Check If Time Is Between Two Values?

two 24hr times, say 20:00 and 2:00. I want to check if the current time is during the preset hours.


Check The Current Time With A Respective Time Fixed By The Admin?

I need to check the current time with a respective time fixed by the admin, if the current time crosses the respective time, will update status

1) How can i convert the respective date to unix timestamp ?

TIME STAMP: 1267285500 for DATE: 2 / 27 / 2010 @ 9:45:0

so that i can compare the unix timestamps of the current time and respective time and update the status

2) Is there any easy way that i can acheive this task ?

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Check Time For Time Difference In 24hr?

In php i get the variable $date_time in this format -- 11-01-2010 20:48:25 . This time is GMT time. I have a 2 hour flexibility and if it exceeds 2 hours then i have to reject it. I am set in EST, but i want to do the check based on GMT only so that there is no errors in the time difference. How can i set to GMT in my php code and how do i check for the 2 hours flexible time difference? like for this example it is acceptable for any time between 11-01-2010 18:48:25 and 11-01-2010 22:48:25. Also will it be an issue if $date_time is 11-01-2010 23:48:23?

Clarification I am doing a $date_time=$_GET['date_time'];. Then i need to check if this new $date_time if within 2 hours range of the current GMT time. if it is in the range, then i will proceed to execute that code, else i will show an error or do something else. I wanted to know how i am going to check this 2 hours range for this $date_time variable.

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Check If Two Specific Values Are The Only Values Appearing In An Array?

I have an array that could contain any number of values, some of which may recur.

Example: 1,2,2,5,7,3

How can I write a test in PHP that checks to see if the only values contained in the array are either 1 or 2?

So 1,2,2,1,1,1 would return true.

Meanwhile 1,2,3,1,2,1 would return false.

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Get HTML Check Box Values And Then Echo Values

<form method="post" action="path to script">
<input type="checkbox" id="colors[]" value="red" /> Red
<input type="checkbox" id="colors[]" value="blue" /> Blue
<input type="checkbox" id="colors[]" value="green" /> Green


I am trying make a variable that gets the values of check boxes, and then echoes them.

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Check Time Against System Time?

I have a script that has a date stamp like $datetime = "Jun 25 15:40:54"

How can i check this against the system time and only do stuff if its in the last 2 minutes?


if ($datetime "is in the last 2 minutes") {
do stuff;

Info: Its a linux server if that helps.

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Check If The Current Date/time Is Past A Set Date/time ?

I'm trying to write a script that will check if the current date/time is past the 05/15/2010 at 4PM

How can I use PHP's date() function to perform this check? I can't think of a neat way to do it >.<

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Check Time

How can I write function for check time? Between 22.00 & 07.00 then the function returns false if its between 07.01 and 21.59 then it returns true.

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Check For And Use A Var At The Same Time?

I thought I had seen something like this before.. It would be a shorthand version of this:

$var_b = ($var_a ? $var_a : null);

I was hoping to be able to cut this short as something like this, but don't know the right syntax (if there even is any..):

$var_b = ($var_a : null);

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Check Certian Time

I'm trying to figure out a function that will check to make sure
the user has not double entered a certain time frame for example I don't
want them to be able to enter Mon 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Mon 9:00 AM to 1:00
PM but it is ok for them to enter something like Tue 8:00 AM to Noon and Tue
1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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Time Redundancy Check

i have a problem with time redundancy check. my system checks whether the date,venue,time start and time end redundant with the records in the database the codes are :

SELECT * FROM booking WHERE Date = '$Date' AND Venue = '$Venue' AND ((Time_start >= '$TimeStart' AND Time_end < '$TimeEnd') OR (Time_end > '$TimeStart' AND Time_end <= '$TimeEnd'))

//redundant msg

u can see the user input is redundant to the current data in database but the query returns 0 row.

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Check The Current Time?

Im making a site for a radio show. I want that when the radio show is on air, to show a little button to listen live. I know how to do the button and all that. My only problem is checking if the current time is the time of the show.

The show airs every sunday from 5 pm to 8 pm and also the first month of every month it plays an extra hour from 10 am to 11 am.

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Users To Be Able To Select Both Check-box's At The Same Time.

Basically, I have 2 checkbox's which are printed out for each record within my table. On the next form, each checkbox is tested for being "checked" and the database is updated accordingly.

This is fine. My problem is that I dont want users to be able to select both check-box's at the same time. After talking to "andnaess" on an earlier post and doing some reading, I decided upon using some javascript to do what i wanted.

I have found a script which does exactly what i want, and i am now incorporating it into my original php script.

I am having problems assigning a name and value variable with an array to my checkbox's. Is this possible, or have i got the wrong idea?

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Function To Check Script Time

What's the function programmers use to check how long it takes their php script to run?

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Check A Valid Date Time

How to check a valid date time in PHP. in ASP we have isDateTime() function, what is the function in PHP.

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Check Last Update Time In Mysql?

how can i check the timestamp of the last update or changed in a particular row in mysql ?

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Check Time Was Within Past 24 Hours?

I have developed a referral system where logged in members can send referrals to there family/friends to recommend them to signup.Everything works fine but yesterday decided i would limit the maximum referrals someone could send within a 24 hour period. I have limited this to 3 referrals maximum per day.I posted the bit of code that i seem to be having problems with below. The problem i am having is that no matter what it seems i get the error message saying i have reach the maximum referrals for today. I'm not sure what i am doing wrong in m

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Check If More Then 24 Hours Have Past Since A Certain Time?

how to check if more then 24 hours have past since a certain time.


set time

(format HH:MM/DD/MM/YYYY)


so if current time is greater then 24 hours past set time...

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How To Check User Is Login First Time

how can I check, user is logged in first time since I have to display the different page when its logged in first time.

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Check If Time() Returns A UTC/GMT Timestamp?

I just want to check if time() returns a UTC/GMT timestamp or do I need to use date_default_timezone_set()?

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Check If A Time In A Timezone Is Elapsed?

Here's the time entered by a user

CDT 2011-02-01 16:30:00

How do i know that if that time was passed already in php?

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Check Whether The Current Time Is Less Than Or Equal To 23:59:59?

How do I check whether the current time is less than or equal to 23:59:59?

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Check Whether The Function Is Called For The Last Time?

I Want to check whether a function is called for the last time. Consider the following sample code,

function foo(){
if( this is the last call ) {
echo 'this is the last call of this function';

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Check Date Time Expire Or Not?

I am having download link. Download date & time will be stored when user clicks that link. Expire period 1 day. Now i have to check whether that link s expired or not.


dt="18:17:18" // download time
dd="2010-03-17"; //download date

I have used strtotime,

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Check If A Stored Time() Is More Than 2 Hours Ago

how I could check if a timestamp from time(), can be checked to see if it was made more 2 hours ago?

$timeInDatabase = 1259691739;
$timeTwoHoursAgo = foo;
if( $timeInDatabase <= $timeTwoHoursAgo ){
//do this

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Check Box Values

If my form has check boxes which have a value of "xyz = Yes" whe they are checked for example, and I write it to a DB with an INSERT INTO statement.

when I run a SELECT statement to review the form contents, all of the text fields populate, but the check boxes are unchecked. I double checked the DB for the output if the box is checked, and its there. Any ideas?

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Check If Something Is Between Two Values?

How do I go about checking to see if the current date is between two other dates?

So, if I have a from date of 2/2/2010 and a to date of 2/10/2010, how can I return TRUE if the current date (2/4/2010) falls between those two dates?

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Check For Each Of The Values Until One Is Set?

I have ten variables but one needs to be set, but I need to check for each of the values until one is set. I'm doing a SWITCH/CASE statement but I'm not sure if this is the best approach because I don't see how I can return only the variable that I need set.

$passed_var = 'A'; // Static
$var_array = getSelectedVar($passed_var);
foreach($var_array as $key => $val) {
echo "Key: " . $key . " VALUE: " . $val . "<br />


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Get Check Box Values?

How can I use php to get the check boxs values (only the checked one):

<input type="checkbox" name="option[]" value="Milk"> Milk<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="option[]" value="Butter"> Butter<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="option[]" value="Cheese"> Cheese

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Check If The User Is Visiting The Site For The First Time?

how would I check if the user is visiting the site for the first time, and if they are set a cookie?

I am already using the Session library and database sessions which stores the session_id etc, but I need to to be able to check if the user is a first time visitor and if they have a cookie already

$cookie = array(
'name' => 'some_value',
'value' => 'The Value',
'expire' => time()+86500,
'domain' => '',
'path' => '/',
'prefix' => '',

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Datetime - Function To Check Time Between The Given Range?

I am using PHP's Date functions in my project and want to check weather a given date-time lies between the given range of date-time.i.e for example if the current date-time is 2010-11-16 12:25:00 PM and want to check if the time is between 2010-11-16 09:00:00 AM to 06:00:00 PM. In the above case its true and if the time is not in between the range it should return false. Is there any inbuild PHP function to check this or we will have to write a new function?

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Jquery - Check If Checkboxes Are Checked One At A Time?

Basically what I need to do is run through a series of checkbox if it is checked I need to submit its value using ajax. Now I can't seem to find a way to run through each checkbox one at a time. Here's the code on my page.



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Save The Velue Of Check Boxes On Run Time?

i want to save the velue of check boxes on run time n when the form for the particular id is opened again it must show that the previous check box as checked or marked so that the user can check the new check box update it as well

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Check If Users Are Logged In Before An Appointed Time?

I have a PHP-based appointment scheduling application which requires certain users to be logged in 15 minutes before an appointed time. If the users forget to log in, an email reminder has to be sent to them with the help of a cron job.I've included a flag in the database that checks if the user has logged in. This flag is turned on when at login time, and turned off when the user manually signs out. What if the user's session expires? What should I implement in the cron job to take this factor into account?

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How To Maintain Check Box Values ?

i am trying to keep a check box value using php from many different page. It is like 5 checkbox in each page and up to 5 page. The things is, i only want to update it after user select thier option through the 5 page. Is it possible????

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Check Values In Array

I have constructed an aray with x values, how can I check if all values are the same? I want to check if or if not values are same and get the appropriate message.

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Retrive Check Box Values

In 1st page we will be selecting the types of resume to be built and its corresponding prices (their is a check box to select the required type of resume)will get added up.
On order of this resume (ORDER RESUME is a link which takes to other page),In this page the Static text which a user clicks on check box and the total cost of that resume builing has to appear in that next page ,so how do we code this using php.

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Check Boxes With Different Values

I have 4 check boxes (r1, r2, r3, r4)

$r1 = A
$r2 = B
$r3 = C
$r4 = NY

I then have a hidden field $region (to collect values to be entered into database)

<input name="region" type="hidden" value="<?php echo ("$r1 $r2 $r3 $r4");?>">

So $region is entered into the database. easy. THAT WORKS FINE. The tricky part. Code:

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Check If All Values In Array

HBow would I easily go about checking if all the values in an array are the same?

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Check Values Of Keys?

I'm trying to check value's of keys :


But the value never get's shown?

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