Develop A Web Portal In PHP

Feb 24, 2006

I need to develop a web portal in PHP. can someone please give me some code for php pages using a small database. 2-3 PHP Pages & a small database would b welcomed.

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Extending Wordpress Or Other CMS To Develop Portal?

i am trying to create something like sports portal, using WordPress, i need to create new tables in the database, like News, Partners, Voting Poll and offer the administrator features so he can add new News, new partners which will be news papers websites that administrator will be able to fetch news from their websites and show them on the wordpress front end. I had a look at the source code of WP and i could see that it is using classes and functions that are strictly connected with creating new posts, categories and if i want to add new tables and use my own sql queries would be something really hard. If someone has done something similar to this, could you please share it or just the idea how to do it?

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Portal Authorization To Other Portal's Dashboard?

There is a portal that a company's users are familiar with, and we will put a link to login to a different portal on a different machine. This process would not require username/password check, just hitting the link will log them in.

How can this two delivered in secured way? We don't want that anyone with the link to be able to log in, how can we make this to work between the two platforms?

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PHP Web Portal

I've been asked about the feasibility of a web portal for some
controllers we are developing.

Basically, the portal would offer accounts to subscribers and allow them
to view and control their equipment.

The view is primarily a spreadsheet with clickable links for each
controller. The link would bring up a detailed view.

I would imagine the backend would be SQL based, with a separate data
collection engine and display engine.

Is anyone aware of a GPL (or similar FOSS) licensed project that can do

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Web Portal

(1)Is it possible to host PHP-based Web Portal + MySQL Database (e.g.
PHPNuke) on MS Windows System? If yes which server software I need?

(2)Compare PHP over JSP/ASP/CGI in performance/memory
usage/others...which one is the best for a web portal targetted around
few thousand concurrent users? Any article have detail comparisions are

(3)What is the function of SOAP?

PS: Would anyone please introduces some sample flow-diagram of
web-portal architecture of a PHP system with SQL database?

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New Portal

I want to have a own portal(with php). What I must have? a server, database, php editor, FTP? I can download the portal or I have to start from the coding and setting from beginning until end.

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Portal SE Friendly

Does anybody know a free php portal system that is also Search Engine friendly meaning that it can be configured not to show unfriendly URL to search engine spiders?

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Secure Portal

Anybody knows how should we implement a portal-like website that allow its members to communicate through the private message but does not allow them to exchange email address or any other contact details? It is much like the FriendFinder implementation.

I imagine the if we rely on the word filtering on every private message (like filter the @ character) it will not guarantee that we could avoid such email address being passed to one another.

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PHP Portal From Scratch

I want to make a PHP Portal from scratch to develop my self better and
gain experiance, do anyone know a link to a good free tutorail for
making a PHP-Portal from scratch, or something related..

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Portal Apps

I am looking for a PHP/MySQL portal app, and am having a hard time deciding. So far I like Xoops and PHPNuke, does anyone have any other suggestions, or comment about these? Advice?

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Forum Portal Log In

my new portal for my forum set up is working and I like it a lot, BUT I have one snag, I can't log in through it because I get this /Forum/Forum instead of just one /Forum now if I click on a topic from this portal it brings me there ok, but people may get confused and it should be fixed, any ideas how or what I should look at to get this solved?

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PHP Portal Builder

I'm searching a tools to build a php portal. Can someone can give me good php portal builder software.

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Portal System

Which is the best portal system search engine “friendly”? All that I know have very long and weird file names (for example name.php?lotsoflettersandnumbers), and I looking for something like name-name.php Or something which work’s similar.

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Make New Job Portal?

I want to make a job portal like [URL]... in Php , I have tried many free CMS and scripts but not got too much of it

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Sms Portal Signup Script

I am looking for a php signup script which will be use to give this option to my users that they can have there favourite sms msg in their own account as well as they can submit sms messages by using thier account but its a tutorial web and i am looking this script for sms messages portal .... can anyone help me what kind of script it is...

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MS Sharepoint Portal Server In PHP

Is there any PHP/MySql based portal avaiable like MS Sharepoint Portal Server?

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Portal Software - For PHP /MySql

Is there a good site listing commercial as well as free Portal
Software running under the PHP /MySql environment?

I am looking for something like DotNetNuke for PHP, eg. where I the
admin can build pages and allow only persons in certain groups to
access the pages.

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CMS Portal Type Solution

I have a client that wants a portal type look where they can manage the content.

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Looking For DeviantArt-esque Portal

I am in the process of building a site, but doing it from the ground up is a little bit daunting and frankly I don't have the time so I am looking for a product that already has the fuctonallity that I can tweak to my specs. The basic premise is to have users be able to create an account, upload multiple pictures of the one thing they want to display, and build a portfolio of their things.

Other users would be able to post comments, rate the pics on a scale of 1-5, and sort all entries from all people based on various criteria. I like the design of DeviantArt and it has the fuctionallity that I am looking for when it comes to one user being able to create a portfolio of their stuff, but it does not allow multiple pictures of the same thing. (Why would you when dealing with 2D art? )

Is anyone familiar with a product that would allow me to build such a site? I have seen some portals on, but most look like social sites in the vain of MySpace, and pictures are dealt with in a gallery instead of central to the content.

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Create A Portal With Php And Joomla?

I am new in php and joomla and for now, studying book "Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 24 hour".I want to create an portal with PHP (and Joomla) that certain people with definite level of access can input data or use data... how should I do this? I must start from what and where?Is reading PHP and be familiar with Joomla is enough?

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Ebay Like API Interface For A Web Portal?

We have developed a B2B Web portal for Graphics Job Work which is similar to Camera Ready Art [URL]. It is targeted for people wanting to convert bitmap to vector Graphics, Logo Designing and general image processing like coloring B/W images to color,etc.

We want to add facility so that people (our clients) can use a set of API that we provide to post their work from their site directly without having to visit our site literally to post their work. I have never done anything like this till date so I have no ideas as to how I can implement something like this. I also want to know about how we can implement security so that only those who are authorized can post their work?

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Web Based Portal Authentication Through IP?

i have a web portal running which involves basic data entry. The issue being that this is highly sensitive data. And the credibility of the data entry personel is very low. Therefore i have implemented recording of IP when an entry is made. The Problem i am facing is if this if this person starts forwarding his IP from a proxy server then i am unable to track authenticity of the data.

How do i detect if the IP forwarding is happening/ get the real ip address of the person.

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Get Cakephp Portal Parts?

where can i get cakephp portal parts - code that could be used for portals,

for example - forum part, user login, search forms, user admin parts, etc

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PHP Portal/Content Management Scripts

I'm looking for a portal/content mangement system to use for my website, but all of the scripts I've seen so far (like phpnuke) seem to be for news/story-related sites. My site will have a "what's new" section, but that it as far as news or stories go. Does anyone know of any good (and relatively simple) scripts like phpnuke and were I could get them?

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Built A Wordpress Video Portal?

my challenge is to built a video portal, based on wordpress (blog already started).
so in the backend there must be a option to add, tag, descripe videos and in frontend the videos must have a comment function, must be searchable and so on.

wordpress gives already a large amout of functionallity and i want to use this, comments for example, but also categorisation and tagging. what is the best practise to built such a "plugin" ?where to start? what to use? custom tables and built everything by myself or can i use the blog functionallity to advantage?

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Multiple Sitemaps Receommendable To A Web Portal?

I have a cricket based portal check here cricket scores This site has near to millions pages. But is it advisable to have a multiple sitemaps in the website or not?

if Yes, what Name shall we give for the second site map? sitemap2.xml does this work?

Some where in the blog i have read that each sitemap should not have more than 1000 links, for better indexing, is this true?

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