Create Website Using Hindi Font?

May 14, 2010

I am working on a website which has English and Hindi both versions. Firstly tell me the way to create site in Hindi-- in that i also need the information about which Hindi font will support the internet explorer.

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Accept Input In Hindi From Website's Users?

how can I accept input in Hindi from my website's users? All I know about is:

1. UTF-8 is the solution

2. add the following to the HTML Page:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="hi">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

3. MySQL database connection collation must be utf8_unicode_ci

If I paste anything from a hindi website like in my page's textbox it displays it correctly.
But I do not know how to get it by typing?

Do I need to use some javascript library?

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Use Wordpress To Make Hindi Website After Instllation Of Wordpress CMS?

i found my question's answer "How to Make a Hindi WebSite in PHP".You Can use Wordpress to make a Hindi website After instllation of Wordpress CMS Download a Wordpress Plugin name "". and put this in "plugins" Folder of your installed Wordpress CMS. Now login to admin area of CMS, and activate this plugin from plugin tab in "Admin Area". After Activate this you can see a radio button on page "Write" There are two radio button hindi and English also a hindi radio button on main site with comment Form. Now select you language and post Your data, For Post a large article You Can use google Tarnslation Service.

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Same Font For All Website?

I have create a website in some stylish fonts and I can see it on my browser because that font is installed on my PC. But any other user can not see it because that particular font is not installed on their PC. How can I make it visible for all users?

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Random Font For Website Text?

I've seen lots of methods for generating random font colours, but how would I go about using a random font from a list of fonts (or just totally random) for a section of text on my website?

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Change The Font And Style Of Writing When Leave A Message On My Website?

I am after a text are like the one in the quick reply at the bottem of this page,I have no idea what the propper name is for them.I have no idea to do the coding for it, but would like to be able to let my friends change the font and style of writing when my friends leave a message on my website

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Create Font From Images?

I have been looking at such online tools as[URL].... and wondered if there is a php scrpt that will take the images from the template and produce a ttf font? If not

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Html - Create Superscript Font With GD?

Is there a way to create superscript text using GD/PHP. I want to create a date format of 20th June where the "th" is superscript however I can't find a way to do this. I have tried <sup>th</sup> but this just displays it as it is.

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Create Image For Each Individual Character In A Truetype Font (.ttf)

Is there any possible way to create an individual image for each character in a TrueType font file (.ttf)? Eiether in PHP, or some Windows program that would do it?

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Create A Pdf A4 Size From Using Script - Could Not Include Font Metric File

I have tried to use the php script to generate PDF with a simple programme Hello World. I came across following error which I am unable to understand?


$pdf=new FPDF();


ERROR:- Warning: include(helveticab.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:xamppphpPEARfpdf.php on line 541

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'helveticab.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:xamppphpPEAR') in C:xamppphpPEARfpdf.php on line 541

FPDF error: Could not include font metric file

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Install A Font In To A Server / Implement The Font Style In Wendy Medium?

I have developed a PHP project. In this I want to implement the font style in Wendy Medium. But I don’t know how I install this font in my server.

Does any one know how to do this?

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Display The Font With Out Download That Font In To User's Computer?

Am working with a language site.. I want to display the font with out downloading that font in to user's computer.. ie i want to show a special font which is in my server.. Is it possible in php. I tried with CSS .. but it need the font in user's machine.. most of the time user will not try to get the font download to his machine..

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[GD] Could Not Find/open Font - Font Problem

I know this subject was up several times but Icant get it work
use gd2 on win32
$font = "f:/swd/font/arial.ttf";
$im = imagecreate (250, 28);
$black = ImageColorAllocate ($im, 0, 0, 0);
$yellow = ImageColorAllocate ($im, 235, 235, 51);
ImageTTFText ($im, 20, 0, 10, 20, $yellow, $font,
"comming text or not?");
<img src="test.png" alt="image">

but I allway get error about not finding font ..

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How To Convert True Type Font To Swf Font??

I want convert type type font(*.ttf) to swf font(*.l, *.f)


other font not found swffonts directory..
I should like to use other font at swf_definefont()..

how to convert true type font ??

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Insert Hindi Data From Excel Sheet In Sql

i have created a sql table to store hindi data. it works fine. Now i want to store data in this sql table from an Excel sheet. i want to know which hindi font i have to use in excel sheet so it will store hindi data in sql table. actual i have an project to display Result in hindi fonts. result data is approx 20,000 entries. so it is not possible for me o insert it one by one. how to store all the data from excel sheet in sql table. and which font i have to use in excel sheet to type data in hindi.

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Retrieve Hindi Text From Mysql Database?

how to retrieve hindi text from mysql database using php

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Get Only The Text Inside Font Tag <font>?

I have this html code:

<marquee align="left" id="LatestNewsM" SCROLLAMOUNT="4" loop="infinite" direction="right">
<font dir="rtl" valign="top" class="StringTheme" style="font-size:14px;">test test test</font>
<img src="/Portal/images/LightVersionWeb2/jazeeraTicSep.gif" align="middle">


and this PHP code:

$homepage = file_get_contents('');

How I can search in the content and get only the text inside Font tag <font>

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Get Font Info From A Font File?

how to get font info from a font file ... using php of course ! The stuff I need to extract is Font Family, Author, Copyright etc which is contained as attributes in the font file.

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Make A Web Page Having Both English And Hindi Character With Mysql?

How to handle UTF-8 characters in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL ...

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While Printing Hindi Text Through A User Defined Function?

I how two php files one is main.php and second is functions.php. If I print below line in main.php, its working fine.ut my reqirment is to call a function from functions.php in main.php that should do the same:

print func_headline();

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Changing Old Font Size To Css Font-size With Preg-replace?

I tried this:

PHP Code:
$str = preg_replace('/<font(.*?)size="(.*?)"(.*?)color="(.*?)"(.*?)>(.*?)</font>/i', '<span style="font-size:10+$2px;color:$4;">$6</span>', $str);

But this is not working. For font size="2" I'm getting style= font-size:10+2px;

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Break The String On Full Stop For (Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Hindi, Greek, Urdu) Using JavaScript?

I am working on languge segmentation project. I applied language segmentation for English by using regular expression breaking the string at . ("Full Stop"). Now i want to provide the support for following languages (Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Hindi, Greek, Urdu). I want to break the above mentioned language strings on Full stop.

e.g. For Chinese Full stop is‚ (Unicode value U+3002) String


Expected Result


Same logic I have to apply for other languages (Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Hindi, Greek, Urdu).

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Create Api For Asp Website?

I have been asked by a client to create an api php class or a way for them to transmit data from a php page to a page writen in php not sure if this is possible, i was thinking of using curl but that would be abit hard as i am wanting to pass some things eg credit card numbers and cvv and name of the credit card without storing the information some where, how should i go about it developing api? the site i am talking about is the payonner prepaid mastercard site and my client wants to open up a paypal to payonner fund transfer when u want to load your own prepaid credit card as this is not currently possible atm as they only accept loading of payonner cards via visa or mastercard credit cards, So does anyone know where i can go to find out this information or give me a starting point to start at?

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Create A Website Without Css?

Is it possible to create a website without css?

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Create Website Search

point me to a tutorial or something on this board to create a search engine for my website? do i need mysql for that?

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Create A Forum In My Website

I create a message post/forum in my website? I plan to just have a text box and a submit button and users can enter their comments in the text box and hit submit and it will be posted on the same page. I know I need to have $_POST['nameOfTextBox'] and then echo that post on the page, but I can't figure out how to save what was posted and get the focus to the next line.

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