Easyphp Startup

Oct 1, 2005

easyphp is loaded upon windows xp loading up, the problem is apache doesnt automatically start, it tries but goes back on the red traffic light thing, then i have to click the apache button and then start and it starts no problems. Anyone know what i could do to get apache starting automatically like telling it to wait for maybe 30 seconds then trying to start ?

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Running Startup Scripts At Server Startup?

I was wondering if PHP has some type of initialization functionality
at startup where I can run a script when the web server first boots

I have an Apache server running PHP, and I would like whenever my web
server restarts to clean up some tables that have temporary
information in it.

I have searched through my PHP books and tried Googling, but as you
can imagine, most hits are about the apachectl startup script which is
not what I'm looking for.

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Anyone Have Experience With Easyphp?

Downloaded EasyPhp the other day, have not yet tried it.

Anybody have any experience using this bundle?

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Problem With EasyPHP

As soon as I connect, I get an Error Message (and PHP stops):
Apache HTTP server has stopped working. A problem caused the program
to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify
you if a solution is available.

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Any Comments On Easyphp?

Anyone have experience with Easyphp? I just installed it on my local Windows machine; was wondering if other users have any comments on the package as a local development tool. So far it looks good; any non-obvious cons or things I should be careful with when using easyphp?

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Dreamweaver 8 And EasyPHP?

I'm one of the new student in the web development.I have a problem here.I want to develop a website by using a Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.But, I don't know how to connect the registration form that have in the dreamweaver to the database.I am using EasyPHP software for database.

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I have easyphp installed on my computer and now, when I've got the php basics and quite fluent in html & css, I would like to get into MySQL to build some simple login systems and so on. Would you suggest me some tutorial or book of MySQL?

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Configure Easyphp To Process Htm Files

On my remote server I'm using the line AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html to parse the php in files with htm/html extensions How can I replicate this behaviour on my local machine running EasyPHP. I have tried adding the same line to Apache/conf/httpd.conf and restarting the server, but the files are displayed as html files, without the php code running. Various googles/php docs/stack/easyphp doc searches have failed to help.

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EasyPHP Local Site Doesn't Work?

I've installed EasyPHP, copy into "www" folder my site, but when i try to open it there is server error:The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there was an error in a CGI script. If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.Log from Apache log file:.htaccess: Invalid command 'SecFilterEngine', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

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Installing EasyPHP And MySQL Data With Application Files

I wrote some code in PHP that uses a MySQL database. It run with EasyPHP for Windows. Now it's quite difficult to install these on another PC. I have to:

Install EasyPHP
Copy .php files in www directory
Run the .sql file on PhpMyAdmin

How can I make the installation easier?

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Html - Hello World Won't Display Using Easyphp And Writing In Notepad++


The Hello world works for javascript but not in php, what gives?

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Specify Php.ini At Startup

I'm grading PHP on a production server and wondering if it's possible to specify the php.ini file PHP5 uses? This would give me the chance to make sure bugs are out before dropping PHP4.

Windows PATH variable includes only 'z:php5'

Our IIS5 'Application Mapping' uses 'z:php5php5isapi.dll' for .php5 files

But phpinfo.php5 still shows the WINNTSYSTEM php.ini.

Can you specify an ini file for the isapi? Like 'Z:php5php5isapi.dll -c z:php5php.ini'?

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Startup Error

Ive been using PHP (5) with mysql (4.1.13) on apache (2.0.54) for a while now with no problems (around four months). Then for some reason get this error when i start my PC:


PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library './ext/php_mysql.dll' - The specified procedure could not be found

I cant develop any websites now as i cant connect to any databases!

Does anyone know why this might have happened and how to re-load the php_mysql.dll ?

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PHP Startup Errors

i'm using pHP 5.2.1 after much effort i've managed to get it to work in IIS and it can pull data out of mysql database that was installed with xampp. now the xampp has a php 4 in there - using that for other java/apache projects - cant remove it.

thing is - when i start up my machine or i restart the IIS service, i'm getting a whole bunch of PHP Startup error message, mostly to do with not being able to load dynamic libraries. I've configure the php.ini file in terms of the ext etc, set up my environment variables etc.

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Benchmark Startup

I can benchmark the time between the startup and the shutdown, but how can I benchmark the time of the actual startup and shutdown themselves.

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Apache Startup Warnings -PHP 5.1.0-dev

Apache/2.0.53 RHE3 WS
PHP 5.1.0-dev --enable-debug
libxml 2.6.20

I decided to give the latest PHP5 a try since it's including some
updates I really need (PDO_SqLite, Soap, etc yayy) and after having to
upgrade libxml I'm getting the following warning when performing a
graceful restart with Apache.

Cannot load /usr/lib/apache/libphp5.so into server:
/usr/lib/apache/libphp5.so: undefined symbol: xmlResetError

The build etc seemingly works fine so far, and I only get this error
message when doing a graceful restart, not with a start/stop.

I've done a similar build with 5.0.3 with no warnings.

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Running Something At Web Server Startup

I'm not sure this is possible, so I thought I'd ask the experts. I've got a bunch of PHP code that sits behind Apache and responds to requests.

I now want to run some PHP code that doesn't respond to requests, but rather runs independantly. For instance, when Apache starts, it would be great to have it kick off some function I've registered.

This function wouldn't be in reaction to a requst, but rather some general housekeeping taks. I know that I could do these things after receiving my first request, but that really won't work for the housekeeping tasks I need to do.

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Php Startup File Missing

i installed php mysql and apache and i get this error message on start up:

PHP Startup: UNable to loaddynamic library 'c:/php/extphp_pdf.dll'- The specified procedure could not be found.

i installed php 5.0.0, the php_pdf.dll was missing so i downloaded php5.0.5 and installed just the php_pdf.dll from that package but i still get message above. i noticed a backslash in the file name ('c:/php/ext php_pdf.dll'), should this be a forward slash? and if so what file do i change to look for the right extension?

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Using A Framework For Coding A Web Startup?

I'm about to embark on a web startup project involving e-commerce. (somewhat similar to eBay). I've decided to use PHP as the programming language. Is it recommended to use any PHP framework like CakePHP or Zend with MySQL database for this kind of project? Doing it from scratch can cause much pain and it will be time consuming.What is your opinion about this? How other well known startups have done it?

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Error While Loading DLLs At Startup

at startup I get three similar error messages about three DLLs:
php_sqlite.dll, php_curl.dll and php_gd2.dll.
I searched the group for similar problem but the solutions proposed
there did not help.
- I copied the DLLs to Windows directory
- I checked php.ini to make sure the extensions were uncommented and
there was an extension_dir directive.

One thing I had noticed in the error messages was the direction of
"Unable to load dynamic library c:phpextensions/php_curl.dll"

In php.ini I had:

I changed it to:

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MYSQL, And Apache Startup Problems

I installed Apache server, MYSQL and PHPMYADMIN from xampp - the apache server was running fine, and I created a SQL database, hoping to simply display the results on a web page. Code:

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Module ABORTS Apache At Startup

I am trying to run apachectl by loading php5 module into it. This
results in SIGABRT at the time of startup and Apcahe aborts. If I
comment out LoadModule for php library then it starts peacefully.
My apache version is 2.2.3 Code:

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Launch Script At Apache Startup?

As the title says, I want to know if it is be possible to automatically launch a PHP script when a restart of apache is done. I will try to explain what is the purpose of this, the best I can. We are currently refactoring our application and we'll be stuck with 2 differents configuration file system for the time being, until all of the application flows are refactored (might take more than a year).

The old one is using simple flat file in the key=value format (i.e. [URL]), while the new system will use cacheable php files (i.e. www.php). We need to replicate to www.php any config changes made in www.conf. Since Apache gets restarted whenever there is a config change in www.conf, I thought it might be a good workaround solution to launch a PHP script, that would replicate the www.conf to www.php.

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Startup: Timezone Database Is Corrupt?

I have juste updated my CentOS server. PHP is now at the 5.2.10 version (php-5.2.10-1.el5.remi.i386), and I have installed PECL Runkit. tzdata was updated too (tzdata-2009i-2.el5.noarch). Since the update, Apache refuse to startHere is the httpd/error.log

[Wed Jul 08 11:40:21 2009] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/sbin/suexec)
[Wed Jul 08 11:40:24 2009] [notice] Digest: generating secret for digest authentication ...
[Wed Jul 08 11:40:24 2009] [notice] Digest: done

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Error Loading Php_mysql.dll On Apache Startup

Since yesterday, when I try and start apache, I get the following

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:Program
FilesPHPextphp_mysql.dll' - the specified procedure could not be

I am running PHP 5.0 on Apache 2 and have been for some time. I got
this error when I first installed PHP5/Apache2 on this machine (a
totally fresh install - HDD reformat!!) However, it went away, and I
can't remember what I did to get rid of it.

I originally thought it was because I had a space in the location of
the dll. but I have been running it this way for a long time. I have
not changed my php.ini recently, other than trying to solve this
problem (not got any further than just commenting/uncommenting the
line that loads that module.

The module is definitely located where it is looking. I have no clue
what is going on.

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PHP Startup: Unable To Load Dynamic Library 'C:

I have just reintalled my computer and with that; PHP.

But.. I keep getting the error:
PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:PHPmodulesphp_mysql.dll' -
The specified module could not be found.

I have installed PH 5.0.2 on a XP-SP2-box with IIS.
PHP works fine (if I uncomment the php_mysql.dll-line in

The file IS located in the directory. -And for testing purposes I have
copied the file to %systemroot%system32 as well, but with same result :-(

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