Check Expire Date In Mysql Database

how to check date expiration?check expire date in mysqlatabase

date now is 10/26/2010

so it will search from the table where date=datenow then update the status to finish


Check $_COOKIE Expire Date

How can I check a $_COOKIE expire date? If I do this:
setcookie('lang', 'en', time()+60*60*24);

How can I know (i another php script) how much time do i have left in that same cookie?

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Check Date Time Expire Or Not?

I am having download link. Download date & time will be stored when user clicks that link. Expire period 1 day. Now i have to check whether that link s expired or not.


dt="18:17:18" // download time
dd="2010-03-17"; //download date

I have used strtotime,

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Check A Date From A Mysql Database `2010-10-18 07:44:53` Against A Future Date?

I was wondering how would my PHP code look like when I do this?

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Check Date In Mysql File And Run Process If Date True?

I have the following records in mysql. I'm trying to find examples or some routine that will help me find a way that when the date_to_be_notified matches current date that we can get the server to send an email and or text message out.

Code: [Select]
$username = $_POST['username'];
$date = $_POST['date'];
$buyer_name = $_POST['buyer_name'];

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Get A Current Date And Expire That Date After A Certain Period?

how to get a current date and expire that date after a certain periodusing php?

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Check The Date Against What Is In The Database?

I'm trying to do a function that will check the php date against what is in the database. If the current date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) is 24 hours after the stored database date, then it will continue, otherwise it won't do anything.. If that makes sense? Here's how I'm trying to get it to work, but not 100% sure how:

$now = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");
foreach($results as $item) {
if ( /*item date is 24 hours or more earlier than $now*/ ) { /* this is what I'm not sure how to do */[code]....

I just don't know how to compare $item->date with $now and see if $item->date is 24 hours or more behind $now..

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Expire Date

how to set expire date like in clasified ads manner, for 7 days, 14 days so on?

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Check If There Is A Matching Date In Database?

As the title says. I have a table wich stores some information with a date and a time per post.

This table is fetched in an array and besides the fetch, I have an array with 12 banks with values that i loops thru with a foor loop. I need to check every post with criteria date (there is a $cDate which stores the choosed date).

The array stores:
1 = 00:00
2 = 02:00
3 = 04:00
4 = 06:00


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Form With Date Field, Where User Can Insert Date And This Will Be Stored In MySQL Database

I need to do two things using dates, but I'm having some problems.1. I have a form with a date field, where the user can insert a date and this will be stored in a MySQL database. In the database dates are stored as "yyyy-mm-dd", but I want the user to enter it as "dd-mm-yyyy". How can I let the user write the date this way and transform it when the user submits the form?2. I need to calculate the difference between two dates. For example, I want to see every day a list of all the rows in the database that contain a date that is 7 days from now.

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Date Check Using MySql

I have a mysql database with users. In the table, their account expiration date is stored. What I need, is, using php, to be able to compare today's date against their account expiration date to prevent expired accounts for being used.

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Check If Date Interval Is Allready Registred In Database

I'm working on a invoice register that is suppose to control which date periods each customer have received an invoice for and which periods that are "uninvoiced".

I'm simply(?) wondering how to check if the period i try to register as invoiced is allready registred in the database.

Custom "a" has three records in the "invoiceRegistry" table. Each record is registred with invoiceFrom(DATE), invoicTo(DATE) and customerID(references id in my customer/booking table). Code:

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Display Only Movies Which Is Has Not Expire From The Current Date

I have a database where there are two tables which is movie and movie_ticket tables. movie table holds the movie_id and movie_title and movie_ticket tables hold the movie_id and date.

I wish to display only movies which is has not expire from the current date.Is that possible?

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Expire / Validate Submissions By Date / Time

Assume this project is to create an online lottery system. Is there a way to limit the user entering the numbers after a certain time? E.g. The Draw will be at 9.00PM 05 November 2010 - Submitting the numbers will expire after 8.00PM 05 November 2010. (so any user tries to submit numbers after 8.00PM 05 Nov 2010 will not be entered in to the MySQL db).

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Expired Article - Comparing Today To Expire Date

On my front page I have a list of articles that are pulled from my database. I have just added a column (expires) to the db in order to remove outdated articles.

I'd like to compare today's date to the expires date in my WHERE statement to exlude all articles where the expires date is older than today. But I'm at a loss right now on getting it to work.

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Date Problems - Get The Date From A MySQL Database

Can you help me i have managed to get the date from a MySQL database but it only uses the first record of the date, and displays the same date on all news items.

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Check A Value From An Array To See In The Database If It's Don't Added To The Database Again Using It And MySQL

how can I check a value from an array to see if its in the database if it is don't added to the database again. How would I be able to do this using PHP & MySQL? PHP code.

for ($x = 0; $x < count($cat_id); $x++){
$cat_query = "INSERT INTO posts_categories (category_id, post_id, date_created) VALUES ('" . mysqli_real_escape_string($mysqli, strip_tags($cat_id[$x])) . "', '" . mysqli_real_escape_string($mysqli, strip_tags($post_id)) . "', NOW())";

Revise PHP code.........

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Mysql - Check If A Given Set Of Variables Connects Or Fails To Connect To A Mysql Database Without Triggering An Error

I am trying to check if a given set of vaiables connects or fails to connect to a mysql database without triggering an error because I want to create my own error messages. The reason for this is the connection is being tested in jquery so the form will be submitted without page refresh and if the error reporting is on it just looks like you click a button for nothing

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Check To See If Value Is Already In Mysql Database

I am looking for the most efficient way to check and see if an inputed email (via form) is already in the database under the column 'Email'.

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Expire The Previous Page After Any Database Transaction?

I am saving personal information in PHP page.when user click submit it saves but user can go back in submit information page through browser back button.Hoe can I expire my previous page?

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Database Item Expire After Certain Amount Of Time?

i have created an online classifieds website and want all created listings to expire and delete after a certain amount of days. where to start with this implementation. cookies were the only thing that even crossed my mind. btw each listing is stored in a table called ob_listings

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Check Mysql Database For User

Im trying to check if a user exist in database table only if another check =YES:

$sql="SELECT * FROM my_members WHERE my_private=$my_private AND my_id=$my_id";

$my_private should = 'Yes' or 'No'.

If 'Yes', i need to run another check....

$sql="SELECT * FROM my_favorites WHERE my_id=$my_id AND my_uid=$sessionuser";

This check should check to see if $sessionuser exists in my_favorites.. How can i make the first one call the second only if $my_private=Yes? Or is this code even correct?

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Check Mysql Database For Data

Need to check if some info matches from mysql database in two tables to see if the current session user is on a friends list for the profile page he or she is viewing. If they do not exist in field, return an error. Here is the structure and what i got so far: Code:

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Record Expire PHP / MySQL

I created a database that lets people post a job opening. I thought of
manually removing each entry after 2 months, but is there some code that
can do this without me having to monitor the table?

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Xml Pub Date From Mysql Database?

Display the publication date a news article from a database in xml via php, but it won't show up.There is no errors it just gets to the text rown and then doesn't display anything else.My question:What is the correct way to display dates from a database in xml via php?

header('content-type: text/xml');
//connects to server and selects database.


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Check If A Result In A MySQL Database Actually Exists?

how do you check if a result in a mySQL database actually exists? heres what im trying to do but its not working. PHP Code:

$result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM myTable ORDER BY category = 'Live' DESC LIMIT 1");

if (mysql_num_rows($result)) {

print '

<!-- Start of : '.$row['title'].' : by : '.$row['reviewer'].' : -->.........

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Update Html Check Box In Mysql Database

Here's my code, I don't know why the checkbox isnt updated when I try to update the mysql database. Only the input box are being updated.


what might be wrong with my code?It doesn't really update the data that are in the checkbox. And when I try to search it, its all zeros

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MySQL / Check If A Username Exists In That Database?

I have been developing JAVA now for about 4 years, so when a friend asked me to help with some PHP, I have been starting to read articles, and just learning the language.

I have one question,I have a database, and all I need something to do is, check if a username exists in that database, I can't seem to find any functions to support this. The exact field in the table is username, I am making a PHP script to update a value in the table, and I dont want it to try to Update if it doesn't exist,

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Make A Script That Checks The Database For Members That Expire In The Next 60 Days

I am trying to make a script that checks the database for members that expire in the next 60 days, then print their information.

I am not getting any errors but my results are strange. My date range is today (Sept 1 2009) and 60 days from now (Nov 1st 2009). Those 2 variables are set and they print correctly at the top of the results page (see below) but I am getting only 2 dates for expiring members - 1/31/2010 and 10/31/2009.

I know there are members in the DB with Sept and Nov expiration dates but they are not listed.Code is below along with a sample of my results.

// Set date and time
$today = date("m/d/Y");
$sixtydaysout = mktime(0, 0, 0, date("m")+2, date("d"), date("Y"));
$expiresoon = date("m/d/Y", $sixtydaysout);
print "Today is: $today <br/>";


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Get A Date To Insert Into My Mysql Database

How do I get a date to insert into my mysql database. I just want a date to be inserted when a user hits the submit button on the form. The user doesnt input a date, i assume it gets the date from the server. also what is the correct sql to set up the field in my table. I have looked at the sql help but cant seem to work it out. I currently have

field name: date
type: date
null: not null
default: 0000-00-00

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Displaying Date From MySQL Database?

I know this is covered a lot in SO, but i can't find the exact solution i need so please bear with me.When users submit an entry to my database, i'm storing the date and time in a DATETIME field called date.Now when i come to echo the date their particular entry was posted, i'm using:

<p>Posted:<br /><?php echo $rsjobinfo['date'];?></p>

Of course this is displaying the full date and time and i only want to display something like 7 July, 2011.So above my echo statement i've done this:

$date = $rsjobinfo['date'];
$date = date('j F, Y');

Which, if i echo $date, displays today's date in the correct format, but i cannot figure out how to apply that format to the date that's being pulled from the database. If i replace

<p>Posted:<br /><?php echo $rsjobinfo['date'];?></p>
<p>Posted:<br /><?php echo $date;?></p>

It just echo's todays date (albeit in the format i want), rather than the database date.

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