Create Graphs From Using Data In The Database On Weekly Basis?

Apr 11, 2011

Im developing Health site using PHP and mysql. I want to create graphs from using data in the database on weekly basis.

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Data In Mysql5, And Create Pie Graphs?

I need to know how to graph in php... I need the steps and any components to download... I need something easy configurable...I have some data in mysql5, and need to create pie graphs...

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Extract Data From A Database And Generate A Report In The Form Of Graphs

I have recently come across the need to extract data from a database and generate a report (in the form of graphs, but that's not really the problem) to see the increase/decrease of registered users between Dates X and Y. I can get the information from the database, but I'm not sure how to sort all the users which registered per day.

For example: I want to get all the data from 20-07-2011 to 25-07-2011 and then I need to find the users which registered on the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th and put them into appropriate places (I'd assume arrays). Please bare in mind that all dates are stored in unixtimestamps and I'm not very good at timestamps.

* @author DarkMantis
* @copyright 2011
class GenerateReports{
* The constructor of the class
public function __construct(){

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Frameworks That Support Database Connections On A Per User Account Basis For Use In A Multi-tenant Database?

I'm looking into developing a multi-tenant SaaS application, and I found several sites that describe a solid way to separate the data using tenantIDs and updateable views. e.g. This blog post .It all hinges on the ability to have your user accounts authenticated from a master users table and then having their respective database connections use those user-specific credentials. This way, the views can pull the userid and map it to the tenantID to display that user's view. However, most PHP frameworks tend to be very static when it comes to database connections (stored in text config files). They appear to be at odds.

Does anyone know:

a) how to make CodeIgniter handle this gracefully?

b) a different PHP framework that might?

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Create Graphs And Export To PDF

creating graphs with PHP. I would also like to be able to export these graphs to a PDF document. I am currently using google graphs but I don't like the idea of sending all my information to Google. I'd prefer my own in hosted solution. I have seen a lot of Flash solutions but i'm not aware of any way to export the SWF's to PDF.

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Using PHP My Admin To Set Up A Database That Updates Weekly? How?

I am trying to learn how to create a database that is updated on a weekly basis from an HTTP datafeed. The link changes weekly (see sample below...notice the date at the end). I think a CRON task would be the best way (am I right?), but I have never written a CRON task.

Can anyone help with this?

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Any Scripts To Create 3-axis Bar Graphs?

I'm trying to create a 3D graph, which has 3-axis with different labes.
I need to be able to color each of the bars indervidually.

Something like that in excel, i.e. x- axis (species), z-axis(dna code),
y-axis (the frequency of that species-codon).

If anyone knows of any in php, perl, java, R or gnuplot. I would
really be appreciative.

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Create Graphs With Multiple Lines?

How can I create graphs with multiple lines using php? I need three lines with multiple data points per day.

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How To Show Weekly Monthly Data In A Report.

Currently I display the data in a daily format. I have a form that the
users submits the date range (from say 20061224 to 20070530) and the
data is displayed daily.

I like to know how I can show the data in weekly and monthly
that for the range shown above I would have the monthly or weekly

Unfortunatly the date format in the db has the type text and is stored
as yyyymmdd.

i.e table.

date, sales, product and I can show daily only.

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Create Line Graphs To Be Displayed In Webpages?

i need to know how is it possible to make a line graph using php/javascrip/html. data will be coming from a live database, so basically the webpage will just plot the data coming from the database, but the problem is that, even the basic know-how's i dont know.

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Make Graphs With Data?

I store continuous updating data every 60 seconds, and I want to use the JQuery graphing tool called Flot [URL] I would like to show the data in datasets of 'Per hour' and 'Per day', but I have no idea how to show this, and what data to use. I'm familiar with SQL and PHP, but when it comes to math - not so bright!

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Loading 'modules' Data Into Views On A Per User Basis Dynamically From One Controller (codeigniter)?

I am trying to load the views for a set of 'modules' for a user who has selected any number of available 'modules'. I can get the name of the module (or any column) from the database and load->view($name . '_view'); but can't seem to figure a way to load the data for the view based on the 'module' name.

//Loads the rows (selected modules) I need for this user into an array
$modules['modulearr'] = $this->module_model->getModuleUser();
for($i = 0; $i < count($modules['modulearr']); $i++){


There is also an issue with loading the models in the controller based on the fact I can't change $this->load->THIS_PART dynamically. I am new to everything so there may be a basic concept I am not grasping, If you could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. I could do a whole bunch of if statements but that seems messy, surely there is a better way.

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Data Structure Like Trees And Graphs In Php-cli?

How can i implement data structure like trees and graphs in php-cli?
Who knows where i can find tutorials?

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Generate Dynamic Graphs While Getting Data From Sql?

how to create a dynamic graph that gets values from sql depending on different dates

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Generate Graphs And Charts From Mysql Database?

How to generate graphs and charts from mysql database in php. I'm trying to use chart director but I can't even install it properly. Because I'm using php version 5.3. And its using a deprecated php function called dl. Do you know of any alternatives that fully supports php 5.3 and easy to use for beginners like me. Which I can also use to access the mysql database and graph the data that's on it.

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Creating Dynamic Graphs And Charts From Mysql Data?

point me to any tutorials or any applications that create dynamic graphs and charts from a mysql data using php?

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Select The Correct Entry In A Drop Down List On The Basis Of Database Entry?

I have a simple Crud application where there is one filed called Category. During Creation , for Category I have provided a simple drop down box which lists all categories. During Editing, I need to get the same drop down box with the entry in the database chosen.How do i do this.

For creation i used say

<p><b>Category:</b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<select name="category">
<option>Food & Beverage</option>

How do i do this during editing, say I need to select 'Health' which is available in the variable $row['course detail']

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Create A Code That Will Add Data Into The Database?

i'm trying to create a code that will add data into the database.. after inputing, its giving me the "ERROR: Please fill in all required fields!" error

Allows user to create a new entry in the database

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Create Checkboxes From Database Data

I'm trying to create checkboxes from a database table header row and then pass that to another page.

The checkboxes are gotten from the "header" row of the mysql table.
I check which of these checkboxes are selected and if it is selected, I display the data for the rest of the rows under that same column which is selected as a checkbox. Here's the code to generate the checkboxes:

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MYSQLDUMP, Create New Database, Before Restoring SQL Data.

I can use mysqldump to create a .sql file backup of my data.

For importing how can I test to see if the DB exists, if it does
import the .sql

If not create the DB then import the .sql!

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Create A Login With Data From MySQL Database

I have created the actual page for the user to input, and I created a login script, which is goingt o verify the credentials (username and password) against a mySQL database, but I am not sure where to put things.

Currently the login page has a submit button with the form action sending the login data to the php script in a differnet file. Anyway, I have never done this before and my PHP book doesn't really cover it that well

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Create Jquery Tabs According To Data From Database?

i want to create tabs according to data from MySQL database using php for instance count the number of groups if they are 5 create 5 tabs.How could i do that.

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Create Store Data Into Database And Retrieve It?

I never done something like this, therefore I'm looking for some information, maybe a tutorial how to create a simple store and retrieve database script. Basically I would need to design a form to store content into database. I need to store simple content -- category, title, description, and author. I would need to create database tables, and retrieve that data.

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Create A Bunch Of Pages Of Data Pulled From A Database?

I am using php to create a bunch of pages of data pulled from a database. This is all fine and works as supposed to. My problem is that i am trying to use $_GET in these pages created but when ever i run the script i keep getting an error.

PHP Code:
// write html
<?php $pageID= $_GET['pageID']; ?>
<style type='text/css'>


Here's the error Code:bParse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or `T_NUM_STRING' in list_html.php on line 58 I think i am missing something obvious?

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Create Paging When Fetch Data From Mysql Database?

how to create paging when fetch data from mysql database

PHP Code:
$sql = "select * from product";
$rs = mysql_query($sql) or die("database error");

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Create A Form That Sucessfully Inserts Data Into Database?

i have already created a form that sucessfully inserts data into my database im now creating a seperate form to update the data. i dont see any problems with my editform.php and it all seems fine. The edit.php seems to be working fine and throws back the error message as it should. when i do change data in form i get the message ello1updatedwhen i check my database nothing has changed can anyone point out what im doing wrong here is my form it has 13 feilds as you can see itgets previous stored data then display it in the value


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