Crawler For Ajax Based Websites?

Maybe this is gonna sound naive and all, but is there something even remotely close to a php crawler for ajax based websites?


Based Web Crawler Or JAVA Based Web Crawler?

i have some doubt about PHP based web crawlers,can it run like the java thread based one? i am asking it because, in java the thread can be executed again and again, i dont think, PHP have something like thread function, can you guys please say, which web crawler will be more use full?A PHP Based or A Java Based

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Build A Crawler Which Can Read Data From Around 20 Daily Deal Websites?

Specifically how to build a crawler which can read data from around 20 daily deal websites, and display on the clone site.

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Php Based Crawler

The problem is, im trying to make a central portal so that all of ma frieds blogs recent post can be seen on it. so that its easy to see who posted wot and all...

the process needs to be that when i add a URL, the crawler then keeps cheking on the URL's. if theres a new post made it has to appear on ma central portal with the title and descriotion..

so is there a way to do this or any script out there that is currently doing this..

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Custom - Local Or Server Based Crawler That Detects The Version Of A Script

I have custom scripts that are were written near the change of php4 and php5 and I am looking to find all of the php4 versions easily so that I can rewrite them so that they work with php5.3. Is there a tool that can perform this on my local machine or the server?

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Web Based Script To Upload File To Hosting Websites

i need to write a web-based script to upload a file to the following hosting websites, similar to [URL]... - Someone inputs a file onto the website, and it uploads it to the following websites:


what i've done is the for the [URL], here's the code :


i don't know now what to type for the rest of the hosting files in the action

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Redirect Users From Other Websites Based On Browser Language?

I want to do this:

if (user from other website, like google, or input our website URL directly in the browser)
//redirect according to browser languge

I don't know how to write the first if statement, I don't know how to get the from URL and how to check it's my website or other websites. If it's my website, do nothing, if it's not my website, check if the browser is English, if not, redirect [URL]....

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Make Websites Load Less By Implementing Ajax/jQuery

I decided I would make my websites load less by implementing ajax/jQuery. I however stumbled upon a problem..

This is the code I use to direct myself to the registeration page...
Code: [Select]function register(){
type: "POST",
url: "user/registerConfirm.php",


I am wondering what I missed, and hoped someone out here could assist me.

Edit: Added register.php code (form)

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Ajax Based Login Fails: IE6 And IE7 Ajax Calls Delete Session Data (session_id However Is Kept)

This question comes after two days of testing and debugging, right after the shock I had seeing that none of the websites i build using ajax-based login work in IE<8 The most simplified scenario si this:

1. mypage.php :

$_SESSION['mytest'] = 'x';
<script type="text/javascript" src="">
<script type="text/javascript">
function loadit() {

2. myajax.php


When I click the "test link", the ajax call is made and the result is alert()-ed:......

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Web Based Chatting App (AJAX + PHP)

I am looking for people's opinions on if this is a good model for my chatting application or if they have any suggestions on a better and quicker way to do it.

I am making a web bases chatting application that is using PHP server side scripting. I plan on using AJAX to bring about the live chatting feel. I have already written most of my custom AJAX scripts. Currently I am storing the chat in a log file instead of using MySQL database (my hope is that the file system will perform faster). I have a text file that basically holds a few bits of information in groupings. One grouping may look like this:

msg:this is a test message

Each log file will have many of these, which is the chat for a given chatroom. My idea is to have PHP read the file in and display any new chats to the user. I want to be sure that this log file doesn't get too large so I was thinking I would only store a certain number of messages in the log file. So one of my questions, is there an easy way to remove some of the log file at the beginning of the file and keep the rest of the file intact?

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AJAX Based Forms Generator

I've looked a lot at phpMyEdit and it is decent for throwing up a very quick php form for editing a table in a mysql db. Especially nice would be one which uses AJAX technologies and automatically generates as much of the code as possible. With phpmyedit I'm finding it difficult to retrofit in the stuff I want. Not sure where to post this, it isn't really php specific as I don't care if it is python, perl, php, but, since I've been using phpmyedit i figured in the php forum.

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Ajax Redirect Based On The Fragment?

consider I have an array with some urls:

//> please note this is the PHP array, but I can output as a javascript array without problems

I will output them in my link.php Is there a way with jQuery to read that fragment (idX) and then redirect to the corrispondent url? Edit Thinking about compatibily (browsers without javascript) now let's consdier I have this kind of link:

<a href="mywebsite/pagea" class="intercept">pagea</a>
<a href="mywebsite/pagea" class="intercept">pageb</a>
<a href="mywebsite/pagea" class="intercept">pagec</a>

For browser without javascript the link will work as normal, for every else i will do like


At this point i have only to check if the url was opened with an hashtag and make the right redirect.

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Develop An Ajax Based Editor?

I need to develop an PHP Ajax Based Editor.How can i develop following functionalities

1. Copy, Paste functionality
2. Spell Checker
3. Bullets and numbering
4. Undo Redo
5. Look up special characters.

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Ajax Based Simple Forum?

I have to use php,mysql to do a prroject.I have chosen to make a simple forum and use a lot of Ajax with it.since i am still a novice, can you guide me to a simple ajax guestbook which i can work on to make a forum? i want to end up with something like this but even simpler

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Develop An Ajax Based Editor?

I need to develop an PHP Ajax Based Editor.How can i develop following functionalities

1. Copy, Paste functionality
2. Spell Checker
3. Bullets and numbering
4. Undo Redo
5. Look up special characters.

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Zephyr Is An Ajax Based Framework For Php5

zephyr is an ajax based framework for php5 developers. you can easily
develop business applications using this robust framework. this is
extremely easy to learn and implement. you can deliver a full fledged
ajax application with strong business layer in backend within some
minutes. installation and deployment of packages that you develop for
zephyr is hassle free. moreover you will get all the features of most
popular templating engine "smarty" and powerfull data access layer
"adoDB". zephyr also comes with builtin logging capability.

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Build An AJAX Based News System?

I've been working on building a news system for a little while now. I'm getting the markup for each news post as seen below:

$newsArray = array();
= News::getNews($database, 5);

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Jquery Ajax Based Registration Form?

I'm using a basic registration form with Ajax, but the form is not connecting to the database. I'm obviously overlooking something. So here's the field i want to validate. obviously, its the username.

Username:<input type="text" name="user" id="user" maxlength="30">
<span id="msgbox" style="display:none"></span>

then i use jquery, here's the code:



I get no database errors. The form will be more substantial, but I can't get it to work with this field.

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Handle Redirection In An Ajax Based Application

I'm developing a Ajax based php application. As anybody knows, I'm checking whether user is logged in every php file as the first statement. And there are two ways that I should response in an event of logging failure,

server redirect to the login page using header(url). CASE: If user directly enter a particular URL passing url in Ajax response asking client side page redirection or notification CASE: If user trying to perform some action through a Ajax request

So my question is how can identify whether request coming from client side is a Ajax call or not ? If I know that I can handle my response accordingly.

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Computing Result Based On Two Different Ajax Request?

i have a simple form with two fields whose data are being validated against a database on keyup with jquery. I am also having a button which is currently enabled or disabled based on the number of characters entered in these two fields. THe two jquery functions return an "accept" or "cancel" image for the two fields. I want to enable the button only if both the functions return the accept image or i can even make them return true along with it, which will not be a problem. I just wanna know how to compute a local result based on the returned value from two different ajax requests.

These are two functions that validate teh field against a database.

var agentName = $("#agentName").val();
if(agentName.length > 3)
$("#agt-name-result").html(ajax_load).load(loadUrl, "val="+agentName+"&fld=agent_name");


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[Ajax Long Polling] And Now To Python (Based On Project Needs)?

Basically I'm php web programmer, and I am now facing a difficulties on school project with ajax long polling (which has module with notification push). So after doing some research and read the weaknesses on doing "long-polling" with php and I found this article which is as below link: Simpler long polling with Django and gevent

It used pythons(gevent) together with Django library, I don't know if it was worthwhile to implement that way and then plug into my php project. If it is, where shall I start with ? Should I go through all pythons tutorial and learn Python - PHP extension ? What-else or where-else that I shall go?

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Implement The Best Ajax Based Google Search In Site?

I want to use search in my site, based on ajax and implement the functionality of the google with pagination. shows the related topics in the bottom of the search box like container.Give me any web-based example for implementing it.

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Initialize And Handle SESSIONS In Ajax Based Application

Ideally in ajax based application, when a user logs in successfully , then user has to be redirected to secured pages [secured by SESSION check], but Iam facing a problem that even successful logins, I am redirected to login page.

Following is my Server side code

PHP Code:

$sql = "select * from user where '$_POST[username]'='admin' and password like '$_POST[password]' and status=1"; 
$res = mysql_fetch_array($qry);   
if ($res['id'])


As per above mentioned codes, if I get 'MsgType == A', even then I am redirected to login page. But I want to be redirected to secure page [main.php], after successful login.

Note: Secure page [main.php] is validating SESSION variables. If SESSION variables exist, then secure page is opened, otherwise user is redirected to login page.

So in my opinion, there is a problem with SESSION in AJAX. Without ajax, this application is running fine.

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Implement The Ajax / Jquery Based Validations With In The Registration Form?

I want to implement the ajax/jquery based validations with in the registration form, beside the form field that related error message will show up..(simply like your site registration form.)

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Comet - Best Approach For A Scalable AJAX Based Chat System?

I'm building a chat system for a company and I'm wondering as to what the best way to build the system would be?The current setup we have is a Nginx HTTP Server with PHP and Memcacheq (as a message queue that appends the chat messages to the user's own queue). We then poll the Nginx server (through a Comet style request) and query the message queue for updates.Is it a good idea to use a message queue such as Memcacheq to handle a chat system that has both user-to-user and site-wide chat or is it best to just stick to MySQL?

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Display Records From A Database Based On Onchange Event Using Ajax / JavaScript?

I want to display a select box based on a radio button selection. There are 2 radio buttons having the names "New project" and "Previous project". If the user select a previous project then the combobox will display using JavaScript.

From this combobox the user have to select the id of his/her previous project and based on this project id some data are filled into textboxes and comboboxes using JavaScript or Ajax.

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Stop A Form Load Based On The Return Data From An Ajax Callback

I am working with an ajax post function, where I send data and my callback from PHP returns some data back. Based on the data returned I make the decision, either to go forward or allow the user to stay on the page and make changes.

if (validateStep(step))
var data = document.getElementById('hiddenContact').value;
$.post('/app/controller/action', {'data':data}, function(returndata){if(returndata.match('not Unique'))alert('Contact source already exists'); else if(returndata.match('not posted')){alert("Not posted to the database");return false;}});

Here I am trying to stop the application going ahead when the return data is matched to "not posted", and I am throwing an alert and then a return false to stop the operation. I am unable to stop the application from going to next step though. Though it is returned false, the operation continues to the next step, but when I comment the last 4 lines which increment the step, set the action and submit, it stays on the page and the alert is thrown.

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Web Crawler PHP

I am supposed to construct a page that searches in specific websites to extract information, like those sites from where you can rent a car for example. There is a form in the site where the user selects some fields (for instance departure and drop-off date), then the data are submitted to the other page that searches 2-3 sites and finds which cars are available on those dates.

I wanted to ask if there are ready scripts to do that, if not, some hints on how to start. I am familiar with PHP forms and data extraction from mysql databases, but when you extract data from other sites, I have no clue how I can begin and deal with it...

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PHP Web Crawler

I am working on a PHP Web Crawler and am having trouble parsing links out of a page all that happens is that array is printed out here is the script.

$f = fopen("","r");
$inputStream = fread($f,65535);
if (preg_match_all("/<a.*? href="(.*?)".*?>(.*?)</a>/i",$inputStream,$matches)) {
$matches= strip_tags($matches);

Can some one please help me?

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Web Crawler

I have a script that parses out links in a page, now I want to figure out how to follow those links. Here is the script:

$f = fopen("","r");
while( $buf = fgets($f,1024) )
preg_match_all("/<a.*? href="(.*?)".*?>(.*?)</a>/i",$buf,$words);

for( $i = 0; $words[$i]; $i++ )
for( $j = 0; $words[$i][$j]; $j++ )
$cur_word = strtolower($words[$i][$j]);
print "Indexing: $cur_word<br>";

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Image Crawler

how to script image crawler? i'm developing using windows OS and php4. is it true that we can manipulate image easily using php5 only?

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Crawler Identifier

I am running a website with specific functions which collects informations about users preferences on that website. But often crawlers came to my site and my scripts insert records about their visits. Is there a quick and easy solution to identify crawlers so I could neglect crawler informations.

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Keep Crawler In One Domain?

I'm writing a simple php crawler, essentially a class which recursively crawls the website by detecting link tags and going deeper. The problem is that I would like to contain it within the domain it's crawling, otherwise it will start following links to other domains and start a never ending chain reaction. My idea was to scrabble a regex that would dissect the bare domain name of the website (eg. and check every link against it. The regex itself will have to be quite long, since I will have to include all TLDs in it.

UPDATE: parse_url is not a solution - only can give HOST name not DOMAIN name.

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Parse A Url For Crawler?

i am writting an small crawler that extract some 5 to 10 sites while getting the links i am getting some urls like this../tets/index.htmlif it is /test/index.html we can add with base url

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What Is The Working Of Web Crawler?

Will web crawler crawl the web and create a database of the web or it will just create a searchable index of web? If suppose it creates an index, who will exactly will gather the data of web pages and store it in database?

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PHP: BOT, Web, Crawler, Spider ?

I am looking for how to make one of these, but my searches on google and other search engines turn to failure. I have yet to produce the results I need to produce... Im trying to make a bot that is capable of logging into a site, storing cookies and going between two pages, to keep me logged in.

while im not actually on the page. This is not going to be used for... 'Cheating' purposes of any like. I merely want to fake my logged in time on a site whicth is actually my school page.

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Checking If Referrer Is Web Crawler

I have a book affiliate website. Whenever a visitor clicks on one
of the books, a script adds one to a field in a mysql database and then
takes the visitor to the shopping basket on the book website.

I have noticed that the book links are getting lots of hit. At first, I
was pleased about the potential income this might mean - but then it
occurred to me that many of these hits are web crawlers (this was
confirmed by webaliser).

Any suggestions of ways of checking if the link is being "clicked" by a
webcrawler so that I can not increment the field in the sql database?

I've checked HTTP_REFERER but it seems to be empty for what I assume
are crawled clicks.

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Visiting Other Sites (crawler)

is it possible to visit other sites in PHP, in the code. I need this for a crawler for my search engine.

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Website Crawler And Indexer

i am trying to create a crawler and indexer for my site and its search page. what i want to know is, is there an easy way for me to extract each link for a page or is it possible to do this with a php function. I am doing it this way cos i am gonna have a crawler that logs all the links with my site an then a indexer will go along and index the page and it contents.

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Make A Simple Crawler?

I have a web page with a bunch of links. I want to write a script which would dump all the data contained in those links in a local file.

Has anybody done that with PHP? General guidelines and gotchas would suffice as an answer.

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