Count Online Users On A Website?

May 16, 2010

script to tell me who, and how many users, are online Best way to keep track of current online users

How should I count the people online on a PHP website at a given time, if they don't have to be logged-in?

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Count Users Online And Users Logged In?

I've made a log in script for my site, the session stuff basically look like this.

//user online stuff

For all other users the session is set


How can i display active session that are set to yes or no? should i work anything with mysql tables and use crontabs? or should i count files in tmp(session directory) on apache?

What are the best methods and how can I do it?

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No.of Users Online Count

i want to find a simple way of incorporating into my website the number of people which are currently viewing. I just want to be able to display a simple message saying "there are people online". How can this be obtained using PHP, or does a database need to be used too?

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Count Users Online Without Using Cookies?

Can i count users online without using cookies?

My idea is to make a temporary table in mysql containing the fields "id_user" and "is_signed_in". When a user signs in a make is_signed_in 1. So i can count how many users are online. Or can I?

When the user that's sign in closes the FF then is it still logged in? Because i don't want too count users that are signed in but who have closed the FF or IE window.

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How Many Users Online On Website

can you find out how many user online on any page trough firebug? I am talking on a page where I won't have access to the host server?

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Show Authenticated Online Users On Website?

I want to show authenticated online users on my website. My current scenario is:

1. When user logs in, his status is updated into the database as active

2. When logs out, his status is updated as inactive in db.

The problem is if a user does't logout, instead closes browser, his status is not recorded... so he is always active... How can I overcome this problem. How can I know that a specific user. e.g. username james is online or offline... is there a way that his status is automatically updated to database if inactive for some time.

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Online User System - Monitor Where Users Are At On Website

I'm trying to create a system where I can monitor where users are at on my website. There's no log-in system or account system where a user can register so this will be based completely off ip address. I'm wanting to have a function where I can set where a user is at so it's easier for me to specify where they are.. like this: SetLocation("Account Settings");

I'm sure that function will be easy to make, but I can't figure out how to make the database though. Of course I know how to make the database, but I don't know the most optimal way to make the database with the correct tables and fields. I wanted to store all of the users (that ever access my website along with original time/date on view, last time viewing, current location) and I also wanted to see who is online within the last 15 minutes.. so I'm guessing I'll need an "online" table, but not sure what kind of information that would hold.

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IRC Online Count

is there any way of getting the online count for an IRC channel? Best,
without creating a user and logging in?...

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IRC Online Count Within Channel?

Am having problem's with a script I found. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't... Can anyone see any problems with it? or have a better one?

$irc_server = 'xxxxxxxxxx'; // Server
$irc_port = '6667'; // Port
//$irc_nick = ''; // Nick
$irc_channel = '#xxxxxxxx'; // Channel


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Code To Count How Many Guests Are Online?

I need a simple code to count how many guests are currently online for my site[URL].. any type of code will do.. :D

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Large Website Many Users - How To Identify Users Uniquely?

Most websites require that the username be unique. I'm noticing that SO allows duplicate usernames, which could be good when you have a very large website like SO (which I'm guessing they do to avoid usernames like chris123, chris213, chris321 which start to look confusing themselves). But is allowing duplicate usernames generally a relatively poor implementation? It can be confusing to get 2 answers from 2 users that have the same username. So what other alternatives are there for large sites that have a large number of users that need to interact with each other? I'm thinking something that's not even username-based, but not sure what.

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Users Online Help!

I have a column in my datasase and whenever you login, it sets it to "yes". The Users online just retrieves all users that have "yes" in that column. However, the only way to get the user off the Users Online list (make the column "no") is to go via logout. I don't want this to be the users only choice. I want the online column in the database to be set to "no" if they have been on a page for 30 minutes. Now I figured out most of the code, but I can't seem to find a way to track the number of minutes (or any time) that the user has been on the page. I tried incorporation JS but I can't get that to work. I tried cookie's but I got nothing. BTW: I'm using sessions so $_SESSION['online'] controls the online status.

Can someone please help me track the minutes the user has been on the page?

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Users Online?

How would I go about implementing a feature that lists the number of users that are currently visiting my site (registered users with user info stored in a cookie)?

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Users Are Online

I cant recall but like most forums, on the bottom of each users post they have an icon if that person supplied thier AIM or YAHOO or whatever name. Now I recall in the past I saw on one forum that the icon changes to green indicating that the user is online.

But I cant tell if it was for one of the chat icons or if it was for indicating if the user was on the forum at the moment. If it was for the forum that ok, I can understand how they do that, but if you can indicate if that user is online on that specific chat program that they supplied thier screen name too, then I would like to know how to do this.

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Online Users

I'm running a website which is receiving more than 2000hits per day
I would like to put a small php code that shows how many users is browsing the site at the moment...

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X Users Online

I'm working on a script that displays the number of registered users online and their usernames. Once the users log in i add their details into a db. Code:

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How Many Users Online

How To Make "Currently Online Users List" Like In Many Forums Softwares.

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Most Users Online

I'm in the middle of programming my own forums. i recently ran into trouble with how to show the most amount of users ever online. i know it can be done as phpbb has it. and no i dont want to switch to phpbb considering im over 80% done on my forum.

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Parse Facebook Api XML Online To Retreive 'like' Count?

I've located a method of retrieving an XML file online via api.url which contains the number of likes a given page has recieved. For example:


However, I'm not sure how I can parse that XML in my PHP application to then extract the 'like' number and place it into a variable to use myself.

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Users Online Script

I have the below code and it works, but all that it shows in the words "user online" and not the number why? Code:

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Sessions Users Online

i have a signin site and in the page accessible only to members there is a section updating all the time with a refresh with a list of users currently online. Fine all this works and I have done the signout part no problem which deletes the users entry in the sessions table and kills the cookie on his machine at the same time.

now if the person does not logout i have the cookie set to expire in an hour, so for that user when they come back they will have to log on, however the entry in the sessions table will stay there so to other users on the site it will look like the person is always logged on, get me? so is there a way to kill the entry in the sessions table after a certain amount of time or will using sessions in php4 help solve this problem in any way.

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Way To See How Many Users That Are Online On A Webpage Right Now!

Is there a way to see how many users that are online on a webpage right now!

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Displaying IP All Users Online

I need your help-I want to display all users which are online on my
web page and I don't know how to do this. I know how to do this whit
one IP but for more - I don't.


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Online Calendar For Users

Does anybody have a script or know where i can get one so that my website will now allow the users to record events on an online calendar when they log in?

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Online Users List

I am developing a web-based game with a full user/account based system. One of the features I plan to add is a buddy list, where users can select other users as 'friends' or whatnot and then have them on a quickly accessibly buddy list for messaging, viewing game status, and inviting to games etc. Code:

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How To Do '# Number Of Users Online'

I have a simple PHP session based forum, which I've built. I'm really keen to display one of those panels listing how many users are currently online.

It's done on this forum as 'Currently Active Users:'

How is this achieved using PHP? Do you perhaps store something in a file or database whenever someone logs in and then check, remove it when they log out or are timed out?

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