Connect To Oracle Database

I am running a PHP script on unix. I am trying to connect to Oracle database. Before i start using the functions like Ora_Logon etc, what steps do i have to take in order to make PHP talk to Oracle database?


Wants To Connect To Oracle Database How To ?

We have servers one running linux - apache & php, and antoher one with oracle on windowsNT. Now I want to query to oracle database from my client (fc3) can any one help me to connect to oracle database and fetch data using html / php.

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Connect To Oracle Database On A Different Server

I have a database engine sitting on a remote server, while my webserver is present locally. I have worked pretty much with client-server architecture, where the server has both the webserver and the database engine. Now I need to connect to an Oracle database which is situated on a different server.Can anybody give me any suggestions?? I believe ODBC_CONNECT might not work. Do I use OCI8 drivers?? How would I connect to my database server.

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Connect With Remote Oracle Database

i need to connect to a remote oracle database from a PHP script. Do i need to install any drivers or packages to connect with the remote database? when i use below code

if ($c = oci_connect("username", "passwd", "remote server IP")) {
echo "Successfully connected to Oracle.";
} else {
$err = oci_error();
echo "Oracle Connect Error " . $err['text'];

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Connect To ORACLE Database On External Server?

I'm wondering how safe or if it's even possible to have a website pull data from a Oracle database on a remote server?What and how big are the security issues with this?

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Connect To Oracle Server With Oracle Client In Redhat?

I installed oracle client and compiled php with oracle home but still it provides me this output below:Fatal error: Call to undefined function OCILogin() in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/oratest.php on line 3

Code: [Select]<?php

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Connect To An Oracle Database Server With System Identifier PROD Using The Login "scott" And Password "tiger"

I need to connect to an Oracle database server with system identifier PROD, using the login "scott" and password "tiger."

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How To Connect To Oracle?

Ok so I config PHP with:

./configure --prefix=/usr/orion/php/php --with-mysql --with-apxs=/usr/orion/php/apache/bin/apxs --with-oci8=/d0/app/oracle/product/8.1.6 --with-oracle=/d0/app/oracle/product/8.1.6

However in my httpd.conf I do not have a place to change my SID (instance) or ORACLE HOME

Anyone know why and maybe post the lines to add that to httpd.conf

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Set Up OCI To Connect To Oracle?

On the latest Ubuntu, I have a functioning PHP 5.2.4 installation. I want to use a remote Oracle server from PHP using OCI. I've downloaded the "Instant Client Package - Basic Lite" from I've unzipped the package containing the OCI libraries to a dir but I have no idea how to tell PHP that I want to use these libraries. Predictably, I get "Fatal error: Call to undefined function oci_connect() in..." when running this code:

$conn = oci_connect('hr', 'hrpw', 'someremotehost');

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Connect With Oracle Using ODBC?

I don't find that this question was solved.I want to access via ODBC using a PHP script hosted on a Linux machine to an Oracle 10g server on other machine.

I can access and view the tables with isql ( using ODBC ).

isql -v INSTANCIA uid pwd
| Connected! |
| |
| sql-statement |
| help [tablename] |
| quit |
| |
I am trying to connect to the database with this PHP code

if( odbc_connect("INSTANCIA", "uid", "pwd") === false ) {
// Error al conectar..

I do not understand because using the same data I connect with isql and I can't connect using PHP. Am I using the function odbc_connect wrong ?.

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Error When Connect To Oracle 10G R2?

I have this code :

// try connecting to the database
$conn = oci_new_connect('username', 'password', '(DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = )(PORT = 1521)) (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = dpsid)))');

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Installing ADOdb To Connect To Oracle 9i

I have a problem getting ADOdb working with Oracle 9i. Before I tried to connect to Oracle, I successfully connected to an MS Access table via a DSN, and looped through all the records in that table, so I am pretty sure ADOdb is installed correctly, but I could be wrong. Code:

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Connect To Oracle9i And Oracle 10/11g Simultaneously?

for my project i need to connect to two different oracle DB located in two different servers. Which oci should i use in order for me to able to connect to both servers simultaneously in PHP.

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Adodb Doesn't Connect To Oracle?

i have installed WAMP server when trying to connect to Oracle it gives this error

ORA-12541: TNS:no listener

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Connect To Oracle: Error Loading Php_oci8.dll

I've to connect to oracle 10g from my php 5.3 If I try to enable php_oci8.dll extensions it gives me an error loading the library I've just downloaded instantclient ( and SDK (, I've put them into c:mydir and set this dir into PATH... I've also tried to enable dll from php.ini file but I've the same error....

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Cannot Connect To LDAP Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition?

Been playing with this for days and can not get php to bind to ldap on Oracle's DSEE.

function test(){
// LDAP variables
$ldaphost = "";


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Using WAMP - Can't Connect To Oracle / Error "Call To Undefined Function Oci_connect()"?

Using WAMP - I cannot connect to Oracle.

I enabled the oci and oracle extension. and running php runs fine but when trying to do a connection to oracle i get this error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function oci_connect() in D:wampwwworacle.php on line 3

This is the connection script i am trying to use.

$conn = oci_connect('username', 'password', 'dbname');
if (!$conn) {
$e = oci_error();
print htmlentities($e['message']);

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Getting "Class 'PDO' Not Found" Error While Trying To Connect To Oracle DB.

I am trying to connect to my oracle database using PDO but I am getting Class PDO not found error. I have checked that PDO is enabled and it appears so. Still I am not able to trace why I am getting this error. Here is my configure command,

cscript /nologo configure.js "--enable-snapshot-build" "--enable-debug-pack"
"--with-snapshot-template=d:php-sdksnap_5_2vc6x86 emplate"

PHP ver : 5.2.8
Oracle: 10.2

This is the code I am using to connect to the db.

$conn = new PDO("oci:dbname=".$oc_db,$oc_user,$oc_pass);
}catch(PDOException $e){
echo ($e->getMessage());

Can there be any other reason that I am getting this error?

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Updating Database Using Oracle

This is somewhat a complex issue for me to handle. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am using PHP, with an ORACLE connection. A database filled with user name, error message, and annotation field is queried and displayed in a table. Each Row of the table contains a check box. The annotation value appears in a text box, so that the user can modify its value. If they change this value via the text box, and the associated rows check box is selected, then it is to update the database for the new user entered annotation.

I am unsure how to verify, if they select 3 check boxes, modify the corresponding rows annotation field, how to update this in the database? I am pretty confused on this issue. So how can i verify which box is checked, to obtain the user entered value for that row that is checked, then update the database with the newly entered text box value.

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Connection To An ORACLE Database

Could someone point me to a quick script to test my connection to an ORACLE database from PHP, Or if someone has one close at hand could they please post it. What I have so far is: Code:

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Getting Data From Oracle 10g Database

I am using wamp server 2.0 working with PHP and my database is Oracle 10g. I am new to php and I am try to fetch data from database. There are two columns in my table. I want show 1 column data. After executing I get only blank page, without data from database (and yes, there is data in my database).

$c = oci_connect("system", "123", "localhost/XE");
if (!$c) {
echo "Unable to connect: " . var_dump( oci_error() );
$s = oci_parse($c, "select col2 from tab1");
oci_execute($s, OCI_DEFAULT);
while ($row =oci_fetch($s)) {

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Convert A Mysql Database To Oracle?

Is there any easy and simple way to convert a mysql database to Oracle? How complicated could result to migrate from mysql php to work with oracle? I think that "mysqlqueries" will have to be changed for something else as so other code and programming `like the connections to the database, and maybe the way to list results, etc.

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Database - ORACLE: Take The Autogenerated ID After An Insert

i have a Oracle Express 10g database, i have a table with an autogenerated id, i whold like to know how can i know it in php after an insert.

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Insert Each Line Into Oracle Database?

when i try to insert each line into my oracle database i get an error stating invalid number, but if have only one line in the file it works fine.

$file = @fopen('file.text', "r") ;
// while there is another line to read in the file
while (!feof($file))
// Get the current line that the file is reading
$currentLine = fgets($file) ;


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Export To Excel From An Oracle Database?

have setup a page that uses PHP to select people from an Oracle database and display their details on screen. This works fine however it has been asked if the results can also be exported to excel. I've looked around at various bits of code to try and help me do it and have put something together - however nothing happens when I click on my export button. I have included the code as it stands below

$person_name =$_POST["person_name"] ;
$person_phone =$_POST["person_phone"] ;

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Sanitization Against SQL Injection For Input Going Into An Oracle Database?

I have been working for a while with PHP and MySQL. Now I am working in a PHP-Informix and PHP-Oracle environment. I have always used mysql_real_escape_string for the data going into the database. I am presently working on Informix and Oracle database servers, and am unaware of any escape functions for databases which are to be connected through drivers such as OCI8 or odbc.explain a little about the security measures for these databases.

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Transferring Photos From One Oracle Database Table To Another?

I am attempting to transfer a set of photos (blobs) from one table to another across databases. I'm nearly there, except for binding the photo parameter. I have the following code:

$conn_db1 = oci_pconnect('username', 'password', 'db1');
$conn_db2 = oci_pconnect('username', 'password', 'db2');
$parse_db1_select = oci_parse($conn_db1,


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Trying To Attach A Jpeg Image From Oracle Database To A PHP Mail

I am trying to create a mail message to which I want to attach a jpeg image which I have retrieved from an Oracle database. The column type is BLOB and I am using MIME to set up the mail. Please note that the filename is not related to the image. Code:

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Reduce Or Terminate Delay When Connecting Oracle Database Using OCI?

I installed XAMPP on Windows server. There are 2 application on my server: First Application: PHP and MySQL application. This application runs quickly without and waiting time between links/pages. Second Appilcation: PHP and Oracle application. I use Oracle Instant Client (OCI) for Windows (32 bit)¯ to connect Oracle Server (on another machine). I have 8 tables with max 1000 row-data on each table. My queries are very simple. Everyting is working correctly when querying my Oracle database.

But, sometimes I am waiting more than 20 seconds between pages/links. The is too much time to recieve page. This mostly occurs when entering the site for the first time. Additionaly, it occurs when trying to click on another page or link in application, after waiting 5-10 minutes on a page. How can I reduce or terminate this delay when connecting Oracle database using OCI?

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Accessing Sequence Created In Oracle Database From Script?

I have created sequence in database like,


How can i assign the current value of seq in $t;


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Inserting Data In Oracle Database - ORA-00911: Invalid Character

The following code is generating this

Warning: oci_execute() [function.oci-execute]: ORA-00911: invalid character in F:wampwwwSEarch Enginedone.php on line 17

the code is...

$db = oci_new_connect(ORAUSER,ORAPASS,"localhost/XE");


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Sql - Image Uploading With Oracle Database Backend Using Adodb Library?

The lines of code that reads the images are

$regular = fread(fopen('tmp/tmp3.jpg', "r"), filesize('tmp/tmp3.jpg'));
$thumb= fread(fopen('tmp/tmp2.jpg', "r"), filesize('tmp/tmp2.jpg'));
$pure = fread(fopen('tmp/tmp.jpg', "r"), filesize('tmp/tmp.jpg'));

This is the code I have that should insert an image into the database.

$q = "INSERT INTO pacs_images VALUES (:record_id, :image_id, :thumb, :regular, :pure)";//debug
$statement = $conn -> Prepare($q);
$rs = $conn -> Execute($statement, array('record_id' => $fileNumber, 'image_id' => $imageNumber,
'thumb' => $thumb, 'regular' => $regular, 'pure' => $pure));

The error message I get from oracle is

ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column

I know for the fact that the table schema is

Name Null? Type


I don't know what is wrong here, I'm pretty sure the database schema is set up properly and $fileNumber and $imageNumber are integers, and I have echoed them and made sure they are printing the right numbers, in this case, 1001. I'm also using the oci8 driver to connect to oracle.

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Unable To Connect To Database: Access Denied For User ''@'localhost' To Database 'publications'

Here is my following tutorial code from "Learning PHP MYSQL and Javascript" by OReilly.

//require_once = 'login.php';
$db_database = 'publications';
$db_hostname = 'localhost:8888';
$db_username = 'root';
$db_password = 'root';


However, I'm getting an error when trying to connect. The browser says it's a 500 error (which really isn't that helpful). When I take out the lines $db_username = 'root'; $db_password = 'root'; I get another error saying: "Unable to connect to database: Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'publications'".

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Connect To A Database To Pass Some Values To A Mysql Database?

I am trying to connect to a database to pass some values to a mysql database. The problem sits with my function making a connection.This may have something to do with global variables but I can't seem to make it work.Here is the code for the funtion...

PHP Code:
function insert_handicap_event( ) {

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Oracle Client Library For Oracle+php

I'm trying to get Oracle + php4 working on solaris. Where do I grab just the oracle client library from Version 8.1.7.

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Sql - Connecting To Oracle On IIS / Error While Trying To Retrieve Text For Error ORA-12514 In D:Inetpubwwwroot**oracle.php On Line 26?

I'm having all sorts of trouble...

Here is the code I'm using:

$c = OCILogon('user', 'pass', 'host');

I get the following error:

PHP Warning: ocilogon(): ociopen_server: Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-12514 in D:Inetpubwwwroot**oracle.php on line 26

Anyone know what the hell I'm doing wrong?

It's PHP4, IIS6 btw. I've tried this on PHP5, IIS7 as well.

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Oracle - OCI8 Extension / Connects To An Oracle 9i Server Using The OCI8 Functions?

I'm deploying a PHP application that connects to an Oracle 9i server using the OCI8 functions. I've installed the latest official binaries for Windows (PHP/5.3.2) in order to run it as Apache 2.2 module (i.e., the VB6+ts MSI installer). However, the OCI8 extension is no longer in the extension list: the only options to choose from are Oracle (10) and Oracle (11g).

The PHP manual says nothing about OCI8 being deprecated. Furthermore, there're no references to any Oracle 10 or 11 extensions :-?

Has OCI8 been renamed? What are those other extensions?

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How To Connect On MS SQL Database

How can I connect to a MS SQL server using PHP running under LINUX on different machine? u see, I have an NT server (where my MS SQL server is installed) and another server where I installed my MySQL and PHP (this is under Linux) is there a way to access Ms SQL via PHP ? if so, how can i do it? so they say i need to download an odbc driver?

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Connect To A Database

how to create memership sitesyou know where people can sign up, and a page is displayed based upon what they entered username and password etc. so far, I know how to use php to submit a form to email. But that is It. I'd really like to learn php syntax, and be able to connect to a database. I have asked programer friends, to help me, but they are too busy. Does anyone know of someone who could help, or perhaps there is a site I could go to?

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Connect To Ma Database

i need a scripts that can connect to ma database and select email and send an mass email to everone thats on the database.

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