Display Information From One Row Of Data In My MySQL Table?

Feb 12, 2011

I need to display information from one row of data in my MySQL table. Everything that I can find online shows me how to display specific columns for all rows but not to identify one entry.I am building a database and php page for my movie collection. I have two tables, table 1 has columns: ID, Name, CoverLocal,Location, Genra. Table 2 has columns: ID, Table1ID, Rating, Year, DateAdded.The first page queries all of my movies and displays the cover of all my movies. If one is clicked on it goes to a second page and carries the ID of the movie with it (all this is working). On the second page I want it to display all the nformation about that movie. I cannot figure out how to get the MySQL data for that one entry

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Information From Rows In A MySQL Table And Display On The Webpage?

How to get information from rows in a MySQL Table and having them displayed on the webpage when certain conditions are met.For example, my table has 5 colums in each row.Item #, Item Name, Item Type, Description, Thumb Nail Image, Large Image.want to click a link on the webpage for Small Christmas Trees and want it to output only the Item Name that meets Christmas Trees.want to click a link that will only display the results that meet both item type and item name, like Small Christmas Trees.Then, take the rest of the information from the Row and Display each of the row results onto the webpage.a link to a webpage tutorial.

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Display MySQL Table Information For Logged In User?

I want my users to be able to see how many points they have when they go to their user info page.My MySQL database is named "webvilla_users" and the table below is called "users"I want my user to be able to view their number of points when they view their account info.So if anybody can explain to me how to retrieve the logged in user's point number from the database and display it for them to see I'd appreciate it. This is what my user profile script looks like if it gives you a better idea of how users view their information I modified it from a tutorial.


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Display MySQL Table Data In A Table?

I'm using PHP5 and I can't work out how to get each different row to display. Currently the first row displays over and over again until there are no more rows left in the table. So far this is what I've done:

Code: [Select]<?php
$cxn = mysqli_connect($host, $user, $password, $dbname)
or die ("Connection failed.");
$sql = "SELECT o.orderID, i.sku, i.quantity, o.staffID FROM Orders o, ItemsOrdered i
WHERE o.orderID = i.orderID";

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Pull Some Records Out Of A Mysql Table And Display Mysql Data?

So i pull some records out of a mysql table and i want to display them in 5 even columns.I'm not entirely sure how to do the math & logic to accomplish this.The pull is simple

$qry = "SELECT DIST_PART_NUM FROM $tablename";
$sql = mysql_query($qry) or die(mysql_error());
while($res = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql))

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Display Data From Two Table Using Mysql?

i'm doing a project on online campus recruitment. Currently i'm working on students module. Here i'm including one option which i call it "LIVE RESUME", And my problem is i am unable to display data from two table( one table contains student registration details and the other table is intended for bearing other details regarding students resume). I wanted to join both tables to display all the data in two tables at a time. and also it must be consistent.

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Display Data From A Table In Mysql?

I am trying to display data from a table in mysql with the following code, however when the page loads it just shows lines of '=='. Everything is spelt correctly and there is data in the table.

Code: [Select]<?php
$connection = mysql_connect("localhost", "root");
mysql_select_db("people", $connection);
$query = "SELECT * FROM customer";
$result = mysql_query ($query);


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Display MySQL Data In Table Format

I've managed to build a php login with two seperate forms using a switch statement to GET form actions. (that statement alone would have had me reading books for hours, 1 week ago). With each form taking the user to different pages. i.e. Distributors and Admin areas. But its the admin area that I am now struggling with. I can use forms to input data into a database sufficiently. I am hoping to create a page that can select data from the database and display the data in tables. using the below script I am able to pull info from the database and echo the fields elsewhere on the page

if (@$_SESSION['auth'] !="yes")
$connection = mysql_connect($hostname,$username,$password)
or die ("Could not connect to server");

Which meant my session stored no information at all. using the above script to 'pull' data from the database, is it possible to display that info in a table. Obviously the above info would only display FirstName and LastName. I would edit this to display the info that I need.

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Display Mysql Table Data On A Php Webpage?

does anyone know how you would display data from a table onto a webpage? like say i insert things into my database like what ever is in the structure (title, name, number etc).

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Simplifying Display Of Data From MySQL Table?

I am wanting to display a row of data from a mysql table into an HTML table with each column in a <td> and a new row for each record. Also a header for each column.

while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
echo "<tr>";
echo "</tr>";


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Data Loaded From A MySQL Display It In Dynamic Table

I have a bunch of data loaded from a MySQL database, and i want to display it in a dynamic table. Code:

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Can't Get Table Cells Consistent In MySQL Data Display?

I am trying to get data to display on a webpage. I have everything working but I cannot get the table cells to stay a consistent width. I've tried setting each cell to a specififc width - didn't work. I tried wrapping the text - didn't work. I've been at it for hous Here's my CSS code:

<style type="text/css">
.display {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 11px;
color: #242424;


I want all the cells to line up in each row

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Mysql Data Display In A HTML Table Layout With Alt Row Bg Color?

iam trying to display student names along with their course selected and status of their selection, from mysql db, the result has to be in tabular format, with alternate row bg color, here is my code,

echo "<a href='Student Details Form.php'>New Record</a>";
echo "<table border=2 >";


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Grab The Member Data From The Mysql Table And Display It On The Page?

A member profile page and i want to grab the member data from the mysql table and display it on the page.i want to grab the data from the row associated with the member logged in.

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Display A Dynamic Table That Contains Statistical Information

What I'm trying to do is display a dynamic table that contains statistical information. About the various assets and the number of them contained within the database table. My MySQL DB contains a table called Assets. I'm trying to display data from a single column called AssetType. I would like to display the AssetType name such as "Laptop" once with the total number of laptops next to it.

echo "Laptops : <b>$number</b>

I attain the result I want, however If someone were to add a new AssetType such as "Desktop" to the table I don't want to have to manually go back and add:

echo "Desktops : <b>$number</b>

I don't know how to build the code to fill in that asset type dynamically. Basically what I'm picturing in my head would be something like this:.....

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Display The Table Information In Serial Number

I have Database in mysql name "prj" contains table "inf" which has three fields names "id", "name" & "marks". I want to display the table information in serial number like that using php .

Sr# Name Marks
1 Rauf 86
2 Ali 78
3 Amjad 74

so on. How i code for serial number to display information as the record exceeds

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Grab Information (primary Key From One Table) And Combine It With The Current User $_SESSION User_id And Post It Into The MySql Table?

I am putting together a closed bidding webpage and I don't know how to grab information(ie. primary key from one table) and combine it with the current user $_SESSION user_id and post it into the MySql table.

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Read Information From A File And Display It In An Html Table?

how to read php information from a file and display it in an html table. Basically the site my teacher has asked me to make is one where i can type in a url, link text into a text field, write that to file, then read it back and display them in a html table.(there is more functionality but it is not relevant to mention until I can read it back) I have the information writing to file ok, its the reading back thats a problem. I am getting alot of Undefined Offset errors.

The code I have so far is:

<form action = "menu1.1.php" method = "post">


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Script Request To Display Their Information From The Users Table?

I have a site that offers users an opportunity to make a booking for a dvd.After they choose what they want i want them to just enter a username and password so that on the checkout page they see their details fetched from mysql.How do i script this request to display their info from the users table?There is a separate registration page for them that records the info in this users table.

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Create Pagination In A Page To Display Information In A Table From Database?

I want to create pagination in a php page to display information in a table from database. If i click the next button then five rows from database will be displayed. Is it possible to do in php page?

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Create A Multi Table Database In MySQL And Write To And Retrieve Information Using MySQL.

I am trying to create a multi table database in MySQL and write to and retrieve information using MySQL. I am able to insert and call data easily enough going into one table, but I am having problems with connecting tables and using the idea of normalization.

I am starting simple with an online registration for alumni of an association. My first table in a database is called alumni and it stores there e-mail address, first and last name and year of graduation. Code:

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Mysql - Display Database Information

I'm sure php is not the only programming language that supports mysql and thus allowing us to display database information onto a webpage. so...

1) What are some of the other languages available?
2) What advantages does PHP have over them?

I'm asking because I have to justify why I wrote my webpage in PHP and not some other language. To be honest it was just suggested to me that I use PHP and so I did, didn't really look into whether its good or not.

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Filter And Display MySQL Information By - This Day, This Week, This Month?

I am working on a "Top Ranked" feature for my website. I need to display articles that were top ranked, but I want to show results from This Day, This Week, This Month, All Time and I really have no idea on how to do it. I have a field named creation_date which contains information about time when article was posted. And I somehow need to select information from database where creation_date is equal to This Day, This_Month, This_Week etc.I assume that I will select information from database like this:
SELECT * FROM articles WHERE creation_date = //What do I put here for different times? (day, week, Month, Alltime)//

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How To Display Mysql Database Information In Multiple Pages?

how to display mysql database information in multiple pages? i would like to display all my member with consist of 400 people and i wan it list in mulitiple pages, and contain a "delete tick" for me,and when i click the member, can redirect me to member detail imformation. it just similiar to email pages of yahoo inbox.

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Insert Information From A Form Into A Mysql Table.

I am using PHP and trying to insert information from a form into a mysql table. I want to take the address, city, state, zip, country and insert all that info into my table in one row called other1. Is there a way to combine all the values from the form and insert it into one table row?

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MySQL Connection - Insert Information Into The Table

I'm creating an online php/mysql form to insert a table. The table has combo boxes for some of the values for the user to choose from and they enter text and numbers for other. IE some boxes are populated when the page loads, and others are not.

Then I need to insert that information into the table. One of these fields is the primary key (an asset tracking number). Most other fields are shows as descriptions on the page, but actually correspond to a number in the table. I.e. the department may show as accounting, but the value stored in the table is 1.

Anyway, when i try to run the page, it is just blank so I guess I have an error somewhere. The top portion works fine because it is being used on ever page, but the bottom portion (the actual form) is not working.

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