Create 3 Columns Table With 5 Rows?

Nov 13, 2010

I am trying to create a 3 column table, where each row will contain 3 'cells' which each contain the following info for a product - Product Name, Description, Product Link, Image and Price - so, in a 3x3 table I would have 9 products. I only started to look at MySQL and PHP less than 5 days ago, so it's been an incredibly steep learning curve but have come to a bit of a halt...spent hours playing with code I have come across on the web and reading various tutorials but still struggling big time...managed to do everything myself so far Here is php code I have...

mysql_connect("xx", "xx", "xx") or die(mysql_error());
mysql_select_db("xx") or die(mysql_error());


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Dyanically Create Table Rows And Columns

I'm trying to create a day view for my calendar. I need to have time slots table rows and the columns need to be the roomnames, which are stored in my db.

I would like to query my events db and dynamically build a table shading the tables different colours dependant upon room usage.

I have attached screenshot of how I would like the page to look. Can anybody tell me how I can dynamically create rows and columns to create a table?

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Table Results Columns Rows

I am having trouble implementing my coding to work with the desired results. I am calling up a total of ten thumbnail images to appear in a table. I would like these to be in two rows of five.

The code below will produce the thumnail images in a table, but all ten are in one row. How can I break this up so that after five images it will start a new row? Here is the code I am using now to show the thumbnails. Code:

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Change Table From Rows To Columns?

I don't know exactly how to describe what I'm trying to do. I have a table that has several columns, they are

item, location, onhandqty

I have about 20 different locations for each item and I want to change this to

item, location1onhand, location2onhand, location3onhand, location4onhand....

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Easiest Way To Sum Columns And Rows Of A Table Apart From Using SUM(x)?

i have a really complex query (mysql + php) and i would like to know the easiest way to sum columns and rows of a table apart from using SUM(x).

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Delete Rows From A Table Where One Of The Columns Contain No Data?

I am trying to delete rows from a table where one of the columns contain no data. I tried this:

delete from tablename where response column is null;

or tried this too:

delete from tablename where tablename.column is null;

didnt give error but when I checked my table I saw that it didnt delete those rows that has empty fields under that column.

WHen I checked my table structure, I saw that for that column I had put varchar(7) for data type and no to null.

Is it not working because I marked that column as no to null when I was creating the table? If so, what are the empty cells in that column considered? And how can I delete the rows that contain those empty cells?

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Display Table Data In Columns Instead Of Rows

i'm trying to echo out the results from a query onto a page, but rather than having them echo out as rows in a table, i want them to be displayed in columns, i.e. first column would have the first 10 results and the second column would have the next to.

at the moment i'm using this code to display my results

$read=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM entry WHERE category_id=".$id." ORDER BY entry_title") or die("query failed".mysql_error());
for($j = 0; $j < $result; $j++) {
$row = mysql_fetch_array($read);
echo "<a href=article.php?id=".$row['entry_id']. ">".$row['entry_title']."</a><br />";

but this just displays it as a list down the middle

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Printing A Table With User Defined Rows And Columns

So I have a bit of experience with C++, but I think php (and other web dev stuff) will be more useful for what I want to do so here I am.

I have the following code

$columnT = $_POST["columns"];
$rowT = $_POST["rows"];


And I want it to take rows and columns from a form then display the table. But I'm getting the error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_VARIABLE or T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES or T_CURLY_OPEN ... in line 25.

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Search Results To Always Display 5 Columns And 2 Rows In The XHTML Table?

I'm having a problem with a search form that pulls results from a MySQL database. I'm building a website that includes 100 logos for the 2008 Fortune 500, Top 100 companies. I want the search results to always display 5 columns and 2 rows in the XHTML table, even if there are fewer than 10 search results.

Also, if there are more than 10 search results, I want the XHTML table to display 5 columns and 2 rows with a "Next" link on the first search result page and then "Previous" and possibly "Next" links on the next pages depending on how many search results come up. If you go to the test homepage at[URL].. 5 columns and 2 rows in tables and the "Next" and "Previous" links are displayed correctly. Below is the code to select the MySQL data for the search function (see piece of code named "SHOWMAX" and variable named "$prepSearch"):

//mysqlPrepINC.php START
// include MySQL connector function
if (! @include('connectINC.php')) {
echo 'Sorry, page unavailable';


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Dynamically Add Rows/columns To Table Depending On Number Of Results?

trying to work out a way so that the results from an array (or mysql recordset for that matter), are nicely aranged in a table. I want them to show in a grid-like manner, with rows and columns added according to number of "items". I worked out this small code snippet, with a sample array, and for the life of me, cant figure out how to make it so it automatically "breaks" columns at 5 and start new row. I got it to show me right number of rows, but then it repeats all 10 names within them, as opposed to just showing 5 names in each row...

Code: [Select]<?php
$names = array('Charles','Henry','Manny','Philip','Rose','Evelyn','Peter','Julia','Cary','Sophia');
$numberColumns = 5;
$numberNames = count($names);


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Assign The Number Of Columns And Rows To A Table Depending On A Variable?

how can i assign the number of columns and rows to a table depending on a variable? This variable will be random number so i can't just use if statements and alot of <td></td>, when the range of the variable is between 1-200.

if($v=2) {
\display table columns and rows

i don't want to type a whole lot of <td></td> and <tr></tr> for each if statement. Is there a way around this, like with text area cols and rows?

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Unable To Produce A Nicely Formatted Table With Rows And Columns From The Contents Of A Print_r Array Statement?

I'm looking to be able to produce a nicely formatted table with rows and columns from the contents of a print_r array statement?

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Dynamically Create A Table's Columns

What I'd like to do, is take the selected rows from my database, generate columns dynamically to reflect the "size" column, and then dump the data respectively into the table that is generated. Here's what I've got so far:
Using this database:

What I've done is given each row/column a designation by assigning a X,Y value (tag_no, size). I created an array that uses a key in the same X,Y format. I loop through the rows to dump the array value that corresponds to the key.

The data doens't display correctly if I there are multiple tag_no's that have the same sizes, with different quantities. Code:

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Create A Table Say 3 Rows 3 Cols And Put An Include In Each Table Cell

I have been playing with php includes and thought it would be interesting to create a table say 3 rows 3 cols and put an include in each table cell pointing to other sites, i thought make each cell 500px wide and i would have a page with say four news sites from different countries, so i built my table added this in
<?php include("")?>

plus others uploaded it then sat back to watch my master peice in action, but hey guess what! includes dont quite work like that, the sites all loaded under each other and the page was veery wide, and even my nav table include had the same rollover effect as the first site in the includes.

Is there a way this can be done easily or should i forget this idea now, I have no need for this on my site I am just at the start of learning php so have tried this just for education reasons.

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Create Dynamic Table With 3 Columns And Unknown Number Of Records?

I'm trying to create a table with only 3 columns, but the problem is I don't know how many records will populate the table so need it to automatically create <tr> and </tr> tags every 3 records. How best can I do this?

At present the code below just lists every single record in one continuous row - but as I said, I want to only display 3 records per row. Code:

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Tables Row And Columns - Display 3 Rows Instead Of Fixed 2 Rows?

I have a small page of php page which grab my images from the SQL tables and display them in a page. The problem now is that the output display only display 3 columns and 2 rows. I want to make it to display 3 rows but it just wont work. How can I modify the script to display 3 rows instead of fixed 2 rows? Below is the php page which Im trying to edit,

$link = DB_connect();
$thumb_width = 230;
$rows = 3;
$cols = 3;
// pagination part 1
$TotalToShow = $rows * $cols;
$StartLimit = 0;

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Create X Number Of Rows In The Table (x = A Variable Set Elsewhere.

1) Read some images into an array.

2) Create a table

3) Create x number of rows in the table (x = a variable set elsewhere. Right now it is hard coded.)

4) Each new row is to contain one randomly chosen image, from the array that was created in 1).

At the moment, the loop isn't looping! It only runs one instance of the loop. So there is only one row created I think, at least only one images is displayed. (I don't know any way of stepping through php code, so i don't know how to troubleshoot any further!) Code:

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Dynamically Create Table Rows As Needed

I have a form with a table. Each table row has a ID= "some number". I have 4 rows and might need to create more. how can i do this in php? To go along with this, When I hit the submit buton, I then need all the table row data saved to a db i have. I can insert 1 line with out a issue. I also made sure the table row name="" fields are unique. ex. Code:

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Dynamically Create The Table Rows - Allows The Bracket To Work?

I have a form that pulls all the values I need and sends it to a separate page, except here is where I run into the problem. who to write it. I have an array called $teamname that holds all the team names. What I need to do is make it dynamically create the table rows according to how many teams their are and then put the teams against each other like 1v8, 2v7. Here is my script that allows the bracket to work, I just need to convert it to dynamically work

function win(winner)
var team = winner.value;
var levels ="_");[code]....

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Get Each Record By Row Then Create Html Table Rows With 2 Cells Per Row And Repeat

I want to be able to get a set of records get each record by row then create html table rows with 2 cells per row and repeat but there can be 10 records or more.

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How Can Create A New Permanent Table And Fill It Up With Rows Form Existing Tables

I did a ’join’ between 5 tables and I would like to save the output into a new
permanent table.

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Create A Dynamic Page Links Created Based On The Number Of Rows In A Mysql Table?

I am trying to create a dynamic page links created based on the number of rows in a mysql table. I would like to display 10 results per page and wish to have the php script create links to additional pages.

So I was thinking of using the num_rows and dividing it by 10 however if I have 53 rows the return would be 5.3 where as I would need 6 pages and not 5. I am thinking of using the round function and looping it through a for I statement until $pages > $rows_rounded. And every 10 rows add a link to pages($i) Is this the best method to acheive this or there an alternative simpler route to take?

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Rows And Columns

Have a look at the attached code. This is basically a script calling some records from a table "id" and "description". This displays the records 1 per row.

$q = mysql_query("select * from table");
$r = mysql_query($q) or die();
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($r)){
print "<a href='product.php?id=$row[id]'>$row[description]</a><br/>";

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Querying All Rows Under Certain Columns

what would my query and loop look like as I am not very good with loops and what not....

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Rows And Columns Filled

I have to use <tr></tr> tags for the beginning and end of each row, but how would I put this into my results? The problem being that my results are part of a loop. This is what I have.

$result = mysql_query("select membername from whatever limit 0,10") ;
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
$membername= $row["membername"];
$sql =mysql_query("SELECT * FROM images WHERE membername = '$membername' ");
$img_info = mysql_fetch_array($sql);
echo "<td>";
echo "<a href=photopage.php?profile=$membername>";
echo img_tag($img_info["img_file"], array("x"=>"100", "y"=>"100"));
echo "<br>";
echo "$memberrname";
echo "</a>";
echo "<td>";

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Format Rows And Columns?

I have a table like this as below,

Dept - Names
ECE - Mark
ECE - Kris
ECE - Chris


I want to arrange this table as below using php code

------- ------ --------
Mark Ben Marc
Kris Chris Math
Chris Sara

how do I achieve this using php code

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