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Nov 9, 2007

I need help with button, when person click button, is automatic create lay out <div></div> in php, how do i write that in php code to create layout button like that<div></did>

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Create Form With Submit Button And Associate Button To Method?

Is it possible to create a form with a submit button, and associate the button to a method that i will write? i am basically trying to add and remove from a text info area, and when the user selects add or remove then the function will get called and do tis thing

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Create Share Button To Hi5

Everyone else social networks have a simple method to share anything content. I need create a share button using php/javascript.

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Create Button At Runtime?

creating Button at runtime. My problem is I am having one form which contain 6 button to save 6 records details. Finally when six records save user goes to for next 6 records... So I need a new but same form which will again accept six records and six button to save details of the records. So, how to create create same form with blank fields.

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Create A Print Button?

I would like to create a print button for my web, the purpose is, when the user click the print button, it will show the print dialog. Anyone know how to create this?

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Create Facebook More Button On The Wall?

I would like to create a more button similar to facebook that loads more items on the wall. how I could get this working in PHP. Could you please point me to a resource or let me know a way how I can acheive this.

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Create A Facebook Application Like Button Using TAP

I am tring to creat a facebook application here using TAP based on PHP. However, I would like to make something like this. [URL] If you see this e-commerce, there is a facebook like button in a image. I think it has something to do with FBML, I do not exactly know how they did it.

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Create An Answer Submit Button?

I want to create an text field then a submit button.

The text field is supposed to be the answer of a question.

If the user types the correct answer and clicks submit, he is taken to the next page. If he types the wrong answer the page refreshes to the current page.

Also if the user knows the url of the next page, while he is on the current page and type it in the url bar, it should be shown that you are not authorised to view this page.(Use of checks, i suppose)

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Create Unset Cookie Button?

I have created a cookie using php and now I need to create a button the user can click to log out. This would be the php code to unset the cookie:


But I'm a quite stuck with how to make the button functionality. Can anyone help me with it?

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Gd Lib - Create Dynamically A Vertical Button ?

I'm trying to create a vertical button in PHP, but I have problem with the positioning, when I created a 200px height and 40px width PNG i want to put the text to the center of that image. The text long will be changing dynamically

this is a part of my code

$image = imagecreate($this->width , $this->height);
$background = ImageColorAllocate($image, $this->bg_red, $this->bg_grn, $this->bg_blu);
$foreground = ImageColorAllocate($image, $this->red, $this->grn, $this->blu);


how can I calculate the $offset_x and $offset_y?

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Create A Button And Its Event Handler?

I am new to PHP but I need to create a button on a simple page and have its event handler. Any clue?

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Create A Textbox Inside A Button?

is it possible to create a textbox inside a button? I wish the button consist of a textbox inside its value.

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Create A Glossy Submit Button?

i've been searching for an EASY function or code to create a glossy submit button.I mean, a function to create an image or something (round, square or whatever) containing a text or another image, and making it glossy.a thing , for example, like : create_glossy_button('inscription') that would create that.maybe there's a possibility to do it with css or so, but i dont think so, as it involves calculation (gradients and such).

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Create A Button Which Will Destroy A Session?

Is it possible to create a button which will destroy a session? I've seen a few ajax examples via google but there more geared towards resetting a form

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Create A Log Off Button/link To Allow User To Sign Off

Before I start on rebuilding the public area of my current project, I have built an 'admin only' area where all the material for the site is inputted. My question relates to this 'admin only' area which is accessible only via passwords as you would expect.

I am new to PHP/mySQL and was wondering can I create a log off button/link to allow me to sign off and my brother to sign on using the same computer? It's probably quite simple, but no matter how hard I search though the books and on the net, I cannot find a solution?

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Create A Button That Will Automatically Check All Boxes.

I have a list of checkboxes created by a php query. PHP Code:

echo '<input type="checkbox" name="rep[]" value='.$row['email'].' title="Select email recipient" />'

How can I create a button that will automatically check all boxes.

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Javascript - Create Checkbox Without Submit Button?

How to create a checkbox for the user without the user needing to submit it?

[] apple
[] grapes
[] oranges
[] mangoes

as soon as the user selects apples,grapes, oranges the SAME page must reload multiple times and say "apples","grapes","oranges" etc
Actually, I need to pass the variables with values as apple grapes mangoes etc
i.e if you are on a page .php after you select apple,grapes etc
the page url should display .php&selection=apple_grapes etc.

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Create A Table With Each Row Containing A Button That Relates To The Data Of That Row?

I have an array that contains a person's first name, last name, and phone number. I would also like to create a button, so when the user clicks that the information of the person is carried to the next php page.Should I be creating a form each time I create a row in the array?So far I have:

foreach($array as $row)
echo (

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Using HTTP_REFERER To Create Back Button Variable?

I've searched this and other forums to find a solution but as of yet have had no luck.What I am trying to do is this...I have a contact form on a page that can be called from various places in the website.I want to be able to check when someone comes into the contact script, where they came from and set that value to a session variable, so while they are in that contact process, whether filling out the form or correcting entry errors or whatever, when they have finished and submitted the contact form successfully, they will be presented with a button that will take them back to the page they came from (where they clicked on the contact me link).Seems it should be pretty simple to check upon entry to the contact.php, whether the $back variable has been set yet, and if not, then set it as well as the session variable by the same name.

THENWhen the page reloads to correct data entry errors, or to display the successful submission notice with the return link, that session variable should contain the original referer page so you can use it in a link.BUTWhat happens is that I get the last referer page, which is always the contact.php, which does me no good in getting back to where they came from.Here is what I have in a shorthand version

// script contact.php
if (isset($_session['back'])){


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Create A File Upload Button Within Form?

I'm trying to create a file upload button within my form.

HTML4Strict Code:
<input type="file" name="datafile" size="40">
PHP Code:
$cleanupload ='';
if (isset($_POST['datafile']) && '' !=trim($_POST['datafile'])) {$cleanupload = trim($_POST['datafile']);} else {$aErrors[datafile'] ='try a .jpg file';}

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Create HTML Button Based On Condition?

I am using following code:

if ($_Session['WorkMode'] == 'New' || $_Session['WorkMode'] == "")
echo "<input id='Submit' name='Submit' value='Submit' type='button'>";


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Create A Script For A User To Click A Button?

I have created a script for a user to click a button, it then sends the buyers e-mail and auto generates a password for them to login.I've created a forgot password form for them to enter their e-mail address and transaction ID, but it seems the txn_id passed via IPN is infact the transaction ID on my side, not the buyers transaction id.Does anybody know the variable for the buyers transaction ID? (If at all ossible).Searched on Google and can't really find anything...

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How To Alter Script So Button Will Go To URL Not To Create Account

I have a "create account" button on my site which I would like to change the properties so it goes to a particular URL when clicked and not to the create account form. I think the following is the script I need to alter, but I could be way off the mark as I am very new to php.


<?php echo zen_draw_form('create', zen_href_link(FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT, '', 'SSL')); ?>
<div class="buttonRow forward"><?php echo zen_image_submit(BUTTON_IMAGE_CREATE_ACCOUNT, BUTTON_CREATE_ACCOUNT_ALT); ?></div>

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Create Radio Button Group WHERE Other Fields Can Disappear?

I'm trying to create radio buttons on my form where if one radio button is selected, then other fields disappear. Here is classic example:

Do you have a passport?

o NO

o YES, if so Date issued: [date pull down menu]

See what i mean? If the user clicks NO, then the "yes" selection as well as the Date pull down menu will turn grey so that the user cannot select it anymore.
Is it possible doing this without reloading the page?

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Create A Zend_Form Tabular Display With Each Row Having A Radio Button?

I've seen simple examples of rendering a Zend_Form using decorators, but I'm not sure they are able to handle the issue I'm facing very well.

I query the database and get an array of user objects. I want to display these users as a form, with a radio button next to each of them and a submit button at the bottom of the page.

Here's roughly what the form will look like:

[user id] [email] [full name]
( ) 1 Test user 1
(*) 2 Test user 2

Is this something achievable in a reasonably straightforward way or do I need to use the ViewScript partial?

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Html - Create Multiple Radio Button Using For Loop?

Question:- I want to retrieve questions from database and it should be followed by 2 radio buttons for every question. I did, but suppose when I click on YES button for 1st question I can't select YES button for 2nd question so how can I do it?

$query = "SELECT mq_question FROM mental_questions where mq_agegroup=4 ";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$total_rows = mysql_num_rows($result);
Print "<ol>";
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC))


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