code has the 'less than'; and 'greater than'; tags encoded.I would like to remove all the encoded tags and HTML and just leave the plain text and spaces only.

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Nl2p Function - Convert Single Breaks In A Form Text Area Field Into HTML Break Tags

I am working on debugging a function that converts single breaks in a form text area field into HTML break tags and double breaks into paragraph tags before sticking them into a MySQL DB, so that they can be retrieved and properly displayed on another page. The script seems to work fine for the most part except it seems to be trimming the text around the break tags off. My assumption is in the way that I am trimming the string, but I am not sure. Here is my code:

// turns line breaks in forms into HTML <br> <br/> or <p></p> tags
function nl2p($string, $line_breaks = true, $xml = true)
// remove existing HTML formatting to avoid double tags
$string = str_replace(array('<p>', '</p>', '<br>', '<br/>'), '', $string);
// convert single line breaks into <br> or <br/> tags

And here is what it should be returning (notice the missing : and first number of the IP address in the code above):


Also, I remember reading somewhere about Mac, Linux, and Windows OS using different break tags could this have something to do with it (I am on Mac OS X), and how would I implement that into this script.

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Regex: To Strip All HTML Tags But Not Non HTML Tags?

Using PHP regex, how can I removed HTML tags (both opening and closing) and with attributes like <hr class="myclass" /> without removing non HTML tags like <dog> or <dog class="cat">?The non HTML tags are dynamic and cannot be hard coded.Input:

<b><> <<> <dog> <123> <" !> <!--...--> <!doctype> <hr class="myclass" /> </b>
Output should be:
<> <<> <dog> <123> <" !>

I'm considering to use HTML Purifier but first I need to know if this is possible in regex.[URL]....

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How Do You Prevent A User From Using Certain Tags Such As Html Or Vbscript Tags When Typing Names Etc In A Form?

how do you prevent a user from using certain tags such as html or vbscript tags when typing names etc in a form?

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Display Html Tags Like Links And Span Tags Inside The Description In RSS Feed Code?

Can I display html tags like links and span tags inside the description in RSS feed code using PHP

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Insert Link Tags Between Head Tags On HTML Using SimpleHtmlDom?

I'm trying to manipulate HTML codes by the use of simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net. This is i've got so far. I could create a new file or turn the index.html to index.php and copy the head tag from the index.html. The problem is, how could I insert the link tags:

<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

between the head tags?

# create and load the HTML
// get DOM from URL or file [code]....

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Javascript - Regex That Can Distinguish Tags Contained In HTML Tags?

I need a javascript regex that can distinguish between PHP tags in HTML tags and PHP tags outside of HTML tags.e.g.

<input type="text" <? print '1'; ?> value="<? print '2'; ?>">
<? print '3';?>

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Fetch Any User Input Html Tag From Html Document Live Url Using Regular Expression

I want to fetch any meta, title, script, link tag that is available on HTML page, this is the program i write (not correct but will give idea for experts).

function get_tag($tag_name, $url)
$content = file_get_contents($url);
// this is not correct : regular expression please //
preg_match_all($tag_name, $content, $matches);

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Using Strip Tags On Text Which Has Html Tags

I am using strip tags on text which has html tags, but for some reason it wont remove table tags (td, tr, etc.). How can I remove them?

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Error In PDO Fetch Column Function / Call To A Member Function FetchColumn() On A Non-object?

I am using PDO object for executing query in php .

$stmt = $this->db->prepare('select email from users where email = :email');
return (bool) $stmt->execute(array(':email' => $email))->fetchColumn();

I am getting error here .

Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchColumn() on a non-object

what is the problem please help , $this->db->query() command is working.

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Fetch Url From Html File

basically this is no problem at all as i can use regex etc. etc. what i want to do though is: fetch the url from the source of a html file (still - no problem here) which is online in the web (the problem begins). the most simple way (imho) would be to essentially just do an PHP Code:

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Fetch Cgi Html Page

$open = fopen($site, "r");
$read = fread($open, 15000);

i try to fetch content from showtopic.fcgi?FID=9 but there's nothing on it but if you go to the actual web site there're contents is it something related to HTTP header.

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Preg_match Pattern To Find The Contents Of A String Between <html> And </html> Tags?

there's enough regex questions on stackoverflow already, but I can't figure this one out. I'm working on a PHP script that reads the content of emails, and pulls out certain information to store in a database.

Using imap_fetchbody ($imap_stream, $msg_number, 1), I'm able to get at the body of the email. In some cases (especially email sent as SMS from mobile phones), the body of the email looks like this:


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Strip Image Tags From Html, Returning The Html And The Images In An Array?

I need to write a function that takes some HTML, strips out the img tags and returns the html (sans images). However, I also need to retain the imgs (in an array) so I can output them to the page separately.I barely know any php so what is the best way to do this?

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Html - Regular Expressions Using A Negative Look Behind - Close Missing HTML Tags

I'm trying to write a simple function to close missing HTML tags using PHP preg_replace. I thought it would be relatively straight-forward, but for some reason it hasn't been. What I'm basically trying to do is close a missing tag in the following row:

<th class="ProfileIndent0">
<p>Global pharmaceuticals</p>

The approach I've been taking is to use a negative look behind to find opening td tags that are not preceded by opened th and properly closed th tags.

$text = preg_replace('!<th(sS*){0,1}?>(.*)((?<!</th>)[s]*<td>)!U','<th$1>$2</th>',$text);

I've written the regular expression pattern countless different ways to no avail. The problem has been that I cannot seem to match on solely the one open td with the missing /th preceeding it - but rather it seems to match on several of the open td tags. Here's the complete input text:


Is there something going on with negative look behinds in PHP that I'm not aware of, or have I just not hit on the right matching pattern?

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Htmltidy - Configure HTML Tidy To Ignore Short Start And End Tags When Inside Html Attributes

How can I keep HTML Tidy from converting PHP short tags when used as values in html attributes?

Here's an example of what it currently does. It converts this:
<input value='<?=$variable?>'>
to this:
<input value='&lt;?=$variable?&gt;'>

I want HTML Tidy to ignore PHP short tags. Any config options that change this?

To simplify, is there a way to have HTML Tidy just avoid doing HTML entity conversion? If it would just not convert < and >, that would solve my problem.

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