Equivalent Of A ASP.NET Listview / Gridview?

Jan 25, 2010

I'm fairly new to PHP and was wondering if there is an equivalent in PHP of an ASP.NET Listview or Gridview with paging and easy formatting?

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Enable Markdown Formatting For A Specific Column In GridView And ListView?

How can I enable Markdown formatting for a specific column in GridView and ListView?

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Edit Config, From Module/ListView?

I'm working with SugarCRM OS, (pimarily php) which is comprised of a series of modules (contacts, accounts, orders etc) each containing a ListView.php which (of course) list the records for the given module. In the root is a config.php file containing the lines 'list_max_entries_per_page' => 20,

'list_max_entries_per_subpanel' => 20,which in turn limits the number of records listed in any ListView or subpanel list. While this clearly makes for speedy queary results, it also makes for some pretty daunting searching and sorting -- especially when viewing tables containing 100's or even thousands of records.

Naturally one can manually edit config.php and increase ' "list_max_entries_per_page' =>", but I was hoping someone might point me to a method by which I might edit/update or better still TEMPROARILY override config.php -- ON THE FLY -- so to speek from -- say... the header in any ListView.php and possibly something like a Dropdown select (20, 50, 100, 150, 200)?

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Class Or Function To Make A Listview Like Table In Html Through Jquery?

i'm using PHP and jQuery for my website and i'm looking for a class or function that could translate an array or the result of fetches in a listview-like table.

With resizables columns, customizable colors, etc .. nothing really complicated

I could make one but i'm quite sure it already exists

Sorry i thought jqGrid was not opensource but it seems it is .. it seems to be the most updated Grid do you agree ? have you got good experience of jqgrid ?

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Basically I want to know if there is a way with PHP to use a Gridview/Datadrid, so all records are shown but for example only ten a page.

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Implementation Of Gridview As In .net

there is implementation of gridview in php as it is in .net

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Implementation Of Gridview As In .NET?

I wanted to know if there is an implementation of grid view in PHP as in .NET?

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GridView And Filtering Using A Lookup Table?

I'm using a lookup table as described in the blog tutorial. So one of my grid columns looks like this:


If I type "Published" in the Gii generated CRUD filtering system I get nothing. If I type the status code, like 1, I get the correct results.

How can I fix this? I mean I need to be able to type "Published" or "Draft" instead of 1 and 2.

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Show Uploaded Files In Gridview

i uploaded files into my server image folder. after upload want to display the uploaded files as thumbnails in the grid view or anything(like windows explorer), also want to select multi files from grid view and download it

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Print The Content From Gridview On Page

I want to print only the content of datagrid from php web page.

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Gridview From Mysql - Activate A Variable Every 3rd Product

I am creating a grid view of products for a ecommerce project... This sounds easy but I need to find a way to activate a variable every 3rd product.. I thought about using $n++ and checking for multipules of 3... but I'd much rather find out the correct way of pulling it off.. [URL] notice how the 4th product is getting hung up and a product that is longer then the others..

$catsql = "SELECT * FROM plugin_product where parent_id = '{$result['id']}';";
$catqry = mysql_query($catsql);
while($category = mysql_fetch_assoc($catqry)){
<div class='product'>

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Magento Add A Column To Backend Newsletter Gridview

In the magento system, I added the columns subscriber_firstname and subscriber_lastname to the newsletter_subscriber db table. In the admin area of magento, I want the Newsletter>Newsletter Subscribers grid table to show:

customer first name if it exists, otherwise show newsletter_subscriber.subscriber_firstname if it exists, otherwise show nothing customer last name if it exists, otherwise show newsletter_subscriber.subscriber_lastname if it exists, otherwise show nothing Which magento files do I need to edit to make this work? How do I go about editing the files to make this work?

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Perl Equivalent Of Escapeshellarg And Equivalent Function?

To escape the string to be used as shell argument we use the function escapeshellarg() in PHP.Does Perl have an equivalent function?

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Equivalent Of PS In PHP?

I am looking for classes/modules in PHP that can give me output similar to the output of unix command "ps". Additionally, are there classes/modules that can kill processes based on process IDs?

Though I can execute a system command, I do not have a consistent
method that will work across platforms like Linux, SunOS, AIX, HP-UX
and Windows* and was hoping that PHP will help reduce complexity.

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C++ - Equivalent Of Std::set In It?

Title says it all - what's the equivalent function in PHP for C plus plus "set" ("Sets are a kind of associative containers that stores unique elements, and in which the elements themselves are the keys.")?

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Equivalent To Use Strict In Php?

is there any equivalent of perl's use strict; in PHP?

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PHP Equivalent Of ASP Code

Im trying to duplicate this ASP code in PHP.

Basically its a form of 10 records pulled from an MySQL table. The
form lets the user update all 10 records at once if they want to.

Each text box I name using the ID of the database record and the
Database Field. Example: 3|Name (3 is the ID and Name is the
database field)

When the form is submitted this code is run:

for x = 1 to request.form.count()
if request.form.key(x) <> "Submit" then
curFld = request.form.key(x)
aryCats = split(curFld, "|")

ID = aryCats(1)
Field = aryCats(2)
Data = request.form(curFld)

strSQL = "UPDATE " & Table & " Set " & Field & "= '" & Data "'
'response.write strSQL
conn.execute strSQL

end if

The code loops thru all the objects on the form. It takes each object
name and splits it into an array using the | in the object name.

Is there anything in PHP that will count the number of objects on a
form and let you loop thu them like this script?

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JSP Equivalent To PHP $_SERVER?

I looked up System.getProperties, but to be honest, I have no clue how
to use it in light of what I can do in PHP, which is this:

<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] . ' ' . $_SERVER['SERVER_URI'];

it would be very nice to find the JSP equivalent of <? phpinfo(); ?>
(anyone know who knows both PHP and JSP?) but until then, what on earth
do I do?

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PHP Equivalent To Super()?

Code: ( php )

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Looking For Php Equivalent To Asp Function

I'm trying to get equivalents for the string manipulation functions in asp. (ie. mid, left, right)

ASP code: Code:
stringName = "John Paul Ringostarr"
newStringName = mid(stringName, 6,4)
print newStringName

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PHP Equivalent To ASP Instr()

I've got a list of emails: doug@doug.com,mary@mary.com,rich@rich.com...

I want to test if an email is already in the list, to prevent double entries. So I would like to test to see if doug@doug.com is already there. I have tried using the strstr function, but this just returns the position of the first needle.

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Equivalent Of Perl's $ ?

Is there an equivalent to Perl's output record separator, or input
record separator for that amtter, ( $ and $/ ), in PHP?

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[PHP 4.4.6] BerkeleyDB Or Equivalent?

If possible, I'd like to use a file-based, simpler alternative to
MySQL such as BerkeleyDB to manage a two-column database (phone number
-name), but I'm not sure my hoster supports this kind of thing:

Configure Command ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql
--with-config-file-path=/opt3/local/apache/conf --with-gd
--enable-gd-native-ttf --enable-gd-imgstrttf
--with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local --with-ttf=/usr
--with-freetype-dir=/usr/local --with-zlib-dir=/usr/local
--with-zlib=/usr/local --with-imap=/usr/local/imap-2006g
--with-imap-ssl=/usr/local/ssl --without-kerberos
--with-dom=/usr/local --with-sablot=/usr/local --enable-xslt
--with-xslt-sablot --with-png-dir=/usr/local --with-pdflib=/usr/local
--with-curl=/usr/local/ --with-mcrypt=/usr/local
--with-ming=/usr/local --with-gettext=/usr/local
--with-apxs=/opt3/local/apache/bin/apxs --enable-track-vars
--with-regex=system --with-pear --enable-ftp --enable-bcmath
--enable-mbstring --enable-exif --enable-calendar
--enable-memory-limit --enable-trans-sid --enable-libgcc
--enable-inline-optimization --disable-debug

Loaded Modules mod_php4, mod_setenvif, mod_so, mod_headers,
mod_expires, mod_proxy, mod_auth, mod_access, mod_rewrite, mod_alias,
mod_speling, mod_actions, mod_imap, mod_asis, mod_cgi, mod_dir,
mod_autoindex, mod_include, mod_info, mod_status, mod_negotiation,
mod_mime, mod_mime_magic, mod_log_config, mod_env, http_core

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Is There A PHP Equivalent Of Response.end?

Is there a way to stop php processing and flush the buffer sort of like ASP's response.end? I'm trying to do some debugging and want to isoloate chunks of code at a time.

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Php Equivalent Of Global.asa?

In asp I used a global.asa file to open up database connections, record details about the number of people on the site, where they came from and some other stuff (affiliate ids etc). What is the closed thing to this in php?

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Tuples Equivalent

What's the equivalent to Pythons Tuples in PHP? i.e Code:

tuple = {'a': [&#391;', &#392;', &#393;'], 'b': [&#394;', &#395;', &#396;']}

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