Display Current Year

Mar 31, 2007

guys,can you help me with my drop down menu for year selectin my
in my current codes its displays the year from 2001 to 2007
now what i wanted to happen is it will display the year
from 2007 to 2001this is my current code which displays the year from 2001 to 2007
hope you could help me with this.
<?phpfor($i=2001; $i<=date("Y"); $i++){
   print '<option value="'.$i.'"';
   if($yearText == $i){
  print ' selected';


Datetime - Display Current Year Starting On August 1?

May 12, 2011

I need a PHP function that displays the previous year until August 1, at which point it should display the current year.

For example:

today is May 12, 2011, so this should echo "2010" when it's August 1, 2011 this should echo "2011" ...continue to echo "2011" until August 1, 2012 on August 1, 2012, it should echo "2012" etc.

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Html - Select <option Selected=""> Doesn't Work - Year And Month Automatically Sets To The Current Year And Current Month

May 5, 2011

I have 3 html <select> the year, month, and day. Both the year and month automatically sets to the current year and current month. I did that purely in PHP. However, the day which is being triggered by Javascript doesn't seem to work even though I already did if (j == <?php echo date('d') ?>) days_select.options[days_select.options.length] = new Option(j, j, true);

The default day is still 1 not the current day. What is even frustrating is that when I checked it on firebug the selected day is the current day... I am a total noob in programming that's why simple things like these are kinda hard for me to grasp.

<body onload="loadDays();">
<script type="text/javascript" >
function loadDays() {
var year = parseInt(document.getElementById('years').value);
var month = document.getElementById('months').value;
var months = new Array

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CC Expiration Year - Select Box To Be Populated With The Current Year

Jun 10, 2011

I am trying to code a select box to be populated with the current year and the following 10 yrs. I'm guessing it is pretty easy but I'm not sure how to get started. Should I do a for loop that runs x10 and adds to an array??

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Getting Rows In Particular Week Of The Current Month Of The Current Year?

Oct 21, 2010

I'm wanting to find rows whose date is within the next week of the current month of the current year. The format of the date is, for example: 2010-10-28

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"On" Style Reflects Current Year Tab If No Year Is Selected?

Feb 4, 2011

I have a script that pulls data from my dB based on the year selected from 2006 - 2011, and if no year is selected it automatically loads the current year, 2011. I have a css that changes the design of the "tab" based on the year selected, but how do I make it so that the "On" style reflects the current year tab if no year is selected? Confused yet? I created an image of what I mean as well as the php script.


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Combining Queries - One Query Gets The Current Year And The Other Query Gets Last Year

Apr 5, 2010

i have these two querys selecting different dates from a table what would be the best way to get the difference like QuoteWHERE `MONTH` >= '". $data_lastfs . "' AND '" . $data_lastfsend . "' >=  `MONTH` one query gets the current year and the other query gets last year.

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Shortcut For Current Year

Aug 15, 2005

anybody know a better way / shortcut for doing this: PHP Code:

$gda = getdate();
$current_year = $gda['year'];
$return = myfuction($current_year);

I just want to use the current year as a function arg. So, I don't even want to use the var $current_year. Maybe do this block in one line.

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Find Current Day Of Year

Jan 23, 2010

Is there a standard function in PHP that will find the day number of the year based on the current date? Examples:

Jan 22nd = 22
Feb 27th = 58
Mar 5th = 64

If there isn't a standard function, has anyone built anything similar that would handle the conversion? What all is involved?

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Get The Date Of First Monday Of The Current Year?

Jan 19, 2010

how to get the date of first monday of the current year using php functionsexample 04-01-2010

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Scripts Where In Some Of Them The Current Year Is Set Like '2009'?

Mar 25, 2009

I have several php scripts where in some of them the current year is set like '2009' so hard coded.I wonder if and how I can replace this with a variable which i can refer to.In some scripts the year is stated in a Query, in some it's just text.Problem is that every year I have to update several scripts. I need at least one script with year previous of current year like "scriptname_2008"Actually, would be nice if this became a variable too..If I'm thinking correct, I'd never have to update anything manually again.One main script would get the current year, create a variable of this.Same for the previous year.

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How Do I Retrieve The Current Year To Insert To The Database.

Aug 7, 2001

how do I retrieve the current year to insert to the database. And how the date data is stored? is it yyyy/mm/dd or yyyy/dd/mm?

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Grab Data Whatever The Current Month And Year Is

Jul 26, 2005

I have database with a date field and I would like to have a query setup to grab data from it using whatever the current month and year is. My date field is currently in the 0000-00-00 format. I wanted to know if this can be done.

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Echo Current Month And Year In PHP5?

Mar 18, 2011

what would be the shortest, simples code to generate the curent month in Full english September or short as three letter version like Feb and then add the current Year 2011

So the code will, depending on the month and year, echo stuff like:

July 2011


Aug 4037


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Get The Number Of Weeks Of Current Year Using Zend_Date Class?

Jan 21, 2010

how can we get number of weeks of current year, for example if it's 2009 there are 53 weeks and 2010 has 52

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Finding Date Range For Current Week, Month And Year?

Apr 5, 2011

Suppose I have a date available with me:

2011-04-05 (i.e., 5th April, 2011)

I want to find date range for Current Week, Month and Year

Current Week: 3rd April to 9th April
Current Month: 1st April to 30 April
Current Year: 1st Jan to 31 Dec

I do understand that current year would be always 1st Jan to 31Dec, but what about current month and week, How can I find it?

Edit:How can I find date, which is 10 days earlier or later from a given date.

Example: Suppose today's date is 6th April, 2011
10 day's earlier: 28 March, 2011
10 day's later: 15 April, 2011

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Echo Out A Table Showing The Days Of The 'current Month / Year?

Jun 9, 2010

How would I echo out a table showing the days of the 'current month/year?

1-may-10 - data here
2-may-10 - data here
prev month - next month

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Display Data By Year

Mar 18, 2005

I need to display records from a db for this year only. This is what I've been trying: PHP Code:

$thisyear = date("Y");
SELECT * FROM table WHERE date("Y",strtotime(update)) = $thisyear

does anyone know if this is the correct way?

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Dynamicaly Display Month And Year

Jun 19, 2003

Hi how can i display month and years dynamically without using database in a drop down menu.

<select name=month>
<option value=1>January</option>
<option value=2>February</option>

Also the year drop down since 2003 value will be added with every year ie in 2004 it shd show:

<select name=year>
<option value=2003>2003</option>
<option value=2004>2004</option>
and so on..

Any help?

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Current Date Time Format "year-month-day Hr:min:sec"

Oct 20, 2010

I want the current date to be displayed in this format: year-month-day hr:min:sec

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Javascript - Week Year Day Dynamic Display?

Apr 6, 2011

Im writing a php script to generate dynamic days,weeks,months,years etc also tree structure javascript.I require something like this



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Get All Posts From The Same Month And Year For Sidebar Display?

Aug 19, 2010

The Wordpress blog I'm building is published like a magazine; the first day of every month, several (nine, to be exact) posts are published in rapid succession. When a reader views one of these nine posts, the other 8 posts should appear in the sidebar.

I have a function I've written to accomplish this, but I'm having some issues that I'll describe below. Here's the code:

function getSidebarPosts($post_id){
$ret = array();
$parent = get_post($post_id, ARRAY_A);
$sdate = strtotime($parent['post_date']);
$month = date('m',$sdate);


The parameter passed to this function is the ID of the post being displayed, so I need to retrieve all of the other posts published during the same month and year as the post being viewed. Wordpress doesn't generate any errors in any of this (nor does PHP, for that matter), but I simply get an empty result set and I'm unsure why that is. The code is fairly straightforward, but if I can clarify anything, do comment and let me know.

Oh, and I've tried adjusting the 'numberposts' parameter and that doesn't seem to have any effect. Also, each post has exactly one category.

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Displaying A MYSQL Display Set For A Year With Monthly Totals?

Jul 7, 2010

I have two tables, sales and costs, each with a costs fields, and a date field of type date.The rest of the fields are not relevant for what I want to do.I want to take the totals of each month, and display them together.I am unsure if most of this should be done in SQL, if it must be one or several queries, of if I must manipulate the data in PHP...

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Creating A Dashboard To Display Sales By Day, Week, Month, And Year ?

Mar 9, 2010

I'm trying to create a dashboard to tell me how much I've made last year, this year so far, overall in total, month, last month, week, and today. This is the coding i have so far..I cannt get day to work..it prints nothing, I havent even started on week (that looks scarey to code) as well as last year. So far overall sales, this month, and last month works.

$total_sales = $db->select('SELECT SUM(`prod_total`) as `total_sales` FROM `'.$config['dbprefix'].'CubeCart_order_sum` WHERE `status` > 1 ;');
$quick_stats['total_sales'] = $total_sales[0]['total_sales'];[code]....

How do I do day and week?

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Code To Display Students Name First And Last Class Year On Correct Date

Feb 4, 2010

I work at a UK Secondary School who want displayed on screens around the school students whos birthdays are today. From our school database its exports the students First Name, Last Name, Class Year, DOB (Format example 01 February 2010) display this information if i were to put it in to a MYSQL Database. I need a code to display the students name First & Last and their Class Year on the correct date.

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Select Records From Previous Year Starting On July 1st For Each Year?

Feb 1, 2011

I need to select all the records from the previous fiscal year (the fiscal starts on July 1st for each year). I searched the site and haven't found any posts with this requirement. I also tried [URL] and could see how to write it to do that.

I need something like:


SELECT * FROM table WHERE SignupDate<'the current year' . '-07-01'

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Loop From Today To One Year Later (one Year Date Range) ?

Jan 17, 2011

Possible Duplicates: PHP Day iterator

I have 2 dates in PHP, how can I run a foreach loop to go through all of those days? I want to create a loop which creates records for each day from today to one year later.There is no input for dates.From date which the form is submitted to the day 1 year after.

How can i do that ?For example today when i submit the form today, i need a loop from 17/01/2011 to 17/01/2012

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Check Week Number In End Of Year And Begiining Of New Year?

May 24, 2007

I am creating a little own calendar. Now I want to add a "previous week" and "next week" functionality to the calendar.

It is easy to take $thisWeek - 1; and $thisWeek + 1;, but there has to be a check wether it is the last week of the year and it should actually be a new year and head to week number 1. HOW do I make this kind of function? I use the following string names:


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Print All Weeks In Year Or First Monday Of Year?

Jan 20, 2010

How print all the weeks which start with monday and end with sunday.. like below ..using Zend_date

1 04-Jan-2010-10-Jan-2010
2 11-Jan-2010-17-Jan-2010
3 18-Jan-2010-24-Jan-2010

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Check Whether A Year Is Bisect (i.e. A Leap Year)?

Apr 15, 2011

How can I check whether a year is bisect (i.e. a leap year) in php ?

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Display The Current Time In PST

Nov 10, 2003

I want to display the current time in PST using php.

I want it to appear like this:
October 21st, 9:46 PM PST

but the closest I can figure out is this..

November 10, 15:36 PST

using this code...

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How Do I Display The Current User?

Jan 23, 2005

when a user posts a message to my site, how do I save that user's name to the meassage table to disply next tot eh message? (mysql users table)
Also, how do I just display the user on the page like at the top of this site?

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Display Current Dates

Nov 1, 2005

I had someone write me an event script that will display all events in the database. I would like it to only display the events from the current date on. Is there any easy way to fix this?

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Display The Name Of The Current Month?

Mar 10, 2010

i want to display the name of the current month + 1 in php, anyone know how this is done? e.g. Current month is 'March', i want to write 'April' i want to output the current month, the next month and the month after that...


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Display The Current Rating?

Jan 29, 2011

I was wondering if someone could post for me the changes I need to make to this code to get the current rating values to display on the page before the form is submitted as well as after, as it is written now.

<?php echo '<html>
<title>Rating Tool Test</title>[code]....

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Display Substring Of Current URL?

Jan 24, 2010

want to redirect my browser to a PHP page such that when the page loads, it will display to the user a substring of the current URL.For example, let's say I have a page called substring.php.My browser forwards me to: user, "123456"?

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Display The Current Time If It's The Same Day?

Apr 25, 2010

im trying to display the current time if it's the same day but if it's not the same day then just the day... i dont know how to match what mysql has to the current time because the current time from the function is from seconds from 1970 (i think thats what it is i forget) code: 

Code: [Select]
echo "<td>";
if (strftime('%a, %b %d, %Y', time()) == strftime('%a, %b %d, %Y', strtotime($message_date))   ) {
print strftime('I:%M %p', strtotime($message_date)); }

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Starting A Year Loop With Last Year

May 14, 2007

I have the following which loops through the present year and adds two more years on: However, I want it to be exactly the same but to start from last year rather than this year. Is this possible? Code:

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Capture Current URL, Display On New Popup

Jul 4, 2007

My intention:
1. In my "example.html" I want to create a link that when clicked, will popup a small browser window (200x200). (For this link, I want it dynamically usable in any webpage. Eg on a sidebar.)

2. In this new popup window, I want to capture and display the URL of the original referer page. For this case it's "http://....example.html".

3. Also in the new window is an option button which says "Save this URL? Yes/No". If user clicks "Yes" it saves the URL into the database. Code:

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Display The Tables Of Current Database

May 16, 2007

i just write this script to display the tables of current database but this is not working:

include 'library/config.php'
include 'library/opendb.php'
$query="show tables as 'tables'";
$res = mysql_query($query);

while($row=mysql_fetch_array($res)) {
echo $row['tables']
include 'library/closedb.php'

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Display The Current Date/time?

Feb 12, 2009

I'm using php and sql through odbc to write a program and i hav got abit stuck in a part where i want to display the current date/time in the format date('Y-m-d H:i:s) but it only displays the gmt time. I want to add 8hours to it.

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Display Current Date In Words?

Oct 20, 2010

Is there a way to use getdate (or similar) to output the current day in a format like this

twenty october twenty ten

I can't have the year as 'two thousand ten' due to space restrictions so it just needs to be 'twenty eleven' 'twenty twelve' etc

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Display Current Logged-in User?

Nov 18, 2010

I'm using Symfony and sfDoctrineGuardPlugin.How do I display, in a template, the username of the current user ?I've tried $this->getUser()->getUsername(), but all I get is the error : "Call to undefined method sfPHPView::getUser."I'm trying to display the username in a layout.php, not in a particular module/template

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Code To Display Substring Of Current URL?

Jan 24, 2010

I want to redirect my browser to a PHP page such that when the page loads, it will display to the user a substring of the current URL.

For example, let's say I have a page called substring.php.

My browser forwards me to:[URL]...Is it possible to write some PHP code that will then display to the user, "123456"?

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Display Only Movies Which Is Has Not Expire From The Current Date

Apr 12, 2006

I have a database where there are two tables which is movie and movie_ticket tables. movie table holds the movie_id and movie_title and movie_ticket tables hold the movie_id and date.

I wish to display only movies which is has not expire from the current date.Is that possible?

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