Check If Form Is Submitted

Sep 26, 2001

I am using PHP to generate a form that submits to $PHP_SELF. The first time the script executes is should only create a data entry form based upon a MySQL "DESCRIBE table" statement. When submitted, the script will insert the form's data into a table using an INSERT INTO statement.

I need a way to determine if the script should DESCRIBE and generate the form or instead INSERT the submitted data into a table. In the past I used a hidden field with name=submitted value=true and checked for that to determine if script should DESCRIBE or INSERT.

However in this case I want to simply get the name/values from the HTTP header and INSERT them into the table. Form element names correspond to the desired table field names. Having the hidden field requires me to filter out the unwanted data. (I guess I need to submit the table name inorder to know which table to insert into, so there is atleast one required hidden field that is not part of the actual data to insert.)

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How Do I Check If A Form Is Being Submitted?

I have a PHP code that checks if a form button has been clicked:

if (isset($save)){...
<input type="submit" name="save" value="Check the results...">

Upon clicking the button a PHP code runs that saves stuff to a MySQL db. The thing I'm doing is that I'm submitting the form with this code in a java script:


This javascript is triggered by other user input and I do Not want to force the user to press any additional buttons to submit the form. How can I make the PHP code run when submitting a form instead of a button? = I want to submit the form but After I've run my PHP code and saved my data to the db.

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Check If A Form Has Been Submitted

what var can you use to check if a form has been submited.

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Check If A Form Is Submitted Via Javascript?

I have this conventional submit button which submit a form like this:

<form method="post" id="form_submit">
<input class="button" type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">

And I check if the submit button is clicked using this:

//update DB

Now I have a submit link using jquery:

<a href="#" onclick="publish(); return false;">Submit</a>

JS code:


What is the alternative way here to be used here for if(isset($_POST['Submit'])) since I'm submitting the form using javascript?

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Check If When The Form Is Submitted On Page1

i simply want to check if when the form is submitted on page1, and then define a session variable and pass it along to be picked up by page2. my simple code is not doing the trick;

ini_set("display_errors", 1);
//chg to 0=errorReportingNo; 1 for errorReportingYes.


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Check All Variables Through A Loop When A Form Is Submitted.

Wonder if there is any way to check all variables through a loop when a form is submitted.
I have few checkboxes (chk1,chk2,chk3...) in a form and in a php file I wanted to go through a loop to check which checkbox is 'on' and then so something with that variable.

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Check A Radio Button After The Form Is Submitted?

I'm trying to validate a form. If after it's submitted and there is a problem with the email field for example, but not this radio group, I want the page to be served with whatever radio button was select, to include "checked='checked'". I started with this markup

HTML4Strict Code:
<input type="radio" name="rate" value="excellent" id="ex" class="radio">
<label for="ex">Excellent</label>


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Check In A Form If A Date Submitted Is Not Null?

i want to check in a form if a date submitted is not null, how can i modify this script

if( empty($_POST['year'] . '-' . $_POST['month'] . '-' .$_POST['day'])

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Check If A Page Is Accessed From Address Bar Or From Submitted Form?

Just like the question title, if I have an update_process.php, how to check if people access it by typing it in the address bar or if they go through the page from submitted form?So if they type it in the address bar, I'll redirect them to other pages.Oh yeah, i'm talking about the method in CI. so maybe if the file is blog.php and method update_process, i don't want people to type in the address bar blog/update_process

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Add A Check To Make Sure That The Page That Submitted The Form Info Was From Website?

I am getting hit hard by spam. I tried adding a hidden field to stop bots but still getting hit hard. I want to add a check to make sure that the page that submitted the form info was from my site. something like...

Code: [Select]if (REFFER_PAGE != ) {
submit data }

Should that work? The form appears on many pages but they all fall under the same domain.

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Check All Fields In Form Have Value When Submitted - Warning: In_array() - Wrong Datatype For Second Argument

I am trying to check that all my fields in my form have value when submited. So instead of using isset i am using in_array, but get an error (Wrong datatype for second argument)

$form = array('FirstName', 'LastName', 'EmailAddress', 'YourBorough');
foreach($_POST as $key => $value){
if(in_array($value, $from)){
echo 'all fields filled in';

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Check Whether Submitted Url Is Valid

i am making comment script in php and want to know how to check whether user submitted homepage url is valid.

i dont want nothing complex, just check if it starts with http:// and dont contain symbols that cant be used in url

cant you give me code or link? and where i can read what symbols cant be used in url?

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How To Check For Submitted Info Via Eregi?

Can somebody write the lines for me:

1. how to make sure that data from $_GET would be all numbers via eregi()

So how do i check and make sure that the stuff passed into "data" is a set of numbers ranging from 1-99999999? .....

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Check To See If File Was Submitted For Upload?

I'm trying to make a check to see if a file to be uploaded was added. I have tried the below and a few variations. I imagine I'm having problems because $_FILES is a global variable and is therefore always set. But I still can't figure out what to do instead.

if (!isset($_FILES['file'])){
$err = $err + 64;

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Stop Transferring Form Data When Form Is Submitted To Internal Iframe?

i have a upload file form and a iframe. form is submitted to a php script with target to iframe. i want to stop uploading file when user click on a stop uploading button. how can i stop transfering data to iframe?

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Show The Non-selected Options In A Select Form After A Previous Form Is Submitted

I have a form where im asking for name, surname, phone cellphone and at the end user has to check one or more options in a checkbox and then clicks submit.

After that in the "thank you page" i want to show the exact form but this time to show only the non-checked checkboxes. Reason for this is that i want to say "We highly recommend you check all the options for better results, you can do so by simply clicking the submit button below"

And then below that i want to present the form as i said, but the remaining checkboxes (the oens that were not checked before) would be only the NON-checked options in the previous page. Makes sense?

Ive tried hard with php if states and switches but still cant get the result i want, it seems i have to define "false statements" in a way im not cabable of doing it.

Should i use php or jquery?

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Capture 7777 In One Of Form Fields - Receive Refererid When Form Submitted?

I have a form on my homepage which on submit sends the data to my email. I need to know if it it possible to include in the form a read only field containing the refererid in the URL. (for instance, if someone were to have visited my homepage by entering; [URL]... could I capture that 7777 in one of the form fields so that when the form is submitted I recieve the refererid?

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AJAX Submitted Form Won't Work If Form Variables Missing

I have a contact form built with jQuery and AJAX. Everything works great when all form variables are sent, but if you leave out the required fields the PHP doesn't put the data into the database, but still returns true.

The data being sent (from firebug): "name=David+Long&"

The PHP code to setup all the variables:

declare our variables
$name = stripslashes(urldecode($_GET['name']));
$phone = stripslashes(urldecode($_GET['phone']));
$email = stripslashes(urldecode($_GET['email']));


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Form Protection - Fields Have To Be Completed Before The Form Is Submitted?

Just wondering if there is a simple method in PHP which can allow for form protection so that all fields have to be completed before the form is submitted?

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Auto Submitted Form Does Not Carry Form Variables?

The following form does not carry form variables when it is submitted using quto javascript after 5 seconds.

Normal submission works fine.

<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />


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Submitted A Certain Form

I basically just need something that will, in an admin section of the site, tell how many times a certain form has been submitted. It's basically for a lead-generation counter for a real estate broker. The form would be something people would fill out to go into a home finding section, therefore, the broker could see how many leads were generated based on how many people filled out the form.

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Form Is Being Submitted

PHP Code:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<form name="msg" action="comment.php" method="post">
Name: <input type="text" name="usname" size="10" /><br />
Message: <input type="textarea" name="mesg" /><br />
<input type="submit" value="send" />

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Last Submitted Value In A Form?

when you want to display the last submited value in a form (text field) i type

<input name="artist" type="text" size="34" value = $_POST[artist] >
<input name='photo_filename[]' type='file' class="style22" value =?????? />

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Get The Name Of A Submitted Form

how can I check the name of a submitted form? I have several links using the get methos, but also a form using get and I want to be able to check if GET is set and it's been set by the form. I would usually use hidden inputs, but they obviously don't work for get forms.

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Submitted Form Just Shows Itself

I have a form i will use to register new people and when I click the
submit button, the form just shows itself. It is supposed to show a
message showing field errors if you leave fields blank etc. so
submitting the empty form should show error message in red , then show
form, but all it does is show form. I checked the variable to make
shore they ere ok and they are fine. i believe it is a logical error
with my if else.... I eved modularized everything by using functions
and the same results.

if any one sees the logical error, let me know. Here the code:


function showmessage() {
// Check to make sure they entered a valid email address.
if (eregi("^([[:alnum:]]|_|.|-)+@([[:alnum:]]|.|-)+(.)([a-z]{2,4})$",
$HTTP_POST_VARS['emailfield'])) {
$d = TRUE;
} else {
$d = FALSE;
$message1[] = "The email address you entered is not valid.";

function checkfields(){

$year = $HTTP_POST_VARS['yearfield'];
$month = $HTTP_POST_VARS['monthfield'];
$day = $HTTP_POST_VARS['dayfield'];
$dobfield = $year.$month.$day;
// Check the last name.
if (eregi ("^([[:alpha:]]|-|')+$", $HTTP_POST_VARS['usernamefield']))
$a = TRUE;
} else {
$a = FALSE;
$message1[] = "Please enter a correct username. I.e; EricDerouen
that consists only of letters.";

// Check the first name.
if (eregi ("^([[:alpha:]]|-|')+$",
$HTTP_POST_VARS['firstnamefield'])) {
$b = TRUE;
} else {
$b = FALSE;
$message1[] = "Please enter a First Name that consists only of

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Form - See What The Users Have Submitted

I have a form that asks the user what type of sig u want, when do u want it by, and what color. Now I want this saved in a new php file where i can go it and see what the users have submitted. Code:

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