Count Clicks On Play Button Of Every Song Separetly?

Jun 27, 2010

m just making a little script related to music portal.infact want that when everybody click on songs play button separately i can count the click of every songs in daabase because want to fetch most played tracks so through this i can show eaily most played tracks[url] i count clicks on play button of every song separetly...

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Count Hits On Play Button?

m just making a little script related to music portal infact want that when everybody click on songs play button separately i can count the click of every songs in daabase because want to fetch most played tracks so through this i can show eaily most played tracks [URL]

please help me that how i count clicks on play button of every song separetly...

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Play Song When Page Load?

How to paly song when page laod using php code? I my php application when i load the home page automatically pale song

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Web Music Player Than Can Play Song Samples?

I am writing code for a website that plays artist music. But I currently need a player that plays only sample of songs and not full song, like Itunes and this kind of player seems hard to fun thus far. Does anyone know of one? And know of a player that can play other formats besides mp3?

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Play Video Clips When The User Clicks A Thumbnail?

i'm wondering can php do this take this for example, if your not sure what im trying to explain :pthis is a example setup

/var/www/ this is where all the php etc files folders are
/var/www/sdata/ is where the videos are with same name as the output thumbs
/var/www/thumbs/ same name-example.jpg thumb

how can i use php to display video location, thumb location in php so when i click the thumb it plays in media player lets say vlc plugin ?

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Count Clicks

I have read what I can find here but no thread seems to answer to my problem. I want to be a able to count clicks to links in my site categories So I have:

Carpenters (456)

The categories table has a column hits INT(11).

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Count And Display Clicks On A Link?

Possible Duplicate: How to set cookies for uuid my question is how to count and display clicks on a php value (since the link id changes a lot,[URL]

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Count How Many Clicks A Link Has Been Clicked?

m trying to do is count how many clicks a link has been clicked, then when it has been clicked x amount of times, it echos 'test'he code below does that, but I've used a session, so it currently only counts when the page is refreshed.

($_SESSION['count']) ? $_SESSION['count']++ : $_SESSION['count'] = 1;

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Click Counter To Count Clicks

i want to make a link counter, i mean, when somebody click on a link in my web, this click is archives. Code:

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Counting Button Clicks:

I was trying to write a simple shopping example, which allows the user to select two poducts and we kept a counter of each item. In this code, the sessions are created, but the files value does not increase. Code:

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Count Unique IP Clicks On A Image Link Without A MySQL Db?

How can I count unique IP clicks on a image link without a MySQL db.

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Implement A Clicker Which Will Count The Number Of Clicks Using Sessions?

I was doing a bit of experiment in php's session so i can apply something similar to another problem I am working on.Basically I am implementing a clicker which will count the number of clicks using sessions.


When I load page for first time i get 0, after first click it echos out 1 as it should but then it doesnt go up any more. Cant see whats different 2nd time and onwards as the value should get incremented.

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Measure Time Between 2 Clicks Of Button?

I'm making a site where a user repeatedly clicks a button to increase his/her score. In order to prevent people cheating, I want to measure the amount of time between each click, and if they are clicking inhumanly fast and there is very little time between clicks, I want a CAPTCHA or something to come up. How would I measure the time between clicks?

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How Do I Change Variables With Button Clicks?

I'm only a beginner at php and i don't know alot yet so what i'm asking is probably shockingly simple so please bear with me. i'm making a text based game and what i'm stuck on is making a button click change a value in a variable.

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Invoking Scripts From Button Clicks

I am trying to run unix system commands by linking them to button clicks ..

For example I can run a system command like this:

But how can I link this to a button click WITHOUT having to submit a form to the web server ?

THe following code (unsurprisingly) will not work

<INPUT class = "button" TYPE="submit" id="stop_button" NAME="stop_button" VALUE="STOP"
onClick = "exec($command)" />

because onclick event should be tied to a javascript function.

Any suggestions ?

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Destroy A Session When User Clicks On The [X] Button

I have an application that uses sessions. If the users keep the browser open and do nothing, the session dies after 24mints. (The default time out in php.ini). If they click logout, the session gets destroyed.

However, if they click on the [x] of the browser, the session stays alive, it does not get destroyed. How can I tell the server that if the user clicked on the [x] and closed the browser, it has to destroy the session?

I read a lot on ajax solutions with javascript and there is no window.onclose() that will help. The onunload() function does not do what I need.

I understand that php is a server side script and javascript is a client side; but, is there any ‚Äútrick‚Ä&#65533; in php that can detect if the user clicks on the [x] on the browser? and if so, destroy/unset the session? Any advice would be highly appreciate it. I just need to keep track of when the user start and end the session.

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Add Textbox Dynamically When A User Clicks A Button?

how do i add textbox dynamically when a user clicks a button?? it will allow user to add as many textbox as possible.

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Insert The Play Button In The Video Thumbnail?

I'm creating thumbnails from videos using ffmpeg and it's working fine.

But now I want to add a play button image at the center of the thumbnail image and store them.

I've used CSS to get that, but I want to know whether there is any method to create thumbnails with the given image at the center.

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Preventing POST Again When User Clicks Back Button

I have a number of forms that do significant work based on variables
POSTed from the form. What is the common method of detecting and
preventing this work from being done when the form is POSTed as the
result of the user clicking the Back or Reload buttons in the browser?

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Clicks STOP Button After A Small Interval Of Time?

Redirect user to another website, even user clicks STOP button after a small interval of time(5 seconds).

PHP Code:<?php ignore_user_abort(TRUE);
set_time_limit(0); for ($i = 1; $i <= 5; $i++)
{sleep(2); if($i == 5)


Set redirect user after 5 seconds even if they hit STOP button.

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User Clicks A Button A Standard Browser Pop-up Box Appears?

d like to make it so that when a user clicks a button a standard browser pop-up box appears and the user is then prompted to type in a password. This can be basic, no need for; user names, multiple passwords anything like that just a set password. can that be done?

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Play A Sound When Click A Button Or Link In A Browser,

how to play a sound file, when i click a link or button in my web page , I also need place more than one link or button each one have different sound file.

actually i did this using BGSOUND tag it works only in IE,

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Start Uploading Photo When The User Clicks Submit Button?

I have one form on the page for addition and it is related with 2 tables in the database.Eg. Say i have a table named event and one table named eventphotos. The uploadify plugin of jquery for eventphotos works just fine, however, event is the master table and eventphotos is the child table. Thus when i upload the photo due to asynchronous behaviour of uploadify the photo gets submitted on server but there is no EventId present for this photo which throws exception when i try to insert the photo into evenphotos. I hope you got the idea what the problem is.

I want that when the user clicks on the submit button on the form, the photo uploading process should start and it should only get inserted into database once the master record is inserted into table.

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How To Do A Post-type Submit When User Clicks A Radio Button?

I want to effectively do a Post type submit to the very same page when the user clicks on a particular radio button. Of course, I also want it to recognize the click (i.e. checkmarking the radio button) first so the new status of that readio button gets properly Posted.

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Retrieving A Mp3 File That Is Above The Root Level To Play It In A Flash Button

I'm trying to retrieve an mp3 file that is above the root level to play it in a flash button. This is the script I have so far. It is returning an empty file.

PHP Code:
if ($_GET['password']!='password'){ exit; }
if (!file_exists($filepath)){ echo "no file exists"; exit();}


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Reset Dropdown And TextBox To Default Values If User Clicks Back Button?

I currently have 3 dropdowns. The 1st one will open up the 2nd 3rd ones. The 2nd one has just 1 value and the 3rd one has about 60 values the user can choose from. Then they fill in a text box and click submit. After that, it takes them to the results.php page which will give the results of their selections.

If the user clicks on the back button, it shows all of the default values, but box 2 and 3 (dependants) are missing. If they click submit again, its a whole mess. What I want to do is if the user clicks on the back button, all of the fields need to go back to the default selections.

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